Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Three Days, Two Bands, Six Bars

Good weekend, this last one.


That magnificent $4 third pound Black angus burger and fries at Route 12 Bar in Fox Lake.


Shopping, chowing at Steak and Shake. Chain Crawl Winter Party at Captain's in Antioch. Kicking off the 2012 boating season on the Chain of Lakes. Great band, Tropical Experience playing Reggae, Buffett, Caribbean and new stuff done that style. Hey, love those steel drums.

I guess a lot of folks were chompin' at the bit as there was a huge turnout. Way too crowded.


To Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, for Ultimate Bloody Marys at Main Street. NTN at Donovan's Reef. Wilmot Riverside in Wilmot way too crowded, so didn't stay. Then to Wilmot Mountain Ski Lodge. Great band in the bar, but $5.50 20-ounce drafts a bit too much for us poorer sorts. Ate at the Barn and watched skiers.

Another Great Weekend in the Hood. --RoadDog

Monday, February 27, 2012

Ten Unrecognized Music Locations

From Feb. 19th Listverse.

As always, more information and pictures with the actual site.

10.. Akron, Ohio: The Black Keys, James Ingram, Devo. The BlackKeys are becoming a favorite of mine. Hard to believe two guys can make tat much music. Then, there's always Devo, "Are we not men?"

9. Cape Town, South Africa

8. Houston, Texas-- rap

7. Minneapolis, Minnesota: Soul Asylum, Replacements, early Bob Dylan. What, no Prince or whatever he calls himself these days?

6. Omaha, Nebraska

5. Iceland: Bjork

4. Denver, Co: Judy Collins, John Denver

3. Ireland: U2, Cranberries, Snow Patrol, Enya (and, Van the Man.)

2. Vancouver, Canada

1. Denton, Tx: Meatloaf (Well, two out of three ain't bad.)

Why no North Myrtle Beach, SC, and all that great Beach Music. --RoadDog

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Music for a Blizzard: January 29, 1967-- Part 7

You can sure play a lot of songs in three hours when they are from 1967, when most songs out were between two and three minutes long. Bob Stroud played 50 songs in his show from Jan. 29, 2012, the 45th anniversary of Chicago's Blizzard of '67.

"We got 23 inches of snow that fell for around 26-27 hours, beginning at 5:02 AM on January 26th and stopped at 10:10 AM January 27th. After the storm passed, Chicago was a ghost town and roads were impassable. People couldn't get to work and those who were at work couldn't get home. Some remember the Storm of '67 as the first time they ever saw people putting chairs on the street to hold parking spaces.

Thet had to airlift milk and bread. People were just wondering how they were going to make it."

UNDER MY THUMB (LIVE)-- ROLLING STONES-- Their album out just in time for Christmas, Got Live If You Want It. Interestig enough, the announcer who brings the Stones on is none other than Long John Baldry who would record "Don't Try to Lay No Boogie-Woogie on the King of Rock and Roll" and had a hit with it here in the States in 1971.

I FEEL FREE-- CREAM-- From over in England, their brand new album Fresh Cream.

I WANT TO MEET YOU-- CRYAN SHAMES-- The album was released in October 1966 and if you were a Chicagoan and a music fan back during this era, you were playing this album to death because it was homegrown. The Sugar and Spice album had their most current hit. (Cryan Shames, my second-favorite 60s Chicago group.)
SHE DON'T CARE ABOUT TIME-- CRYAN SHAMES-- And a cover tune of a Byrds song and I kind of thought it was kind of hip that they decided to cover a Byrds song that was a "B" side and not even on an album. It was the "B" side of the "Turn, Turn, Turn" single.

STEPPIN' STONE-- MONKEES-- A two-side hit was #1 in Chicago. The "B" Side
I'M A BELIEVER-- MONKEES-- The "A" side (Let Donkey sing!)

Music for a Real Snow Job. --RoadDog

WILL ROGERS SAYS: The income tax has made more liars out of the American people than golf has.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Wet and Heavy Snow, No Kidding!!

Headlines in today's Chicago Tribune. No kidding!!!

This was a particularly nasty storm that dumped between 6 and 8 inches of that wet, heavy white stuff on us here in northeast Illinois.

The snowmobilers were rejoicing. I could already hear their engines out roaring around this morning and just now when I went back out to move some more of the stuff.


Last night, we lost electricity on three different occasions. The first time, the neighbors across the street still had theirs, something that really gets my goat. i was pleased when I saw they lost it he next time.

