Thursday, June 30, 2016

It's All About America on Today's Ten at Ten: "Born in the U.S.A."

Bob Stroud did his salute to the 4th of July today as the Drive, Chicago's WDRV, 97.1 FM, starts doing a "Led, White & Blue" holiday weekend at 6 p.m. tonight until Monday night.  Every 4th song played will be a Led Zeppelin song, so, if you're a Zep fan, tune in.

I should also remind you that Bob Stroud will be doing his part two of his Summer of 1976 Rock and Roll Roots Show this Sunday from 7 to 10 a.m. CDST on the Drive.  A real trip back into time.

Today's "America" show.

BORN IN THE U.S.A.--  Bruce Springsteen
R.O.C.K. IN THE U.S.A.--  John Mellancamp

AMERICA--  Simon & Garfunkel
LIVING IN THE U.S.A.--  Steve Miller Band
BORN ON THE BAYOU--  Creedence Clearwater Revival


Name That Tune:  "Now, When I Was a Little Boy, Standing to My daddy's Knee."  --RoadDog

SILLY PUNS:  When you get a bladder infection, urine trouble.

"Born on the Bayou"

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Those "Idge" Phones Again

"Idge" for "Idiot."

From the June 15, 2016, Shoe comic strip.

The Professor is in Roz's diner/bar with a drink.

1.  Professor:  "I was at a restaurant and saw something shocking..."
Roz:  "Good Heavens! What?"

Panel 2:  Professor:  "Two people talking to each other instead of texting."
Roz:  "GASP!"

Times Are Getting Sad When You See Most on Their "Idge" Phones at Bars and Restaurants.  --RoadDog

SILLY PUNS:  PMS jokes aren't funny.  Period.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

JSS: No Such a Thing-- Robins Gone-- A Legion Win-- Ania's Polish Deli-- Stoplights on US-12

JSS--  Just Some Stuff.

1.  NO SUCH A THING--  Liz is putting together the table for our new 32-inch HD TV.  The instructions say easy-to-assemble.  No such a thing!!

2.  ROBINS GONE--  We believe we had two baby robins in the nest over the porch light to our back deck.  They both flew away last Tuesday.  These were the first robins hatched there in several years.  We enjoyed watching them.

3.  A LEGION WIN--  I drove to Lake Zurich, Illinois, last night to see the Fox Lake Bulldogs (sponsored by our American Legion) play the Lake Zurich Bears.  because of stoplights on US-12, I didn't get there until the top of the second inning with our boys down 4-1, eventually down 5-1.  Things looked bleak.  But they came back and ended up winning 7-6.  Way to go Post 703 Legion baseball team.

4.  ANIA'S POLISH DELI--  Before going to the game I went to Ania's Polish Deli and Grocery next to the Lake Zurich Wal-Mart to use an Entertainment Book coupon at 50% off.  I order a tenderloin sandwich and this was one really, really big sandwich.  I've eaten on it twice and still am not finished.

5.  STOPLIGHTS ON US-12--  Like I said, there are a REAL LOT of stoplights on US-12 between Spring Grove and Lake Zurich and I caught most of them just as they turned red.

Sure Made My Day.  --RoadDog

SILLY PUNS:  A dyslexic man walks into a bra.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Root Saluting Summer 2016-- Part 1: "Sunny Days"

As usual, the Drive's Bob Stroud, WDRV 97.1 FM in Chicago, plays three hours of summer songs from the 1960s and 1970s on the first Sunday of summer and this year was no different.  That really puts me in the mood for summer.

BEACH BABY--  First Class
SUNNY DAYS--  Lighthouse

A SUMMER SONG--  Chad and Jeremy (or was it Peter and Gordon, I always get these two duos confused.
SPILL THE WINE--  Eric Burdon & War

COME ON DOWN TO MY BOAT--  Every Mother's Son
INDIAN LAKE--  Cowsills   This one always reminds me of going out to Honey Hill in Wauconda, Illinois, before my shift started at Burger King in Palatine.

UNDER THE BOARDWALK--  Drifters   This has got to be the place I'd least like to make out.  All that stuff that drops through the boards and sand that gets no light and is damp.  Such a smell.

Name That Tune (from the above songs):  "I Was Once Out Strolling One Very Hot Summer's Day."  --RoadDog

"Spill the Wine"

We Raised Some Money for Veterans to Go to D.C. on Veterans Day 2016

And, we sure had a good time doing it.  The McHenry Polish League of American Veterans held their fundraiser at Sunnyside Tavern in Johnsburg, Illinois, over the weekend on Saturday and Sunday.

