Saturday, June 28, 2008

Congratulations Fresno State!!

This past Wednesday, super underdog Fresno State easily handled Georgia to win the 2008 College World Series two games to one. It was Bulldog vs. Bulldog for team nicknames.

I was pulling for Georgia since I attended school there for one year 1971-1972. Then there was the great National football Championship back in 1981. Good games.

We never knew how big the college World Series was until a few years ago when we were returning from a Route 66 trip by a different drive and stopped in Omaha, Nebraska to play NTN at various establishments. Every one of them was packed with fans watching and cheering the games.

About 10 pm, we decided to get a room for the night. That was a mistake. No vacancies everywhere, and we did find one available room at the Motel 6 across the river, but they WANTED $100 for the room!!! One hundred bucks for a room at the 6, I think NOT!!!

Then took the interstate east. Surely, there would be rooms available the farther we went. But, guess what, there are hardly any motels along this stretch.

We drove and drove and finally got a room about 2 am in Des Moines. I wasn't a very happy person. And Tired!!!

Never Underestimate the Popularity of the College World Series. --RoadDog

Thumb's Still in Bad SHAPE

It's now been nine days of pain and finding out all the things I can no longer do. It's really amazing how we take our thumbs for granted, but without them, life is a lot less pleasant. Goodbye writing, clicking seatbelts, and, even shifting from reverse, forward or park in out Malibu, as you have to press a button in the column. And these are just a few of the things.

Last Friday, we went to the emergency room of St. Francis Hospital in Litchfield, and had it looked at. They couldn't find anything and gave me the meanest shot I've ever had. I mean this one REALLY, REALLY HURT. I was given a prescription.


Sunday, we drove to Springfield, Illinois, and it still wasn't better, so Monday, we went to the Springfield Clinic which is quite a large complex. We were there for almost three hours and they did another exploration and lancing. I believe they might have gotten the culprit , part of a thistle sticker, out.

I was given a stronger antibiotic and pain killers as it is quite hurtful. By Wednesday, the thumb was starting to drain and has continued until today. However, we are planning to go to the local hospital emergency room tomorrow if there is no improvement.

Sure Tired of This Sore Thumb. --RoadDog

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

On Da Road-- June Route 66 Trip-- June 20th

JUNE 20TH-- Chain of Rocks to Litchfield

Late getting started in the morning, but got to the Missouri side of the famous old Chain of Rocks bridge and got into line to cross it. Met friend and 66er Lulu. Paid $5 to cross it and did the mile span very slowly; taking pictures with both the camcorder and digital camera.

Had breakfast at the Hen House on Route 66, one of only five restaurants left out of a 1969 chain of 40 or so places in the Midwest. It's sort of a like a small forerunner of the Cracker Barrels.

Then took Route 66 to Staunton and stopped at Rich Henry's Rabbit House and talked with him a bit. He remembered that we had stopped at his place our first Route 66 trip back in the spring of 2002 and he was a big reason for us getting hooked on the road. His pet rabbit, Montana, is running a presidential campaign, and we just might vote for her what with our other options.

There were about 60 vehicles, many classics on this southern tour to Litchfield. After the slow ride across the CoR bridge, and breakfast, we were quite behind them, but caught up with them at Scotty's in Hamel.

Stopped at Soulsby's 1930s Shell station in Mount Olive, then took the old alignment into Litchfield and weren't happy to find they didn't have our reservations at the Best Value Inn, an old Best Western back in the Route 66 days. We were able to get the last room they had, though.


Went to the emergency room of St. Francis to have my sore right thumb looked at. The doctor gave me one of the worst shots I've ever had. Man, did that ever hurt. Then she probed around, but didn't find anything. She gave me some antibiotics and we were on our way. Picked up the prescription at the Walgreens they built on the site of the old Gardens Restaurant.

Rested some and went over for Monster Tacos at Jack in the Box. We both like them, and Litchfield is the closest site to us, so we don't pass up chances to go there when we have them.

Then drove over to the festival grounds by the Comfort Inn and saw an excellent Beatles tribute band called the Cavern Beat which played all the pre-Sgt. Pepper's songs, my favorite. From a distance, they looked like the real thing.

Stopped at the Passport Lounge and heard some of the WORST karaoke ever. We were planning on going to another bar on 66 called Shaw's, but there was a what appeared to be a drunken guy on a bicycle weaving all over the road and I decided we'd better not try to pass him.