My poor little old snowblower once again found itself just about outclassed by the snow and it took extra long to clear it off. I lost count of how many times I had to stop and clear the snow out of the funnel thing. Fortunately, my across-the-street neighbor has a "big" snowblower and came over and helped with the stuff thrown up on the driveway by the snow plows. Now, you want to talk about heavy. (I didn't say anything about the electricity thing.)

I just went out to knock snow off the pine trees which were bending down real low. I now have something else I don't like to do in the yard. Nothing finer than getting face fulls of snow and pine needles.

Word to Snow. Go Somewhere Else. --RoadDog

WILL ROGERS SAYS: Snowmobilers should clear snow off the Dog's driveway and sidewalks before they go out and play. (Well, he should have said that.)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Music for a Blizzard: Jan. 29, 1967-- Part 6

Music playing on our radios back during the Blizzard of '67 if you lived in the Chicago suburbs, Great Snowstorm of 1967 if you lived in Chicago. Evidently.

"I think with the Snowstorm of '67, the phrase, "If you don't like the weather in Chicago, just wait a minute," applies. Just two days earlier the temperatures had reached a record high of 65 degrees on Jan. 24, 1967.

The paralyzing strength of the '67 storm suspended normal routines for days. The lattice-work of stranded cars, trucks and buses blocked up highways and byways. Thousands of air travelers and workers were stranded in Chicago's airports which were closed for record long stretches. Drifts ten feet high covered Chicago's Midway Airport."

PRETTY BALLERINA-- LEFT BANKE-- Brand new. Their follow up to "Walk Away Renee." (Talk about you fantastic vocalizations.)

FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH-- BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD-- Their new single from their debut album was all over the radio. (This was my favorite pre-Creedence group. But, I always thought the riot was about something bigger than a bar.)
MR. SOUL-- BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD-- A couple selections. That whole first album was great, but I didn't get one of their albums until they were finished as a group.)

NO MILK TODAY-- HERMAN'S HERMITS-- Last hour, we played the "A" side of the single ("Dandy" only he played the original version by the Kinks). Many of us thought this "B" side was even better. (Including myself. This is one great song.)

More to Come. --RoadDog

Movie Scratches: One-- Groundhog-- Grey-- Woman

A Dog's Eye look at today's movies.

5. 2-1 ONE FOR THE MONEY-- Fox Lake $4-- Even "learning on the job," she always gets her man.

6. 2-1 DESCENDANTS-- Fox Lake $4-- A truly dysfunctional family deals with an impending death in an island paradise.

7. 2-4 GROUNDHOG DAY-- Seeing this classic real personal-like, up-front in the front row. Right Bob Uecker?

8. 2-8 THE GREY-- Fox Lake $4-- Well, did he win or lose that final encounter. You'd have to think he did after all he went through to survive.

Shooting for 60 Movies This Year. --RoadDog

Update on the Newest Gas Gouge

Yesterday, I saw that the local Mobil station in Ingleside, Illinois, had jumped gas up to $3.70!!! ($3,69.9, it's really time for folks to start recognizing that 9/10s of a cent is pretty close to a whole cent. So, $3.69.9 is really much closer to $3.70.

I am not sure what it was Monday, so don't know how much it went up. Gas in nearby Fox Lake was still $3.46 so topped off the car and also filled up my five-gallon gas can (I use that for the yard tractor).

We should have seen this coming, Big Oil and their allies had made sure that the price of gas, around here anyway, had never gotten below $3.30 all winter. That provides a handy platform from which to launch their annual gouge.

Back on Jan. 23rd, gas was $3.46 in Fox Lake and then by Feb. 1st was $3.34. Now, we are in full pre-summer winter drive price gouge mode.

Please, Mr. President. Do Something. --RoadDog

Still not funny.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's Them, Not Me: Don't Look Now, Big Oil's Back in Town

And, it's not even their vaunted "Summer Driving Season." I guess you'd have to call it the "Mid-Winter Pre-Summer Gas Gouge Season."

Must be their way of honoring President's Day. Over the weekend I'd heard about looming gas hikes. It'd been at $3.35 in Fox Lake, Illinois, and was still there when we drove over to J's in Ingleside for the $1.25 pints and half price BLT pizza. I decided that I'd best fill up.

Sure glad I did as the price was $3.46 three hours later!! An 11 cent gouge!!!