It was hot, extremely hot with temps in the nineties both days, but everyone had a good time.  There were plenty of brats (this was being called "Brat Fest" but, sadly, there was no sauerkraut and everyone knows a properly "dressed" brat has to have sauerkraut) as well as pints of beer.

Saturday, we had four bands and we stayed for two of them:  Wildwood Drive and we really liked Blindspot, a band we hope to see more often."  I know of no other band that plays Cream songs like "Badge" and "Sunshine of Your Love."

There were silent auctions and raffles as well as 50-50 all day.

Sunday kicked off with a leisure motorcycle ride to four area bars after a breakfast and then we had the band Practice in Public playing outside.

A Good Time for a Good Cause.  RoadDog

SILLY PUNS:  They told me I had type A blood, but it was a type O.

Friday, June 24, 2016

WLS Top Ten for June 24, 1966: "Paint It Black"

Just 50 years ago!!

1.  HANKY PANKY--  Tommy James & Shondells
3.  STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT--  Frank Sinatra

4.  I AM A ROCK--  Simon & Garfunkel
5.  PAINT IT BLACK--  Rolling Stones
6.  DIRTY WATER--  Standells
7.  WILD THING--  Troggs

8.  THE PIED PIPER--  Crispian St. Peter (from #15)
9.  YOU WOULDN'T LISTEN--  Ides of March
10.  HUNGRY--  Paul Revere & the Raiders

11. THE MORE I SEE YOU--  Chris Montez  (from #23)
12.  RED RUBBER BALL--  Cyrkle  (from #21)
13.  HEY JOE--  Leaves  (from 17)

Name That Tune (from above):  "You Make My Heart Sing, You Make Everything Groovy."  --RoadDog

"Wild Thing"

Good Times Around Here This Weekend

Most of it will be taken up with the two day fundraiser Saturday and Sunday at Sunnyside Tavern in Joghnsburg which will be hosting the McHenry Polish Legion of American Veterans (PLAV) as they raise money to send veterans to Washington, D.C., to see the memorials.  There will be five bands over the two days as well as food and beer tents.  Sunday there will be a motorcycle ride.

Also Saturday, there is a band at Captain's Quarters on Fox Lake and one Sunday afternoon.  Plus, the New Invaders (British Invasion) will be playing at Fox Lake's Lakefront Park.

There is a blues jam at The Grove in Spring Grove on Saturday afternoon.

Too Many Places to Be.  Not Enough Time.  --RoadDog

SILLY PUNS:  I did a theatrical performance about puns.  It was a play on words.

Music Deaths: Julius LaRosa

JULIUS LaROSA, 86, Died May 12, 2016.

He joined the Navy at age 17 and his new buddies promoted his talent to Arthur Godfrey who hired him upon his discharge for his morning and prime time shows.

His big hits were "Eh Cumpari (#2-1953) and "Anywhere I Wander" (#4-1953).

I really like his "Eh Cumpari" song.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Movie Scratches: Greek-- Boss-- Allegiant-- Huntsman

Movie Scratches:  A Dog's-Eye View of current movies.

33.  MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING 2--  3-29--  Round Lake Beach, Il, $5.20--  With this family you get far too much support.  One of the funniest movies I've seen lately.

34.  THE BOSS--4-12--  Woodstock, Il, $5--  Buy our brownies, or else!!

35.  THE DIVERGENT SERIES: ALLEGIANT--  4-13--  Fox Lake, $5--  The pure and not-so-pure.  The Battle for Chicago continues.

36.  THE HUNTSMAN: WINTER'S WAR--  5-11--  Fox Lake, $5--  Dwarf put-down and two evil queens, one by her sister's evilness.

Pass the Popcorn.  --RoadDog

JSIS: DeKalb-- Surf City

JSIS--  Just Some Interesting Stuff

From the June 20, 2016, USA Today "State-By-State."

DEKALB--  Illinois:  The Labor Relations Board certified a new faculty union at Northern Illinois University, the Daily Chronicle reported.

SURF CITY--  North Carolina.:  Thirteen sea turtles are back home in the waves after their release by workers on the coast.  The turtles were released on the beach after treatment at the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center.

This center used to be at Topsail Beach where my mom has a condo.


