Tuesday, November 30, 2010

NIU's Doing the Rankings

Besides ranking #24 in AP and #23 in the USA Today polls, Northern also ranked #24 on the Harris Poll, ahead of Arizona.

In addition, I saw that in the National Team Offense in Scoring Northern ranked #11 with 471 points with a 39.3 per game average.

The Top Ten:
1. Oregon 555 (11 games)
2. Boise State 510
3. Oklahoma State 539 (11 games)
4. TCU 520
5. Wisconsin 520
6. Nevada 519
7. Auburn 499
8. Stanford 484
9. Tulsa 476
10. Ohio State 473
11. Northern Illinois 471
13. East Carolina 458

Sure Proud of the Huskies This Year. --RoadDog

Sunday, November 28, 2010

How 'Bout Dat??!!

Good old Northern Illinois University has broken into the Top 25 on both the Associated Press and USA Today polls.

#23 USA Today
#24 AP

This is the first time since 2003 NIU has been ranked. Back then, another 10-2 season like this year, Northern got as high as #10 before losing two games and dropping out of it altogether.

Northern didn't even go to a bowl game that year after also defeating Alabama and Maryland (both Top 25 when we played them) and Iowa State.

Go Huskies!! --RoadDog

Carolina for Thanksgiving 2010-- Part 3-- Virginia to Goldsboro

Day Three on the Road-- November 22nd

Drove that big decline down the mountains out of Virginia, a big reason I stayed in Wytheville last night, there was no way I wanted to do that at night.

I got off I-77 onto I-74 a short way and then NC-89 into Mt. Airy, North Carolina, where I was hoping to get a chance to eat at Snappy Lunch. I always like their free parking in the town. You don't get that in a lot of tourist places.

Hallelujah, Snappy Lunch was open and that means their famous pork chop sandwich, a real meal in itself. Snappy Lunch was mentioned in the Andy Griffith show and is a major destination for tourists to Mt. Airy, the town upon which Mayberry was based. Also, locals eat there. Most of the people there today were locals.

You have to get there before 1:30 pm because that's when they close. I sat at the counter and ordered the pork chop sandwich for $4. Pure heaven.

Afterwards, I did some shopping at the many souvenir stores along Main Street.

Took US-52 to Winston-Salem and played NTN at Greer's Sports Pun in Kernersville. Then, I got on I-40 and got off to play at Hooter's in Burlington.

Very happy to miss all the traffic congestion around during Durham and Raleigh. Arrived in Goldsboro about 5:00.

Turkey for Me. --RoadDog

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Best Thanksgiving Episodes

I came across this Yahoo TV's Best Thanksgiving Episodes. There were ten, but I only was familiar with the top five so here they are:

#5 CHEERS "Thanksgiving Orphans" 1986 featuring the food fight.

#4 WEST WING "Shiboleth" 2000-- something about pardoning turkeys.

#3 SOUTH PARK "Starvin' Marvin" 1997-- Gloria starts hording food.

#2 HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER "Slapsgiving" 2007-- When is the big slap coming?

#1 FRIENDS "The One With All the Thanksgivings" 1998-- And a touch football game as well.

It's a Seasonal Thing. --RoadDog

Carolina for Thanksgiving 2010-- Part 2-- Ohio to Virginia

The second day on the road, I entered Ohio under that great arch, about two miles after I left the motel. Then, it was I-70 east all the way to Zanesville, where I got off the interstate and onto the National Road for my favorite stretch of it to Cambridge. (I haven't been on it east of Cambridge, however.)

Caught I-77 east of Cambridge and took it to Wytheville, Virginia where I spent the night at the Econolodge and had the buffet at Shoney's. They definitely roll up the sidewalks on Sunday nights at that town.

However, they still have cheaper gas there and I was getting down low on gas after having filled up west of Zanesville. You always try to get through West Virginia without filling up as gas is usually 15-20 cents higher.

Day Three Next. --RoadDog

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Carolina for Thanksgiving 2010-- Part 1

Again, it was a late start so I didn't get as far as I thought I would. Had I left at 6 am, I probably could have made it to Muncie, Indiana, so I could catch some of the NIU-Ball State football game, but when I didn't ;eave until 9 am.

Took 47 down to I-74, stopping in Yorkville, Illinois, at the McDonald's for a McRib meal. Love those McRibs!!

Listened to the Northern game and am happy to report a win and a clinching of the MAC West Division so a game at Ford Field in Detroit for the conference championship.

Gas in Crawfordsville, Indiana, was a low for the trip, $2.60 a gallon.

Stopped at Richmond, Indiana, for the night at the Days Inn and played NTN at Buffalo Wings & Rings and had their excellent gyros dinner.

Tomorrow, Ohio, West Virgina and Virginia. --RoadDog

Friday, November 19, 2010

Here's a Great Big Band Show-- Part 2

Second set of the Lakes Area Swing Band:


There was not a time when there were no couples out dancing on the floor, and usually, the floor was completely filed. The old folks were sure enjoying themselves.


It Had to Be You
Moonlight Serenade
Love Me Tender
Jailhouse Rock
Can't Help Falling in Love
Slow Boat to China
Beyond the Sea

This was supposed to be it, but they ended up playing another thirty minutes.

Wonderful World
Zoot Suit Riot
Vehicle-- By Chicago's own Ides of March. I wouldn't have thought a Big Band would do this, but hey, it was a horn band.
Call Me Irresponsible
My Kind of Town
Wee Small Hours of the Morning

We were only going to stay for one set, but ended up there for the whole show.

Mighty Good Time at the Legion. Thanks Veterans. --RoadDog


Here's a Great Big Band Show-- Part 1

November 13th, I went to the Marine Corps Breakfast at the Legion, then Liz and I drove to Schaumburg for the Chicago 60s bands show and on the wat back stopped at her parents graves in Arlington Heights, got our slider fix in Palatine and went to one of my favorite stores, Half-Price Books and had drinks at JJ Twigg's in Wauconda.

We then went back to the Legion for their Veterans Day Dance featuring the Lakes Area Swing Band. They have 18 members along with a male and female vocalist. The cost was $5 individual or $8 a couple.

This must have been what going out to see groups during the Big Band era was like. Actually, it was Liz's parents that got me interested in Big Band Music in the 1970s. Before that, I hated it.