Last night Chicago CBS commentator Walter Jacobson did a bit on filling up his vehicle and being extra shocked when he saw the pump at $58 and stopped and it wasn't even full!! He then saw the ridiculous profits the Big Oil Companies have been making.

If the government needs money so badly, hey, it's time for a 90-95% tax on obscene profits made at the cost of the American Way of Life.

Come On Mr. President. Time to Get After These GRBs. --RoadDog

WILL ROGERS SAYS: I wonder what he'd say about American families suffering and Big Oil getting rice from it.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Playing Both Sides: As In the Great Chicago North/South Chasm-- Part 3

A last look at some of the 169 baseball players who were both Cubs and White Sox. Cubs years first.

Phil Regan 1968-72---1972
Steve Renko 1976-77---1977
Ron Santo 1960-73---1974 My man!! About time he made the Hall.

Sammy Sosa 1992-04---1989-91 I like him at one time.
Steve Stone 1974-76---1973-79? Not sure how this came to be?
Dick Tidrow 1979-82---1983

Steve Trout 1983-87---1983
Hoyt Wilhelm 1970---1963-68 Relief pitcher and knuckleballer.

These names brought back some memories.

Better a Sox Than a Cub, Anytime. --RoadDog

WILL ROGERS SAYS: The more you read and observe about this politics thing, you got to admit that each party is worse than the other. The one that's out always looks the best.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Playing Both Sides: As In the Great Chicago North/South Chasm-- Part 2

These are players who have plated for both the White Sox and Cubs. Cub years listed first.

Rich Gossage 1988---1972-76 The "Goose"
Lance Johnson 1997-99---1988-95
Jay Johnstone 1982-84---1971-72
Don Kessinger 1964-75---1977-79 One of those great 60s Cubs.
Ken Kravek 1981-82---1975-80

Dennis Lamp 1977-80---1981-83 Saw him come within two outs of a no-hitter against the Brewers when they were in the American League. Part of that great '83 team.
Don Larsen 1967---1961 Was this "The" World Series guy?
Vance Law 1988-89---1982-83 Part of that great '83 team.
Bob Locker 1973-75---1965-69 Part of my all-time favorite Sox team, 1967.
Turk Lown 1951-58---1958-62

J.C. Martin 1970-72---1959-67 Part of that '67 team
Bob Molinaro 1982---1977-81
Wayne Nordhagen 1983---1976-81
Juan Pierre 2006---2010-2011
Juan Pizarro 1970-73---1961-66

More to Come. --RoadDog

WILL ROGERS SAYS: I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Big Thanks to Liz, Not So Big to Blogger

Wife Liz got everything up and running again so there will be posts Monday.

No thanks to the good folks at Blogger, or is it Blogspot. Great place for your blogs, but all they would say was that they would no longer support my browser. It would have HELPED had they said why or offered advice as to what to do.

But, Nothing. Thanks for Nothing Folks. --RoadDog

Big Problems with Blogspot

Hoping to get back to blogging, but blogger says it no longer supports my browser. Yuck!! --RoadDog

Friday, February 17, 2012

Playing on Both Sides: Both Sox and Cubs-- Part 2

Continuing with the lst of baseball players who wore both the White Sox and Cubs uniforms here in Chicago.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Playing Both Sides: As In the Chicago Great North/Side Divide-- Part 1

From the Feb. 15th Chicago Tribune.

In baseball news, former Cubbie Kosuke Fukudome is now playing on the South Side for da Sox.

He is not the first baseball player to play for both the Cubs and Sox. A total of 169 have done that. And, the Tribune had a complete list of them.

I will list those players I am most familiar with. Cubs dates first and Sox second:

George Bell 1991---1992-93 (He was the one traded for Sammy Sosa.)
Bobby Bonds 1981---1978 (Yep, Barry's dad.)
Zeke Bonura 1949---1934-37
Smokey Burgess 1949-51---1964-67 (Probably the best-ever pinch hitter.)
John Buzhardt 1958-59---1962-67 (That great Sox pitching staff with Tommy John and Joel Horlen. In '67 they broke my heart.)