JSIS: So Long Wilted Rose-- Cubs-- Sox

JSIS--  Just Some Interesting Stuff

1.  SO LONG WILTED ROSE--  Yesterday at Donovan's in twin lakes, I was talking about watching the NBA Championship game Sunday in Englewood, Ohio, and the  recalled the Bulls' glory years in the 1990s with Jordan and company with my friend Kevin.  I said it will sure be good when the Bulls get rid of the poison on the team, the one I refer to as The Wilted Rose for his attitude and effort.

I was shocked when Kevin asked me if I had heard that Wilted was traded today.  He wasn't too happy, though, as Kevin is from New York City and the Knicks are his team.

2.  CUBS--  Despite the sweep over the North Siders by that St. Louis team, this is an exciting group to watch.  Let's just hope we don't have a repeat of the 1969 season or the Bartman incident.  Remember...They ARE the Cubs!!

3.  SOX--  What started off as a great season for MY team has certainly hit the skids of late, even with the recent sweep of the Red Sox.  Still pulling for them though.

Too Bad, Kevin.  --RoadDog

PUNS TO BRIGHTEN YOUR DAY:  I'm reading a book about gravity.  I can't put it down.  (Maybe this will put a smile on your face Kevin.)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Summertime Songs for Your Listening Enjoyment: "Summertime Blues"

Yesterday, Bob Stroud played ten songs about our favorite season because it was the first full day of it.  Here is a list of what he played on his Ten at Ten show:

BOYS OF SUMMER--  Don Henley
SUMMER BREEZE--  Seals & Croft

SCHOOL'S OUT--  Alice Cooper
SURFIN' SAFARI--  Beach Boys

SUMMER IN THE CITY--  Lovin' Spoonful
SUMMER OF '69--  Bryan Adams
HOT FUN IN THE SUMMERTIME--  Sly & the Family Stone

Stroud always has listeners vote for their favorite song played.  I voted for "In the Summertime" by Mungo Jerry.  If I had to pick just one favorite summer song, this would be it.  I just love that "chh, chh,  chh" sound.  "Summer Breeze" won.

Remember, Bob Stroud will play three hours of summer songs this Sunday from 7 to 10 a.m. CDST on his Rock and Roll Roots show on Chicago's WDRV.  It streams, so grab a cool one, put on your sun glasses, sit back and get into the mood.

Name That Tune (from the above songs):  "You Can Stretch Right Up and Touch the Sky."  --RoadDog

SILLY PUNS:  I stayed up all night to see where the sun went.  Then it dawned on me.

"In the Summertime"

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Songs Today and Sunday

Bob Stroud will be doing his annual Ten at Ten today devoted to songs of summer.  Then Sunday, his Rock and Roll Roots show from 7 to 10 a.m., CDST will be completely devoted to songs about summer.

Just the things to get you in the mood, as if you're not already.

Today's Ten at Ten will be at 10 a.m. and 10 p.m..

You can hear the shows at Chicago's WDRV, 97.1 FM and simulcast on 96.9 FM.  They also air over the internet at

I'll Sure Be Listening.  --  RoadDog

SILLY PUNS:  I tried to catch some fog.  I mist.

Music Deaths So Far in 2016-- Part 1: Red Sovine

From Yahoo! Music "Music Stars We've Already Lost in 2016."

This list was published in early April.  I have written about some of them already in this blog.  For more information, go to the Music Deaths 2016 label.

Natalie Cole, Dec. 31, 2015
Jason Mackenroth, 46, drummer Rollins Band
Paul Bley, 83, jazz
John Thurman Hunter, Jr.  Better known as Long John Hunter, blues guitarist
Craig Strickland, 29, Jan. 4, 29  Country band Backroad Anthem

Robert Balser, Jan. 4, 88, animation direction for Beatles "Yellow Submarine"
Robert Stigwood, Jan. 4, 81  Managed Cream, Eric Clapton and Bee Gees
Nicholas Caldwell, Jan. 5, 71  Founding member of Whisper
Otis Clay, Jan. 8, 73  Soul and blues
Joseph Cecil "Red" Simpson, Jan. 8, 81.  Country singer recorded under name Red Sovine, known for his truck songs.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Tragedy in Orlando

That was certainly horrific news we got on Sunday, about what happened in Orlando.

However, there is no way to stop something like this from happening again.  We can make it more difficult, but we just can not stop it from happening.

About the only thing we can do is to make people who do this aware of the extremely horrible consequences that will happen afterwards.

Some statistics:

79. The percentage of Republicans who say the Orlando murders were more an example of Islamic terrorism than gun violence.

