Saturday, October 31, 2009

So, Who Were 100 Proof, Crow and R. Dean Taylor?

Bob Stroud Time Warped to October 18, 1970 earlier this month and these three performers all had songs that he played. Here's some more information on them.

100 PROOF (AGED IN SOUL)-- Funk/soul group from Detroit. Put together by the Holland-Dozier-Holland songwriting team. "Somebody's Been Sleeping in My Bed" was their biggest hit, peaking at #8 and selling over a million copies. Member Joe Stubbs also was in the Contours and Falcons and was the brother of Four Tops' Levi Stubbs.

CROW-- Minneapolis hard rock/blues band from 1967-1972. Best known for "Evil Woman (Don't Play Your Games With Me." Another hit song was "Cottage Cheese."

R. Dean Taylor-- born 1939 in Toronto, Canada. Staff songwriter and recorded for Motown on the Rare Earth label. "Indiana Wants Me" was biggest hit: #1 Canada, #5 US. Also co wrote "Love Child" and "I'm Living in Shame" for Supremes, "All I Need" for the Temptations and "I'll Turn to Stone" for the Four Tops.

So, Now You Know. --RoadDog

Like Boo to You!!! Halloween Music-- Part 2

Song listings for my Halloween Tape.

SIDE ONE Year and highest Billboard position.

Monster Mash-- Bobby "Boris" Pickett '62 #1
Witch Doctor-- David Seville 1958 #1
Little Red Riding Hood-- Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs '66 #2
Purple People Eater-- Sheb Wooley '58 #1
Martian Hop-- Ran-Dells '63 #16
Jolly Green Giant-- Kingsmen '65 #4
Haunted House-- Gene Simmons '64 #11
Werewolves of London-- Warren Zevon '78 #21
Itchy-Coo Park-- Small Faces '67 #16
They're Here-- Boots Walker '67 #77
They're Coming to Take Me Away-- Napoleon XIV '66 #3
Dancing Fool-- Frank Zappa '79 #45
Time Warp-- Rocky Horror Show Cast
The Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun-- Julie Brown
King Tut-- Steve Martin '78 #17

Pretty Good Lineup If I Do Say So.

Side 2 Next Year, If I Remember. --RoadDog

Like, Boo to You!!!! Halloween Music-- Part 1

When I used to deejay, I added two cassette tapes to my traveling collection every October and really played a lot off these as we approached the 31st. Always enjoyed the Halloween parties of which i did both junior high and adult at various bars in the area. I was glad that I usually was able to duck costume judging.

One was Hallmark Presents with Sounds of Halloween on Side 1. All sorts of creepy sounds, etc.

Side 2: Ghostbusters, Monster Mash, Thriller, Purple People Eater and Bach-Toccata Fugues in D-Minor. These were not done by the original artists, but close enough. The younger folks especially couldn't tell the difference.

The other was my own compilation called simply: Halloween. I'll get into that the next post.

No Iron Man Here. --RoadDog

Friday, October 30, 2009

Where Were You October 18, 1975?-- Part 3

THIRD RATE ROMANCE-- AMAZING RHYTHM ACES-- Sometimes it's better than none "Low rent rendezvous." (Played American Music, a combination of rock, country, blues, folk, reggae and Latino. Started in Knoxville, Tn, and later moved to Memphis.)

HEATWAVE-- LINDA RONSTADT-- her version of Motown classic

SKY HIGH-- JIGSAW-- one hit winder (English group who had many world-wide hits, releasing 13 albums and noted for their high energy stage presence.)

MR. JAWS-- DICKIE GOODMAN-- The number 1 song in town, commonly called Break-In record. Only two minutes long. Some insist it is one of the longest two-minute records ever made. (Dickie was interviewing the shark from Jaws. Early proponent of sampling. Also had a hit with "The Flying Saucer.")


WASTED DAYS AND WASTED NIGHTS-- FREDDIE FENDER-- the dude with a guitar last name. (Later performed with the Texas Tornadoes.)
FEELINGS-- ALBERT MORRIS-- featuring the the good, the bad, the feelings. What category this falls in I'll leave to your discretion.

So, What Were You Doing? --RoadDog

It's Them, Not Me: Loud Commercials and Pop Ups

I don't know about the rest of you, but those incessant pop ups at the bottom of the screens really drive me nuts. Sometimes I'm not sure whether or not they are part of the ongoing screen events. Even worse is when they get cutesy.

I liked The Simpsons take on these.

Then, even worse is when the volume goes way up when the commercials come on. Enough to scare you right off the old bar stool.

Come On TV, Give Us a Break. --RoadDog

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Where Were You October 18, 1975?-- Part 2

BAD BLOOD-- NEIIL SEDAKA-- Neil was back because of Elton John, who was a big fan and signed him to his Rocket label company. And, Elton helps out on the background vocals.

LYIN' EYES-- EAGLES-- basically Glen Frey's baby
DANCE WITH ME-- ORLEANS-- out of New York

YOU-- GEORGE HARRISON---- a couple songs by ex-Beatles (Always my favorite Beatle and another great song by him.)

FAME-- DAVID BOWIE-- from "Young Americans"

More Songs to Come. --RoadDog

Where Were You October 18, 1975? --Part 1

As usual, Bob Stroud jumps ahead five years for the last hour and a half of his Rock and Roll Roots show.

On October 18, 1975, I was early on in my 3rd year of teaching at John T. Magee School in Round Lake, Illinois. Now, I only had 7th and 8th graders since the freshmen had been moved over to the high school. Jim Rogers had left as principal and now Bob Ballinger had the duties.

We were first-time homeowners, having just moved into a 24 by 44 foot Fairfield Builders home at 1013 Morningside in Round Lake Beach, Illinois. Cost of the house was $33,000 (a big amount for us back then as I was earning around $8500 a year).

We had moved in during the summer and were having a garage built. Liz's Aunt Lee had bought a fence for the property, so our dog Brandy could run, and did she ever.

The garage was built by Turtle Garage Builders who had a showroom at the corner of Hainesville Road and Rollins in Round Lake Beach.

Liz was now teaching full-time after getting a 1st grade job part way through the previous year.

The Music Next. --RoadDog

So, Who Were Rare Earth and Crabby Appleton?

These two bands had hits on October 18, 1970. Just who were they? I've heard of both and even have a Rare Earth GH album, but, I don't know that much about them. So I did a Wiki search, always a great place to go for fast facts.


Not only affiliated with Motown's Rare Earth label, but actually gave their name to it. They were hot from 1970-1972. Formed in 1960 as the Skyliners and later changed their name to rare Earth. Signed with Motown in 1969 when Motown decided to expand to white acts. Two of their biggest hits were with covers of Motown's Temptations songs "(I Know) I'm Losing You" and "Get Ready." Also had hits with "I Just Want to Celebrate" and "Hey, Big Brother" both in 1971.

Like I said, Blue-Eyed Soul.


Most members came from the LA band Stonehenge. Opened for a lot of big name bands back then on the success of their one really big hit, "Go Back." They've also been on a lot of '70s compilations. Michael Fennelly of New Jersey was the lead singer, guitarist and songwriter.

So, That's Who Those Guys Are. --RoadDog

Where Were You October 18, 1970?-- Part 5

Going to Dave McAleer's book of Top Twenty Charts again for some songs Bob didn't play on the 18th of this month:





BOB STROUD'S BREAK SONGS-- songs he plays little parts of when he comes back from breaks.

JULIE, DO YOU LOVE ME-- BOBBY SHERMAN-- latest teen heart throb

GROOVY SITUATION-- GENE CHANDLER-- Chuicago-born, "Can you dig it?"
ROCKY-- AUSTIN ROBERTS-- long before the movie

That's a Wrap on October 18, 1970 Charts. --RoadDog

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Where Were You October 18, 1970?-- Part 4

CRACKLIN' ROSIE-- NEIL DIAMOND-- King of Diamonds, Neil in the Top Ten with a favorite bottle of wine
GYPSEY WOMAN-- BRIAN HYLAND-- covering the original done in the 60s by Chicago legends, the Impressions with Curtis Mayfield.