Went back to the motel and turned in for the night.

Life with a Sore Thumb

Miserable. And especially miserable when on vacation. Talk about bad timing!!!

I believe the culprit to be my yard, specifically, a type of sticker plant I was removing last week. I ended up with a sticker in my right thumb. I pulled it out, well, part of it anyway. There was a little bit left and I decided to get the rest of it out later. I forgot.

Normally, this is no problem. I'm always getting scrapes, stuck, bitten by spiders, (only stung twice), sore fingers, blood from scratches, etc., while tooling around the yard. That's just par for the course.

But, this accident went above and beyond anything yard-related I've ever encountered, other than the cut in the eye from a mum plant that got infected and put me out of commission for a week back in fall of 2004.

I have been in pain (and I don't handle pain at all) ever since we left on the vacation last Thursday. Until yesterday, it was about double its usual size with a big area of swelling. It's still big, but decreasing as we finally have puss coming out of it. Gross and smelly.

Since Friday I have been to one hospital emergency room in Litchfield, Illinois, and the Springfield Clinic.

I'll be writing some more on the pain.

Yard's Trying to Get Me!!! --RoadDog

Saturday, June 21, 2008

On Da Road-- June Route 66 Trip-- June 19th

One thing about hitting the old road during the summer is that I have to spend a lot of time watering the outside plants, especially the ones I recently planted.

This caused us to be two hours late leaving Thursday, but we finally got underway.

Drove to Woodstock, Illinois, and took our Chicago bypass,Illinois Highway 47. to Dwight, where we picked up Route 66. Gas was usually between $4.16 and $4.20 with the exception of Yorkville, which was at the high of $4.26. About 20 miles south of Yorkville, Morris was at $4.

On 66, gas is usually cheapest at Pontiac, and it was at $3.86.


Some folks call Liz and myself as being the ultimate Route 66 collectors, but these folks in Towanda, Illinois, put us to shame. Their garage is one massive Route 66 collection. Even the black and white tiled floor has a big 66 on it. She has been collecting for 9 years and during that time, has only gotten doubles three times.

Her husband spent two weekends putting together a US license plate map, where each state has a piece of their real license plate on their location. He said he'd never do that again. He also put a Route 66 shield stencil on the road in front of his house. A cop told him he should have gotten permission and then he was told by an authority that if they let him do it, everybody would be doing it.


Stopped in Springfield for Cozy Dogs, a real taste treat and Route 66 favorite. These were one of the first corn dogs and always made when ordered. I like mine with onion and mustard. Actually, I don't know if I like the special fries better, and, then, therre are always those great Route 66 magazines to read while eating.

Got a room at the Hamel Hilton, the local name for the Innkeeper out on I-55 and then went to Scotty's, the old Tourist Haven, dating to the 1930s and a real Route 66roadhouse. Had a nice talk with Fred and Candy, a couple of 66 enthusiasts from Kansas. They belong to five of the 8 Route 66 state associations and he has been into the road since 1995. He met Candy a year and a half ago, ans she has since become a 66 fanatic.

Garages, Dogs, and Scotty's, a Good Day on Route 66. --RoadDog

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

AFI's Top Ten Top Ten

A bit repetitive, but last night the American Film Institute ran their top ten movies of ten different genres. I didn't always agree with their picks and think they left some mighty good ones off the list, but, it was thought-provoking and always good to bring back memories.

I will write downs the ones I liked and make comments.


10. The Ten Commandments-- always liked the parting of the Red Sea
8. Saving Private Ryan-- The D-Day scenes alone
6. Titanic-- The sinking. I'm into sunken ships anyway.
4. Gone With the Wind-- I'm a big Civil War buff. The street scene with all those dead and wounded Confederates with the limp flag still gets me.
3. Schindler's List-- One man battling one of the worst things humans have ever done to each other.

#1 Lawrence of Arabia-- Haven't seen it, but definitely on my list of things to see.

Nothing Like a Good Old Epic. --RoadDog

JSS: Mama Duck and Peepers-- New Retaining Wall-- Laptop Arrives-- Getting Ready for Litchfield

JSS-- Just Some Stuff

1. MAMA DUCK PEEPERS-- The Mama Duck had at least two peepers (as I call the the baby ducks) and perhaps as many as four (judging from the shells). However, they are gone now and I have no idea where. I always wonder about that duck as we are several miles from the nearest water and the peepers can't yet fly.