60.  The percentage of Democrats who say it was more about gun violence.

But one thing I would like to say is that media should stop mentioning his name.  Just say, "He whose name will not be mentioned."

Friday, June 17, 2016

WLS Top Ten for June 17, 1966: "Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind"

1.  HANKY PANKY--  Tommy James & the Shondells
2.  PAINT IT BLACK--  Rolling Stones
3.  STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT--  Frank Sinatra

4.  I AM A ROCK--  Simon & Garfunkel
7.  YOU WOULDN'T LISTEN--  Ides of March

8. DON'T BRING ME DOWN--  Animals
9.  DIRTY WATER--  Standells
10.  GIRL IN LOVE--  Outsiders

Name That Tune:  "When You Complain and, and Criticize."  --RoadDog

"Don't Bring Me Down"

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The "Idge Phones

From Speed Bump comic strip for June 12, 201,

Some people call them smart phones.  I have my doubts about that.  I think perhaps the term idiot phones "idge" my be more appropriate.

The Devil is standing with a newly arrived person in you-know-where.  He had his arm around the new soul.  Meanwhile, there are seven other people in you-know-where completely absorbed with their "Idge" phones.

The Devil says to the new guy, "Oh, this isn't their hell.  It's yours."

I Agree.  --RoadDog

AIN'T IT THE TRUTH:  Gone are the days when girls used to cook like their mothers.  Now they drink like their fathers.

Friday, June 10, 2016

A Busy Weekend Coming Up

Today, I was at the American Legion VA Hospital Fishing Derby and Picnic earlier and in a few minutes we will be going over to the annual Spring Grove Fish Hatchery Fish Boil at Horse Fair Park.

Saturday, we have an outside blues jam at The Grove in Spring Grove and then several bands outside at the Moose Lodge in McHenry.

Sunday is the Taste of McHenry.

I Need to Week to Rest Up.  --RoadDog

WLS Top 40 for June 10, 1966-- Part 7: "When a Man Loves a Woman"

10.  WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN--  Percy Sledge
9.  DAY FOR DECISION--  Johnny Sea    I see that he just died about a month ago.
8.  COOL JERK--  Capitols

7.  DON'T BRING ME DOWN--  Animals
5.  HANKY PANKY--  Tommy James & the Shondells
4.  GROOVY KIND OF LOVE--  Mindbenders

3.  I AM A ROCK--  Simon & Garfunkel
2.  STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT--  Frank Sinatra
1.  PAINT IT BLACK--  Rolling Stones

Name That Tune:  "I Saw Her Walking On Down the Line."  --RoadDog

"Hanky Panky"

WLS Top 40 for June 10, 1966-- Part 6: "Green Grass"

15.  GIRL IN LOVE--  Outsiders   #21  From Cleveland.  Follow up to their #5 "Time Won't Let Me" earlier in the year.  A whole lot difference between the two songs.

14.  OH YEAH--  Shadows of Knight  #39.  Chicago garage rock/blues band who'd earlier had the #1 remake of the Them song "Gloria."  Jimmy Sohns, leader.  Again, WLS was backing local talent.

13.  DIRTY WATER--  Standells   #11.  Their biggest hit.  An LA punk/rock band.  One of the all-time classics of the 60s.

12.  GREEN GRASS--  Gary Lewis


Name That Tune:  "I'm Gonna Tell You a Story, I'm Gonna Tell You About My Town."  --RoadDog

"Dirty Water"

WLS Top 40 for June 10, 1966-- Part 5: "Sweet Talkin' Guy"

20.  THE LAND OF MILK AND HONEY--  Vogues   #29   The pride of Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania.

19.  SWEET TALKIN' GUY--  Chiffons   #10   Their last Top Ten.  From the Bronx.  Their biggest hit was "He's So Fine" which went to #1 in 1963.  A guess they had a guy thing going on.

18.  HEY JOE--  Leaves   #31  Their only Top 100 hit.  LA garage rock band and as good of a garage rock song as you get.

17.  YOU WOULDN'T LISTEN--  Ides of March   #42  Again, this was WLS backing local bands to the hilt and getting them national exposure.  the group formed at a Chicago high school and named themselves after a line in Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar."   Their biggest hit was "Vehicle" in #2 in 1970.  Jim Peteriik later joined Survivor.

16.  COME ON LET'S GO--  McCoys   #22.  Formed in Union City, Indiana  Their biggest hit was 1965's "Hang On Sloopy" which went to #1.  Leader was Rick Derringer.