FIRE AND RAIN-- JAMES TAYLOR-- (Off that great "Sweet Baby James" album.)
LUCRETIA MACEVIL-- BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS-- Lucy, you're just so damn bad. Brand new. (My favorite BS&T song,)

MONGOOSE-- ELEPHANT'S MEMORY-- some sort of a parable with some sort of moral which I could never quite figure out, but it was in the top ten on WCFL anyway. Soon after this recording, this band of NYC musicians would join up with John Lennon and back him on many recordings.

I'LL BE THERE-- JACKSON FIVE-- #1 in town. Here they come. Their 4th consecutive #1 single. Michael and his brothers. Four number ones beginning with "I Want You Back," "ABC" and "Stop, the Love You Save."

A Very Good Chart. --RoadDog

We're now 11 days away from Rock and Roll Roots Vol. 11!!

And They Didn't Run Out of Warsteiners-- Oktoberfest-- Part 5-- The Party

We got there at 12:30 and got seats at the bar closest to the band and overlooking the Fox River. They weren't charging the $5 at the door to get in, but we later went back and paid. Hey, it's a good cause.

Immediately ordered two steins of Warsteiners. It cost $7 for the first one, but you got to keep the stein which is etched with Foxtoberfest 2009 and the After the Fox logo. Refills of Warsteiner, 22 oz., cost $3.25. Nice keepsake of a fun day.

We were joined by Pam, Jim, and Laura and Ed. Liz gagged the first Warsteiner's down and went to filling her stein with Miller Lite. Even though half German on her father's side (Klaus), she is not a fan of German beer or ANY import for that matter.

We were assured that they were not going to run out of Warsteiners this year as it was a new barrel. Last year, they had had it on tap all month.


Party Time has arrived. The band started at 2:30 and played until 6:30. And they played all those great oom-pah songs that I love so much. I especially liked the new sing-a-long one where you follow a sign on a sort-of-like "12 Days of Christmas) song. Did a lot of video-taping.

Then, there was the $9 platter of German food that was really good (but not as good as Mar's the night before).

Got My German On. --RoadDog

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Old Time TV and Howdy Doody

I have been writing about old-time TV and the Howdy Doody Show on my history blog, including some of my childhood memories of TV and the time I got out of a spanking because of Walk Disney.

Yesterday and today's entries at

Bringing Back Some Memories. --RoadDog

And They Didn't Run Out of Warsteiners-- Oktoberfest-- Part 4

Oktoberfest 11th, after Rock and Roll Roots, we drove to McHenry, Illinois, for the second Foxtoberfest at After the Fox, a bar/restaurant located right on the Fox River (we boated there several times this past season).

This is a fundraiser for FISH, our local food pantry and a mighty good time last year. Unfortunately, they didn't do much advertising and I had to do a Yahoo search to find out about it. Sure wouldn't want to miss it. We REALLY had a great time there last year.

However, last year they RAN OUT OF WARSTEINERS BIER!!! And, we had eaten the breakfast buffet there ahead of the party and were too full to have the German food. Fortunately, we had spots at the bar as after a few hours you couldn't even find a place to sit at a table. Standing room only.

This time, we arrived hungry and thirsty, so the party was on.

Nothing Like a Good Old German Party. --RoadDog

And They Didn't Run Out of Warsteiners-- Oktoberfest-- Part 3

Continued from October 12th.

One of my favorite times of the year is Oktoberfest. Love the music, the beer, the food, the beer, the season (most years), and, did I mention THE BEER. I didn't like German beer at one time, BUT NOT NO MORE!

I've been enjoying listening to my German oom-pah music both at home and in the vehicles. I've especially been playing the Die Musikmeisters CD. By far, one of the best collections of songs. I have about 15 German Oktoberfest CDs.


Several years ago, I was listening to one of our many Mexican stations here in Illinois (I do that from time to time and am a big fan of Mexican music even if I don't know what they're saying). I was surprised to hear a song that sounded like an oom-pah band and then another. I did a little research and found that back in the 1800s, a lot of Germans settled in northern Mexico and brought their music and culture with them. That is why it sounds like oom-pah but sung in Spanish.

Ein Prosit! Let's Count in German. --RoadDog

Where Were You October 18, 1970?-- Part 3

As I sit here listening to one of the two Halloween cassette tapes I used when I was deejaying. "HorroR Movie" by the Skyhooks is playing AT this moment. Just listened to "Dead Man's Party" by Oingo Boingo and "I Put a Spell on You" by Screaming Jay Hawkins. Don't Be Afraid.

Back to Bob Stroud's songs from this date.

SOMEBODY'S BEEN SLEEPING IN MY BED-- 100 PROOF (AGED IN SOUL)-- some years later, Foghat would cover it on their "Boogie Motel" album.

JOANNE-- MICHAEL NESMITH AND THE FIRST NATIONAL BAND-- Did we know how good we had it back then when it was happening? I think we did, but putting it in a warp-perspective presentation, it really all comes home. (Short song title, long group name.)
ALL RIGHT NOW-- FREE-- Everything's alright when you're back to 1970. (Well, not so alright if your draft lottery number is 22. One of my all-time favorites. Talk about your guitar riffs!!)

DON'T TRY TO LAY NO BOOGIE-WOOGIE ON THE KING OF ROCK AND ROLL-- CROW-- Next year, 1971, we'd get it from Long John Baldry. (Long song title, short group name. Loved Baldry's spoken story before he played it.)
INDIANA WANTS ME-- R. DEAN TAYLOR-- Top Ten. Served as a Motown staff writer. (I can't drive into this state without singing this song at the top of my voice. Just ask Liz.)

And It Ain't Over Yet. --RoadDog

Monday, October 26, 2009

You Know You're Too Old To Trick-or-Treat When..


10. You have to be careful about your candy so the dentures don't get pulled out.

9. You can't see when it gets dark.

8. You get winded just knocking on a door.

7. You have to get a kid to chew your candy for you.

6. You ask for high fiber candy only.

5. When somebody drops a candy bar in your bag, you lose your balance and fall over.

4. You're the only Power Ranger in your neighborhood with a walker.

3. You have to careful choose a costume that won't dislodge your hairpiece.

2. When the door opens you yell, "Trick or _____" and can't remember the rest.

1. People say, "Great Keith Richards mask!" and you're not wearing a mask.

By the way, I just heard that You Tube, Twitter and Facebook are merging. The new company will be called You-Twit-Face.

Thanks to my Uncle Bo for these.

Like, Boo!!! --RoadDog

Saturday, October 24, 2009

One Great Football Game-- part 1

Drove to Arlington Heights this morning and had an excellent breakfast at Bob's house. We were joined by his nephew Chris, also a Northern Illinois grad, only a lot more recent.

Evanston is particularly beautiful this time of the year, along with those gorgeous homes. We parked to the west of Green Bay Road and walked over to Ryan Field and took our seats along the 30 yard line on the east side.

We were near the Indiana cheering section and they had lots to yell about in the first part of the game. I mean, LOTS. The first play from scrimmage and a Hoosier ran 70 yards for a touchdown. before long, it was 21-0.

Northwestern finally got a field goal, but on the ensuing kickoff, another Indiana touchdown and a 28-3 lead.

Fortunately, it hadn't rained, but the seats were wet, plus it was quite cool and overcast with a breeze, so we were really considering leaving.

Things Gotta Get better. --RoadDog

Friday, October 23, 2009

Where Were You October 18, 1970?-- Part 2

Bob's quotes first. Mine in parentheses.

(I KNOW) I'M LOSING YOU-- RARE EARTH-- (Missed the first two songs. Blue-eyed soul on Motown,)
THE TEARS OF A CLOWN-- SMOKEY ROBINSON & THE MIRACLES-- (Now, here's a guy who can song and write songs.)

LOLA-- KINKS-- The single version. Tastes just like cherry cola, not Coca-Cola. By the Davies brothers, Ray and Dave. (Wait, something mighty different about this "gal."

IT DON'T MATTER TO ME-- BREAD-- "A" and "B" sides of their current single.
CALL ON ME-- BREAD-- (A lot of people think of Bread as being that schmaltzy group that brought us "Make It With You," but this shows an edgier side.)

