Tuesday, June 29, 2010

40th Anniversary of Summer 1970-- Part 1

Wow, it's really been 40 years since that great summer. June 6th, Uncle Bob Stroud started his now annual summer Time Warps back 40 years previous. This is now the fourth year he has done it after covering the summers of '67, '68 and '69. This is one show I really look forward to every first Sunday of the month.

He'll have another one coming up this Sunday, July 4th from 7 to 10 am streaming on www.wdrv.com. I suggest you give it a listen. He'll also do shows August 1st and September 4th.

I had just completed my freshman year at Northern Illinois University in Dekalb and was working at Burger King in Palatine. Liz and I had sort of broken up during freshman year. My parents were getting ready to sell the house in Winston Park and move to Georgia where my dad had been transferred by his company, Quaker Oats.

WLS and WCFL ruled the airwaves, as they had most of the sixties. Both stations had news, one at five minutes to the hour and the other on the hour. So you turned between 89.9 AM and 1000 AM when the news was on. People were tired of listening to news of the Vietnam War, the war that would NEVER END!!!

Since Bob Will Be Playing Another Segment Sunday, I'd Better Get to Typing. --RoadDog

Monday, June 28, 2010

Rock and Roll Roots Used Car Lot-- Part 4

FASTER-- GEORGE HARRISON-- From '79 album. Inspired by Jackie Stuart and dedicated to entire Formula 1 Circuit. George was a big Formula 1 race car fanatic.

HOT ROD LINCOLN-- COMMANDER CODY & HIS LOST PLANET AIRMEN-- the 1972 version of an older song. (What's going to happen to his father if he "don't stop driving that hot rod Lincoln?")
G.T.O.-- RONNIE & THE DAYTONAS-- '64 (Well, I go for Firebirds.)

UNEASY RIDER-- CHARLIE DANIELS-- Chuck Daniels. (A funny driving song that might not have been so funny had they caught old Chuck. Chuck's first big hit.)

I GET AROUND-- BEACH BOYS-- (An ultimate driving son.)
TWO LANE HIGHWAY-- PURE PRAIRIE LEAGUE-- (One of my favorite all-time driving songs. If I ever have a radio show, this will be the theme song.)

EXPRESSWAY TO YOUR HEART-- SOUL SURVIVORS-- (Love those horns and road songs at the beginning.)

MERCEDES BENZ-- GOOSE CREEK SYMPHONY-- a minor hit played on WCFL. (I like this one better than Janis'.)
OL' 55-- EAGLES--

DRAG CITY-- JAN AND DEAN-- Great Lakes Dragway.

Now, You've Got Your Cruising Tunes. --RoadDog

Retirement Q and A: Question: When is a retirees bedtime? Answer: Three hours after falling asleep on the couch.

It's a Lincoln Thing-- Day 5-- Meeting, Civil War and Home

Saturday June 26th, we had the Lincoln Highway General membership meeting before leaving. Major topics were a needed dues increase and dropping the two 3-year term limits on national directors.

Sure wished I had gotten gas in Dixon before leaving, but forgot. Gas was $2.62 there and $2.70 to $2.90 the rest of the way home.

Went to Franklin Grove, Illinois', Chaplin Farm where they were having their third annual Civil War re-enactment. Met up with the members of the Rock Island POW Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans who had an enlistment booth there. Camp commander Jacob Lake and his father Tim were reenacting. This is the newest Illinois camp and is based out of Rockford.

The Illinois battery that was hosting the event actually was using two original Civil War 12 pounder Napoleons named Mary and Mollie. That is REAL history, not just re-enacting.

Drove the Lincoln back to Dekalb and took the several mile original gravel Lincoln between Franklin Grove and Ashton. Played NTN at a new site in Sycamore called Joker's. That made two new places for the trip.

Came home and had the glory of cutting the grass and working with the plants until eaten half alive by mosquitoes. sad to report that the lousy Japanese beetles are back.

Pretty Good Week. Got My Fill of the Old Lincoln Highway. --RoadDog

A big thanks to friend Lulu who sent these Retirement jokes.

Retirement Q & A: Question: How many days in a week? Answer: 6 Saturdays and 1 Sunday.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's a Lincoln Thing-- Day 4-- Friday

June 25th

This day we spent in talks, lots of eating and seeing Dixon sights.at the Loveland Community Center in Dixon.

We first heard about the history of Dixon and surrounding area back to town founder John Dixon and the Blackhawk War to the present.

Then, we heard about the Lincoln Highway around Chicago.

We had a huge sandwich spread for lunch. Denny and I then had some time to go to the site of Fort Dixon and look at the reconstructed fort and the statue of a young Lincoln in the Blackhawk War.

Back at Loveland Center, we had talks on educating the young about the Lincoln Highway and what we must do about preservation including the Top Four Most Endangered Sites.

Afterwards, Denny and I toured the Ronald Reagan Boyhood Home and took a look at the impressive veterans Memorial before heading back for the awards banquet. More really fine eating.

This is the first multi-day conference I've ever been on and hopefully not the last. I really enjoyed it.

A Conferencing I Go. --RoadDog

NO Pun Intended: A man's home is his castle, in a manor of speaking.

Friday, June 25, 2010

It's a Lincoln Thing-- Day 3

Living in Illinois, I have driven our stretch of the Lincoln Highway on several occasions, but I am sure seeing stuff I had never seen before. That's how good this conference is.

And, I'm not even going to go into the food, but WOW!! If you go away hungry any day, it's your own fault.

Much better weather today. Not one single storm.

Today, we headed west. Of course, places were pointed out to us along the way. I saw two short stretches of the Lincoln Highway that I had never seen, as well as Boy Scout markers that I have continually passed.

Arrived in Fulton on the Mississippi River and toured the new Windmill Museum which just opened in April and features 23 scale models of different windmills. Then, there was Der Immigrant, the full-size operating windmill atop the Mississippi Levee. Spent quite a bit of time sitting in the little park by it admiring the river and even got to see a small steamboat go by.


We were at the back of the bus with a group of boys and every time the tour guide mentioned cows, there was mooing enough to make any herd proud along with cackling and bleating. I tell you, it was a real animal yard without any of the smells.


We drove back to Dixon and went off the Lincoln north to Oregon, Illinois, where we took a buffet cruise on the Pride of Oregon paddle wheel boat (and the wheels actually powered the boat). One of the best buffets I've ever had and besides the great views (and disturbing numerous turtles sunning themselves), we were treated to some great views of the famous Lorado Taft statue of Chief Blackhawk.

Then, we toured the John Deere original homestead and blacksmith site in Grand Detour. Lots of information and the on-site blacksmith is easily worth the price of admission ($5) all by himself. What a show!


Later that night, there was a classic car show and a 50s-style dinner at the Brandywine Restaurant between Dixon and Sterling.

Afterwards, Denny and I, went to The White House, a popular place for chicken and steak dating back to at least the 1940s. We had a nice talk with the bartender and co-owner. Last stop was at The Last Stop, north on Galena Avenue. Denny got to try his first Apple Pie shot.

A Busy Day. I Need to Get Home and Rest Up From My Vacation. --RoadDog

You're just jealous 'cause I'm the only one who gets to talk to myself.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's a Lincoln Thing-- Day 2

Day two at the Lincoln Highway Association's annual conference was a long one with plenty of storms and a long bus trip.