Name That Tune:  "I Told You He Was No Fool."  RoadDog

From the Wassup Magazine.

AIN'T IT THE TRUTH:  I changed my car horn to gunshot sounds.  People get out of my way much faster now.

"You Wouldn't Listen"

Thursday, June 9, 2016

WLS Top 40 for June 10, 1966-- Part 4: "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me"

25.  IT'S OVER--  Jimmy Rodgers   #37   From Camos, Washington.  One of his last Top 40s.  Had 25 Top 100s.

24.  RACE WITH THE WIND--  Robbs   Didn't Break Top 100, Bubbling Under.Reached #103 Billboard.  Local band for Chicago from Oconomawac, Wisconsin.    They were the house band for Dick Clark's 60s TV show "Where the Action Is."  Three brothers and another guy who all took the name Robb as their last name.  Had five Bubbling Under songs, but never cracked the Top 100.

23.  THE MORE I SEE YOU--  Chris Montez  #16.  His biggest hit was "Let's Dance" (#$ 1962).

22.  I CALL YOUR NAME--  Buckinghams   Didn't crack the Top 100.  Written by John Lennon.  A local Chicago band.  They finally hit it big at the end of the year with the release of "Kind of a Drag" which went to #1.

21.  YOU DON'T HAVE TO SAY YOU LOVE ME--   Dusty Springfield  

Name That Tune:  "Was I to Blame for Being Unfair?"  --RoadDog

"I Call Your Name"

WLS Top 40 for June 10, 1966-- Part 3: "The Pied Piper"

Number after the performer indicates highest charted position on Billboard.

30.  PLEASE TELL ME WHY--  Dave Clark Five    #28  One that I really didn't know.  The "B" side of "Look Before You Leap" which only Bubbled Under the Top 100.

29.  BAND OF GOLD--  Mel Carter   #32.  Born in Cincinnati.  His biggest hit was "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me" which went to #8 in 1965.

28.  THE PIED PIPER--  Crispian St. Peter   #4  From Kent, England.  His biggest hit.

27.  RED RUBBER BALL--  Cyrkle   #2.  Their biggest hit.  Formed at Pennsylvania's Lafayette Colege.  Their follow up was "Turn Down Day" which went to #16.

26.  MY LITTLE RED BOOK--  Love  #52  From L.A. and led by Arthur Lee.  Their biggest hit was "7 and 7 Is" #33.  One of my all-time favorite songs.  Talk about a great garage rock tune.

Name That Tune:  "I Wasn't Gonna Sit and Cry."  --RoadDog

"My Little Red Book"

WLS Top 40 for June 10, 1966-- Part 2: "Along Comes Mary"

The number after the performer is highest chart position on Billboard.

35.  YOU BETTER RUN--  Young Rascals   #20.  from New York City.  Love that intro.  One of my all-time favorite 60s songs.

34.  ALONG COMES MARY--  Association   #7.  Their first hit.  Group from Los Angeles.  Their next song went all the way to #1, "Cherish."  Talk about harmonizing.

33.  POPSICLE--  Jan and Dean  #21  One of their last hits and a remix of their 1963 "Popsicle Truck that was released after Jan's near-death auto accident.  A real fun song.

32.  HE--  Righteous Brothers   #18.  Slow song that was the "A" side of single with "He Will Break Your Heart."  I liked the flip side better.  Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield.

31.  OH HOW HAPPY--  Shades of Blue   #12.  Their biggest hit of three Top 100s.  Detroit group discovered by Edwin Starr.

Name That Tune (From above):  "I Have Kissed Your Lips a Thousand Times."  --RoadDog

YOU'RE OLD IF YOU REMEMBER:  When being sent to the principal's office was nothing compared to the fate that awaited misbehaving students at home.

"Oh How Happy"

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

WLS Top 40 for June 10, 1966-- Part 1: "You Better Run"

From Oldies Loon WLS.  You can always see all of the songs each week at this site.

About once a month, instead of just doing the Top Ten, I list all 40 songs on the WLS Silver Dollar Survey.  This be the week for the full list.  And, I must admit, there were only a couple I didn't know, whereas usually there are at least 10-15.  Even if I do say so, this is a mighty fine array of some really great music.

The number after the group/performer represents its highest ranking on the Billboard charts.

40.  LITTLE GIRL--  Syndicate of Sound   #8  San Jose, California garage-rock quintet.  Their only Top Ten.  Two other songs barely cracked the Top 100 on Billboard.  A personal favorite of mine.