LOOKIN' OUT MY BACK DOOR-- CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL-- It wouldn't be the late 60s early 700s without a Creedence song on your radio. From the "Cosmo's Factory" album. "Just got back from ____, locked my _____ _____, Oh Boy!" Life is Good: College and CCR>)
GO BACK-- CRABBY APPLETON-- One hit wonder by band out of Los Angeles. Included on R and R Hits Vol. 2

And speaking of his popular Rock and Roll Roots series of CDs, Vol. 11 will be released Sunday, Nov. 8th and it will be featured on the show from 7 to 10 AM. Afterwards, there will be a CD release party at a Borders store (forgot where) and then there will be a follow-up at the Mt. Prospect Borders, where Liz and I and some of our friends will attend.

Last year, Bob had the New Colony Six, Cryan' Shames, Buckinghams, Jim Peterik of the Ides of March and Doug Sahms of the Shadows of Knight playing a free two-hour show. Chicago Rock in the sixties doesn't get much better than this.

Listen to the show at

Getting Ready for Some of That Good Old Chicago Sixties Rock and Roll. --RoadDog

Where Were You October 18, 1970?-- Part 1

Good old Bob Stroud pulled a fast one last Sunday and had another Time Warp back to that date 1970 and 1975. I overslept and missed the first two songs.

Anyway, back of October 18, 1970, I was thoroughly enjoying being a college student at Northern Illinois University in Dekalb. I was a sophomore and living out on Greek Row on Greenbriar at the Delta Sig House. My roommate was my pledge father, George Vix. At the time, I wanted to stay in college the rest of my life. I couldn't imagine having much more fun.

I was still working at the Lincoln Hall Food Service and scrounging whatever food I could get while there as I no longer had a food plan other than when George would bring Jumbo Jacks back from the Jack-in-the-Box where he worked.

Liz was still at Harper College, but planning on transferring to Northern as soon as possible. We were no longer going together, however.

My family had moved to Georgia that summer, so I was all by myself back in Illinois.

Next, the Music. --RoadDog

Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's Them, Not Me-- Gas Gougin' Time Again

Price of gas here in northeast Illinois is just about as high as it got this past summer after getting down to around $2.40. Yesterday, in Fox Lake, it was $2.70.

The last time the folks that do this to us kept it high over the winter, they were able to get it as high as $4.30.

Hey guys, gas consumption drops after Labor Day!!

And, as usual, when the price of a barrel of oil goes up, it is goes up at the pumps within hours. Any oil price drops take weeks to show up at the pump. Never quite understood this. If it goes up fast, it would only figure that it should drop fast as well.

What Gives Here? --RoadDog

JSS: Somebody Else's Weather-- No Prop Damage-- Bye-Bye Boat-- Eatin' and Partyin' in 1867 Hotel-- Creepy Movie-- Indiana-Northwestern Game

JSS-- Just Some Stuff

1. SOMEBODY ELSE'S WEATHER-- Yesterday, they sent us someone else's weather. Temps in the 70s and sunny. I forgot what that was like with all the Global Warming we've had around here lately. Even caught some OD time (On Deck) enjoying the sun, trees and bushes. Lots and lots of bees out and about as well.

2. NO PROP DAMAGE-- There was discussion on the Fun on the Fox boating site about how much prop damage was incurred this year. Most had none, and one guy was funny saying he had none, but then hardly got out at all this summer because the weather really sucked on more than one occasion. At the end, he said, "Oh, by the way, did I say the weather REALLY SUCKED." Boy, did it ever.

3. BYE-BYE BOAT (FOR THIS SEASON)-- Tuesday, the marina called to say the boat was ready (we were waiting for the muriatic acid wash), so I went over and picked it up ($570) and towed it over to the farm in Hebron, Illinois (with the basketball water tower honoring the 1952 state champs (a real "Hoosiers" story). Paid $180 for six months to store it. So much for the greatly shortened 2009 season (our 25th). We did get out 37 times from July 18th to October 13th and visited 40 different Chain Bars, many more than once, or twice, or....

4. EATIN' AND PARTYIN' IN 1867 HOTEL-- Last night, we went over to the Fox Hole Pub and Pizza in McHenry, right alongside the Fox River. This place is located in the basement of the old Riverside Hotel dating back to 1867. Had great pizza and watched local area favorite Jim Seig putting on his one-man show. That guy is a human jukebox. At one point, he played two medleys which had at least 40 songs.

5. CREEPY MOVIE-- Also, yesterday, I went to the Fox Lake Theatre and saw "Stepfather." Was that ever a creepy movie. That guy was a much more attractive Freddie Kreuger.

6. INDIANA-NORTHWESTERN GAME-- Saturday, I get together with friends for our annual Northwestern game in Evanston.

Just Some Stuff. --RoadDog

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where Were You October 4, 1973?-- Part 3

The next three songs all featured groups by the name brothers.

CHINA GROVE-- DOOBIE BROTHERS-- (Very hard to wrong with these three songs. Three of my favorites.)


LOVES ME LIKE A ROCK-- PAUL SIMON-- sat at #2 this week (putting a little gospel in the mix)
ALL I KNOW-- ART GARFUNKEL-- Art solo. Another brilliant composition from the great Jimmy Webb.

WE'RE AN AMERICAN BAND-- GRAND FUNK-- the Pride of Flint, Michigan, about as American as you can get. Title track from their newest release. (There were two distinct GFRs; the earlier "I'm Your Captain" group and this one. I liked both.
LET'S GET IT ON-- MARVIN GAYE-- The one, the only, the late great with the number one song in Chicago this date. (Always reminds me of that "King of Queens" episode.

Break songs:

LET ME IN-- OSMOND BROTHERS. Hard to escape the Osmonds. Donny and Marie both had solo albums. However, there were other brothers in the charts. (Played before the three straight brother bands.)


Great Memories. Three Weeks from Now, Rock and Roll Roots CD Vol. 11 is Released. --RoadDog

A Trip to the Land of the Cheeseheads

Monday was an exceedingly rare day of decent weather here in northern Illinois, so we took a trip to Wisconsin to view some fall color.

First stop was Lake Geneva where we did see color near the downtown. Then, it was a drive around the lake. There were some areas of color but mostly not. We figure peak color is a week away, so will get back next week.

Took the drive along Snake Road (drive it and you'll understand the name) west of Lake Geneva off Wi-50. This is classified as a Wisconsin Rustic Road. If there is a prettier drive anywhere, I'd like to know. Color was so-so, but the drive, as always, was fantastic.

Took I-43 from Elkhorn to Mukwanago and went to three new (to us) NTN sites: Boneyard Pub, Half Time and Double Ds. The first two were of the sports bar variety, but Double D's was very unique and a place we'd go back to visit next time in the area.

The Color That Got Away. --RoadDog

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bears Should Not Be Allowed to Play at Night

I have said for many years that the Bears stink when they play on Monday night. I'd like to know their record for that particular evening. I can remember one Monday Night back in 1985 that was particularly bad. Mean old Dolphins who didn't want the Bears to have an undefeated season.

Now, a new night joins Monday, and that would be Sunday night.

The Bears did everything they could, short of shooting themselves in the foot this past Sunday, and suffered their second lost of the season. The first loss was also on a SUNDAY NIGHT. Horrible play and execution, then Forte fumbles not once, but twice on Atlanta's one yard line, the second time recovered by Atlanta. Then our defense gets lost and they come down the field to score.

Then again, those late games interfere with my TV watching. I love Fox's Animation Domination. Thank goodness for the old VCR.

Wasn't there a song about not doing Mondays?

Bears Just Don't Do Monday Nights and NOW We'll Add Sunday Nights to the Horror. --RoadDog

Monday, October 19, 2009

College Football Kind of a Day-- Part 2

I guess I should not say which teams I'm pulling for before the games are over. EVERY team I was backing lost, except Purdue which beat Ohio State. Northwestern. Wisconsin, and Illinois all lost.

Then, those dastardly Rockets of Toledo did it to us yet again. They sure have our number. That makes our record against them at 2-14 for the last 16 games. Worse yet, Northern missed a field goal attempt at the end of the game to lose 20-19.

Notre Dame played a great game against USC, before losing as well.

I'll keep quiet from now on.