We left Dixon in a steady rain and took I-88 to I-355 to I-55 to Joliet and visited the Joliet History Museum, the new Lincoln Highway picnic shelter and an 1920s automobile dealership in Aurora where we had lunch. It continued raining until we left the Joliet museum.

Then, it was off to Dekalb where we toured the old Egyptian Theater and on to Franklin Grove where we went into the Lincoln Highway National Headquarters.

Of course, we also saw many other interesting sites along the way, but didn't stop.

A huge storm struck between Ashton and Franklin Grove with winds really bouncing the bus around.

Back in Dixon, Denny and I had drinks and eats at O'Leary's Irish Pub and went to the Lincoln Highway art show at the Loveland Community Center and had a long talk with Russel who has more Lincoln Highway postcards than probably anybody in the world. And, for that matter, lots of cards of many, many, many different roads. He has also "clinched" many roads, which means driving the whole length, including US-421 which has a southern terminus near my old younger-days stomping grounds, Carolina Beach and Fort Fisher, North Carolina.

Sure Worn Out After Today. --RoadDog

No Pun Intended: Any woman can have the body of a 21-year-old, as long as she buys him a couple drinks first.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's a Lincoln Thing-- 2010 National LHA Conference-- Day 1

TUESDAY June 22nd

Drove Illinois highways 47, 176, 23, 72 and 2 to Dixon, Illinois. Always a great ride out in the beautiful rolling farmland, but it got especially pretty after I continued straight where Il-72 went north across the Rock River to Byron.

I never did see the name of the road until Oregon, but it might have been Il-2 which I picked up at that town. Most of this route was within sight of the Rock River.

Checked into the room at the Super 8, checked into the Lincoln Highway Association's 2010 confidence then met up with Denny and we drove to Sterling and walked the grounds of the Dillon House and played NTN at the just-opened BW3 (Buffalo Wild Wings)

Came back for the opening banquet and had the opportunity of sitting with one of the Boy Scouts who went across the United States in 1928 showing his skills before the organization put up all those Lincoln Highway markers.

After dinner, we had a presentation by Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln. After all, this is the Land of Lincoln.

Going On a Bus Tour. RoadDog

NO Pun Intended: DON'T take life too seriously, NO one gets out alive.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Vatican Actually OKs "The Blues Brothers"

From the June 19th Chicago Tribune.

It took them long enough, thirty years, but in honor of the 30th anniversary of "The Blues Brothers"'s release, the Vatican has finally given its approval as "a Catholic film" to it.

The Vatican newspaper devoted a full page to the movie and had five additional articles about it. One of the articles said there "is no lack of evidence that 'The Blues Brothers' can be considered" an acceptable film.

"It notes that Jake's release from prison and then the commitment by him and Elwood to pit their blues revival band back together to raise money to save an orphanage from forced foreclosure has parallels with the biblical story of the prodigal son."

Their "Mission from God" symbolizes "redemption obtained with sacrifice." The film is sprinkled with Catholic and moral references such as the nun Sister Mary Stigmata whom they call "The Penguin."

Elwood even passes up a chance to spend a night with a woman in order to fulfill his mission.

"This is a memorable film," the newspaper said, "and judging by the facts, a Catholic one."

What took you so long to figure this out. That sequence with "The Penguin" was one of the funniest-ever.

The Blues Brothers, on a Mission to Make Us Laugh and Enjoy Some Truly Great Music. --RoadDog

No Pun Intended: Those who jump off a bridge in Paris are In-Seine.

Rock and Roll Roots Used Car Lot-- Part 3

As I get ready to cruise out to Dixon, Illinois, in my '05 Dodge Dakota, I continue with my "car songs" and don't forget trucks. Unfortunately, the Used Car Lot is recorded on cassette tape and the truck just plays CDs. The 2010 Lincoln Highway Association National Conference starts there today.

I probably should take my 25-year-old Firebird as it still plays cassettes.

THE BACK SEAT OF MY CAR-- PAUL McCARTNEY-- 1971, from one of his best albums, "Ram." I'd never heard of it.
LOW RIDER-- WAR-- (How do you get a better cruisin' song? Always gets folks up dancing.)

HITCHIN' A RIDE-=- VANITY FARE-- a little English pop band from 1970. (I always thought they spelled their last name Fair.)
GASOLINE ALLEY-- ROD STEWART-- from album #2 (Rod the Mod.)

A GALLON OF GAS-- KINKS-- from 1979. Back then you couldn't buy a gallon of gas, now you can buy, you just can't afford it. From the "Low Budget" album. (I've always like the Kinks, but the more I hear them now, the more I like them. Very current song as gas prices around here are again pushing $3 a gallon. The GRB Big Oilies and Hedgie-Wedgies must need more expensive stuff.)
TAKE THE HIGHWAY-- MARSHALL TUCKER BAND-- great jam. (I could have used them not having that long jam in the middle. Other than that, one great song.)

CHEVY VAN-- SAMMY JOHNS-- (After this song, Stroud played the full "See the USA in Your Chevrolet" commercial. I wonder how much of the country you'd see doing that in the back of your Chevrolet?)
VEHICLE-- IDES OF MARCH-- 1970 (Great Chicago horn band.)

MUSTANG SALLY-- WILSON PICKETT--1966, the Wicked Pickett. (One of the great soul singers of all-time.)
JAMES DEAN-- EAGLES-- he met his match in a car. (What does speed do?)

Haven't Seen Anything You Like? I've Got a Few That Just Came in Out on the Back Lot. --RoadDog

No Pun Intended: A scientist working on a large experiment with liquid chemicals fell into the vat and became part of the solution.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Pretty Good Weekend: June 18th to 20th

FRIDAY-- Dropped the car off at Ray Chevrolet who said they could have it ready to go by early tomorrow morning. Tookthe boat out for a float around Fox Lake.

During the aforementioned storm, we were having one of the best fish fries around at Popeye's in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, with that great view of the lake. We then played NTN at Donovan's.

SATURDAY-- The car wouldn't be ready until noon so were forced to go boating again. Afterwards, I went to Round Lake Beach, Illinois, for their Beach Fest for awhile and ate at Sammie's where I ran into one of my former 7th grade students working behind the counter. She just graduated and enters Northern Illinois University thisfall studying to be math teacher. She also had Liz in 3rd grade. I told her about our new teaching scholarship and hope she gets it.

Came home and sat out in the gazebo listening to music and having cocktails.

SUNDAY-- Sat out in the gazebo again listening to Bob Stroud's Rock and Roll Roots.
Then, I worked on the flower bed by the gazebo.

We had crablegs and roast beef at the China Buffet and then met friends at Captain's Quarters on Fox Lake where we saw an excellent Southern Rock band called the Nightburners. They even had a fiddle player.

Came home and sat out on the deck for some more cocktails. Came inside and watched the rest of "The Blues Brothers" my second all-time favorite movie. It was released nationally on this date back in 1980.

Good Work If You Can Find It. --RoadDog

NO PUN INTENDED: A termite walks into an Old West saloon and aks, "Is the bar tender here?"

No LSTs for Me

Even though I didn't get the opportunity to go to the LST Festival in Seneca, Illinois, on Saturday because of car problems, I made up for it. The LSTs which were being celebrated were Landing Ship Tanks which carried tanks, vehicles and soldiers on amphibious operations throughout World War II. A total of 157 LSTs were made in Seneca, launched and then went down the Illinois and Mississippi rivers to the Gulf of Mexico and on to operations in the Pacific and European theaters.