Johnny Callison 1970-71--1958-59 (Sox go to World Series in '59.)
Phil Cavaretta 1934-53---1954-55 (An all-time great Cub.)
Neal Cotts 2007-09---2003-06 (World Series winner in 2005.)
Wes Covington 1966---1961
Tommy Davis 1970-72---1968

Moe Drabowski 1956-60---1972
Lee Elia 1968---1966 (How can I forget the infamous "tirade" when he was Cub manager?)
Scott Fletcher 1981-82---1983-91
Kosuke Fukudome 2008-11---2012
Oscar Gamble 1969---1977-85 (The South Side Hitmen)

More to Come. --RoadDog

WILL ROGERS SAYS: Ancient Rome declined because it had a Senate; now, what's going to happen to us with both a House and a Senate?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

And Now, Bring On Those Oscars

I have seen five of the nominated movies for Best Picture. And that is considering that I saw 72 movies last year. Unfortunately, some the ones that didn't have a lot of people seeing them usually don't make it out to my local theaters. Everyone of the low attendance nominations I've seen in the past have been good. I wish we'd have more opportunity to see them.

Movies I've Seen

The Help
War Horse
The Descendants
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

All of these are worthy of winning in my book.

Didn't See

The Artist
The Tree of Life
Midnight in Paris

Actually, I'd like to see the Academy Awards for Best Picture divided into two categories. One for the popular movies and the other for ones not so popular.

Just Because Not Many People See a Movie Should Not Limit My Opportunity to See It. --RoadDog

WILL ROGERS SAYS: There's no trick to being a humorist when you have the whole government working for you.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Out Bar-Hoppin' Yesterday

It was kind of a gray, overcast, slight snowfall sort of day, so decided to drive to the Broken Oar Bar on the Fox River in Port Barrington, Illinois. We go there by boat during the summer, but rarely during the winter. But...I saw that they had just gotten NTN so time for a road trip.

Played the NTN and had their $5 lunch specials and enjoyed the 75 cent 10-oz. drafts. Wonder why there weren't any boats out in the river.

On the way back, we hit three places: Sidelines and Mackey's Hideout in Island Lake and Half Times in Johnsburg.

We weren't impressed at all by Mackey's Hideout, but enjoyed the specials at Half Times. They have beer for a buck every day but Friday and Saturday, when it is $2 to $2.50.

Way to Spend a Winter's Day. --RoadDog

THE LAST HOW'S THAT AGAIN. You ain't the only duck in the pond. (It's not all about you.)

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Rockin' Valentine's to Be Sure

Yesterday, Bob Stroud devoted his whole Rock and Roll Roots to tomorrow. Every song had the word "Love" in it.

I listened to parts of the show. So these are songs you can play for that special someone tomorrow.

HELLO, I LOVE YOU-- Doors-- My favorite Doors song.
WE LOVE YOU-- Rolling Stones
LOVE POTION #9-- Searchers

FOR YOUR LOVE-- Yardbirds
HEARD IT IN A LOVE SONG-- Marshal Tucker Band-- Some great country rock. Who'd have though of a flute in a country rock song?

IT'S ONLY LOVE-- Beatles
SOMEBODY TO LOVE-- Jefferson Airplane
BABY, I LOVE YOUR WAY-- Peter Frampton
I LOVE YOU-- People

I WAS MADE TO LOVE HER-- Stevie Wonder
SAY YOU LOVE ME-- Fleetwood Mac

WORDS OF LOVE-- Buddy Holly
LOVE HURTS-- Nazareth
LOVE STINKS-- J. Geils Band-- I had to include this one myself. Kind of went with the previous song.

For the full list, go to, go to on-air, scroll down to Bob Stroud and over to Rock and Roll Roots.

By the way, tomorrow on Stroud's Ten at Ten, it is all Valentine Songs.

Gimme Big Ol' Kiss. --RoadDog

Good Times This Weekend

Despite having a cold Friday and staying home Friday, we managed to enjoy ourselves this weekend.

Saturday, it was off to Captain's Quarters on Fox Lake for neighbor Rick's 40th birthday. We think Mel managed to surprise him. Great party with free food and drinks and a LTJ, that would be one of those new Laptop Jockeys. Unfortunately, he was one of those just-play music and make an announcement every now and then guys.

Sunday, it was off to Round Lake Beach for some of the best gyros and fries around at Sammie's and then Terry Spizzirri and Greg at A.J.'s Horsin' Around Saloon in Round Lake Park. Like Terry says, "No cover charge and worth every cent of it." Where else ya gonna have that much fun on a Sunday afternoon with no football?