Here are the songs they played:

First Set

Star-Spangled Banner
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
In the Mood
Sentimental Journey
Blue Skies
Pennsylvania 6-5000
Strangers in the Night
On the Street Where You Live
Moon River
Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend
Don't Know Why (a newer one by Norah Jones)
Summer Wind
Sing, Sing, Sing

More to Come. --RoadDog


Wrigley's Gone Purple

The iconic green scoreboard out in front of Chicago's Wrigley Field has been painted purple and the familiar baseball field has been obliterated in preparation for tomorrow's Northwestern-Illinois football game. It's purple because it is a Northwestern home game.

The idea to bring football back to Wrigley began two years ago, but has been going full bore this last month.

The last football game at the "Friendly Confines" was in 1970, when the Bears played their last game there. The last college football game was when the DePaul Blue Demons (now football-less) defeated St. Louis in 1938. Even Loyola, another football-less college played their games at Wrigley.

Of course, a few years ago, the Chicago Blackhawks had a hockey game there.

The football field's configuration is a bit different now. The goal posts are in right field (actually on the wall itself) and along the third base line.

Eighty tons of sand and lots of sod have been have been brought in and placed around the field.

The Chicago Sun-Times had an article about it called "Here's the Sod Story." There were a lot of photos accompanying it. They have painted the famous ivy on the walls. I imagine the famous rooftop venues will be in operation for this as well.

That Would Be a Neat Game to Watch, But I Will Be On the Road. --RoadDog

DOORMATS WITH ATTITUDE: Beer Gets You In the Door.

It's Them, Not Me; Barrington Hills Bahs the Hum Bug

A really big squabble is developing in the village of Barrington Hills, a rich enclave located northwest of Chicago.

Residents are really split about a proposed ordinance to limit the intensity, placement and allowable hours of outside lighting. This, of course, especially aimed at Christmas lighting this time of the year.

Proponents of the ordinance claim that lighting messes up their beautiful dark sky. Hey, the village is close to Chicago and as a result, you really don't get a really dark sky anyway.

WGN News described the town as having a "well-to-do populace." It was incorporated in 1957 and, according to the story, the idea of a new municipality was hatched in the locker room of the Barrington Hills Country Club by men who wanted to keep their estates from being sliced into tract housing. The zoning code adheres to five acre minimum lots.

My guess, it was really to keep the riff-raff out.

Well, what can you expect from a town that names itself after a country club?

A Real Case of Bah, Humbug!! --RoadDog


I'm Really Glad to See You.
But, Then, I Like a Mat.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

WLS Silver Dollar Survey Nov. 16, 1968

Back on November 16, 1968, I was sure enjoying being a SENIOR at Palatine High School in Illinois. I was also sports editor of the school paper and working part time at the local Burger King (back when a Whopper cost 49 cents).

We have a station here in Chicagoland, 94.7 FM which has changed its name to WLS-FM, bringing back that great sixties radio beacon from Chicago (my favorite station back then).

They have old WLS Silver Dollar Surveys where they rank the top songs for the week in Chicago.

Here are the top twenty for November 16, 1968 (only 42 years ago).

1. LOVE CHILD-- Diana Ross & Supremes
2. MAGIC CARPET RIDE-- Steppenwolf
3. THOSE WERE THE DAYS-- Mary Hopkins
4. WHITE ROOM-- Cream
5. FIRE-- Five By Five

6. HOLD ME TIGHT-- Johnny Nash
7. CHEWY CHEWY-- Ohio Express
8. RUN TO ME-- Montanas
9. ELENORE-- Turtles
10. SHAME SHAME-- Magic Lantern

11. OVER YOU-- Union Gap
12. BANG-SHANG-A-LANG-- Archies
14. QUICK JOEY SMALL-- Kastentz Katz Circus
15. WHO'S MAKIN' LOVE-- Johnny Taylor

16. CINNAMON-- Derek
19. DO SOMETHING TO ME-- Tommy James & the Shondells
20. CYCLES-- Frank Sinatra

This is quite a mix of music. Imagine Andy Williams with Cream and the Archies and Bubble Gum Music with Frank thrown in for good measure.

Good Stuff Maynard. --RoadDog


I Will Not Be a Doormat.
I Will Not Be a Doormat.
I Will Not Be a Doormat.

Oh, Just Walk All Over Me.

Nirvana for 60sChicago Rock Fans-- Part 3-- Shadows of Knight-- Cryan' Shames

Then, Jim Sohms the lead singer of the Shadows of Knight got up and sang two songs.

SHAKE-- this song is featured on the new Rock and Roll Roots CD.
GLORIA-- he really didn't even have to sing this one as everybody was standing and singing. What was her name again?


Closed out the show.


The show closed with all the bands up to sing "Sugar and Spice."

Afterwards, they signed autographs.

If you've never been to one of these and like these bands, put next November on your calendar.

Like I Said, a Great Way to Spend a Saturday Afternoon. --RoadDog


Nirvana for 60s Chicago Rock Fans-- Part 2-- Cliff Johnson-- Buckinghams

The second act up was Cliff Johnson and part of his new band the Happy Jacks. He had been with a Chicago group called Off Broadway in the early 80s called "Stay in Time." It was a great song and their only nationally ranked song.

Unfortunately, he didn't play it, but he did give us a set. He played well, but most folks were there to see our 60s bands.

TO SIR WITH LOVE-- he sang this acapella and did a great job.


The Buckinghams were up next.


Still More Great Sixties to Come. --RoadDog

DOORMATS WITH ATTITUDES: "Our Dog is Not a Biter. He's a Humper."

Nirvana for 60s Chicago Rock Fans-- Part 1-- New Colony Six

This last Saturday, Liz and I went to Bob Stroud's CD release for his Rock and Roll Roots Volume 12 part at the Schaumburg, Illinois, Borders store.

We were treated to two hours of more memories than you can imagine as the groups featured were mostly all our favorites from that great era when we were in junior and senior high. (In my case, Winston Park Junior High and Palatine Hish School.)

This was also held in honor of the 30th year Stroud has had his Rock and Roll Roots radio show.

The show started off with a dedication to Mark Eskin of the New Colony Six who died this past year. He had played with the band the last 14 years.

Bob Stroud sang "Guitar Man" with the band in his honor.

Then, the band began singing their hits:

I WILL ALWAYS THING ABOUT YOU (Liz and My Song from when we met, along with "Massachusetts" by the Bee Gees.)