Unfortunately, the 2003 Malibu needed some big repairs like back brakes and new tires as well as windshield wipers (I will not replace them as it IS NOT AS EASY as it would seem) and it was time for an oil change.

I have been interested in LSTs since I visited the one anchored in Evansville, Indiana, at the end of March. Well worth the $10 and it goes to upkeep and costs of keeping the vessel in running condition.

Those poor LSTs never even got names, just numbers. Even at just 19 feet, out little old Bayliner has a name, "School's Out...Forever." LSTs were 300 feet long...and JUST a number.

When You Don't Get to Do What You Want, Find Something Else to Do. --RoadDog

No Pun Intended: A three-legged dog walked into an Old West saloon and slides up to the bar where he says, "I'm looking for the man who shot my paw."

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Boy, That Was One Nasty Storm!!

Yesterday, after we got the boat tied up and covered, Liz said she had heard warnings that even though the sun was out and everything seemed fine, that we'd best be taking cover as some really bad storms were on their way.

We got about a third of the way up to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, where we were taking friends Kevin and Kelly for their first visit to Popeye's when we realized we'd left the 50% off coupon at home, so had to drive back to get it.

The stations we were listening to o n the way there kept interrupting with dire warnings of this fast-moving and powerful storm that was going to hit the whole area. We parked and had just gotten in when it hit Lake Geneva with quite a fury. Visibility dropped to maybe 100 feet and there were some of the blackest clouds I've ever see,

The rain came down with a vengeance, quickly turning the street in front of the place into a raging torrent. And, then there were some really serious wind. The lights flickered a few times in Popeye's, but kept coming back on. By the time we finished eating, the storm was completely gone.

About an hour later, the sun came out.

On the way back to Spring Grove, we saw quite a few trees down and a wayward trampoline that had gone on a joy flight from somebody's house. The most damage seemed to be centered right along the Illinois-Wisconsin border. The roof of the Antioch Bowling Alley was blown off. I used to deejay quite a few weddings there in days gone by.

Close to the entrance of our subdivision, there was police tale around twp trees that had blown over and pushed the wires down. Our electricity had been out, but was back on by the time we got home.

That Was One Frightening Storm. --RoadDog

Life Before Computers: And, finally, if yopu had a three and a half inch floppy... you'd better hope nobody found out about it.

Friday, June 18, 2010

30th Anniversary of the Blues Brothers-- Part 3

This June 20th marks the 30th anniversary of the opening of the Blues Brothers in screens across the US. As I said, it is my second most favorite all-time movie. It really was an ode to Chicago and Chicagoland and the music, especially soul and blues (like Tom Marker says on his WXRT Bluesbreakers Show, "Chicago, the World Capital of the Blues."

Some more questions. Answers Below:

6. Where did Jake "see the light?" This is where they got their mission from God.

7. Complete: "They're not going __ _____ __, we're on a mission from God."

8. Year and make of Elwood's car.

9. Strangely it had been used by who before Elwood got it. Bonus, what town sold it.

10. Elwood's home had a sign over the door that welcomed who?

And then, there was the great music. The soundtrack of "The Blues Brothers" is on my Ultimate CD Jukebox.

Life Before Computers: A mouse pad was where mice lived.


6. Temple Rock Church

7. "to catch us"

8. 1974 Dodge sedan

9. police car. Bonus-- the Mount Prospect Police Department auction where they were practically giving them away.

10. Transients (kind of fitting)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

JSS: Boating-- Yardwork-- Bars-- Internet--

JSS-- Just Some Stuff.

1. BOATING-- Got the boat out yesterday and plan to go out again today. My objective is 40 excursions this season. Liz wants 60. We have a short season and enough bad days that you've got to go when you can. At least we got it in before the middle of July like we did last year.

2. YARDWORK-- I love it, but sure wish I hadn't planted as much and had a smaller yard. It wasn't so bad when we moved in, but as I get older (growing older, but not UP, mind you) it is sure getting harder to keep up with it.

3. BARS-- Spending way too much time at these establishments as well. Tuesday, we were at Donovan's. Yesterday at Tommy's where i had a great talk with a baseball fan about the good old days. We had a hard time remembering the name of the player from Cleveland with an attitude that the Sox acquired and caused Frank Thomas to mess up. (Finally came up with the name Albert Belle.) One dollar Miller and Coors bottles go down real easy.

Today, it's either Donovan's for buy-one-get-one and half price pizza or some Chain of Lakes bars by boat.

Tomorrow, it's Popeye's in Lake Geneva for the world-famous fish fry and Donovan's again.

4. INTERNET-- And, as usual, I spend way too much time on the internet researching and writing these dumb blogs.

Help, I'm Stuck in a Rut. --RoadDog

Life Before Computers: A hard drive was a long trip on the road.

30th Anniversary of the "Blues Brothers"-- Part 2

I am writing about this movie because it is my second all-time favorite movie.

Last night, I did get the old VHS tape out and watched part of the movie. Yesterday was its first public showing 30 years ago in a suburb of Chicago, Norridge. It opened nationally a few days later.

I wrote down some questions as I watched. Answers are below.

1. Why was Jake in prison?

2. How did Jake sign for his stuff when getting out of prison?

3. What did Jake do with the lighter after lighting his first freedom cigarette?

4. What name did they call the nun they went to see?

5. What was the name of the church James Brown was preaching in?

Love This Movie. --RoadDog

Life Before Computers: A CD was a bank account.


1. He had gone there to cover for the band.

2. With the letter "X" He also leaned way over from the line he couldn't cross.

3. He threw it out the window and later told Elwood the car needed a lighter.

4. They called her "The Penguin."

5. Temple Rock.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rock and Roll Roots Used Car Lot-- Part 2

Going back to Bob Stroud's Rock and Roll Roots salute to the American Car Culture on May 30th.

MERCEDES BENZ-- JANIS JOPLIN-- '76 model from the album "Pearl." (Let's laugh about it. A "song of great social import.")
SS 396-- PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS-- It was made exclusively for Chevrolet dealers in 1967. The only place you could get your 45 was by visiting your local Chevy dealer. (Never heard this one before, but a great muscle car song.)

SWEET HITCHHIKER-- CCR-- Sometimes the only way to get a ride was a thumb stretched out. 1972. (I remember hitchhiking home from college a few times back in 1970.)

ROUTE 66-- ROLLING STONES-- No finer road to be running on than the one that starts right here in Illinois. One of the Stone's first recordings. "Liz and I are still getting our kicks. How about you?)
MERCURY BLUES-- STEVE MILLER BAND-- From the "Fly Like an Eagle" album.

ON THE ROAD AGAIN-- CANNED HEAT-- 1968 (Is it possible they weren't feeling too well when they played this at Woodstock?)
NO PARTICULAR PLACE TO GO-- CHUCK BERRY-- (Probably the ultimate drivin' song.)

LAKE SHORE DRIVE-- ALIOTTA, HAYNES & JEREMIAH-- A favorite here in town. (When you hear the first notes, that brings a smile to any Chicagoan.)
HELEN WHEELS-- WINGS-- Paul from the "Band on the Run" album. (I have heard it was McCartney's effort to write a road song as good as "Route 66.)