Cold? What Cold? --RoadDog

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Music for a Blizzard: January 28, 1967-- Part 5

During the snowstorm, long lines formed at grocery stores; shelves were emptied in moments. As a result of the record snow, 26 people died, including a ten-year-old girl, who was accidentally caught in a crossfire between police and looters and a minister who was run over by a snow plow and others died from heart attacks from shoveling snow (this was way before most people had snow blowers).

I'VE BEEN LONELY TOO LONG-- YOUNG RASCALS-- Released just two weeks before the storm, this one in our record collections, as a matter of fact, they called their second album Collection.

EVERYBODY NEEDS SOMEBODY TO LOVE-- WILSON PICKETT-- The late great Wicked Pickett doing an old Solomon Burke song that would also be done by the Blues Brothers.
GOOD THING-- PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS-- Great rocker from Mark Lindsay and the boys.

I'VE GOT TO HAVE A REASON-- DAVE CLARK FIVE-- they consistently made them under two minutes. (I don't remember this one. Good song, though.)
HAPPY TOGETHER-- TURTLES-- Hit bound and would go to #1.

Imagine me and You. --RoadDog

HOW'S THAT AGAIN? Wearing your 'best bib and tucker'...(Being all dressed up.)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Music for a Blizzard: January 29, 1967-- Part 4

I see snowflakes falling gently outside the basement window. Makes me think while typing away with my two fingers on this.

These are songs from Bob Stroud's Rock and Roll Roots this past Jan. 29th. he spent all three hours playing songs from WLS and WCFL and in our record collections when all that snow came. By Jan. 29, 1967, the snow fall was over, but the digging out process was in full swing.

LET'S SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER-- ROLLING STONES-- "B" side to "Ruby Tuesday." If you wanted to hear it, you couldn't on the radio. You had to buy it on the 45. (I seem to remember hearing it on the radio.)
THERE'S A KIND OF A HUSH-- HERMAN'S HERMITS-- Hit bound and on the "A" side. We had gotten it earlier on the New Vaudeville Band's Winchester Cathedral album.

DANDY-- KINKS-- From their Face to Face album released late 1966 and on it was the song Herman's Hermits had covered. Originally written by Ray Davies. (I was always familiar with herman's version and didn't know the Kinks had done it originally.

KIND OF A DRAG-- BUCKINGHAMS-- During the week, the Big 89 (WLS) here in Chicago was featuring as their album of the week their Kind of a Drag album on the USA label. This song closed out the album and was a million-selling hit on its way to #1 on Billboard's Top 100 Pop Chart.
DON'T WANT TO CRY-- BUCKINGHAMS-- Some of that great Chicago Garage Rock. deep track from side one.

SNOOPY VS. THE RED BARON-- ROYAL GUARDSMEN-- The only planes that could take off or land in Chicago were those operated by these two. The first of several Snoopy and Red Baron hits for them.

Ya Just Gotta Love Good Old Snoop (and Not That Dogg Fella). --RoadDog

HOW'S THAT AGAIN? Tuckered Out...(tired and all-worn out) I am tuckered with a cold right now.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Three Dog Night's Sweet Sixteen in Chicago-- Part 2

These are the top sixteen songs in the city.

16. Never Been to Spain
15. Eli's Coming-- Written by Laura Nyro
14. Liar-- originally done by Argent and my Marine Corps song.

13. Family of Man
12. Pieces of April
11. Let me Serenade You

10. Out in the Country
9. Celebrate-- featuring the Chicago horn section
8. The Show Must Go On-- written by Leo Sayer

7. Shambala-- There's Fred and me up on that table again.
6. An Old-fashioned Love Song
5. Easy to be Hard-- From "Hair"
4. Mama Told Me Not To Come-- written by Randy Newman

3. Black and White-- Always reminds me of Dekalb and Northern Illinois University.
2. One-- written by Harry Nilsson
1. Joy to the World-- written by Hoyt Axton

What Was the Name of That Bullfrog We Used to get Drunk With? --RoadDog

Movie Scratches: Tails-- Horse-- Impossible-- Loud

I did not see any movies until the last week or so of January because of the trip. The number refers to how many movies I've seen at theaters, then, the date, movie name, where I saw it and price.

1. 1-23 RED TAILS-- FOX LAKE, $5.50-- Proving and Shooting in World War II. As god of a war movie as you can make.

2. 1-23 WAR HORSE-- McHENRY, $6-- If horses could talk, what a tale he could tell.