Not one of their 60s hits, but really great songs nonetheless.

From 1965 to 1973, they had more Chicago hits than any other local band.

A Great Way to Spend a Saturday Afternoon. --RoadDog


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Animal House is Back!!

Just like my favorite sandwich, the McRib, my all-time favorite movie has returned, only, in updated version. That movie would be "Animal House" and the new TBS update is "Glory Daze."

I watched the first show last night. The follow up was a big improvement over the "Animal House" TV show called "Delta House."

Only, this time the fraternity is Omega Sigma instead of Delta Tau Delta.

Of course, one big reason I liked "Animal House" so well was that it might as well have been my old fraternity at Northern Illinois University, Delta Sigma Phi. Everything they did except the toga party and the end, was stuff we did. We even had our own Bluto called Czych, who also had been at NIU many, many years.

We would have had the toga party had we thought of it.

The only problem is that it is on at 9 pm and I have the Good Wife and Detroit 2-7-1 that I like to watch.

Definitely hard to watch three shows at the same time.

Let's Hope "Glory Daze" Makes a Run of It. --RoadDog


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Congrats to Dick Biondi

He's been around since Rock and Roll began and is still chugging away at WLS-FM True Oldies at 94.7 FM here in Chicago doing his nightly show.

I just read that he has won the 2010 Carolina Beach Music Association's DJ of the year. Just one more thing to add to his list of honors and a very deserving one.

Dick, as we know, has been fired on more than one occasion and after a stint here in Chicago in the 60s, ended up at a station down in Myrtle Beach South Carolina spinning tunes, many of which were Beach Music ones. And, these aren't your Beach Boys beach songs, but that eastern Carolina sweet R&B.

These are the songs that folks along the south's east coast dance the shag to.

He also knew another one of my favorite DJs of all time, the late-great Billy Smith.

Way to Go You Italian Stallion. Put Some Peanut Butter on the Spaghetti. --RoadDog

DOORMATS WITH ATTITUDE: Come Back with a Warrant.
Thanks, Uncle Bo.

My Picks for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2011-- Part 5

Even though all of the nominated are worthy, I will keep my votes to just five. So far, I have picked Alice Cooper, Bon Jovi, Donovan and the J. Geils Band.

My fifth pick is NEIL DIAMOND.

OK, many will say he is the king of karaoke music or schmaltz, but he has definitely had an impact on pop and rock music. I especially like his earlier music.

From 1966 to 1986, he had 56 songs make Billboard's Top 100 with 11 Top tens and three #1s.

Neil Diamond was born in 1941 in Brooklyn, NY.

Some of his GREATS:

Solitary Man-- my all-time favorite Diamond song.
Cherry, Cherry
I Got the Feelin' (Oh No No)
You Got to Me
Girl, You'll be a Woman Soon
T Thank the Lord for the Night Time
Kentucky Woman
Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show
Sweet Caroline-- OK, let's all do that thing we do whenever we hear it.
Holly Holy
Cracklin' Rosie #1
Song Sung Blue #1
Longfellow Serenade
You Don't Bring Me Flowers (with Barbra Streisand) #1
Love on the Rocks
Hello Again

And, that's just some of them.

A Very Deserving Person. --RoadDog

PS. My good friend Lulu says I forgot her all-time favorite ND song, "Forever in Blue Jeans." Thanks Lulu, that was one of my favorites as well, but I missed it while I was skimming the list. Thanks for pointing it out.

SENIOR BUMPER SNICKERS: Senility Ain't Bad-- I meet new people every day.

Pretty Good Day Yesterday-- Part 3-- NTN Roadtrip

Next stop was only about five miles west of Union Grove in Kansasville, near the Wi-11/Wi-75 intersection, a place called Players Park, so-called because of the softball field located adjacent to it.

This is a free-standing structure and good-sized with a large stage. They have a machine with a boxing bag that scared us a bit when someone first hit it. After that, it just became annoying. The folks there were really into it.

They also had shots of pumpkin pie (if you've ever had an apple or cherry pie.

We had a #8 with Roadog #21.


If you come in for breakfast on the weekend, they have a way where you can get it for FREE!! It's called BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS and consists of a 12-egg omelet, 1 pound of hash browns and four pieces of toast (what, no bacon or sausage?!!).

If you can eat it all in thirty minutes, it's yours. Otherwise, it will cost $15.

Six people have their names on the plaque saying they were REAL hungry.


We then drove on to our home NTN base, Donovan's Reef and played the game with five top twenties: #8, #5 Dblk #8, #12, #8 Parrot #14, #16 and #11 Lizard #1.

A Pretty Good Day That Veterans Day, November 11th. --RoadDog

SENIOR BUMPER SNICKERS: Senility Ain't Bad-- I can hide my own Easter eggs.

Monday, November 15, 2010

My Picks for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2011-- Part 4

My fourth choice would be the J. Geils Band.

How could you not like them, especially, if for no other reason than that fantastic Centerfold album.

They formed in Boston in 1967 and were led by guitarist Jerome Geils (hence the name). They also had singer Peter "Wolf" Blankfield.

Some of their great songs:

Looking for Love
Must of Got Lost
Love Stinks
I Do
Land of a Thousand Dances

Mighty Good Stuff. --RoadDog

SENIOR BUMPER SNICKERS: Senility ain't bad. I never watch reruns.

Pretty Good Day Yesterday-- Part 2-- NTN Road Trip

Well, Actually last Thursday, Veterans Day.

We decided to go for an NTN Road Trip up to Cheesehead Land and visit two new-to-us sites.

We first drove to Union Grove, Wisconsin. Coal Miners is located right downtown on main street which is US-45 which runs from Michigan's Upper Peninsula all the way south to Mobile, Alabama. We have drive most of the road at different times, including the whole way between Mobile and part way through Illinois.

They just got it recently and have the boards sitting out on the bar as well as TVs tuned to it. Always a good sign.

The place was originally called Coal Miners Daughter after the owners mother who was from Kentucky and was a Coal Miner's Daughter. I was wondering why the name since there are no coal mines around the area.

There was one ranking glitch and we figure we were at least Top Ten both bar and individual. We did get one game to rank and the bar was #3 and DBLK #9.

The local site rankings were pretty low though so hope they get some players.