I'd like to know where she takes them.

2. NEW RETAINING WALL-- Yesterday, I built a mini retaining wall out on the west side of the driveway culvert using concrete crescent stones. Looks pretty good, even if Ido say so.

3. LAPTOP ARRIVES-- Yesterday, John, of Nerds on Site, brought out the laptop and got it all programmed and set up for us. He had one with him last Friday when he set up the other two personal computers, but it didn't work. Guess we're in the 21st century now.

4. GETTING READY FOR LITCHFIELD-- Illinois, that is. The annual Route 66 International Festival is being held there and we will be meeting up with a bunch of our road friends. Hope we can afford the gas!! At least it will be a "little" cheaper than around here which is $4.08.

On the Road Again, I just Can't Wait to Get on the Road Again. --RoadDog

Monday, June 16, 2008

Chain's Closed...And Well It Should Be

Our weather has been bad around here what with our storms and winds, but nowhere near as bad as what has taken place in Wisconsin and Iowa.

Finally got some decent weather after a very cool May, and then we get the rains and storms.

I did get out on the boat for awhile last Monday, and the water was high then. Today, it is about six inches higher on the Chain of Lakes than it was during last August's floods, and the Fox River hasn't crested yet.

The Chain was no-wake and the river closed all last week, and today, the Chain is also closed and that is a good idea. "School's Out...Forever!!" is floating a bit above the dock.

Farther down the channel, Channel Inn has a sign up saying "Welcome to Channel Island. Anyone with Draino welcome." Nice to see someone has a sense of humor in a time like this.

Rain, Rain, Go Away for Awhile. --RoadDog

Can You Believe Those Guys?

And I'm talking about some Republican senators in Congress.

I see that in the June 11th Chicago Tribune an article "Big Oil escapes windfall tax" by Lori Montgomery and Steven Mufson.

Even as gas prices were going up 2 cents a gallon last Tuesday to a NATIONAL AVERAGE of $4.04 a gallon, Senate Republicans blocked a proposed windfall profit tax along with one to eliminate some of tax breaks these Big Oil companies get.

By a 51-43 vote (9 short of the 60 needed) the debate on the Democrat-sponsored energy measure. Voting was mostly along party lines.

Now we know who is on what side. This definitely does not help McCain's chances in November if the Republicans continue to back Big Oil. We need to do something with these GRBs.

Gas today in Fox Lake was $4.08 (4.07.9). I heard that the price of oil went up and an hour later, one of the stations was at $4.13. Now, that's a FAST increase.

Big Oil= Bad News. --One Really Burned Horny Toad

Jolted into the 21st Century --Part 2


For quite awhile, I had been thinking about getting a second computer. Both Liz and I are retired and on the internet quite a bit. Sometimes, we overlap, well, I should say QUITE often we overlap.

I was thinking to put one in the basement on Frances' desk. Talked to John and he said it would be no problem putting in a second personal computer downstairs. So, for another $600, we got one and are NOW a TWO COMPUTER FAMILY.


Well, while we're at it, let's go ahead and get our first laptop. I have four blogs and when we can scrape up enough money to pay for gas so we can take a trip, it is not always possible to stay in a motel that has a computer in the lobby for use. I get quite behind in my effort to post once a day to all four blogs (that would be a one a day average).

So, We Are a Little More into the 21st Century. But, Wait, There's More. --Your Child of the Mid-20th Century RoadDog

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Jolted into the 21st Century

I haven't posted since Sunday, and there was a reason for it.

Apparently, the house was struck by lightning Sunday night about 10:30 pm. I was watching TV downstairs in the Margaritaville pit when I heard a strange pop sound. There was no flickering of the lights or no loss of electricity, which happens often here in our subdivision despite the fact that the wires are all underground (unfortunately, the lines coming into it are not).


The next morning, I found a note from Liz that she couldn't get the computer to work and that we had no hot water. Looked at both and couldn't figure out what possibly could be wrong. Still hadn't thought about that pop, but with two major items going on the fritz at the same time, hhmmnn. There sure was a lot of lightning going on at the time of that strange pop. Could it be?

Called our 'puter guy John from Nerds on Site (how's that for the name of folks who'll fix your computer), and he came out Monday and took a look at it. The mother board was fried and he said it was most likely caused by lightning.