These Are ALL Great Songs to Have While Cruising the Great Highways and Byways of Those Great Country. --RoadDog

Life Before Computers: A virus was the flu.

30th Anniversary of the "Blues Brother"

There was a big article in today's Chicago Tribune about the 30th anniversary of my second favorite all-time movie, "Blues Brothers." It premiered this date 1980 at a small theater in Norridge so that the rest of the money that would have been spent on a gala premier was given to charities.

Not only was this the one of the best movies-ever (AND REALLY BETTER THAN "MACGRUBER"), but also, this marked the real beginning of the Chicago film industry in that since then so many movies have been filmed here.

And, of course, much of it was filmed here, including the beach scene in Wauconda along with he police car smash up by the US-12 Wauconda bypass. I remember driving by the car crash scene shortly afterwards and wondering why so many police cars were smashed up at the bottom of the overpass. The beach scene was filmed at Phil's Beach, right next to the place I spent so much time during high school summers, Honey Hill Beach.

Then, there was John Belushi, one of my favorite all-time actors. And, even better, that fantastic music!!!

I may just have to break out my VHS and watch it on the ol' VCR tonight.

It's Really More of a Mission. --RoadDog

Life before Computers: A web was a spider's home.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A 66 We Will Go-- Part 3

The Third Day on the Road, June 10th.

Enjoyed the "Tourist Traps" at what they call the Bagnall Dam Strip, right by the dam. We then drove across the dam to an overlook, back across it where we saw it from ground level. Impressive structure that created the Lake of the Ozarks back in the 30s.

We had those great Made-Rites and were then on the road to Lebanon. They are working on a four-lane road to connect the Lake of the Ozarks with I-44, which is much needed.

Got to Lebanon and stopped at the old Wrink's Market building east of town and had a couple drinks in the bar. It is now Britt's Route 66 Grill. Checked into the Munger-Moss Motel, sat out by the pool, and then had an excellent dinner at Britt's.

I will be going into greater detail on my RoadDog's Roadlog Blog.

A Good Day on the Road. --RoadDog

I Wonder: Why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets?

Those Rich Country Guys and Gals

These country performers earned the most money since last June.

1. Kenny Chesney $50 million
2. Toby Keith $48 million
3. Taylor Swift $45 million (after an estimated $18 million the year before. Perhaps she is quite hot these days.)

4. Rascal Flats $45 million
5. Tim McGraw $30 million
6. Keith Urban $28 million
7. George Strait $25 million

8. Brad Paisley $22 million
9. Alan Jackson $15 million
10. Carrie Underwood $13 million

None of them got any of my concert money, but several got album money.

Lovin' That Country Music. --RoadDog

I Wonder: Why do dogs get mad if you blow in your face, but get them in a car, open a window, and....

MacGruber's Got to Be the Worst-Ever

I sat through it, figuring that it had to get better, but it didn't. What could have been a funny show just got worse. I few weeks ago, I saw the movie "MacGruber" and wish I hadn't wasted my money.

One other couple, the only others in the theatre on the second week of release, got up and did the right thing and left. Wish I had.

For the most part, movies made from Saturday Night Live have been real stinkers. Yahoo Movies graded the earlier efforts. I have to wonder what they gave this sad film.





Now, That Was One Really BAD Movie!!! --RoadDog

I Wonder: Why do they call it an asteroid when its outside the earth and a hemorrhoid when it's in your butt.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Not Jumping on the Bandwagon, But...-- Part 7-- Hooked

Liz has been following her friend Mike's Facebook accounts of his dream Blackhawk season. He has been a fan since the sixties and is gung-ho about it.

Okay, I looked all over and got the song "Chelsea Dagger" by the Fratellis and like the whole album. Then, we had to make sure we could watch it in a Missouri bar this past Wednesday. We saw the first two periods at JJ Twiggs and the third and overtime in Road Boaters. At the last place, we were the only two fans, but they all knew who we were.

However, what I did Saturday has to prove that I am hooked (like I need to get interested in something else). After the Route 66 Association of Illinois' Hall of Fame banquet at the Carlinville (Illinois) Best Western Motel on the Mother Road, Liz and I adjourned to the Yacht Club Lounge where a really good karaoke couple were playing the tunes.

I had no intention of singing, being content to drink (and really enjoy my beer since I didn't have to drive anywhere, just stagger back to the room). Unfortunately, liz had talked with the guy and said I would sing. He kept bugging me, so I finally broke down and sang "Get Your Kicks on Route 66."

Later, the spirit hit me and I asked if the karaoke guy had "Chelsea Dagger." He'd never heard of it, but checked and was shocked that he had. So yours truley got up and sang it, knowing all the while that anything beyond what they sang at the Hawks home games was going to be embarrassing. It WAS, but I trooped on for the Mighty Mighty Blackhawks.

I think I took the hook, line and sinker.

Congratulations Chicago Blackhawks!! --RoadDog

I Wonder: And how many of you were humming those last two songs?

Rock and Roll Roots Used Car Lot-- Part 1

may 30th, Bob Stroud did a whole show based on songs about cars from the 60s and 70s because of the Indy 500 taking place that day and the beginning of the summer vacation season. Bob's comments are first. My comments are shown in parentheses.

The first car I had was one my parents bought for me, a 1963 Rambler station wagon in about the most putrid color imaginable. I received it junior year at college, and that being the rich boys' school at the University of Georgia, it was a bit less than what the rest were driving, but hey, it ran and got me where I wanted to go.

While in high school and the first two years, my brother and I shared a family car. None of this Mommie and Daddy getting a car as soon as I turned 16 as is the usual thing these days.

That is, by burning gas and lots and lots of oil. Generally, I had to put a can in every hundred or so miles, so you could see and smell me a-coming from quite a distance.

It was a southern car and when I transferred to Northern Illinois University for senior year, as soon as the temperature hit 40 degrees, that was it as far as running until the next spring and warmth.

I guess the old Ramblin' Wreck, as I called it, just didn't like the cold.

Every song for three hours had to do with vehicles and Stroud called them by the year the song came out.

RADAR LOVE-- GOLDEN EARING-- '74 model from the Netherlands. (Great song to kick it off. "Got my hands on the wheel.")
SHUT DOWN-- BEACH BOYS-- '62, the main proponents of the car culture in the early 60s. (If it wasn't the surf, it was the asphalt.)

BABY DRIVER-- SIMON & GARFUNKEL-- a 1969 model as a 45 and 1970 on the album the next year. (One of my favorite songs of theirs.)
ROLL ON DOWN THE HIGHWAY-- BACHMAN TURNER OVERDRIVE-- We just got finished with six days of "Rolling" down the highway.

Hear That Highway Sound. --RoadDog

I Wonder: Does the "Alphabet Song" and "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" have the same tune?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Not Jumping on the Bandwagon, But...-- Part 6

When we stopped at the Shawnee Bluff Motel in Lake Ozark, Missouri, we just checked to see if they had a room available. Then, we went into a nearby bar (about 200 yards away) to make sure they could get the Hawks-Flyers game and would put it on. They could and would, so went back and checked in.

Enjoyed the wonderful view of the lake for awhile, then went out NTNing. First stop was Chicago Brothers which was about nine miles away. We figured with a name like that, they might attract some Blackhawk fans, and they did, but it was way too far away to party and then drive. Fortunately, the game hadn't started yet.