Those Rockets!! --RoadDog

Saturday, October 17, 2009

John Fogerty's New Album

Always a greatday for me when John Fogerty comes out with a new album, and this last September was one of those times. Makes my day.

The new album is called "The Blue Ridge Rangers Rides Again" and this is from a review by Tribune Newspapers critic Greg Kot.

After Creedence Clearwater Revival broke up, Fogerty released a solo album called "Blue Ridge Rangers" of his country favorites that served as an introduction to the music that shaped his songwriting and style.

He updates the idea with this new one. I went out and bought it the first day it was released. Who would have figured he could have done such a great job on diverse songs like "Heaven's Just a Sin Away" by the Kendalls and "Moody River" by Pat Boone. Probably the strangest is Gene Simmons' "Haunted House."

This was a lot of fun music. The only shortcoming was that there were only 12 songs. Twenty would have been much better.

Song List

Never Ending Song of Love
Garden Party
I Don't Care (Just As Long As You Love Me)
Back Home Again
I'll Be There
Change in the Weather
Moody River
Heaven's Just a Sin Away
Fallin' Fallin' Fallin'
Haunted House
When Will I Be Loved

Waiting for the Third "Blue Ridge Rangers." --RoadDog

Beach Music Favorites, October

I listened to one of Fessa Hook's last Beach Music Top 40 countdowns on his late-great Endless Summer Network and made a list of songs that I liked.


I liked these the most.

634-5789-- Tower of Power with Huey Lewis
BUILD ME UP-- Band of Oz

WHY'D I DRINK SO MUCH-- Mike Goudreau
THERE'LL COME A TIME-- Jerry Wilson & the Jewels
THAT'S WHAT YOU DO-- Rev. Bubba D. Liverance

JUST GO-- Lionel Richie & Akon
UHH!-- Calabash Blues & Boogie Band


THAT'S MY STORY (& I'M STICKIN' TO IT)-- chairmen of the Board
MATTER OF TIME-- Tommy Black & Blooz

TIL YOU COME BACK TO ME-- Magnificents
THAT AIN'T RIGHT-- Dr. Wu & Friends

DIRTY OL' MAN-- Hardway Connection
SHAME-- Mighty Mo Rogers

WILLIE-- Delbert McClinton

Love That Beach Music. --RoadDog

Billboard Top Ten Singles of 1974

The article about the Top 40 format becoming hot also had a list of the top ten songs for 1974 along with what kind of musical genre the songs were in. You know me, I have a hard time resisting any kind of a music list, so here goes:

Ones I really like have an asterisk (*). I did not much care for 1, 2,4,6 and 7.

3. *THE STREAK-- RAY STEVENS-- (country) I'd also call it novelty. "Don't look, Ethel!!"

4. (YOU'RE) HAVING MY BABY-- PAUL ANKA AND ODIA COATES-- (pop) If there was ever another gag song worse than this, I'd sure like to know it.
5. *KUNG FU FIGHTING-- CARL DOUGLAS-- (Rock) Nice this was one fun song. Wonder how many folks got kicked out on the dance floor?

7. ANNIE'S SONG-- JOHN DENVER-- (country) My foot this is country!! What would David Allan say?
8. *THE LOCO-MOTION-- GRAND FUNK-- (Rock)-- Great remake of Little Eva's sixties song. There were definitely two Grand Funk Railroads.
9. *TSOP (THE SOUND OF PHILADELPHIA)-- MFSB & THREE DEGREES-- (pop) I would have called R&B.

10. *I CAN HELP-- BILLY SWAN-- (Rock) I would also say country. The ending went on and on and on.

Not a Great Year for Top Ten. --RoadDog

College Football Kind of Day

Watching the Iowa-Wisconsin game right now and the Hawkeyes just scored to take the lead.

I'll be jumping from station to station. Also watching the Northwestern-Michigan State game (I'll be at the NU-Indiana game next Saturday) and unfortunately MSU is up 14-7.Purdue is up 10-7 over Ohio State, that's good.

Then, there is the big Notre Dame-USC game. In the past, I would have been pulling for the Trojans, but ever since I toured Notre Dame, I've become a Fighting Irish fan, AND, THEY ARE a Midwest team anyway.

At 6, it's Indiana-Illinois. Not sure who I'll pull for here. I also used to be a big Illini-hater (I went to Northern Illinois), but I've gotten to be a fan, but I also like Indiana.

Then, I'll have to listen to the Northern Illinois-Toledo game. Toledo has been a major NIU nemesis for as long as I can remember. Northern won last year, but has a 2-13 record in the last 15 games vs. the Rockets. They definitely HAVE OUR NUMBER.

On an NFL note, not real happy with the late game for the Bears tomorrow, but will watch it in good old Margaritaville, my Home home for sports, music, and these infernal blogs.

Gettin' My College Football Fix. --RoadDog

Friday, October 16, 2009

Top 40 is Back?

The October 6th Chicago Tribune had an article on the possibility that Top 40 Music is back in style and gaining more and more fans. Top 40 radio plays popular songs, no matter what genre they belong to.

Case in point, the October 10th Billboard Top 40, which had 13 Hip-hop/Rap, 4 Rock, 13 Pop, 7 Country, and 3 Dance songs. That is a nice spread, but I'm disappointed that there are no more than four Rock songs.

Plus, the group Black Eyed Peas has had 26 weeks at No. 1 with "Boom Boom Pow" and "I Gotta Feeling" which is presently #1.

These numbers harken back to the prime time of Top 40 and its mouthpiece, Kasey Kasem. All that's missing is a novelty song like, say, Ray Steven's "The Streak."

Radio stations are fast to jump on crazes. According to, there are now 944 stations in the US playing Top 40, up from 879 the year before.

This harkens back to the days of two of my favorite stations here in Chicagoland, WLS and WCFL. These two played essentially the same songs and there was a great variety of them.

I think it is good to have Top 40 Back as it has that great variety.

In Lake County, Illinois, there is a good Top 40 station WXLC.

Give Me That Good Old Rock and Roll, Though. --RoadDog

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Where Were You October 4, 1973? --Part 2

Bob Stroud jumped ahead five years to this date for the second half of his show. As usual, his comments first. Mine in parentheses.

MY MARIA-- B. W. STEVENSON-- (I also like the version by Brooks & Dunn.)

JUST YOU 'N ME-- CHICAGO-- debuted on local charts.
JIMMY LOVES MARY-ANNE-- LOOKING GLASS-- Their second hit on Rock and Roll Roots #9. (I like this none almost as much as I do "Brandy.")

HIGHER GROUND-- STEVIE WONDER-- (Red Hot Chile Peppers dis a great cover of this.)
ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN-- ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA-- One of their first break-through hits. Great version of a Chuck Berry classic. (50s meet the 70s.)

(I DON'T WANT TO LOVE YOU BUT) YOU GOT ME ANYWAY-- SUTHERLAND BROTHERS-- English group's one and only hit. (Never heard this song before.)

Who Does Jimmy Love and Who Is a Fine Girl? --RoadDog

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

No More Boating for Us

Always a sad time of the year, but yesterday, we took the boat out of the water.

We were greatly disappointed that we weren't able to get out any more often after we returned from the Missouri Route 66 Motor Tour in mid-September. Almost a month, and only about six days good enough to go out. It was either raining, threatening to rain, or too cold.

Yesterday was cool with a brisk wind making it worse, but we cruised over to McDonald's for one last time and had those delicious new Black Angus Third Pounders.

I had left the truck and trailer at the American Legion, then we drove over to Rick's to get the boat. Liz did an excellent job running the boat up on the trailer, but we had problems getting the hook put on the boat to crank it up. (I did not want to get my feet wet in that C-O-L-D water.)


We off-loaded the stuff from the boat and were amazed not to find a single zebra mussel. Last year, the whole hull was covered with the little varmints as was just about everything in the channel. I can live with that.

Towed it over to Midwest Marine and dropped it off to be winterized, have the hull cleaned (muriatic acid, another thing I don't like to mess with), and oil changed.

Went to the Sandbar and enjoyed a $4 pitcher of beer (how do you beat that anymore?) and talked with Bill and Jack, both of whom have worked on the boats in the past. Then, we had to pick up Liz's car at Rick's and we stopped at the Legion for a few more.