Next Stop, Players Park. -- RoadDog

SENIOR BUMPER SNICKERS: Support bingo. Keep Grandma off the streets.

How 'Bout Dem Huskies-- Part 2

Until Tuesday;s game, Northern's record against Toledo was 8-28 and they had won 14 of the last 16 games.

One of the worst things they ever did to us was in 2003, a really fine year by NIU standards as the Huskies were 10-1 coming into the game. Not only that, but at the beginning of the season, Northern had beaten Maryland (then ranked at #14). Two weeks later, we went to Alabama and beat the Tide (then ranked #21) and the following week had a win against Iowa State.

Northern doesn't beat many big-time schools, but yet here we were. At one time, Northern was ranked as high as #10 in the national rankings. Number 10.

But yet, there was still that pesky Toledo. We lost 30-49.

We finished the season 10-2 AND DID NOT GO TO A BOWL GAME BECAUSE OF TOLEDO!! Can you believe that?

No Wonder We Don't Much Like Toledo. --RoadDog

SENIOR BUMPER SNICKERS: The only problem with retirement is that you never get a darn day off.

Friday, November 12, 2010

My Picks for This Year's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2011-- Part 3

I am making my five choices for induction next year. All of the fifteen nominated have a right to be in it, but I am just limiting myself to my top five.

My Third Choice-- DONOVAN

If there was a guy who fit better into the 60s groove of things more than Donovan, I'd sure like to know who.

Born May 10, 1946 and named Donovan Phillip Leitch near Glasgow, Scotland. From 1965 to 1969, he had twelve songs in the Top 40 and four of those to the Top 10 with a #1 and #2.

Catch the Wind #23
Sunshine Superman #1
Mellow Yellow #2
Epistle to Dippy #19
There is a Mountain #11
Wear Your Love Like Heaven #23
Jennifer Juniper #26
Hurdy Gurdy man #5 (my favorite Donovan song)
Lalena #33
Atlantis #7
To Susan on the West Coast Waiting #35

All the songs and background information for all artists coming from Joel Whitburn's Top Pop Singles 1955-1993.

SENIOR BUMPER SNICKERS: Senility ain't bad. I wrap my own Christmas presents.

Every Bloomin' Thing: Mid-November 2010

This should be my last update on the outside of the house for this year.

I overdid it this year and bought too many plants in to overwinter, way more than usual. The sunroom is standing plant room only. Bur, some of them are the caladiums, New Guinea impatiens and sweet potato vines, all of which are expensive. If they make it, that will save me some dough next season (and with Big Oil and the Hedgie-Wedgie GRBs manipulating the price of oil and keeping it close to $3 this time of year, I'm sure gas will be back to $4 a gallon next spring and summer).

That means less money for plants and more expensive plants because of increased transportation and growing costs.

The yard is in its final big burst of color. All of the deciduous trees have lost their leaves except the three Bradford pears which are now just getting into their autumn crimson (always the last ones to do so).

The twenty-or-so burning bushes are also at peak crimson. Quite a few spirea are also sporting colors.

Then, there are the hundreds of mums on all sides of the house (primarily yellow) that are still in bloom, but starting to fade a bit.

I went around taking pictures yesterday.

2010, a Very Good Yard Season. --RoadDog

SENIOR BUMPER SNICKERS: I've been diagnosed with C.R.S.. That means I Can't Remember S___.!! Actually, I've had that so long I can't remember when I got it.

Pretty Good Day Yesterday-- Part 1

I sure was able to do things I like to do all day yesterday, and DID it in shorts and tee shirt because of 60 degree weather!!! Something you don't have around here this time of the year.

In the morning I was on the internet researching and posting to the blogs.

At 10:15, I drove to the Mobil station on Rollins Road in Ingleside for one of those great pumpkin spice coffees (lattes?). That is a great drink for this time of the year, but unfortunately for a limited time.

Then, I went to the Fox Lake Veterans Day ceremony at the train station. I have been out to these and froze, but, like I said, not today. It is sponsored by my American Legion Post 703 and the Fox Lake VFW.

I thanked a World War II veteran and, even though he was a Yankee, talked with a Civil War re-enactor from Lake Villa. He plays the role of an officer in the US Signal Corps.

We had speeches, the laying of a wreath, taps and a three volley gun salute. Good crowd in attendance and I especially liked to see all the kids.

Then, I went to McDonald's for one of those GREAT! McRib meals.

Thank a Vet. --RoadDog

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Picks for This Year's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2011-- Part 2

Second Pick: BON JOVI

Actually, just yesterday, I bought the newly released Bon Jovi Greatest Hits album at Target (which had a store bonus of two live songs. Just cost $10 also. Good price.

Again, one of those great groups with lots of hit songs. One of our favorite Chicagoland local bands, Soda, also does a fantastic medley of some of their songs.

From 1986 to 1993, this New Jersey band had an amazing string of eleven top 30 songs with nine Top Tens and 4 Number Ones.

#1 Livin' on a Prayer
#7 Wanted Dead or Alive
#1 Bad Medicine
#3 Born to Be My Baby
#1 I'll Be There for You
#7 Lay Your Hands on Me
#9 Living in Sin
#1 Blaze of Glory
#12 Miracle
#29 Keep the Faith
#10 Bed of Roses

Definitely a Deserving Group. RoadDog

SENIOR BUMPER SNICKERS: At my age, the only thing that gets hard are my arteries.

And They Get the Publicity

I've been following the the story about the 4,500 people on board the cruise ship Carnival Splendor which had a fire in the engine room and is now being towed back to port by Mexican tugboats. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Navy helicopters have been shuttling in food and water. A fire in the engine room shuts down power and that means you can't flush toilets and there is no air conditioning. However, auxiliary power is now on so those little stinkers can be flushed.

Air conditioning shouldn't be a problem for those with balconies, but inside rooms would be a problem


In June 2009, my family was on board the Royal Princess when we had an engine room fire and had similar experiences. Fortunately, we had just lefty Port Said, Egypt, and were just a few miles out in the Mediterranean, but we had to go through a night of no air conditioning and no-flush. Also, we were all fortunate to be on balconies so had the breezes.

But, strangely, there were no news reports of our plight the whole time. It was definitely kept hush-hush. Why, I don't know. Yet, they get all the publicity.