Then drove to the new JJ Twiggs near the Bagnall Dam. Twiggs started near us in the towns of Wauconda and Lake Zurich, Illinois, so we figured they too might have some fans. It turns out they have two bars in the building. The one with NTN didn't have the hockey game on and when we got them to turn it, they wouldn't turn up the volume.

We found the second, and smaller bar, and they had it on all TVs with volume up and some fans, so watched the first two periods there. Had a great time and went through two pitchers.

Then drove back to Road Boaters, the bar near the motel and watched the 3rd period and overtime victory. We were the only two people watching the game, but they really heard us as well as the "Chelsea Dagger" song.

So, Blackhawk Fever Did Come to the Lake of the Ozarks!! --RoadDog

I Wonder: If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Good Time to Be Chicago Fan

Besides today's parade in downtown Chicago to honor the Chicago Blackhawks' Stanley Cup victory, we have another really fun time getting underway and that is the beginning of the annual Crosstown Series for city bragging rights between the White Sox and Cubs.

The interleague play between American and National is one of the greatest ideas MLB has come up with in many years. Before this, the teams often played a single exhibition game that wasn't much fun as they would bring up mostly minor leaguers to play. There was not much satisfaction in, "Our minor leaguers can beat your minor leaguers."Since inception in 1887, the two teams play a three-and-three series at each others' ballparks: three at Wrigley and three at Comiskey (I don't call it that other name).

Overall, the Sox have won 37 and Cubs 34 so it is almost evenly split. However, the Cubs swept the series in '98, 04, '07 and '09. The Sox swept in '99 and '08.

The very first game between the two teams was in 1903.

Not Saying Who I'm Pulling For Because of Bad Luck. --RoadDog

I Wonder: If corn oil is made from corn and vegetable oil from vegetables, then, what is baby oil made from?

Not Jumping on the Bandwagon...But-- Part 5

You know you're starting to get "hooked" when you plan a trip around the Stanley Cup championship which is what just happened.

Wednesday, we wanted to make sure we would be able to see the game and preferably with some fans which always makes it more fun.

I EVEN went so far as to try to get a copy of the Fratellis' Costello Music album so that we could get the unofficial Blackhawks fight song/chant "Chelsea Dagger." I looked at the Best Buy in Dekalb, Illinois, on Tuesday, but they didn't have it, but I did buy the New Dierks Bentley and Chesterfield Kings albums. They would have charged $9.99 for the Fratellis if they had had it.

Wednesday, I looked in the Wal Mart in Kirkland, Missouri, but they didn't have it. BUT, while looking for the elusive BW3 (Buffalo Wild Wings) in Jefferson City, Missouri, we saw a place called Slackers which sold old CDs, so decided to check it out and they did have Costello Music, and for $5.99 used, so bought it.

We listened to it the rest of the way to the Lake of the Ozarks, and obviously "Chelsea Dagger" a REAL lot of times.


We even checked out whether there was a bar near the motel that we wanted to stay at which would be showing the game, and there was, Road Boaters.

We always play NTN at new sites when we're on the road, and one place in Osage Beach was called Chicago Brothers so figured with a name like that they might have some Hawks fans. They did, but at 9 miles from the motel, way too far.

We then played NTN at JJ Twiggs which has two bars. The one with NTN didn't even have the game on, but I discovered the smaller bar which had it on all TVs and had Hawks fans so ended up watching the first two periods there. The owners are also from up by us.

We had a lot of fun, but were still a mile from the motel, and fearful of the police and driving in unfamiliar territory, figured we'd better get closer, so saw third period and the OVERTIME VICTORY!! Unfortunately, no one else was much interested in the game, but we made up for it and even had another celebratory pitcher.

Liz also had plans for motels and bars should the Friday game have been necessary.

Mighty Fine!! Come On, Let's All Sing That Song. --RoadDog

I used to have a handle on life, but it broke. But at least the Hawks won.

A 66 We Will Go-- Day 2-- The Lake and Da Hawks!!

Much nicer weather (sun and NO RAIN!!) on Wednesday and drove US-63 south from Ottumwa into Missouri past several Amish wagons on the road and lots of firework stands at the border.

Gas in Kirkland was $2.50 for regular. Stopped at Wal Mart to buy some VHS-C video tapes but they don't carry them anymore. Also checked out their declining CD selection for the Fratellis' "Costello Music" album for the song "Chelsea Dagger" (the Hawks song), but they didn't have it either.

Played NTN at TGIF's in Columbia and BW3 (Buffalo Wild Wings) in Jefferson City then took US-54 to the Lake of the Ozarks and got a room at the Shawnee Bluff Motel overlooking the lake and enjoyed the view awhile before driving to Osage Beach and playing NTN at Chicago Brothers and back to Lake Ozark where we did the same thing at JJ Twiggs, a new place near the Bagnall Dam.

If you're looking for a northwods lodge in the Ozarks, this is the place to go. JJ Twiggs started about 15 miles away from us back home in Illinois. Since the owners are from the Chicago area, we figured this might be a good place to catch the Blackhawks' Stanley Cup game and it was. There were several other fans there so we had a good time drinking and cheering the boys on.

We left after second period to go to a place across the road (Business US-54) from our motel, also a new one called Road Boaters (also the former JJ Twiggs location) and saw the rest of the game there. When the Flyers tied it up and it went into overtime, we figured the Hawks would lose, but THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN!!!!

Go Hawks!! Go Hawks!! Go Hawks!! NHL Stanley Cup Winners, Finally --RoadDog

I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A 66 We Will Go-- Day 1-- To Radar O'Reilly's Home Town

Drove all the way across Illinois in a steady rain this past Tuesday, stopping in Dekalb for gas at $2.73 a gallon and gyros at Tom and Jerry's "The King of the Gyro" on Lincoln Highway. Great deal with a gyro meal for $5.99.

Then picked up I-88 and paid $3.90 in tolls to Dixon and then on to I-80 west to Iowa City and then south on US-218 to Mt. Pleasant and west on US-34 to Ottumwa, Iowa. Checked into the Stardust Motel, an old mom and pop, and then drove across town to play NTN at the Recovery Room and back to the motel were Benchwarmers also had NTN.

We looked all over, but never did find Mash's favorite little guy, Radar.

Gas in Iowa was $2.54 for regular and, as usual, ten cents cheaper for regular plus. I have never quite figured that out, but hey, it was cheaper than in Illinois, so no complaints from me.

Out and About. --RoadDog

My wife and I divorced over religious differences. She though she was God... and I didn't.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A-Boating We Go!!

We finally got the boat in the water yesterday.

We launched at the American Legion in Fox Lake ($20) and I took the trailer over to Kora's since our subdivision doesn't allow trailers to be parked on your property.

Liz drove the boat over to Rick's where I met her. Paid Rick $300 for pier space for the season. Then he went with us for our season opener cruise around Fox Lake. Met up with Kevin and Kelly, whose party we had been at Friday, who also had their boat out for the first time.

First stop was Baja Benny's, the old Costello's where we spent so much time. They had free popcorn and $1 pints for a Monday special.

Then, across the lake to the huge gazebo at Electric Harbor and $2 bottles of beer.

Last stop was at Captain's Quarters, where we were Sunday, and $2 brat and fries, but $3 bottles.

Put the boat up and dropped by the Legion for the 50 cent 10 oz. drafts.