Hopefully tomorrow the boat will be ready and we'll take it out to the barn in Hebron and put it up for the year.

This finishes our 25th year of boating. The Bayliner is our third boat.

If It Had to Be a Last Time, This Wasn't Too Bad. --RoadDog

Why It Takes Me So Long to Do An Entry

I was merrily two-fingerin' my way along the keyboard when I typed in the Okaysions and went looking for some more information on them.

That took about 15 minutes, then one of the sites put me onto You Tube where I saw them performing "Girl Watcher." That was about three minutes... BUT, they had other sixties bands, and the more I looked, the more I had to listen to groups like the Grass Roots, Troggs, Buckinghams, Kinks, Turtles. Paul Revere & the Raiders, Janis Joplin, Fifth Dimension and so on, and so on, and soooooooo....

An hour later, I came across the Beatles. There goes another hour.

I could go a lot faster if I didn't get waylaid so often.

I did find that the Easybeats from Australia had a lot of other great songs besides "Friday on My Mind."

Good Thing I'm Retired. --RoadDog

Back to Where You Were October 4, 1968?

Of course, time limitations do not allow Bob Stroud to play all the songs from that date.

Here are some others:

LITTLE GREEN APPLES-- O.C. SMITH-- He later sang Beach Music and had a big hit with "Brenda."
HARPER VALLEY PTA-- JEANNIE C. RILEY-- The person responsible for bringing this Tom T. Hall song to us, producer Shelby Singleton died October 7th. He was responsible for lots of artists and familiar songs. I'll have a write-up on him on the Dead Page in my history blog

GIRL WATCHER-- OKAYSIONS-- True North Carolina one-hit wonders. Somewhere I heard they eventually became the Fabulous Kays, one of the best southeastern show bands, but I'm not sure.
MY SPECIAL ANGEL-- VOGUES-- Probably too schmaltzy for Bob

OVER YOU-- GARY PUCKETT & THE UNION GAP-- Too sweet for Bob and me.
SLIP AWAY-- CLARENCE CARTER-- When he is not "Strokin'"

PEOPLE GOT TO BE FREE-- RASCALS-- This would have been a good one. The last two summed up the climate in those days.

SUZIE-Q-- CCR-- Loved the song in "Apocalypse Now."
1,2,3 RED LIGHT-- 1910 FRUITGUM COMPANY-- OK, Bubble Gum, but I like it.

From Dave McAleer's "The Book of Hit Singles: Top 20 Charts from 1954 to the Present Day." It featured not only the US Top 20 by month, but also the UK Top Twenty.

Next, the UK Charts. --RoadDog

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Where Were You October 4, 1973? --Part 1

Bob Stroud then jumped ahead five years to 1973.

I was a first-year teacher at Magee Middle School in Round Lake, Illinois. And a newly-wed as well, having just been married August 25th, I was earning a whopping $8900 a year, but living well on it.

We had an apartment in Des Plaines near Golf Mill. I drove our new 1973 manual Ford Pinto and Liz was driving her parents' 1969 Chevy to her job at the General Finance home office in Evanston.

I taught 7th, 8th, and 9th graders World Geography, Geography, and US History. Liz was a secretary and looking for a teaching job.

I was ready to teach high school kids and junior high definitely isn't high school and it was taking me awhile to get used to these people.

Great, Broke Times Back Then. --RoadDog

So, Who Were Mary Hopkins, Don Fardon and Al Wilson

Some more information on the singers.

Going back to the music from October 4, 1968:

MARY HOPKINS-- "Those Were the Days"-- Welsh folk singer born 1950 and one of the first musicians to sign with the Beatles' Apple Records label. The song was Top Ten in both the US #2 and UK #1. Born into a Welsh-speaking family and had an album sung in Welsh.

DON FARDON-- "Indian Reservation"-- born Donald Maughn in England. #3 UK, #20 US. Song originally done by John D. Loudermilk.

AL WILSON-- "The Snake"-- Born Allen Lamar 1939 in Mississippi. #27 US. His biggest hit was 1973's "Show and Tell" which was #1 US and #10 UK. Johnny Mathis had taken a pass on it, bet he wished he hadn't.

Not Real Crazy About the Snake. --RoadDog

JSS: No More Endless Summer-- 134 tulips, 3 Hostas-- Raising the Stickers, Lowering the Water-- First Freeze

JSS-- Just Some Stuff.

1. NO MORE ENDLESS SUMMER-- I was very sad to find out today that Fessa John Hook no longer is broadcasting his Endless Summer Network over the internet. However, you can still get his Beach Music Top 40 on the Cashbox site, both the songs and sound.

I guess it got to be too much to do all that he does. That guy is one Beach Music fanatic.

2. 134 TULIPS, 3 HOSTAS-- Yesterday, I planted 134 tulips and 3 hostas out in the front yard for that special blast of color come spring 2010. Each one was planted individually so my wrist is a bit sore today.

I guess I already have around a thousand spring bulbs planted out there. Nice show when you need it in the spring.

3. RAISING THE STICKERS, LOWERING THE WATER-- I'm not too happy with the Fox waterway Commission which is planning on raising boat stickers from $60 to $80 next year. Also, right now they are lowering he Chain's water level, something they're not supposed to do until the END of the month. Hope we can get the boat out of the channel later today.

4. FIRST FREEZE-- We had a very cold weekend with temps getting down to the twenties and all the annuals are gone now. Where is my fall? Where is my Injun Summer?

Just Some Stuff. --RoadDog

It's Them, Not Me; Somebody's Got It Figured Out

Signe Wilkinson in the Philadelphia Daily News seems to have figured out WHAT the problem with education today is.

And, it was in the form of a political cartoon.

You see a teacher at their desk with a stack of papers with "Test Schedule" on it, a pile of "paperwork' and a box marked "My own $ 4 supplies."

The students are not in class, but the front of each desk has these words: Hungry, Teen Mom, Homeless, Dadless, No Books, No Discipline, TV on 24/7, Drugs, Abused.

Then, there are two guys in suits looking at the teacher saying "What are you doing wrong?" One is holding a briefcase labeled "Drive-by education experts."

All that was missing were the words " BAD PARENTS."

At least someone else knows. Politicians have no idea.

It Sure Won't Get Any Better Until More People Figure It Out. --RoadDog

Monday, October 12, 2009

And They Didn't Run Out of Warsteiners-- Oktoberfest-- Part 2

This past weekend, we were planning on going to Antioch's Fall Festival which used to be Oktoberfest, but the weather was just too cold and overcast. This has certainly been one VERY LOUSY fall.

We also were planning on going to the Donovan's Golf Outing in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, (no golf for us, but $15 AUCE pig roast, roast beef, and an hour's free beer), but the place was standing room only when we got there. Disappointed, we left.

We drove to nearby Mar's Trading Post Inn in Wilmot and were able to get a seat at the bar. They were crowded for their Second Saturday Crazy Prime Rib dinner for $9.99 (usually $11.99). They also had a special German platter for $9.99, so we ordered that. Definitely some of the best German food I've ever had. And plenty of it. Had to get a doggie bag even though we don't have a dog.

What we really need now is a movie featuring Oktoberfest besides Chevy Chase's fight-starting German dance in "European Vacation."

Love That Hofbrauhaus. --RoadDog

And They Didn't Run Out of Warsteiner-- Oktoberfest 2009-- Part 1

I've been enjoying one of my favorite celebrations of the year, Oktoberfest. Great music (Oompah!!), food, beer, and friends.

The five-disc CD player is now stocked with five German Oktoberfest albums which I've been listening to, getting in the mood.

Oct. 3rd, I was at Fox Lake's Oktoberfest. No German food, but the three-piece Alpiners were walking around playing various "Oom-pah" selections. Would have been better if they had the full group on stage and been amplified. However, the New Invaders playing great sixties songs made up for it. When was the last time you heard a band covering "Shapes of Things" by Max Frost & the Troopers?

I then played some "Oom-pah" music at Rick's 60th birthday party.