You can read my experiences at the http://roaddogsroadlog.blogspot.com by going back to June and July 2009 or check out the Mediterranean Cruising 2009 tag below.

I Wonder Why? --RoadDog

SENIOR BUMPER SNICKERS: Be nice to your kids. They will be the ones who choose your nursing home.

Getting Ready to Observe Veterans Day

In about 45 minutes, I will be leaving for Fox Lake to see the American Legion Post 703 commemoration of Veterans Day at 11 am by the train station. I go most years regardless of the weather.

I also have to turn in some more raffle tickets to the Sons of the American Legion fundraiser for the 40 and 19-inch LCD TVs to the commander. Liz did a great job selling them to our friends. I stink at that.

Thank You Veterans. --RoadDog

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How 'Bout Dem Huskies!!!!-- Part 1

This was one game I was really fearing. I really hate it when we have to play Toledo because they have such a major whammy on us. let's face it, we haven't beaten them often.

I was once at a Toledo-NIU game where we had a 28-0 lead near the end of the half and lost 35-28. So, I know the Rockets can definitely come from behind. It's like the Sox playing the Twins. They just do it to us.


I should mention that even in defeat, Toledo can be dangerous. I was at the Toledo game back in 1983 where we absolutely had to beat them to cinch the MAC (Mid-American Conference).

I had just taken my seat when Northern scored a quick touchdown causing everyone to jump to their feet. It was a really cold day and I had stopped at a liquor store on the way and gotten a half pint of blackberry brandy to keep me warm.

It was in my pocket and as I jumped to my feet, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the bottle go airborne from my pocket. It was all slow motion and I let out one of those loud "Oh, NO!!" also in slow motion.

I made a valiant lunge for it, but the bottle just eluded my grasp and floated down to the concrete floor and shattered.

And, even worse, I had not yet even taken a sip out of it.

So, even in defeat, those pesky Rockets can still beat you.

Final Score at last night's game: Northern 65--Toledo 30. And, I'm not finished yet.

I Missed That Warm Tingling Sensation That Day. --RoadDog

Who Was Joe Shlabotnik? --Part 2

Poor old Charlie Brown was trying valiantly to trade his cards for one Joe Shlabotnik. And what a group of cards that he was trying to trade. The names sure brought back memories, especially in these days where I hardly know any players outside of the Sox and Cubs.

Maybe these guys will bring back memories for those of us who tend to be a bit older.

The List:

Whitey Ford
Mickey Mantle
Robin Roberts
Luis Aparicio (Sox)
Juan Pizarro (Sox)
Nellie Fox (Sox)
Frank Lary
Al Kaline
Jerry Lumpe
Harmon Killebrew
Willie Mays
Orlando Cepada
Maury Wills
Sandy Koufax
Frank Robinson
Bill Mazeroski
Warren Spahn
Hank Aaron
Duke Snider
Stan Musial
Ernie Banks (Cubs)

Lucy kept turning him down. Poor Charlie throws most of his cards down and, head down with disappointment, walks away saying, "For five years I've been trying to get a Joe Shlabotnik! My favorite baseball player, and I can't get him on a bubble gum card...Five years! My favorite player..."

Lucy walks away looking at her Joe Shlabotnik card. The last panel, she says, "He's not as cute as I thought he was," and throws it in the trash can.

Poor Charlie Just Can't get a Break. --RoadDog

SENIOR BUMPER SNICKERS: Goodbye Tension. Hello Pension!!

Sure Been Enjoying It

The last three days we have had a bonus in the weather department. Every day in the upper 60s and sunny the first two, a bit cloudy today. Looks like we're going to lose it some starting tomorrow.

The net result is that very little got accomplished outside as I was too busy out OD (On Deck). Catching rays, listening to tunes and reading magazines. Almost like being out on the boat, only less bobbing up and down.

Yesterday, I went over to the Fox Lake McDonald's and had a McRib!!! And, I had it sitting out by the lagoon, something you just don't expect this time of the year. No boats out though. You can boat into this McD's. And, the seagulls were extremely appreciative with the pieces of fries I threw their way.

Then, I went over to the Mobil station in Ingleside and got one of my favorites, spiced pumpkin coffee, a delicious seasonal drink they only have for a few months. And, for about $1.30 for 20 ounces. try getting that at Fivebucks. I went over to the Fox Lake Lakefront Park and enjoyed it while looking out at Nippersink Lake and watching the fishermen.

Although not outside, today, on the way back from the doctor, I had praline pumpkin pancakes with pecans and whipped cream at IHOP. I strongly recommend it.

Can We Have Some More? Please? --RoadDog

SENIOR BUMPER SNICKERS: At my age, Happy Hour is a nap!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pretty Good Weekend-- Part 1

This past weekend was a pretty good one.

FRIDAY-- Did some yardwork and like to froze my tail off. That cold in the wind was cutting. Bought the new Jason Aldean album and a Scorpions Greatest Hits Cd at Meijer's and then spent time in the Vinyl Frontier in McHenry looking at Cds and Lps. I actually bought two albums by Sly and the Family Stone and Jay and the Americans. I just love to flip those old albums while looking for that special one.

Met the Usual Suspects at Gasoline Alley for $1 bottles. Way too cold to sit out on the deck and overlook Grasslake, so stayed inside. Then the Usual Suspects went over to Da Bears Den in Fox Lake and each coupe got a 14-inch pizza with two toppings and a pitcher of beer for $11. That's a hard deal to beat.

SATURDAY-- In the morning, I went to the bank to cash a check and got four rolls of quarters. Some day, I would like to finish up my two sets of quarters. Those "P" Philadelphia quarters are hard to find.

I was quite excited to find that Walgreen's was selling bobble heads of my all-time favorite Christmas movie "A Christmas Story." I just love that marathon and watch it off and on all day. I bought a bobble head "Old Man" holding the infamous lamp.

More to Come. --RoadDog

SENIOR BUMPER SNICKERS: Eat Right. And Exercise. Still Die.

Who Was Joe Shlabotnik?-- Part 1

I came across a Classic Peanuts comic strip by Charles Schilz in the August 22nd Chicago Tribune, a Sunday expanded strip where good ol' Charlie is trying to get a Joe Shlabotnik baseball card from Lucy, who won't make a trade.

Charlie offers to trade her some of the best players around in the early sixties, but she constantly refuses.