39.  OPUS 17--  Four Seasons   #13  (Don't You Worry 'Bout Me)  At first, i wasn't sure if I'd heard this one, but after hearing it on You Tube, I definitely had.   Follow up to "Working My Way Back to You."

38.  I'M A ROAD RUNNER--  Jr. Walker   #20  R&B group formed in South Bend, Indiana.  Always great sax on a Jr. Walker song.

37.  SWEET PEA--  Tommy Roe   #8  From Atlanta.  What kind of a name for a girl is this?  His next hit was "Hooray for Hazel."  The video had him singing to a "Sweet Pea."

36.  GRIM REAPER OF LOVE--  Turtles   #81  Pop-folk-rock group formed in high school in L.A. in 1961.  A strange song with great vocals as usual.

Name That Tune:  "Come On, Come On, Come On and Dance With Me."  --RoadDog

"Sweet Pea"

WLS' Best-Selling #1 Records 1956-1965 By Year: "Mack the Knife"

From the June 3, 1966 WLS Silver Dollar Survey.

By year.

1956  DON'T BE CRUEL--  Elvis Presley
1957  TAMMY--  Debbie Reynolds
1958  VOLARE--  Domenico Mundugno

1959  MACK THE KNIFE--  Bobby Darrin
1960  THEME FROM A SUMMER PLACE--  Percy faith
1961  EXODUS--  Ferrante & Teicher
1962  TWIST--  Chubby Checker

1963  LIMBO ROCK--  Chubby Checker
1964  I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND-- Beatles
1965  SATISFACTION--  Rolling Stones

RON REILLY 7-9 P.M. Monday thru Friday
6:30- 9 P.M. Saturday, 6:30-8:30 P.M. Sunday

Hear DEX Card play all the Silver Dollar Survey hits daily from 2:00 to 6:00 P.M.

Not that they had those DJs Working a Lot.

Name That Tune:  "Oh the Shark, Babe, Has Such Teeth, Dear and It Shows Them Pearly White."  --RoadDog

)Mack the Knife"

Summer of 1976-- Part 3: "Don't Fear the Reaper"

TAKIN' IT TO THE STREET--  Doobie Brothers
SARA SMILE--  Hall & Oates

DON'T FEAR THE REAPER--  Blue Oyster Cult

DECEMBER 1963 (OH WHAT A NIGHT)--  Four Seasons
FOOL TO CRY--  Rolling Stones

SILLY LOVE SONGS--  Paul McCartney & Wings   The #1 Song in Chicago June 5, 1976.

And, remember, there will be parts 2-4 the first Sunday of each month until September.

Name That Tune (from the above songs):  "Is This the Real Life, Is This Just Fantasy?"  --RoadDog

YOU'RE OLD IF YOU REMEMBER:  When they threatened to keep kids back a grade if they failed...and DID!!

"Bohemian Rhapsody"

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Summer of 1976-- Part 2: "Beware My Love"

Going back to that Bicentennial Year.  I still have my Betsy Ross and Bennington 76 flags.

THE RAVEN--  Alan Parsons Project

GOT TO GET YOU INTO MY LIFE--  Beatles  Stroud explained it was off their new compilation Rock and Roll Music.
LOVE IS ALIVE--  Gary Wright

RHIANNON--  Fleetwood Mac

SHOW ME THE WAY--  Peter Frampton

Name That Tune (from the above songs):  "As Gentle As a Butterfly, She Moves Without a Sound."  --RoadDog


Indy 500 Winner Rossi Got 2% Milk-- Part 2: No Orange Juice for Me

All but two drivers have observed the milk tradition since 1936.  The most recent example of a broken tradition took place when Emerson Fittpaldi drank orange juice to promote the citrus industry in 1992.  This set off a huge public outrage.

According to the American Dairy Association Indiana, the milk for the Indy 500 winner was provided by Indiana dairy farmer Janet Dague of Kewanna.

This year, in addition, the first 100,000 race visitors got their own commemorative bottle of milk, so they too can raise a victory toast.

Some of my favorite racers choices:

Whole:  Ed Carpenter, James Hichcliffe, Juan Pablo Montoya and Will Power
2%:  Helio Castroneves, Ryan Hunter-Reay and Tony Kanaan.

Got Milk?  --RoadDog

YOU'RE OLD IF YOU REMEMBER:  When it was considered to be a great privilege to be taken out to dinner at a real restaurant with your parents.  And, you would never ever think of misbehaving.  Or else!!