All-in-All, a Pretty Good First Day. --RoadDog

I Wonder: If Wil. E. Coyote had enough money to buy all that stuff from ACME, why didn't he just buy dinner?

Growing Older, But Not Up-- Part 2

We had the boat back from getting summerized at Midwest Marine and a definite hankering to put it in the water, but the weather just would not cooperate. All three days, Friday to Sunday, it acted like it was going to storm. I like the water, but only under the boat, not in it.

So "School's Out...Forever" spent the weekend sitting in the driveway. All ready to go, but nowhere to go.

FRIDAY, JUNE 4TH-- Kevin and Kelly's End-of-the-School Year Party on Fox Lake. A very worthy successor to our End-of-the-Year parties here at Key North from 1993 to 2006. There were also a lot of then at the old house in Round Lake Beach.

Food and a keg outside with the option of going inside if a storm came on. Not bad. But, we're a bit mad this year as the alcoholic teachers finished off the keg. In the past, there has always been enough left for a Day-After Party.

SATURDAY, JUNE 5th-- Spent the day dodging storms and working in the yard.

SUNDAY, JUNE 6th-- Back to Captain's Quarters at the outside bar overlooking Fox Lake and listening to a great band called R-Gang playing 60s and 70s soul music. They had the music and vocals down with two lead singers. We'll sure see them again.

Out on the Chain and Feeling No Pain. --RoadDog

I Wonder: Why does Goofy stand erect while Pluto is on all-fours? They're both dogs.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Growing Older, But Not Up-- Part 1

As Jimmy Buffett would say. OK, so I'm 59 and a few days.

But, I still feel like a just-out-of-college student a lot of time.

Proof in the pudding is the last two weekends.

MAY 30th we went to Captain's Quarters on Fox Lake for our annual summer kick-off. It just "ain't summer" until we've been to Captain's for a Sunday afternoon party. The group Soda played and most of the members are from a favorite band called The Only Sons. It would be hard to imagine a better group for a Sunday out on the Chain of Lakes.

We're at outside bar overlooking the lake with all the boaters and bikers coming in and out.

We also enjoyed the $3.75 Johnsonville brats and fries, but weren't too happy about the $3.25 bottles of beer, but, somebody's got to cover expenses.

MAY 31st was Memorial Day and we drove to Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, about ten miles north. Traditionally, we have drinks at Main Street tap and enjoy the parade, but due to thunderstorms around weren't sure they were going to have it. They did and I enjoyed the two marching bands, my favorite part of any parade.

Later, drank beer and played NTN at Donovan's Reef with quite a few Top twenties.

Always Great to Chill Out Here in the Northeastern Part of Illinois. Out on the Chain and Feeling No Pain. --RoadDog

I Wonder: If the professor on Gilliagan's Island can make a radio out of a coconut, why can't he fix the hole in the boat?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Here Come the Hawks...Fans!!

The May 30th Chicago Tribune also ran a graphic showing the percentage of Chicago fans for each sport. It is not really surprising, but of interest. The source was Scarborough Research. A fan is described as someone who has watched on TV, listened on the radio or attended a game. The current period is March 2009 to February 2010.

Previous was research period from September 2007 to August 2008.

The first number is percentage who are fans for the current period. The second is percentage change from 2007-2008.

BEARS: 60% Down 5.2%
CUBS: 55% Down 2.5%
WHITE SOX: 42% Down 5.2%
BULLS: 36 Up .5%
BLACKHAWKS: 27 Up 70.6%
FIRE (Soccer): 9% Up 13.8%
WOLVES (Hockey): 7% Up 15%
SKY (WNBA): 3% Down 22.5%

Actually, I had to look up the Chicago Sky. I thought it might be women's basketball, but wanted to be sure.

It always bugs me that the Sox are essentially the forgotten baseball team here in Chicago. I am a Cub fan as long as they aren't playing the Sox.

Let's Go Sox. It's About Time to Start Playing Baseball. --RoadDog

I Wonder: Can a hearse carrying a corpse drive in the carpool lane?

Not Jumping on the Bandwagon, But... Part 4

From the May 30th Chicago Tribune "Revitalized by a savvy owner and charismatic young stars, the Blackhawks' popularity is on the rise" by Teddy Greenstein.

By far, the biggest difference in the Blackhawks today is the new owner, Rocky Wirtz who in just three years has turned the Blackhawks Who? into Da Blackhawks. Back in the glory days of the 60s, it was Blackhawk Fever with Stan Mikita, Bobby Hull and others, but since then, it has been steady decline, especially in the 90s and early oughts.

He got John McDonough to come over from the Cubs, lifted the home game TV blackout and hired all those young exciting players. Bobby Hull, still extremely popular, was brought back to be Blackhawk ambassador.

In 2007, there were 3,400 season ticket holders and the 20,500 seat United Center was rarely full. This last Saturday marked the 100th consecutive sell-out and there was a waiting list of 7,000 even before this year's playoff run.

It is paying off, even with last night's loss to even the Stanley Cup at two. Regardless of the outcome of the series, the Hawks appear to be back to stay.

BUT, a major mistake was made when that Versus channel was the only place you could see the last two games (and probably the reason the Hawks lost). There is no way a cable channel should have exclusive rights to any series as big as the Stanley Cup.

Looking forward to watching the game Sunday at Margaritaville.

Nice Job, Rocky. --RoadDog

I Wonder: If Jimmy cracks corn and no one cares, why is there a stupid song about it?

Top 40 All-Time Country Artists-- Part 3-- The Top 15

Again, these are current as of a couple weeks ago. I wish Rick Jackson had given the total points each artist had accumulated, though. Again, the songs are not necessarily their biggest, just representative.

#15 HANK WILLIAMS-- A Country Boy Can Survive
#14 MARTY ROBBINS-- Don't Worry/Devil Woman
#13 WAYLON JENNINGS-- Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line

#12 BUCK OWENS-- Act Naturally (Beatles covered it with Ringo singing)
#11 RAY PRICE-- For the Good Times
#10 REBA MCENTIRE-- Whoever's in New England

#9 WEB PIERCE-- In the Jailhouse Now
#8 DOLLY PARTON-- Here You Come Again
#7 WILLIE NELSON-- My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

#6 CONWAY TWITTY-- Linda on My Mind
#5 MERLE HAGGARD-- Mama Tried
#4 JOHNNY CASH-- Ring of Fire

#3 GEORGE STRAIT-- The Chair
#2 GEORGE JONES-- Bartender Blues
#1 EDDY ARNOLD-- Cattle Call/Tennessee Stud

I like all of these artists, so what a great way to spend a Sunday morning.

I Fell Into a _____ ____ __ ____. --RoadDog

I Wonder: Why do toasters always have a setting that burns the toast so horribly that no one would never want to eat it.

25th Anniversary of Saturday Morning Flashback


This really fine show is celebrating its 25th year today, having first aired June 1, 1985. I listen to it most Saturdays and have been known to record an occasional four-hour segment for later listening. Talk about a great way to take you back to a particular year in your life.

Not only are there the songs, but also insightful tidbits of information as well as Rock and Roll Obituaries, News, Going to the Show with the Regular Guy and others.

Wendy Rice is the long-time host, but didn't start the show, which was originally done by two disc jockeys, the one on from 6 to 10 am and then the 10am to 2 pm person. It was not intended to be a permanent show, but as Wendy said, like most stuff at the station, it just kind of grew into it.