I was a big baseball fan back then and recognize most of the names Charlie offers, but had never heard of Joe Shlabotnik.

According to Wikipedia's List of Minor Characters in Peanuts, it turns out that Joe was a fictional minor character in the Peanuts strip. He never appeared and wasn't even a good minor league baseball player, yet Charlie Brown inexplicably admired him.

Once, Charlie spent $5 to buy 500 baseball cards (back when the cards only cost one cent apiece and you got that free rock hard piece of bubble gum that broke many a tooth and punctured many a gum with sharp edges). He didn't get Joe.

But, Lucy bought one nickle pack and got Charlie's hero. He tried to trade her, but to no avail as she thought he was "kind of cute."

Charlie even had a Joe Shlabotnik Fan Clun News paper. In he he wrote these superlatives about his beloved Joe: Joe was in the Green Grass League where he batted .143. Plus, Joe made "spectacular catches of routine fly balls" and once "threw out a runner who had fallen down between first and second."

Tomorrow, I will give you a list of the ballplayers Charlie was willing to trade for Joe.

So, That's Who Joe Shlabotnik Is!! --RoadDog

SENIOR BUMPER SNICKERS: At my age..."Gettin' Any?" means sleep!!.

My Picks for This Year's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-- Part 1

Last month, I listed the 15 candidates for the Class of 2011 and said I was going to make my five choices. Of course, all belong in it and hopefully will eventually get their day. But, for now, these are my five picks and why I chose them.

Right off the bat, I have to say that the more songs I hear by the artist, the more likely I am to choose them.


If for no other reason than the song "School's Out" which was Liz and my retirement song from teaching and the name of our last two boats, only the new one has the word "...forever" added to it.

When you saw us out in it, school was most definitely out.

And them, there were these others:

Eighteen Under My Wheels
No More Mr. Nice Guy
Billion Dollar Babies
Welcome to My Nightmare.

Alice's real name is Vincent Furnier, but he changed it to Alice Cooper from a 16th century witch. Of course, then there are all his bizarre stage antics.

Wonder If He Will Be in Full Makeup At the Ceremony? --RoadDog

SENIOR BUMPER SNICKERS: I don't exercise. It makes my coffee spill.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Things Not Looking Good for the Lincoln Highway

The second round of the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) football playoffs have been completed and the Lincoln took-a-beatin' compared to Route 66 in this round, with just two teams left. Meanwhile, Route 66 has six.

The Lincoln Highway was 2-5 for an overall 9-8 record. Route 66 was 6-4 with an overall 16-12 record.

The Quarter Final Round begins Saturday.

Remaining teams for the LINCOLN HIGHWAY:

Class 5A

Joliet Catholic (also on Route 66) 10-1, ranked #2

Class 2A

Morrison 10-1, ranked #3

Remaining teams for Route 66

Class 5A

Joliet Catholic (also on Lincoln Highway) 10-1, ranked #2
Springfield 9-2, ranked #3

Class 4A

Pontiac 11-0, ranked #1

Class 2A

Staunton 10-1, ranked #5
Williamsville 10-1, ranked #3

Class 1A

Lexington 8-3, ranked #4

Things Aren't Looking Too Good for the Lincoln. --RoadDog

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rock and Roll Roots Vol. 11

These are the songs on Stroud's last CD:

LITTLE GIRL-- Syndicate of Sound
CAN'T YOU SEE ME CRY-- New Colony Six


MY PLEDGE OF LOVE-- Joe Jeffrey Group
RUBY TUESDAY-- Rotary Connection

CAR HOP-- Exports

Good Stuff, Maynard. --RoadDog

SENIOR BUMPER SNICKERS: Don't worry about your health. It will go away.

It's Them, Not Me: Big Time Gas Gouge Yesterday

I had noticed gas in Wisconsin was up to $2.90 Thursday, but in no way was prepared for the gouge here in northeastern Illinois yesterday.

Gas in Fox Lake went from $2.78 to $2.98 IN ONE DAY!!! That's a twenty cent spike in one day. What gives?

I heard someone say it is because the stock market went up a lot. That's ridiculous. Do we have to pull for the market to do badly so that we don't get jumped by Big Oil and the GRB Hedgie-Wedgies?

There is no excuse.

And, of course, when the current round of greed subsides, it will take stations two months to drop the 20 cents. Let's see, one day to go up 20 cents. Two months to drop 20 cents.

Something Ain't Right.

Something Stinks in Denmark, Or Is It the US? --RoadDog

SENIOR BUMPER SNICKERS: I'm speeding, officer, because I have to get there before I forget where I'm going.

Good Luck, Papa Joe, But Not Today

I'll be watching the football game later this afternoon between Penn State and Northwestern when Joe Paterno goes for his 400th college victory.

I really like Joe Paterno and because of him, pull for Penn State, but Northwestern is my favorite college football team after Northern Illinois, East Carolina and Georgia.

Papa Joe can reach that plateau next week.

Hey, Papa Joe!! --RoadDog

SENIOR BUMPER SNICKERS: Geezer (ge-ser)--noun. slang. Not young. Not dead. Somewhere in between. Now you know.

Rock and Roll Roots Vol. 12 Release Tomorrow

I'll definitely be listening to Bob Stroud's Rock and Roll Roots show on the Drive in Chicago tomorrow from 7 to 10 am. He will be playing all 12 songs from the latest effort in his Rock and Roll Roots anthology.

He has his listeners pick the songs and always includes one or two that have never been on CD before and also, from time to time, ones I've never heard of before.

Afterwards, he is having a CD release party at the Borders store in Oakbrook. That will have quite a few of the famous bands from Chicago Sixties Rock and Roll. In the past, we've had Jim Peterik and the Ides of March, the New Colony 6, Mauds, Jim Sohns of the Shadows of Knight, Cryan' Shames and Buckinghams.

That's one great two hour show of memories, and, even better, it's free!! Afterwards, you can have the band members sign your CD.

You can listen live outside of the Chicago area at www.wdrv.com.

Play me Some O' Dat Music, Bob. --RoadDog

SENIOR BUMPER SNICKERS: I don't think about dying. It's the last thing I want to do.