Ein Prosit!! --RoadDog

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bethnal Green Disaster, 1943-- Part 1

The previous post mentioned the event in London where 173 people were killed in a London air raid shelter. I'd never heard of it, so looked it up on Wikipedia and some other sources.

It occurred at the Bethnal Green station on the Central Line of the Underground. Construction on this stretch started in the 1930s and was largely incomplete with the coming of World War II. Underground factories occupied part of the area and the rest became air raid shelters.

During the Blitz and Battle of Britain, air raids took place most every night, however, by 1943 were much less often. However, since London's East End had plenty of industries and docks, it was still a prime target.

Most attacks seemed to come as a retaliation for British and Allied air attacks on German cities, and the Luftwaffe had switched from slow, large bombers to fast and light ones. Unfortunately, Londoners had less time to get to safety as a result.

This one should have been posted in my History Blog, which is mostly about World War II. For the follow up, go to

I have to be more careful about which blog I'm on. And, I don't know how to switch them when I do goof up.

A Sad Event. More to Come.--Cooter

So, Who Were Iron Butterfly and the Cryan' Shames?

Yesterday, there were songs by Iron Butterfly and Cryan Shames, "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" and "Greenburg, Glickstein, Charles, David Smith and Jones."

Here's a little more information on them.

IRON BUTTERFLY-- American psychedelic rock band, who had the monster hit in 1968, not only in popularity, but length as well, clocking in at 17 minutes and taking up a whole album side. The second side was good as well, but I don't think most people turned it over to listen to it. VH1 ranks them at #19 on the list of all-time One-Hit Wonders and the album is at 31 on the list of all-time-best sellers.

CRYAN' SHAMES-- from Hinsdale, Illinois, one of those great Chicago area 1960s garage bands. John Pilster (J.C. Hooke, so named because he was born without a left hand) came up with the name. They were trying to think of a name for their group and, in exasperation, he said it was a crying shame they couldn't come up with one.

They never were higher than #49 on the Billboard chart, but from 1966 to 1968 had five Top Tens on WLS radio in Chicago.

From Wikipedia

So, That's Who They Are. --RoadDog

Where Were You October 4, 1968?-- Part 5

Bob Stroud introduces each set after commercials with a song from that day that also was playing on the radio stations. He plays a little bit of the song.

These are those songs:

DO THE CHOO-CHOO-- ARCHIE BELL & THE DRELLS-- debuting (never heard of it)
WHO IS GOING TO LOVE ME-- DIONNE WARWICK-- continuing her massive string of hits she had with Burt Bacharach and Hal David.

FOOL ON THE HILL-- SERGIO MENDES & BRAZIL 66-- taking care of a Beatles song.
HELP YOURSELF-- TOM JONES-- unmistakably hip swiveling


I wonder if the fall that year was as lousy as the one we're having this year?

Bring Me Some More 1968. --RoadDog

Where Were You October 4, 1968?-- Part 4

BABY COME BACK-- EQUALS-- one of the band members, Eddy Grant, had a hit in the 80s with "Electric Avenue." (This is what I call a "Chugging" song.)

HEY JUDE-- BEATLES-- one of the biggest records of the year, if not the era. Two sided hit. This is the "A" side. (A song that I thoroughly hated because they played it over and over and over again. Grounds to change station. But, I have to admit I kind of like it now.)

SHAPES OF THINGS TO COME-- MAX FROST AND THE TROOPERS-- one-hit wonder on Rock and Roll Roots Vol. 7. (If I recall, I think it was from a movie called "Shapes of Things" where the young people rules the land and no one was allowed to live after 30, but that was a long time ago.)
ON THE ROAD AGAIN-- CANNED HEAT-- great psychedelic blues (absolutely great road song)

SOUL DRIPPIN'-- MAUDS-- Featured horn section of CTA and on Rock and Roll Roots Volume. (Another great Chicago band that could really do soul music even if they were white.)

FIRE-- CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN-- Number One in Chicago. Another one hit wonder. "(Loved the start of it, "I am the god of hellfire and I bring you...")

Some Great Memories. --RoadDog

Friday, October 9, 2009

That Crummy Old Weather

We did get out on the boat twice this week, Monday and Wednesday, despite all this lousy fall weather.

Tuesday and Thursday, we went to Donovan's for NTN and two-for-one drinks (a pint came to a buck apiece).

Wednesday, after a shortened boat float because of the cold wind, we went to Antioch and played NTN at a place that just got it, Limerick Lounge, but unfortunately, they just had the sports games on. Walked the hundred yards to Sequoit Lodge and played NTN there and enjoyed the $1 bottles. On the way home, we stopped at Tommy's for that wonderful beer nuggets, a real treat, plus their $1 bottles of Miller and Coors products.

Today, I bought two Beatles reissues, Hard Days Night and Rubber Soul and the new Toby Keith album at Target, ate Tex-Mex at Main Street Station in McHenry (located in the old railroad depot, a creative use for an old but neat-looking building).

Then, I saw the new movie "Couples Retreat" at the McHenry Theater for the $4 matinee price. The lady at the ticket counter somehow just knew I wanted to see that movie and not the "Meatballs" one.

I was hoping to see a local high school football game, but not up for sitting out in the drizzle and cold,

I Really Hate This Fall Weather, Which We're Not Having. --RoadDog

Where Were You October 4, 1968?-- Part 3

Back to this month in '68.

IN-A-GADDA-DA-VIDA-- IRON BUTTERFLY-- the 45 mix (Sure glad it wasn't the way too long album version. We would have lost a lot of good songs in the hour and a half we had for this date. My buddies and I sure listened to this one over and over.)

GREENBURG, GLICKSTEIN, CHARLES, DAVID SMITH & JONES-- CRYAN' SHAMES-- getting all psychedelic on us. Top Ten. (Probably one of the longer titles, ever.)
TIME HAS COME TODAY-- CHAMBERS BROTHERS-- time is of the essence. (One of my all-time favorites.."Cuckoo!" I also liked their first hit, "I Can't Turn You Loose.")

I'VE GOT TO GET A MESSAGE TO YOU-- BEE GEES-- Top Ten. Barry, Robin, and Morris. (When they first came out, I really thought they were the Beatles performing under an alias.)
MIDNIGHT CONFESSIONS-- GRASS ROOTS-- (A completely under-rated group. These guys were good.)

Concluding Next. --RoadDog

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Monty Python's "Holy Grail"-- Part 2

And, October 5, 1968, was the anniversary of the debut of Monty Python's Flying Circus. I didn't miss this show when it started airing on PBS, Channel 11 WTTW here in Chicago, Sunday nights. The level of silliness knew no boundaries.

Continuing with "Cue the coconuts: 'Holy Grail' gallops on" by Steve Johnson in the May 6th Chicago Tribune.

4. YOU DIDN'T SEE THIS-- Originally, the movie was to be set in the past and in the present. The Holy Grail was to be found in Harrods, the store that has everything.

5 THE MONEY-- It cost 229,000 pounds to make the film. Half came from theater impresario Michael White,the other from Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Tim Rice and Lloyd Webber. These investors made a 6,00 percent return. Not bad.

6. BY THE NUMBERS-- 2.1 million people on Netflix give it an average of 4.1 out of five stars. I'd give it a 5. DVD gross since 2991: $120 million.

7. STEADY STAYING POWER-- Continues to be shown on college campuses. DVDs kicked it into high gear and then "Spamalot" didn't hurt either.

Loved the French Taunting the British and the Coconuts. --RoadDog

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Where Were You October 4, 1968?-- Part 2

I musn't forget that haven of all havens at dear old "Hey, Acku Baba" (Senior football chant, followed by "Hey, Hey!!", SENIOR LOUNGE!!! A place, new to the school for the '68-'69 year. Only seniors allowed, absolutely NO underclassmen. And, then there was that great jukebox stocked with all the songs being played on WLS and WCFL.

The Songs Playing In Our Radio:

THOSE WERE THE DAYS-- MARY HOPKINS-- fairly new, produced by Paul McCartney-- (a great remember the old days song. Perfect for reunions this time of the year.)
MAGIC BUS-- WHO-- latest single (My favorite Who song. Love the cowbell.)