Great show. Give it a listen on WXRT 93.1 FM. The show is on from 8 am to noon every Saturday.

Today's show takes us back 25 years to 1985. I wonder why? Absolutely great year for music AND YOU COULD STILL BUY IT ON VINYL!!

I see that the leader of the Fratellis, the group that does "Chelsea Dagger," the song that Blackhawk fans love, will be doing a free show tomorrow at Metro in Chicago. But, you have to get a ticket from WXRT.

Thanks Wendy and WXRT. Mighty Fine, Mighty Fine. --RoadDog

I Wonder: Why is bra singular and panties plural?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Top 40 All-Time Country Artists-- Part 2

Continuing with Rick Jackson's List:

#30 TAMMY WYNETTE-- I Don't Want to Play House Anymore
#29 TIM MCGRAW-- I Like It, I Love It
#28 KENNY ROGERS-- The Gambler

#27 CARL SMITH-- Hey Joe
#26 RONNIE MILSAP-- Pure Love
#25 HANK SNOW-- Movin' On

#24 GARTH BROOKS-- The Dance
#23 FARON YOUNG-- Hello Walls
#22 SONNY JAMES-- Young Love

#21 LORETTA LYNN-- You Ain't Woman Enough
#20 CHARLIE PRIDE-- Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger?
#19 ERNEST TUBB--Waltz Across Texas

#18 ALAN JACKSON-- Little Bitty
#17 JIM REEVES-- He'll Have to Go
#16 ALABAMA-- The Closer You Get

Top 15 Up Next!! --RoadDog

Who Has the Better Goal Song?

So, it turns out that the Philadelphia Flyers have their own "Goal" song called "Bro" by California punk-rock quartet Pennywise. While, of course, our Hawks have "Chelsea Dagger" by the Scottish garage-pop trio Fratellis.

The June 3rd Chicago Tribune had a comparison of the two songs. The Flyers song is first and Blackhawks second:

SONG: "Bro"; "Chelsea Dagger"
BAND: Pennywise; Fratellis
STYLE: Guitar speed rock; Glam clap-and-stomp

THE CHANT: Flyers: "Aaa-ohhhh! Ah-ohh-ohhhh! Ahhhh!! Ohhhh! Ohh-ohh-ohhhhhh!"
Blackhawks: "Doh! Dih-dih-doh! Dih-dih-doh! Dih-dih-doh-di-doh-dohhhh..." Homer would be so proud!!

THE VIBE: Well-lubricated revelers kicking and smashing things; Well-lubricated revelers swaying in arm-in-arm delirium

WHEN TEAM DEBUTED IT: 2007-2008 season; 2008-2009 season

FIRST KNOWN TEAM TO USE IT: Flyers: Anaheim Ducks made it their goal song in 2005-2006 season. Pennywise performed it live to celebrate the Ducks' 2007 Stanley Cup title.
Blackhawks: Celtic Football Club in Glasgow, Scotland began playing it after home scores in 2006.

OTHER TEAMS USING THE SONG: Arizona Cardinals and New York Islanders; Tampa Bay Rays and Baltimore Orioles.

WHERE ELSE YOU MIGHT HAVE HEARD IT: San Jose Earthquakes MLS game; Amstel Light beer ads.

EARWORM POWER RATING (Not really sure what this is, perhaps loudness?): 6; 10

WINNER: This being a Chicago paper, who do you think?

That Durn Song Really Grows On Ya. --RoadDog

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Top 40 All-Time Country Artists-- Part 1

A few weeks ago, Rick Jackson's nationally syndicated Country Hall of Fame radio show that I listen to on Milwaukee's WMIL 106.1 FM, was devoted to a current list of the all-time Top 40 country artists according to the Billboard charts.

Rick did not exactly explain how it works, but I think you get 40 points for a #1 song and 1 point for a #40 and so forth. Along with the rankings, he would give information and play a selected song by each artist. However, the standings were current as of that week.

I am a BIG country fan and sure enjoyed the show. Here's the list:

#40 DON GIBSON-- I Can't Stop Loving You
#39 TOBY KEITH-- Should've Been a Cowboy
#38 DON WILLIAMS-- Amanda
#37 ELVIS PRESLEY-- Kentucky Rain

#36 PORTER WAGONER-- Satisfied Mind
#35 RED FOLEY-- Chattanooga Shoeshine Boy
#34 MEL TILLIS-- I Ain't Never

#33 TANYA TUCKER-- Texas, When I Die
#32 BROOKS & DUNN-- Neon Moon

Love That Old and New Country. --RoadDog

I Wonder: Why do people pay to go up in tall buildings then put money in binoculars to look at the things on the ground?

Not Jumping on the Bandwagon, But...-- Part 3

Had a great time last night at Tommy's in Spring Grove, right on historical US-12, the Iron Brigade Highway (named for the famed Civil War unit).

Talked with buddies Randy, Bob and Kenny and our neighbor kept the cold drinks a'coming in her role as bartender.

As could be expected, the place was at standing room only and loud with lots of cheering, groaning, and "Chelsea Dagger" singing. There was not a space to be found in the big parking lot so I'm sure the good folks at Billy's restaurant weren't too happy.

Blackhawk-mania has taken hold and a lot of people there were sporting team jerseys. I especially liked the Bobby Hull one. Plus, the game was only being shown on a station called Versus which most people (including us) don't get. Good incentive to go out to see it. I think that hockey is making a mistake by not arranging to have one of the major networks carry it, at least in Philadelphia and Chicago.

Then, there were the $1 Miller/Coors products that they have every Wednesday and some really fine pizza, broasted chicken ($5.99 for a four-piece dinner) and those melt-in-your mouth beer nuggets.

Too bad the Hawks lost in overtime. But, it was an exciting game.

We listened to overtime at home as I was getting psyched out about the mile drive home. The cops also knew about the $1 beer and game. So I opted to leave at the end of regulation.

It's hard enough to follow the game on TV, but REALLY hard on the radio.

Go Hawks!! --RoadDog

I Wonder: Why are you in a movie but on TV?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Talk About Your Ballpark Ripoffs!

From the May 6th Chicago Tribune "Lineup Changes" by Phil Vettel.

Vettel is a Tribune critic who wrote about some new offerings at Wrigley Field and Comiskey Park (I don't use that other name).

The new things sounded good, but were out of my price range.


At Captain Morgan Club (outside the park): fried portobello mushrooms, pork-shank wings.

Inside the park: a High Plains Bison hot dog "At a mere $5.25, this is one terrific hot dog..." You can also get a foot-long version for $7. Must be nice to have the company paying the tab. I don't consider $5.25 for any hot dog a good deal.

The Sheffield Grill, for private parties, has a High Plains Bison Burger for $8. Then, you have hot and juicy chicken breast sandwiches for $6.50, pretzel bites for $4.50 and an Italian Club sandwich for "a good deal" at $6.75. say Good Ripoff.

Then, there's the Big Slugger Nachos at $15 which is two pounds of tortilla chips, chili con carne, melted cheese, tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, black olives, green onions, sour cream and cilantro in a keep-sake Cubs helmet. This might be worth looking into, though.

It will cost a family a small fortune to eat at Wrigley.

Still Too much for Me. --RoadDog

I Wonder: Why is it people say they "slept like a baby" when babies wake up like every two hours?