Aha, the culprit.

Beware of Strange "Pops" in the Night. --RoadDog

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Summer's Finally Arrived

It's hot. It's muggy. Yesterday we went boating. Buit, we're definitely having the storm season. We're getting hit just about everyday. Tornadoes have been spotted in the area as well.

Yesterday, after boating, I worked in the yard and finally gave up coming in when a new band of rain would come through. I was absolutely drenched when I came in.

Today, we're planning on meeting Kevin and Kelly at Captain's Quarters on Fox Lake to see the Rockin' Fenderskirts play this afternoon. They play a great selection of tunes from the 50s and 60s, including a first set with an upright bass.

This is always the "Real Beginning of Summer" the first Sunday afternoon party at Captain's.

More storms moving in right now, but, Captain's outside party area is under a tent, so well be fine. I was rained on enough yesterday.

Summer, It's a State of Mind. --RoadDog

Way to Go MLB

Congratulations to Major League Baseball and Hall of Famer Dave Winfield (whose foul ball I caught at Comiskey Park way back when off a Britt Burns pitch-the only one I EVER caught) for doing an honorary draft for those remaining members of the old Negro League. This was held in advance of the annual amateur

These players deserved to be in the Majors, but the color of their skin deprived most of the opportunity in a major injustice.

Joe B. Scott, 87, "I love baseball. I used to get a whipping for playing it. My mother used to whip me on Thursdays and Sundays. Those were my whipping days because she knew I was on the ballfield. But I didn't cry when she whipped me."

Had it not been for the breaking of the color barrier, I never would have gotten to see my two all-time favorite White Sox players: Tommy Agee and Harold Baines. And of course the two Chicago baseball icons Minnie Minosa and "Mr. Cub", Ernie Banks.

Talk about Something Else. June and both Chicago baseball teams are in first place in their divisions!!! Like I say, I ALWAYS back the Cubbies...UNLESS they play the White Sox!!

Talk About a Guy Who Played Through the Pain!! --RoadDog

Saturday, June 7, 2008

JSS: Nasty Weather-- Boating Today-- End-of-theYear Party-- The Retired Motto

Just Some Stuff

1. NASTY WEATHER-- Put the boat in Monday and have not been able to go out since because of the horrible weather. We've had plenty of storms and threats of storms. Tuesday, it was 53 degrees in the morning and fog.

Yesterday was the worst of all with a succession of storms rolling across the area. We had heavy winds and tornado warnings. It was one stormfront followed by another all afternoon and then, about 6 pm, we got perfect weather.

2. BOATING TODAY-- Though. Looks perfect. Hope to get out for a few hours before all the Weekend Warriors get out. This will be the second day out on our boat which is named, very appropriately "School's Out...Forever!" Thanks Alice.

3. END-OF-THE-YEAR PARTY-- We had one of these for 14 years, every last day of school. But, now, there are NO LAST DAY's of school for us, so that is no more. Thankfully, our friends Kevin and Kelly have picked up and carried on with that tradition.

Thursday was Kevin's last day in Waukegan. Kelly got out of Antioch on Monday. So, they had their friends (including us) and fellow teachers over at their place on Fox Lake. Always a great time. Spent about five hours there.

One person retired last year and subbed 120 days this year. Now, that woman doesn't know what retirement is all about. We'll have to work with her.

Yesterday, we went over for the DAY AFTER party, where we finished off the keg and food. This is as much fun as the regular party. Some years, there are several Day After parties, but this year, only one.

4. THE RETIRED MOTTO-- That's right. We're RETIRED. Liz made up and ordered tee shirts for us, including Kora, from Zazzle and they arrived yesterday. Each of us has their own little logo. Mine is Professor Parrot,Liz's is Lazy Lizard, and Kora's is Happy Feet. Each shirt had those and the words:

I don't want to
I don't have to
You can't make me

That pretty well sums it up for me.