3. 1-25 MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL-- FOX LAKE, $4-- Tom Cruise climbing up and running down the world's tallest building.

4. 1-26 EXTREMELY LOUD, INCREDIBLY CLOSE-- FOX LAKE $5.50-- One critic wrote, "the best movie nobody's seen." very true.

Senior Citizens Can Be Worse Than High Schoolers. --RoadDog

HOW'S THAT AGAIN? Too Many irons in the Fire...(to be involved in too many things.) Like me and these dadburn blogs. Good thing I enjoy doing them.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Happy 70th Three Dog Night's Cory Wells-- Part 1

This past Sunday, February 5th, was the 70th birthday for one of Three Dog Night's three lead singers, Cory Wells. Three Dog Night is one of my all-time favorite blue-eyed soul bands.

I can remember one Christmas party standing with another guy on top of a table back in the 70s singing "Shambala" at the top of our lungs, when we weren't into a stirring rendition of the Irish Rovers' "The Orange and the Green" or Chuck Berry's "My Ding-a-Ling." Fortunately the table didn't break and neither of us fell off.

Plus, Three Dog Night's "Liar" was one of my Marine Corps songs.

Bob Stroud devoted part of his Rock and Roll Roots show to Three Dog Night's Sweet Sixteen, their top sixteen songs in Chicago. I was even able to guess what their top two songs were in order.

Love That TDN. --RoadDog

HOW'S THAT AGAIN? Tie the knot...(to get married)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Music for a Blizzard: January 29, 1967-- Part 4

The sights, the sounds, the SNOW!!

STANDING IN THE SHADOWS OF LOVE-- FOUR TOPS-- (One of those great Motown groups.)

DANCING IN THE STREETS-- MAMAS AND PAPAS-- two-sided hit. The "B" side, great cover of a Motown classic.

SO YOU WANT TO BE A ROCK AND ROLL STAR-- BYRDS-- From Younger Than Yesterday, the advance single from the upcoming album.
TELL IT LIKE IT IS-- AARON NEVILLE-- Treated to some bluesy New Orleans styling. Heart would cover this in the 80s.

DARLING BE HOME SOON-- LOVIN' SPOONFUL-- Booby Darin hit #39 with their song "Loving You." This song was hit bound.
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH-- NEW COLONY SIX-- #2 in Chicago. Chicago's own. (Great then. Still Great Now.)

PUSHING TOO HARD-- SEEDS-- from Los Angeles, California.
TOBACCO ROAD-- BLUES MAGOOS-- Their great version. One of my favorite albums during the Snowstorm of 1967 was a piece of vinyl that came out in November of 1966 and I was still playing it hot and heavy here in January of '67 and it was the debut from the Blues Magoos Psychedelic Lollipop. Here, their great experimental version.

Snowflake, Little Snowflake. Go Visit Somebody Else. --RoadDog

Not That These MLB Players Are Getting Paid TOO MUCH, But Wow!!!

From the Dec. 9, 2011, Chicago Tribune.

By the numbers with new California Angels player Albert Pujols and his ten-year $254 million contract.

1-- Powerball jackpot claimed by three GRBs in Connecticut in November.

7-- Seasons of Kansas City Royals team salaries based on 2011 team payroll of $36, 126,400 (lowest in MLB).

78-- Lakeview Chicago homes for new president of Chicago Cubs baseball operations, Theo Epstein. He "only" paid $3.25 million for it.

306,393-- Top-of-the-line iPads 2s at $829 apiece.

509,018-- For basic iPad 2s at $499 apiece.

10,180,360-- Copies of former Gov Rod Blagojevich's "The Governor" still available for $24.95 on Amazon (with free shipping).

12,700,000-- Groupon shares at its initial offering at $20 apiece.

I knew there was a reason I hardly ever go out to see a major league baseball game anymore.

And then, there's the remarkable Adam Dunn.

Good Work If You Can Find It. --RoadDog

HOW'S THAT AGAIN? We wash up real fine...(we can look and do better).

Monday, February 6, 2012

So, A Big Old Who-Cares Super Bowl

Since neither the Bears nor Packers were playing, it wasn't all of that important of a game to watch for us. I used to back the Patriots, especially since the first two times they went, they lost to the Bears and Packers, but since they recently have been to it a lot, I don't back them any more.

Not a Giants fan either, but they are NFC.

We were somewhat pulling for New York, but it didn't really matter.