Number One Songs This Date-- Part 2

Continuing with the Billboard Charts Number One Songs for June 1st.

1970 Everything is Beautiful-- Ray Stevens-- But not today when I pay my first installment of property taxes, $4,200.
1969 Get Back-- Beatles-- Strange that there were no other #1 Beatle songs this date.
1968 Mrs. Robinson-- Simon & Garfunkel-- Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?

1967 Respect-- Aretha Franklin-- Even better than Otis Redding's version. That's hard to do.
1966 When a Man Loves a Woman-- Percy Sledge-- Sounds like a great marriage song, but that was one real mean woman.
1965 Help Me Rhonda-- Beach Boys--

1964 Chapel of Love-- Dixie Cups-- Inconceivable that anything but a Beatles song would be #1 this year.
1963 It's My Party-- Leslie Gore-- What a chump that Leslie is.
1962 I Can't Stop Loving You-- Ray Charles

1961 Running Scared-- Roy Orbison
1960 Cathy's Clown-- Everly Brothers-- Cathy and Leslie's beau should get together.

1950 The Third Man Theme-- Anton Karas
1940 Tuxedo Junction-- Glenn Miller
1930 When It's Springtime in the Rockies-- Hilo Hawaiian Orchestra-- How would these guys know anything about the Rockies?

1920 Swanee-- Al Jolson
1910 By the Light of the Silvery Moon-- Billy Murray & Haydn Quartet
1900 A Bird in a Gilded Cage-- Jere Mahoney

Going to the Chapel to Do What? --RoadDog

I Wonder: What disease did cured ham actually have?

Not Jumping on the Bandwagon, But...-- Part 2

Watched several games at the end of the season, including the final loss to Detroit. And I now find myself cheering for the BHawks.

I've watched most of the games in the playoffs so far.

This past Friday, I was at our local Jewel and saw Stanley Cup tee shirts and hats for sale and was SORELY tempted to buy them, but managed to fight off the urge. I have to admit the BlackHawk logo is one of the best, if not the best in all of sports. Sure would look good on me.

BUT, NO!!!

Now, I am getting hooked on that song that plays whenever the Hawks score or win a game at home. Liz found out it is called "Chelsea Dagger" by a group called the Fratellis.

The first two championship games against the Philadelphia Flyers were really something. Was there anyway to stop the scoring in game one, Oh, yes, there was in game two.

Heading over to Tommy's here in Spring Grove to watch tonight's game since we don't get Versus. Plus, they have $1 domestic bottles. That sure beats the $6.75 we get ripped off at Wrigley Field.

Not Going to Get Hooked, Not Going to Get Hooked. --RoadDog

I Wonder: How is it that we put a man on the Moon before we figured it would be a good idea to put wheels on luggage.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sittin' on the Front Porch

Of late, I have taken to sittin' out on the rocking chair of our front porch for a bit in the morning and watching the world go by, well, actually the neighbors across the street who actually do a lot for the early hours, well, 6 to 7 am. If its not the kids, two still at home, its Dan or Judy coming and going.

I usually have a cup or two of coffee and read the paper.

Today, I had a really great food combination. I love toast and tomato juice. That is a hard taste to beat. In addition, Liz hard boiled some eggs. Give me a hard boiled egg, sliced, with pepper and hot sauce and I'm in nirvana. It has to be hot sauce, but preferably not Tabasco as that is TOO HOT.

In addition, today, we have some really big-time fog so that I could just barely make out the neighbors' homes across the street and nothing at all behind them

When I got downstairs and turned on the 'ol 'pute, Weather Bug warned me we had a major fog warning out.

Great being retired, isn't it?

Thanks Weather Bug. --RoadDog

I Wonder: Why does a round pizza come in a square box?

So Who Were They: David Essex-- Maria Muldaur

These were artists Bob Stroud played on his April 25, 1974 Time Warp show. Info from Wikipedia.


From May 15th Blog entry. Born July 23, 1947 as David Albert Cook. English actor and singer. First big break as the lead role in stage play of Godspell. Wrote "Rock On" himself, his only big international hit, although it hit #3 in the UK. Sold over a million copies and certified Gold.

MARIA MULDAUR "Midnight at the Oasis"

From May 18th Blog entry. How's this for a name? She was born September 12, 1943, as Maria Grazia Rosa Domenica D'Amato and grew up in New York City. A folk and blues singer who had her biggest and only hit with this song. She was a member of the Jim Kweskin & His Jug Band group where she met and married Geoff Muldaur. She was a backing vocalist for Grateful Dead in the late 70s.

This was one REALLY different song.

"Hey kid, rock and roll
Rock On, ooh my soul (always thought he said soothe my soull)
Hey kid, boogey too, did you

Hey shout, summertime blues
Jump Up and down in my blue suede shoes
Hey kid, rock and roll, ____ __. --RoadDog

I Wonder: Once you're in heaven, do you get stuck wearing the clothes you were buried in for eternity?

Not Jumping On the Bandwagon, But... Part 1

Things are going a bit crazy 'round here with all this Hawk fever. This past winter, I had several arguments in bars about watching college b-ball are the Blackhawks and usually lost and had to watch hockey.

I am not any sort of a winter sport fan other than college basketball. I tried ice skating once and it wasn't pretty (same with roller skating). Somethings are best that I don't do.

However, this past February, we were in Panama City Beach, Florida (pre-oil slick) during the winter Olympics and ended up watching a real lot of hockey, especially the Canada-US matchups. It was even more fun that we had Canadians there as well so made for some good-natured rivalry.

I figure Canada won the REAL Olympic Gold Medal when their girls beat our girls. I can't consider professionals as Olympians. But, even so, the two matchups between the neighbors was a lot of fun.

Upon returning home, I found myself watching the Blackhawks, even at home on the TV in Margaritaville. And here I have complete control.

The last thing I need to do is to get hooked on something else. I spend way too much time on things (LIKE BLOGS) as it is.

I need to Quit Before I Get Hooked. --RoadDog

I Wonder: How important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered?

Number One Songs This Date-- Part 1

Again, thanks to Josh Hosler for making this great site available to us.

I always find this a good way to kick off a new month taking a look at years gone by. How is it possible that June 1, 1970 was FORTY YEARS AGO??!!

2010 OMG-- Usher feat. will i. am-- neat way to spell a name Billy Boy!!
2009 Boom Boom Pow-- Black Eyed Peas-- Gigantor album
2000 Maria Maria-- Santana feat. the Product G & B
1990 Vogue-- Madonna-- Always gets folks up a'dancin'

1989 Rock On-- Michael Damina
1988 One More Try-- George Michael
1987 You keep me Hanging On-- Kim Wilde-- Diana would be so proud.

1986 Live to Tell-- Madonna
1985 Everything She Wants-- Wham-- George M. was mighty hot in the 80s.
1984 Let's Hear It For the Boy-- Deniece Williams-- Quick, from what soundtrack?

1983 Flashdance...What a Feeling-- Irene Cara-- Quick, from what soundtrack?
1982 Ebony and Ivory-- Sir Paul and Little Stevie
1981 Bette Davis Eyes-- Kim Carnes-- I didn't know a woman could sing like that.
1980 Funky Town-- Lipps, Inc.-- Gotta like this one.

More to Come. --RoadDog

I Wonder: Why do you have to "put your two cents in" when it's only "a penny for your thoughts." What happened to the extra penny?