ELENORE-- TURTLES-- debuting-- (Boy, the vocals on this or any Turtle song.)
(THE LAMENT OF THE CHEROKEE) INDIAN RESERVATION-- DON FARDON-- (Paul Revere and the Raiders had a big hit with it later.)

THE SNAKE-- AL WILSON-- by the late-great Al Wilson.
I SAY A LITTLE PRAYER FOR YOU-- ARETHA FRANKLIN-- A Bacharach/David hit by the Queen of Soul. (What was the movie this was featured in?)

That's Not All, Folks. --RoadDog

Where Were You October 4, 1968?-- Part 1

As is his current custom, Bob Stroud went on a Time Warp at the beginning of the month, this time back to the date in 1968 and then skipped ahead five years to 1973.

On October 4, 1968, I was a Senior at Palatine (technically Township) High School in Palatine, Illinois, and thoroughly enjoying my year as Top Dog. I was sports editor of the school newspaper, the Cutlass, as well as the yearbook. I did not get along too well with the advisor. She especially disliked me after I "hired" buddies Jerry and Kevin to fill out the newspaper sports staff. They'd had a run-in with her junior year and had been "fired forever." Both Kevin and Jerry went on to careers in journalism.

I had "assigned" myself the football beat and we had the best year since 1965, finishing 7-2, with just losses to Arlington and Wheeling. We had been so bad the previous two years, we played in a lot of homecomings and messed them up for the respective schools. AND, even better, we BEAT arch rival Fremd.

Fremd was even more rivalry, because our class had gone there freshman year 1965-1966, so we had lots of friends from that school. That is, friends unless we played them.

I was going steady with Liz, who I ended up marrying and am still married to her. She had my class ring and ID bracelet, and I wore her ring.

Music Coming Up Next. --RoadDog

Songwriter Chip Taylor

Along with Bob Stroud's Rock and Roll Roots, Sundays on WDRV in Chicago, I also tune into Little Steven's Underground Garage from 9-11 PM Sundays on WXRT and Tom Marker's Bluesbreakers Mondays from 9 to 10 PM on XRT as well.

A few weeks ago, Little Steven was doing a show on song writers and did a bit on Chip Taylor, a writer I had never heard of, but I have certainly heard his work.

Probably the two biggest songs of his career as per ranking and sales were "Wild Thing" by the Troggs and "Angel of the Morning" by Merrillee Rush and Juice Newton.

Besides those two, others written or co-written by Taylor include:

I Can't Let Go-- Hollies (one of my favorites by them)

Step Out of Your Mind-- American Breed (follow up to "Bend Me, Shape Me" and a great little Chicago 60s band.

Try (Just a Little Bit Harder)-- Janis Joplin

Sweet Dream Woman-- Waylon Jennings


He was born John Wesley Voight, the younger brother of actor Jon Voight and uncle of actress Angeline Jolie.

Well, I Just Didn't Know. --RoadDog

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another Crummy Day

I'm about tempted to put the boat up for the season. Absolutely crummy day today. I did manage to get the perennials I bought yesterday at Home Depot planted. The longer they're in the ground, the better chance of developing a root system so they can survive the winter.

Raining in the morning, then overcast and threatening most of the day when it was not raining.

I went to the Fox Lake Theatre and saw a hilarious movie called "Invention of Lying" about a world where everyone always tells the absolute truth all the time until one guy learns how to lie. It was a bit of a spoof on religion and one of the most refreshing comedies I've seen this year. I was actually chuckling out loud, something I don't usually do.

Then went to Donovan's in Twin Lakes and played NTN-Buzztime, We had about seven straight Top Twenties and even one #1 until they started the repeat games and we got creamed. Very hard to play those who have obviously already played the game. I wish they'd lower the players plus points on the repeat games so at least we could get something as we sure aren't going to do a Top Twenty.

The last game we played, none of us broke 6,000 and got 300 points. The lowest individual Top Twenty was 9700. Obviously, a "seen" game.

Come On NTN, Shape Up. --RoadDog

Monday, October 5, 2009

Monty Python's "Holy Grail"-- Part 1

One of my all-time favorite comic troupes was that zany group of Brits called Monty Python and a favorite all-time movie of theirs "Monty Python and the Holy Grail."

Reporter Steve Johnson, in the May 6th Chicago Tribune, listed seven facts about the movie and had pictures including the entire cast.

1. "HOLY GRAIL" PROVES TEST-MARKETING ISN'T ALL BAD-- Ran it initially before film investors and received dead silence. Toned down grisly sound effects and added mock-heroic adventure music and it got laughs when it was shown later.

2. SHOOTING THE MOVIE WASN'T A LOT OF FUN-- Editing and redoing soundtrack long and tedious. Making it worse, the filming weather was wet and cold.

3. ONLY #2 IN ENGLAND TO TO MONTY PYTHON-- "Grail" is the most popular Python movie in US, but in England "Life of Brian" more popular. The group feels "Life" is their best work as well.

One REALLY Funny Movie. "Runaway, Runaway!!"-- RoadDog

JSS: Oktoberfest-- An Old Fart-- Trip Back to 1968 and 1973-- Bears Win!!

JSS-- Just Some Stuff

1. OKTOBERFEST-- Saturday, Rick and I went to Fox Lake's annual Oktoberfest and enjoyed the three-piece Alpiners walking around and playing German songs on a tuba, accordion, and horn, beer, food, and later, the New Invaders took the stage with their great 60s music. This is a very talented band who can really take you back. They had played in Wyoming Friday night.

2. AN OLD FART-- I was to keep Rick busy while wife Chris prepared for his 60th birthday party at Hello Folks. Not sure if he was surprised or not, but we had a great time, plenty of food, and drinks. I deejayed for one of my last times. Getting kind of hard to remember where songs are on the cassettes since I dj so rarely these days.

3. TRIP BACK TO 1968 AND 1973-- Sunday morning, Bob Stroud Time Warped back to October 4th for both the years 1968 and 1969, which found me as a senior at Palatine High School in '68 and a first-year teacher and newly-wed in '73. Of course, I will be listing the songs, Bob's comments, and mine in a bit.

4. BEARS WIN!-- Afterwards, we went over to Glen and Loretta's place on the channel leading out to Fox Lake (next to Rick's where we keep our boat) and had Rick's BD celebration part 2 while watching the Bears game. Their house dates to 1925 and was in really bad shape when they moved in, but they have really turned the place into something to be proud of.

This was mostly a neighbors party. All the folks living up and down the channel have been known to party more often or not. A real "Party Channel."

A bit worried about our defense at first, but then the Bears started pulling ahead. Glad to see they began using Garrett Wolfe at the end and he scored a TD. They're missing the boat not using him more.

Just Some Stuff-- RoadDog

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Can't Take Much More of This Global Warming

Yesterday was pretty standard for around here. Cool and rain. We've only had about three decent days since September 19th. WHERE IS OUR FALL? These are supposed to be the days we savor because the "Bad" is fast approaching.

I was hoping to go boating the day before and yesterday, but it did not come to pass. However, I have been seeing lots of movies since we came home.

Yesterday, I went to McHenry, Illinois, and used a $5 Borders Bucks coupon and got a 30% teacher/retired teacher discount on a Blues CD and books on Chicago baseball and Weird Illinois. Sure am happy that Borders makes the effort to thank teachers every year in this manner. I got all of them for $16.

I then went to Steak and Shake and had their $2.99 steak burger, fries, and pop special. Now, that's a hard deal to beat. Plus, from 2-4 PM they have half off shakes and pop.

Last stop was at the McHenry Indoor Theatre for the $4 matinee movie "Surrogates." Put me down for the "Dreads." All this new technology really bothers me and this movie takes it to about as high a level as you can.

I had hoped to see the Johnsburg-Woodstock high school football game, but am not a big fan of sitting in the rain and cold when I don't have to.

Sorry Al. Making Do the Best I Can. --RoadDog

It's Then, Not Me: So, Chicago Didn't Get It

It's Them, Not Me: Things That Really Burn my Butt.

It's all over the news, folks in Chicago are crying. Hizzoner is disappointed, even the Oprah and Prez. couldn't save it.