Friday, November 5, 2010

JSS: Round 2: Route 66 vs. Lincoln Highway-- CMA AWARDS-- Boat's Put Away-- Half Price Halloween Stuff

JSS-- Just Some Sruff

1. ROUND 2: ROUTE 66 AND LINCOLN HIGHWAY-- The second weekend of the IHSA Football Playoffs starts today. I have the Route 66 teams playing the Lincoln Highway for the state Road Championship.

Right now, Route 66 is leading 10-7 with the Lincoln taking the only head-to-head contest. But, last week, 66 started with 18 teams and Lincoln with 10.

You can follow on my Roadlog Blog: http://roaddogsroadlog.blogspot.com.

2. CMA AWARDS-- Going to go out and buy the new Jason Aldean CD today. Monday, I bought the new Trace Adkins and Brad Paisley double greatest hits CDs.

I am a big country music fan and am looking forward to the CMA Awards show next week.

3. BOAT'S PUT-AWAY-- Over the weekend, I got a call from Midwest Marine and they had finished the boat. Monday, I drove over and got it and took it over to Hebron, Illinois, to be put away for the winter.

The season is officially over. We started boating in 1985, so this was our 26th season.

4. HALF PRICE HALLOWEEN STUFF-- I've been out buying half price Halloween stuff since Monday. Hard to beat those prices. I've bought candy, candles, lights and other items so far.

Just Some Stuff. --RoadDog

SENIOR BUMPER SNICKERS: Young at heart...Slightly older in Other Places.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Some Scary Halloween Songs-- Part 3

THE MARTIAN BOOGIE-- BROWNSVILLE STATION-- The late great Cub Coda from 1974. (I've never heard it before, but it is a great one.)
WHITE RABBIT-- JEFFERSON AIRPLANE-- Through the looking glass with Alice. From Surrealistic Pillow.

BORN UNDER A BAD SIGN-- CREAM-- Old Albert King classic done up in Wheels of Fire back in '68.
HOCUS POCUS-- FOCUS- (Hey, that all rhymes!!)

BLACK MAGIC WOMAN-- FLEETWOOD MAC-- Giving you that VooDoo that we do so well. (Before Santana did it.)
(YOU'RE THE) DEVIL IN DISGUISE-- ELVIS PRESLEY-- The King calling her bluff.





Now, There's a Pretty Good Lineup of Halloween Songs If I Ever Saw One. --RoadDog


I always cook with wine.
I sometimes even add it to the food.

Purty FunKnee Cartoons

Came across two funny cartoons that sort of sum up my feelings about all this new "teknolgy."

The first was a political cartoon from Mike Keefe of the Denver Post 8-20-10.

It's the first day back in school and class is in session. Two boys sitting in the back are holding books and looking puzzled. One turns to the other and says "Psst. How do you turn this thing on?"

The other was yesterday's Pickles comic strip. I'm really starting to like this one a lot because the old geezer Earl is so much like me.

FIRST PANEL Earl and wife are at the table and his wife is reading the newspaper. She says: "I notice that some hotels and eating places are starting to offer free wi-fi."

SECOND PANEL She says, "Do you have any idea what wi-fi is?" Earl replies, "No clue."

THIRD PANEL She says, "Me neither. I can't keep up with the new things anymore. I give up." (My feelings exactly.)

FOURTH PANEL Earl then says, "Maybe wi-fi is short for why fight it."

Tell It Like It Is, Earl. --RoadDog


Retirement Planning & Consulting.

Decision Made

OK, yesterday, I had a dilemma. To have or not have a Crawfish Tackle Box or McRib meal.

The old mouth was definitely salivating. Did I hear a bell somewhere?


Drove into Round Lake Beach and after paying my truck insurance, went to Popeye's. They were having a free crawfish tasting, but not advertising it. You got a small cup with three fried tails in it along with that great horseradish sauce. I was going to get the Crawfish Tackle Box anyway, but not going to pass up on FREE crawfish.

I bought the Crawfish Tackle Box Combo which comes with a heaping helping of tails and sauce, biscuit, fries and drink. That really filled me up, but then I saw they had fried sweet potato pie so had to get that for dessert. Anything sweet potato is a treat.


After watching another fantastic Clint Eastwood movie, "Hereafter" at the Fox Lake Theatre, I went over to buddy Rick's and then we went to McDonald's on US-12 where we had.........McRIBS!! It comes as a sandwich for $2.49 or meal for $4.99: sandwich, fries and drink.

My taste buds immediately were in heaven.

So, my decision was to have both. I just couldn't wait another day. Not good for me, but really good for me.

Love Those McRibs!! --RoadDog


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Some Good Halloween Songs-- Part 2

SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL-- ROLLING STONES-- from the closest cousins to the Addams Family, from Beggar's Banquet.

DEVIL IN HER HEART-- BEATLES-- George singing lead vocal. In the states, we got it on the Beatles Second album.
DEVIL'S RADIO-- GEORGE HARRISON-- From his Cloud Nine release. Clapton ripping off that guitar solo.

EVIL WOMAN-- CROW-- From 1969 and on the Rock and Roll Roots Vol. 3.

I PUT A SPELL ON YOU-- CCR-- Great version of the old Screaming Jay Hawkins classic off their first album in '68.
SEASON OF THE WITCH-- BLOOMFIELD, KOOPER, STILLS-- My favorite version of Donovan's classic: Mike Bloomfield, Al Kooper and Stephen Stills from the album Super Session.


Still More Scary Stuff to Come. --Roadog

THE VERY LAST MUSINGS FROM A CONFUSED MIND: Is it me-- or do buffalo wings taste like chicken?

Decisions, Decisions!!

And we're not talking politics here.

We're talking McRib vs Crawfish Tackle Box.

They're Back, and we're not talking post-Halloween poltergeists. What I'm talking about is McDonald's wonderful McRIB!! I have to admit that I'm a big fan, no, actually an addicted FAN.

I will actually drive out of my way to get one. That is one special taste, let me tell you. The fact that it is for a limited time makes even each morsel just that more special.

Now, i see that Popeye's has their own limited time offering, the Crawfish tackle Box.

I sure do love crawfish when I don't have to shuck them.

I'm driving into Round Lake Beach in a few minutes. There is a McDonald's along the way in Fox Lake and another one in RLB and a Popeye's as well. That makes for a hard choice.

Just Which One Will I Be Attacking Today. --RoadDog

MUSINGS FROM A CONFUSED MIND: Show me a man with both feet firmly on the ground, and I'll show you a man who can't get his pants off.