We attended a Super Bowl party at our usual hangout at Donovan's Reef in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, where we had free drinks during the game and food as well. Most people were only interested as far as what lines and squares they ad on various pools around the area.

Even better, we had a room for the night at the motel behind the bar, so no need to fear the ride home.

Congrats to the Giants. --RoadDog

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Did My Groundhog Thing

This being the Groundhog celebration and me living near Woodstock, Illinois, where the famous movie was filmed, I somewhat fully availed myself of it.


Drove to Woodstock in as heavy of a fog as I've ever seen. I wasn't much worried about Woodstock Willie, our resident groundhog and prognosticator seeing his shadow. I wasn't much sure that we would even be able to see him in all this fog. A bigger crowd than I've ever seen.


I was gong to go to the dinner dance at the Moose Lodge in Woodstock where they filmed the dance and bachelor auction, but decided not to go. Instead ended up at Stormy Monday, a new bar that just opened in the old Costello's where we used to hang out. Also went to the Mineola Hotel which dates back to the 1880s.


Went to Woodstock and saw the "Groundhog Day" movie on the big screen at the Woodstock Theatre (which was the Alpine Theater in the movie). Then walked around the square, got our groundhog cookie at the Swiss Miss (by where Needle Nose Ned accosted Phil) and got my eats at the chili cook off. Saw some of the movie site walk before coming home.

This 40 degree weather and sun sure brought out the most people I've ever seen.

Doing My Groundhog Thing. --RoadDog

Music for a Blizzard: January 26, 1967-- Part 3

Forty-five years ago thousands were stranded in offices, schools and buses. about 50,000 abandoned cars and 800 Chicago Transit Autority (CTA) littered streets and expressways. All we wanted to do was get home so we could go to our record collections and pull out the debut album of a new trio out of London who called themselves Cream.

98.6-- KEITH--
I HAD TOO MUCH TO DREAM-- ELECTRIC PRUNES-- (How's that for a psychedelic group name? Always sounds like they're saying they had too much to drink last night, not dream.)

GLAD-- CREAM-- new trio from London. Their Fresh Cream album released in Dec. '66.

SHE-- MONKEES-- The album was released just two weeks before the snow storm (blizzard) on Jan. 9, 1967, called More of the Monkees, their second release. both these songs were from side one. This one written by Boyce and Hart.
MARY, MARY-- MONKEES-- Written by Michael Nesmith (of the Monkees).

Dadburn Snow. --RoadDog

HOW'S THAT AGAIN? Sunday go to meeting clothes...(the best clothes you have.)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Music for a Blizzard: January 27, 1967-- Part 2

Continued from January 30th.

Bob Stroud went back to this date to commemorate what Chicagoans called the Snowstorm of '67 and suburbanites called the Blizzard of '67. This is the 47th anniversary of the snow that really shut Chicago down.

"It began Jan. 26, 1967, and for the next 25 hours or so, it snowed 23 inches making it the largest single snowfall in Chicago to date. These are the records that got us through on the radio. We're going to listen to what the radio sounded like and we're going to play some songs from albums that you may have had in your collections at this point in time."

COLOR MY WORLD-- PETULA CLARK-- (No, not that syrupy one by Chicago they used to play at all the weddings. This was actually a very good one that I had forgotten about.)
BABY, I NEED YOUR LOVIN'-- JOHNNY RIVERS-- His take on an old Motown classic by the Four Tops. (Imagine Johnny Rivers singing someone else's songs!)

RUBY TUESDAY-- ROLLING STONES-- Supposed to be a two-sided hit, but radio stations shied away from the other side "Let's Spend the Night Together." (Mild by today's standards.)
CAN'T YOU SEE TAT I REALLY LOVE YOU-- FLOCK-- Chicago's own. On Rock and Roll Roots Vol. 11.

(FEELING GROOVY) 59TH STREET BRIDGE SONG-- SIMON AND GARFUNKEL-- Released in Oct. of '66 and still in heavy rotation, the latest album from Simon and Garfunkel, Parley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme. From side one. In another month or so, this would hit the Top 40 by an LA band called Harper's Bizarre.
98.6-- KEITH--

There Are 50 Songs Played In These Three Hours. What Number Was That? --RoadDog

HOW'S THAT AGAIN? Just in case some old codger says this to you.