But, not me. I'm happy Chicago did not get the 2016 Olympics. The people of Chicago should be happy as well after the Mayor guaranteed the whole venture with city funds. Taxes are already astronomical in the city. Where would they have gone had there been a shortfall? How much more can folks pay for parking or messing up on those money-making red light cameras? Sales tax is already over 10%. What next, 20%?

Then, there would be the hassle involved which would be endless.

On top of that, I am not an Olympics fan and rarely watch when we get inundated with it every two years. Plus, I have seen the ticket prices in the past and it would seem this event is primarily for the rich folks. I sure wouldn't have paid that amount to see these games.

I Guess That Didn't Hurt as Much as It Might Have. --RoadDog

Out Boating Yesterday-- Part 3-- The Foxhole

Really full now after that appetizer feast, we cruised back upriver into the no wake zone and tied up by the IL-120 bridge at the Foxhole Tap and Pizzeria. It is located in the basement of an old hotel, the Riverside, dating back to 1868 and has two slips for boaters. There was a guy fishing with two poles and playing tunes on his boom box.

This is not your fancy place, but word has it they have outstanding pizza (although I've never had it). The special today, Wednesday, was $2 Miller bottles. Sure beats $3.25 for a pint. Very friendly bartenders. During the week, the Foxhole doesn't open until 4 PM.

Every Wednesday night, starting at 7 PM, local favorite Jim Seig puts on his fun and rollicking show.

It was getting quite cool on the way back and then we really had a problem getting the mooring cover on. Those buttons between the cover and boat just wouldn't reach. The cool weather evidently had shrunk it.

The Foxhole was the 36th different place on the Chain we've been to this season, in just 34 days on our boat, and 35 days out all together (one day on a friend's boat).

All in All, a Great Day of Boating. --RoadDog

Friday, October 2, 2009

Movie Scratches: Steve-- Informant-- 9-- Basterds

A quick summary of some recent movies I've seen, RoadDog-style. Numbers are the date seen.

ALL ABOUT STEVE-- 9-18-- REAL funny, What a group of characters, especially the girl.

THE INFORMANT-- 9-21-- Man with overactive mind. How much did he really steal?

9-- 9-21-- Almost left at first, glad I didn't. Machines vs. humans, then machines vs. machines.

INGLORIOUS BASTERDS-- 9-22-- Great WW II story. Nazis beware of the Basterds and movies.

As you can see, the weather has not been good for boating lately.

Spending Too Much Time at the Movies. --RoadDog

Out Boating Yesterday-- Part 2-- Doing the Snug

We then went the short distance downriver to Snug Harbor. It just opened this year and is owned by the same group that owns Famous Freddie's on Pistakee Lake and Moretti's on US-12 in Fox Lake. They have done an outstanding job.

This is one of the hot spots on the Chain. There is a huge patio for outside seating and a large area inside with floor to ceiling windows all along the river. They bought land across the road and that is now a parking lot. Plus, they also purchased the house to the north and turned it into a party bar for the late-night folk.

They are expensive on their non-special drinks. Liz's pint was $3, almost at Vickie's level. I got the Long Island Ice Tea for $3.

Even better, they have an afternoon half-price appetizer special. And we REALLY like two of them: the Caribbean onion rings and Margarita nachos. The rings are covered in a coconut breading and the cheese, meat, and other stuff are piled on high on those nachos.

Half price, the rings are $3 and nachos $3.50.

Still on our cruise.

Now, That's Some Good Eating in the Neighborhood. --RoadDog

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Out Boating Yesterday-- Part 1-- A Vickie's Disappointment

We sure haven't been getting a lot of good days to go boating around the Chain of Lakes in northeast Illinois since we've been back from the Missouri Route 66 Motor Tour in mid-September. yesterday was just the third time.

The weather has not been cooperating in the least. It either rains, threatens to rain, or is too windy and cold. Yesterday was not bad if you were cruising slow; sunny but a definite chill in the air.


We first went to DOCKERS on Pistakee Lake. Great salad bar and views, but we just had a cocktail as we wanted to go down river to McHenry. Good bar coversation and $1.50 drafts. Dockers is where we got the idea to put rope around the pole in our basement and where Magee and Round Lake middle schools have their last-day-of-school get-togethers now that we no longer have them.

Fast cruise down to McHenry, arriving in 25 minutes at VICKIE'S. We used to like going here, but they got way too expensive with the popularity of eating outside with the river flowing right by.

They are still expensive. We just about fell off our bar stools when the bartender asked for $6.50 for our two pints of Lite. That's $3.25 apiece!!! What do they think they are, Blarney Island? Plus, unfriendly bartender. Not likely we'll be back there anytime.

Plus, Vickie's has to be hurting because Snug Harbor just opened a short distance down the river with the same views and SPECIALS!! Too bad too, Vickie's has great decor, lighted palms ourside and quite the Margaritaville vibe going on for itself. They also had NTN for a year, but dropped it. Here's hoping they wise up.

Vickie's Needs to Get a Clue and Have Some Specials. --RoadDog

Frankie Laine

He had the #1 Song this date in 1949.

He may not be well-known today, but at one time he was known as "America's Number One Song Stylist." He was born in Chicago May 30, 1913, and died February 6, 2007.

At one time, he had three consecutive #1s on the Billboard Charts 1949-1950 with "That Lucky Old Son," "Mule Train, " and "Cry of the Wild Goose."

Other big hits: That's My Desire, Jezebel, High Noon, I Believe, Cool Water, Rawhide, and Lord, You Gave Me a Mountain.

He married actress Nan Grey in 1950 and remained married for 43 years. Both of them were in the November 18, 1960, episode of "Rawhide" called "Incident on the Road to Yesterday" where they played long lost lovers.

Now You Know. --RoadDog

Beach Music Top Ten

From 94.9 FM, the Surf, from North Myrtle Beach, SC. September 19th.

1. Ain't No Woman Like You-- Fantastic Shakers
2. Build Me Up-- Band of Oz
3. Everyday Love-- North Tower
4. 1 2 3 Kind of Love-- Band of Gold
5. It's Alright, You're Just in Love-- Gary Bass

6. Action Speaks Louder Than Words-- Men of Distinction
7. Ladies Night-- Out of Towners
8. Red Shaggin' Shoes-- Fabulous Jellyrolls
9. Chances Are-- Chairmmen of the Board
10. Myrtle Beach Days Again-- Doug Winstead

If you just can't get with today's music, give Beach Music a listen and this station is a good place to start. I listen to it via internet most days. In fact, I'm listening to it right now.

Love That Beach Music. --RoadDog

Top Songs This Date Through the Years

Using Josh Hosler's site, these are he NUMBER ONE songs this date, October 1st.

2009 Gotta Feeling-- Black Eyed Peas-- this is one of the hottest bands around these days. I like their music.

1999 Unpretty-- TLC
1989 Miss You Much-- Janet Jackson-- before the costume meltdown

1979 Sad Eyes-- Robert John-- one of the great s-l-o-w sons
1978 Kiss You All Over-- Exile-- although Dr. CC did the most thorough job
1977 Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band-- I know I met some of those dudes in some of the bars I've visited.

1976 Play That Funky Music-- Wild Cherry-- Who says white boys can't get funky?
1975 Fame-- Daniel Bower-- Isn't there a movie out by this name these days?
1974 I Honestly Love You-- Olivia Newton-John-- Real pretty Aussie

1973 Half Breed-- Cher-- wearing those d-r-e-s-s-e-s real slinky-like
1972 Baby Don't get Hooked on Me-- Mac Davis-- It's Hard to Be Humble
1971 Maggie Mae/Reason to Believe-- Rod Stewart-- Takes me right back to the Sig Ep house at UGA.

1970 Ain't No Mountain High Enough-- Diana Ross
1969 Sugar, Sugar-- Archies-- Stop sing it, I know you are.

1959 Mack the Knife-- Bobby Darrin-- Go ahead, cut me.
1949 That Lucky Old Son-- Frankie Laine-- Sure have been missing it around here lately.

1939 Over the Rainbow-- Glenn Miller-- Think it could have something to do with a movie?
1929 Am I Blue-- Ethel Waters
1919 A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody-- John Street

What Happened to September? It Sure Went By Fast. --RoadDog