Just Some Stuff Around here. --RoadDog

Friday, June 6, 2008

Rolling Stone Top 100 Guitar Songs of All Time-- 1-10

The Top Ten. Again, with my comments

1. Johnny B. Goode-- Chuck Berry-- 1958-- Let's all duckwalk across stage
2. Purple Haze-- Jimi Hendrix-- 1967-- Another great start to a song
3. Crossroads-- Cream- 1968--
4. You Really Got to Me-- Kinks- 1964-- Another unforgettable start to the song
5. Brown Sugar-- Rolling Stones- 1971
6. Eruption-- Van Halen-- 1978-- Wasn't sure I'd heard this one at first, but after a few licks on the video, knew I had
7. While My Guitar Gently Weeps-- Beatles- 1968-- Didn't know Eric Clapton played as well on this one
8. Stairway to Heaven-- Led Zeppelin-- 1971-- Right there with "Free Bird" as classic
9. Statesboro Blues-- Allman Brothers-- 1971-- great southern rock
10. Smells Like Teen Spirit-- Nirvana-- 1991- Another great start.

Hook'em Dano. --RoadDog

Rolling Stone Top 100 Guitar Songs of All Time

This week, Rolling Stone came out with their list of 100 Greatest Guitar Songs of All-Time.

I spent quite a while on their site looking at what they wrote, then, even more time watching video clips of the songs. I only got through the top 25. That brought back a lot of memories as almost all were from before 1980.

I have to admit that there were two of the top 25 I wasn't familiar with, but I am now.

Numbers 11-25. I also included the year and my comments.

11. Whole Lotta Love- Led Zeppelin-- 1969-- What a great start
12. Voodoo Child-- Jimi Hendrix-- 1968-- lesser-known, but great
13. Layla-- Derek & the Dominos-- 1970-- Eric Clapton, actually
14. Born to Run-- Bruce Springsteen 1975
15. My Generation-- Who-- 1965-- "Hope I Die Before I get Old." Too Late.
16. Cowgirl in the Sand-- Neil Young and Crazy Horse-- 1969-- Not one of my favorite ones
17. Black Sabbath-- Black Sabbath-- 1970-- my vote for scariest rock song
18. Blitzkrieg Bop-- Ramones-- 1976-- great chant at start
19. Purple Rain-- Prince-- 1984-- mighty good guitar-pickin'
20. People Get Ready-- Impressions-- 1965-- Now, that's some good old soul.
21. Seven Nation Army-- White Stripes-- 2003-- one I hadn't heard of
22. A Hard Day's Night-- Beatles-- 1964-- Let's run down the street
23. Over Under Sideways Down-- Yardbirds-- 1966-- Backwards, forwards...
24. Killing in the Name-- Rage Against the Machine-- 1992--hadn't heard of this either
25. Can't You Hear Me Knockin'-- Rolling Stones-- 1971

I Feel the Need for an Air Guitar. --RoadDog

Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Heartsfield Howdy Aching Back

I belong to an e-mail list for a favorite country rock band called Heartsfield which has been making music around the Midwest since the '70s.

The most recent posting had the group leader evidently out working in the yard. After reading it, I would have to say I concur with his thoughts.

ACHY-- garden work
SORE-- tree limb removal
HURTING-- yardwork
LEGS IN PAIN-- Way too much lifting along with crunching knees
ARMS READY TO FALL OFF-- Hole digging (I hate roots)
SCREW IT-- Maybe I should just buy frickin' tomatoes
HAVE TO REST FOR SHOW-- Doans pills, aspirin, Cabo, remote

And, I can remember an old nursery on Grand Avenue just a little west of Gurnee Mills that was called Bailey's Achin' Back Acres. Talk about your truth in advertising.

It gets HARDER and HARDER to work in the yard EVERY YEAR. --RoadDog

Some More on Those Ridiculous Gas Prices

Forbes reports on Senate hearing where Big Oil is putting a lot of the blame on speculators. They also pointout that the governments of the fast-growing economies are subsidizing energy and gas prices.

Billionaire investor George Solos told the Senators that they need to stop speculation to bring oil prices back in line with the law of supply and demand. He said that the commodity market is in a frenzy right now, and a big problem is all the new investors, hedge funds and college endowments getting involved.

Some Good Points. Some Good Points. --RoadDog

Generation Gap

My Zits comic strip daily calendar for May/June 31/1 had a particularly good strip between Jeremy and his dad.

FIRST PANEL: Jeremy pointing and angry: "Your generation has totally messed up this planet through its greed, incompetence and apathy." Father just staring.

SECOND PANEL: Jeremy: "You're probably the most arrogant group of people in history!"

Father: "We'll, I'm sure your generation will do a better job.."