Stringing around, gallivanting around, or piddling...(Not doing anything of value.)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Number One Songs This Date: February 1st-- Part 2

1969 CRIMSON & CLOVER-- Tommy James & Shondells
1968 GREEN TAMBOURINE-- Lemon Pipers
1967 I'M A BELIEVER-- Monkees-- All that and Shrek too.

1966 MY LOVE-- Petula Clark
1965 YOU'VE LOST THAT LOVIN' FEELING-- Righteous Brothers-- Always reminds me of that scene from "Top Gun."
1964 I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND-- Beatles-- Imagine a #1 song for the Beatles in '64?
1963 WALK RIGHT IN-- Rooftop Singers

1962 PEPPERMINT TWIST-- Joey Dee & the Starlighters

1958 AT THE HOP-- Danny & the Juniors
1957 SINGING THE BLUES-- Guy Mitchell

1955 HEARTS OF STONE-- Fontane Sisters
1954 OH! MY PA-PA (O MEIN PAPA)-- Eddie Fisher

1952 CRY-- Johnny Ray & the Four Lads
1950 I CAN DREAM, CAN'T I-- Andrews Sisters

1942 A STRING OF PEARLS-- Glenn Miller
1932 DINAH-- Bing Crosby and the Mills Brothers
1922 WABASH BLUES-- Isham Jones

1912 OH, YOU BEAUTIFUL DOLL== Bill Murray & the American Quartet
1902 GOOD MORNING, CARRIE-- Bert Williams and George Walker

The Best of the 50s and 60s. --RoadDog

Number One Songs This Date: February 1st.

As usual, a big thanks to Josh Hosler and his site. If you EVER want to know a number one song for any date these last 110 years, this is the place to go.

2002 U GOT IT BAD-- Usher
1992 DON'T LET THE SUN GO DOWN ON ME-- George Michael and Elton John

1989 WHEN I'M WITH YOU-- Sheriff-- Great slow-dancing song.
1988 COULD'VE BEEN-- Tiffany
1987 OPEN YOUR HEART-- Madonna

1986 THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR-- Dionne Warwick and Friends
1985 I WANT TO KNOW WHAT LOVE IS-- Foreigner
1984 KARMA CHAMELEON-- Culture Club. As strange as the Boy was, Man, could that guy sing.
1983 DOWN UNDER-- Men at Work-- The first time I ever heard of Vegemite.

1982 CENTERFOLD-- J. Geils Band-- From of the great albums of all time.
1981 CELEBRATION-- Kool & the Gang-- Is it possible to have a wedding without this song?
1980 ROCK WITH YOU-- Michael Jackson

1979 LE FREAK-- Chic
1978 STAYIN' ALIVE-- Bee gees-- I don't care what anyone says, THAT MUSIC was great.

1976 50 WAYS TO LEAVE YOUR LOVER-- Paul Simon-- Good Old Rhymin' Simon.
1975 LAUGHTER IN THE RAIN-- Neil Sedaka-- Making a Comeback.
1974 THE WAY WE WERE-- Barbra Streisand
1973 CROCODILE ROCK-- EltonJohn

1972 AMERICAN PIE-- Don McLean
1971 KNOCK THREE TIMES-- Tony Orlando & Dawn
1970 VENUS-- Shocking Blue-- Did she say Venus or another word?

Remember Any? --RoadDog

Tomorrow's Groundhog Day!! That's Right Campers...

What a difference a year makes. Last year this time we were getting ready for a real rough blizzard that lived up to everything the weather folk said it would be and has come to be known as The Groundhog Day Blizzard.

Poor Old Woodstock Willie couldn't dig his way out of his tree stump to prognosticate, forcing Woodstock, Illinois to postpone his show, or should I say his snow.

This year, no snow left and temps in the 40s. I am thinking of driving over to see the prognostication, but it's about a 30 minute drive and that time is mighty, mighty early.

Happy Groundhog Day's in Advance. --RoadDog

So, Where Do These Months Go...So Fast

Seemed like January just started a few days ago and then, BOOM!!, it's February already. I had thought that the last twenty years of teaching went by fast, but nothing compared to how fast these months and years of retirement have flown by.

Hard to believe I've now been retired five and a half years. I no longer have any of my former students even in high school, the last group having graduated in 2011 and hopefully many are freshman in college now.

It seems to me that all my schoolboy years went by slowly and even the first ten years of teaching.

Time Sure Flies When You're Having Rum. --RoadDog

HOW'S THAT AGAIN? Straight from the horse's mouth...(Privileged information right from the one concerned.)