Monday, June 6, 2016

D-Day Today

In honor of the valiant bravery of our Greatest Generation storming ashore at Normandy 72 years ago today, Bob Stroud did his Ten at Ten on D-Day.  It was bands beginning with the letter "D."  See if you can name them groups.





See If You Can Name the Groups.  Answers Below.

David + David
Deep Purple
Def Leppard

Derek & the Dominos
Dire Straits
Doobie Brothers

Dr. John
Dream Academy

To The Greatest Generation In One Of Its greatest Feats.

A Good Time 'Round Here Last Weekend

JUNE 3RD, FRIDAY--  Did yardwork, primarily trimming.  Took the boat over to Midwest Marine and had it summerized and readied for launching next week.  Went to Kevin and Kelly's End-of-the-Year Party, an annual celebration of education folks welcoming summer.  We used to have it until 2006, when we retired.

JUNE 4TH, SATURDAY--  More trimming until it rained.    Enjoyed Saturday Morning Flashback to 1968 for four hours.  Went to the Legion and saw the duo Honeymooners playing all sorts of oldies for three hours.  Stopped at Sunnyside in Johnsburg on the way home.

JUNE 5TH, SUNDAY--  Listened to Bob Stroud's Summer of 1976 from 7 to 10 a.m..  Did some more trimming.  Went to Sunnyside for the drawing, but didn't win.

Then we went to Captain's Quarters for our first Sunday afternoon band, one of our favorites, R. Gang, playing great soul music.  Owner Larry came by and bought us a shot.  It just isn't summer until our first band at Captain's.

We then went over to Kevin and Kelly's for the Day After party where we finish off the keg and food.  Actually, it was the Day After the Day After, but who's counting.

And, We Were Successful.  --RoadDog

Summer of 1976-- Part 1: "Lido Shuffle"

Every summer, Bob Stroud on Chicago's WDRV, 97.1 FM, the Drive, goes back 40 years to play music from that year.  This being 2016, he went back to 1976 yesterday.  I always really look forward to this trip back in time where he plays music both on the radio and in her album collection and he takes it to the actual date, which was June 5, 1976.

He will also do updates the first Sunday in July, August and September, so you get four times to enjoy memories.

TVC15--  David Bowie
TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN--  Steve Miller Band

YOUNG BLOOD--  Bad Company

LIDO SHUFFLE--  Boz Scaggs
RAMBLIN' GAMBLIN' MAN (Live) --  Bob Seger

Name That Tune (from the above songs):  "Guess Who Just Got back Today, Them Wild-Eyed Boys That Had Been Away."  --RoadDog

YOU'RE OLD IF YOU REMEMBER:  When any parent could discipline any kid, or feed him, or use him to carry groceries, and nobody, not even the kid, thought a thing of it.

"The Boys Are Back in Town"

Friday, June 3, 2016

Taking a Trip Back to 1964, 1968, 1976 and the Beatles This Weekend

All the oldies you can handle, going back 52 Years, 48 Years and 40 Years.

"Fessa John Hook has Class Reunion 1964 running on his BeachShag site.  This will include songs you know and many that were on the Beach Music charts so these are ones you might not have ever heard.

Saturday from 8 to noon, Wendy Rice will go to the year 1968 on her Saturday Morning Flashback on Chicago's WXRT, 93.1 FM and it streams at  That will be CDST.

Sunday, Bob Stroud kicks off his annual summer trip, this time back to 1976 on WDRV, 97.1 FM, the Drive.  These will be songs on your radio or on your stereo for June 5, 1976, that Bicentennial summer.  His Rock and Roll Roots show goes from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. CDST  He will also have shows the first Sunday of July, August and September for Summer 1976.  He streams at

Also Sunday, Terri Hemmert has her weekly Breakfast With the Beatles show on WXRT, 93.1 FM from 8 to 10 a.m..

Worth a Listen to Any or All.  --RoadDog

WLS Top Ten for June 3, 1966: "Paint It Black"

1.  PAINT IT BLACK--  Rolling Stones
2.  A GROOVY KIND OF LOVE--  Mindbenders

4.  I AM A ROCK--  Simon & Garfunkel
5.  MONDAY MONDAY--  Mamas & Papas
6.  STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT--  Frank Sinatra
7.  KICKS--  Paul Revere & the Raiders

8.  DON'T BRING ME DOWN--  Animals
9.  COOL JERK--  Capitols
10.  WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN--   Percy Sledge

Name That Tune (From the above):  "When You Complain and Criticize, I Feel I'm Nothing In Your Eyes."  --RoadDog

YOU'RE OLD IF YOU REMEMBER:  When laundry detergent boxes had free glasses, dishes or towels hidden in them.