It's Them, Not Me: Too Close to Call

Definitely some mad voters out there. Mad at the economy, mad at politicians in general and mad at the dirty campaigns and commercials we've been inundated with the last several months.

Elections were mostly close here in Illinois.

Republican Kirk beat Democrat Giannoulias for US Senate by 48.4% to 46.1%. At least we are spared another hard-to-spell and pronounce name after Der Blago. And perhaps we'll have the first bona fide US Senator there since four years ago.

This is the Senate seat held by Barack Obama while he was running for president. And then we had Blago's appointment of even less-effective Burris. Between the two of them, we have not had Illinois representation since 2006.

The governor's race is still, at 11:01 am, too close to call with less than 6,000 votes separating Quinn (who leads) and Brady.

With the Republicans capturing the US House of Representatives, hopefully both parties will see that people are tired of the same-old, same-old.

Let's Hope They're Smart Enough to Figure It All Out. --RoadDog

MUSINGS FROM A CONFUSED MIND: If swimming is so good for your figure, how do you explain whales?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Some Good Halloween Songs-- Part 1

This past Sunday, October 31st, Halloween, Bob Stroud had his annual really scary Rock and Roll Roots show devoted to all things frightening.

Unfortunately, I missed the first 30 minutes as 7 am is just TOO early to get up on a Sunday.

Prepare to have your wig scared off:



Coming off break, Stroud played "Spiders and Snakes" by Jim Stafford to introduce the next two songs.

BORIS THE SPIDER-- WHO-- From album Happy Jack.
THE SNAKE-- AL WILSON-- On Rock and Roll Roots Vol. 4

SUPERSTITION-- STEVIE WONDER-- Creepy, crawly and look out for that black cat crossing your path. From his 1974 release Talking Book.

Scared Yet? --RoadDog

MUSING FROM A CONFUSED MIND: How can there be self-help groups?

Number One Songs This Date-- November 1, 2010-- Part 2

1973 MIDNIGHT TRAIN TO GEORGIA-- Gladys Knight & the Pips
1972 I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW-- Johnny Nash
1970 I'LL BE THERE-- Jackson 5

1950 GOODNIGHT IRENE-- Gordon Jenkins & the Weavers
1940 ONLY FOREVER-- Bing Crosby
1930 BODY AND SOUL-- Paul Whiteman

1920 WHISPERING-- Paul Whiteman (Must have been a major performer with #1 songs ten years apart.)
1910 EVERY LITTLE MOMENT-- Harry MacDonough & Lucy Isabelle Marsh
1900 BECAUSE-- Haydn Quartet (I've seen these people on other #1 songs before 1940.)

To check out any date and #1s: www.joshhosler.biz/NumberOneinHistory/SelectMonth.htm.

Taking a Look Back. --RoadDog

MUSINGS FROM A CONFUSED MIND: The cost of living hasn't affected its popularity.

It's Them, Not Me: Dirty Little Election Ads

The Chicago Tribune always runs political cartoons from around the country every Saturday on their editorial page. This past Saturday was all devoted to this year's political campaign and pretty-well sums it up for me.


A car is driving down the freeway and comes to two exits in opposite directions. One reads "High Road" with an arrow to the left. The other reads "Low Road" with an arrow to the right. The license plate reads "Decision 2010."

Guess which road our politicians took?


A family is on their couch watching TV which is saying "THIEF!!", "#@&*#%", "Moron!!", "He'll Steal Your $$$!!!", "Corrupt", and "Liar."

The mother says, "No--the new anti-bullying warnings don't cover political ads."


My favorite one. There's a chalkboard with the words "US POLITICS" written on it. There is a hand and the fingernails are going across it for that special sound.

I Sure Do Agree With You Mr. Bennett. --RoadDog

MUSINGS FROM A CONFUSED MIND: I used to be indecisive. Now, I'm not sure.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Number One Songs This Date: November 1, 2010-- Part 1

It's the beginning of the month, so once again time to take a look at the number one songs this date back to 1900. That's 110 years worth of music. As usual, thanks again to Josh Hosler for the list which he bases on Billboard Charts, still the real mark of a Number One!

2010 LIKE A G6-- Far'East Movement-- Hunh?
2000 COME ON OVER BABY (ALL I WANT IS YOU)-- Christina Aguilera-- Another Mickey Girl.
1990 ICE ICE BABY-- Vanilla Ice-- Who says white guys can't rap? Well, maybe.

1980 WOMAN IN LOVE-- Barbra Streisand
1979 POP MUZIK-- M-- I don't care what anybody says. I like this one.
1978 YOU NEEDED ME-- Anne Murray
1977 YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE-- Debby Boone (How did we survive these last two?)

1976 ROCK 'N ME-- Steve Miller Band
1975 ISLAND GIRL-- Elton John
1974 YOU HAVEN'T DONE NOTHIN'-- Stevie Wonder

More To Come. --RoadDog

MUSING FROM A CONFUSED MIND: My weight is perfect for my height--which varies.

It's Them, Not Me: Thankfully About Over

We have, by my count, one more day where we have to be affronted with all this mudslinging that's been going on the last several months. I thought it was bad last year, but things have gone to the extreme.

If we slung this much mud last year, we have to sling that much plus this year.

If I could find a non-mudslinger, I'd vote for that person.

Right now, with the state of the economy and the United States, I've got a mind to vote for anyone who is not an incumbent.

To hear the different camps, everyone running is a crook, a criminal and not to be trusted. Evidently, they are right.

Two more days, Jack.

Where's Mickey Mouse When You Need Him? --RoadDog

MUSINGS FROM A CONFUSED MIND: One nice thing about egotists, they don't talk about other people.

Ten Really Scary Songs

Friday, October 29th, Bob Stroud featured Scary Songs on his Ten at Ten Show. Ten real classic scare-you tunes to get you in the mood for the spooks and goblins.

DANCING WITH MR. D.-- Rolling Stones

MONSTER MASH-- Bobby "Boris" Pickett
DEVIL WOMAN-- Cliff Richard




Stoud's listeners also get to vote on their favorites. The Top Three:

#3 Devil Woman

#2 Werewolves of London

#1 Monster Mash-- after all these years, still #1.

Like, BOO!!! --RoadDog

MUSINGS FROM A CONFUSED MIND: Experience is the one thing you have left when everything else is gone.