Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Day-After the Day-After Shopping Expedition-- Part 2: A Wal-Mart Experience

Then, it was on to the world's biggest outdoor used car lot at the neighboring Wal-Mart. Other than the one in Goldsboro, NC, this has to be the most-crowded parking lots in the whole Wal-Mart kingdom. I was heading out to the back-forty when I almost ran into someone backing out of a parking space just two spots away from the store. What luck!!

Looking at some of the folks a-shopping, I couldn't help but be reminded of some of those hilarious Wal-Mart shoppers e-mails being sent around so much. I'm sure they were looking at me and thinking the same.

Checked out their steadily decreasing stock of CDs which are now lumped together with rap, country, rock and pop along one aisle side. Forget anything remotely resembling alphabetizing. It won't be long now until there are none. I'll sure miss it. Just something else I didn't think they could take away from me.

Then, on to Christmas decorations which were picked over pretty well. I was hoping to find some 100 light straight strands of clear lights, but they were all gone. I did find two boxes of 300 light twinkling icicles and two boxes of 300 light two-cycle (blue and clear) icicle lights.

Everything was 50% off, of course, and the price read $5.99. Hey, $3 for 300 lights is a great deal. But wait. Was the $5.99 the regular price or did that already reflect half price? You have to be really careful at stores during the cheap after-Christmas shopping.

Do those prices reflect 50% off or are they the regular price. I couldn't find one of those machines where you can get the price you'll pay, so had to take my chances at the check-out line.

Next, the Checkout Line from Hell. --RoadDog

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troutbirder said...

I saw some of those people on the emails and haven't been back to MalWart since. Scary....