"Don't Bring Me Down"

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Indy 500 Winner Rossi Got the 2% Milk-- Part 1: Louis Meyer Started It

From the May 27, 2016, Indianapolis Star "Thanks to Louis, drivers make milk choices" by Allison Carter.

"After you've been in a blazing hot car traveling in excess of 200 mph, there's nothing you want more than a glass of milk.  Or, at least that is so the venerable Indianapolis tradition goes.

"In 1936, Louis Meyer requested a glass of buttermilk after winning his third race and the rest is history.

"Buttermilk is no longer offered, but drivers do get to choose between whole, 2 percent and fat-free.  Every driver records their preference before the race in case they win, and the milk is kept on ice to be drunk (and often dumped on the driver's head) in victory lane.

"This year, whole milk led the way with 17 requests.  Next came 2 percent with 13 drivers opting for the lower-fat option. One of these was Alexander Rossi.   Just three drivers--  Charles Kimball, Pippa Mann and Spencer Pigot-- went fat-free.

I Could Think of Another Drink I'd Like In Case I Won the Indy 500.  --RoadDog

YOU'RE OLD IF YOU REMEMBER:  When you got your windshield cleaned, oil checked and gas pumped without asking, for free, every time.And you got trading stamps and other things for free as well.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hinchcliffe Makes Comeback, Scores the Pole-- Part 2

Starting practice for the 2016, Indy 500, Hichcliffe was quick nearly every day, but no one expected him to win the pole position for the 100th Running.

His first attempt at qualifying was not up to expectations, so with time running out and the end of the racing day approaching, he made a second attempt and wound up shocking everyone with a speed of 230.946, the day's best speed for the provisional pole.

Then on Sunday, in the fast-nine shootout he had to beat Josef Newgarden's 230.700 for the pole.

His first lap was close to that time, and lap 2 better at 230.940 and lap 3 was 230.765 and lap 4 left him with a four-lap average of 230.760, just .060 seconds ahead of Newgarden and the top spot for race day.

Setting the Pole for My Man Hinch.  --RoadDog

Hinchcliffe Makes Comeback, Scores The Pole-- Part 1

From the May 25, 2016, Speedway (Indiana) Press by Kirby Smock.

The top story at the Indy 500 this month so far has been the return of James Hinchcliffe (my favorite Indy racer) and his run that has resulted in the pole position for the 100th Running.

During practice in 2015, Hinchcliffe crashed heavily into Turn 3 from a suspension failure and suffered critical injuries and survived only because of quick attention by the Methodist Hospital's trauma team.

He then underwent a long recovery period and physical therapy to get back to normal.  he was fully healed and healthy and back on the track.

In 2016, he got off to a slow start and only finished 19th and 18th in the first two races, but showed improvement to 8th and 6th in the next two and then 3rd in the Indy Grand Prix.

I have been following Hinchcliffe ever since his Go-Daddy green days and had high hopes for him at Sinday's race.


James Hinchcliffe's My Man

From the May 25, 2016, Speedway (Ind) Press.  "The Top Three Qualifiers for the 100th Running of the 2016 Indy 500"

Pole position  (Best Speed in Qualifying Rounds)

No. 5 James Hinchcliffe, 230.760 mph.


No. 21 Josef Newgarden, 230.700 mph


No. 28  Ryan Hunter-Reay, 230.648

Sure Not Much Time Between Them.  --RoadDog

Eight Things About Indy 500's Attendance-- Part 1: How Much Are 350,000 Fans

From the May 27, 2016, Indianapolis Star "Eight things to compare on race's attendance" by Allison Carter.

The 350,000 fans who attended Sunday's Indy 500 race were more than the usual 250,000 or so who attend.  But, it was the 100th running of the event and a whole lot of folks wanted to be a part of it.

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway does not release official attendance figures.  But, I would say there were a whole lot more people than usual just considering walking around difficulties and stands that usually aren't very full were now full.


1.  It is as big as the populations of Indiana cities South Bend and Fort Wayne, combined.

2.  That's 37% of the entire population of Marion County (where Indianapolis is located).  Marion County has the 55th largest population in the United States.

3.  It is 59% of the entire population of Wyoming.

That's a Lot O' People.  --RoadDog

YOU'RE OLD IF YOU REMEMBER:  When all your teachers wore either neckties or had their hair done everyday.