THIRD PANEL: Father: ...Should any of you ever manage to get out of bed before noon."

Jeremy: "And why do you always have to be so critical?"

I believe Jerry Scott and folks have pretty well summed it up.

"Talking 'Bout My Generation." Rolling Stones #15 on All-Time Greatest Guitar Songs.

Hear That Annsley and Alex? --RoadDog

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What Were You Doing June 1, 1968? --Part 1

Good Old Bob, Bob Stroud that is, is doing 3 hour Time Warps on his Rock and Roll Roots Show on Chicago's WDRV, the Drive, back to that date in 1968 for the next three months. This will be the songs on AM, FM, and on the albums in your collection.

This past Sunday, June 1, 1968 was up. Not sure whether we were out of school yet or not, so might have been suffering through Flo Baby's English class at dear old Pal High. However, there was my favorite subject, Mr. McKinley's (no relation to the president) history class. I had been appointed Cutlass (school newspaper) Sports Editor and Sports Editor of the yearbook.

We were juniors getting ready for a great senior year. I was flipping 49 cent Whoppers at Burger King for a tad over a buck an hour and Liz was working at General Finance in Evanston next to Dyche Stadium (Home of the Hapless Northwestern Wildcats) with her dad. We had been officially "going together" since I gave her my ID bracelet December 15th in the laundromat at Palatine Plaza. We had gotten our high school rings, but hadn't exchanged them yet.

We both lived in Winston Park, a huge Winston-Muss subdivision on the east side of town. We lived in Phase 3 and Liz was in Phase 4, across Palatine Road from me. Sammie, the Siamese cat ruled the roost. Mom was teaching at Jane Addams and Dad was working at Quaker Oats and commuting to the office at the Merchandise Mart by way of the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad.

The show streams live on the internet at Well worth a listen.

A Long Time Ago and Far, Far Away in a Distant Galaxy. --RoadDog

Gas Jumps DESPITE Lower Demand

From May 15th Chicago Tribune.

Photo of cars in front of a station in Chicago at Montrose and Western Avenues with regular at $4.41.9 and V-Power at $4.63.9.

Chicago was the highest in the nation back then. Nationally, gas had risen to $3.76 a gallon. It was $3.92 in Fox Lake.

The price of a barrel of oil had also fallen. But, the cost of gas went up. Gas prices were 67 cents higher than last year.

How come every time the cost of a barrel of oil goes up, we see it reflected at the pump in a matter of hours. But let it go down, you won't see that anytime soon.

These exorbitant gas prices have CUT DEMAND, BUT THAT HAS LITTLE IMPACT ON PRICES.

Hey, Big Oil Dudes. Have You Ever Heard of the Law of Supply and Demand? --RoadDog

This Gallon Brought to You By the Good Folks at Big Oil

I was looking at the price of gasoline so far this year. Like I said, I've been keeping track of prices mostly in Fox lake, Illinois, since it became apparent that the GRBs were out to make some dough at our expense.

Here are prices at Fox Lake stations since January 1st.

Jan. 1-- $2.93 (remember the Good Old Days)
Feb. 2- $2.90-- what happened here-- down 3 cents. Big Oil boys pitch hissy-fits
March 17-- $3.30-- UP 40 cents (Got back from trip) Big Oil boys feeling better
April 12-- 3.44-- Up measly 14 cents (Got back from another trip) Big Oil says they'll do better
May 3-- $3.70-- Up 26 cents-- Big Oil boys smiling again
May 7-- $3.80-- Up 10 cents-- Big Oil says that's not enough for a week
May 14-- $3.92-- Up 12 cents-- When BO Faces are Smiling
May 23-- $4.06-- Up 14 cents-- BO ecstatic-- broke $4 mark. Big smiles all around
June 2-- $4.08-- Only 2 cents?-- BO not happy at all.
June 3-- $4.08 and one at $4.10-- Hey Boys, Summer Driving Season is Here. Time to start dropping the prices.

That's an increase of $1.18 since the beginning of February.

Have You Gotten Enough Yet? --RoadDog

And, remember, there is an election coming up!! That wouldn't be too good for your party to keep the prices this high.

Dadburn Weather!!

When we got the boat home in the driveway on May 6th, I figured we'd be in the water by the next week. Due to very cool weather (only a few days in May over 70 degrees and usually downright cold and cool. The day after Memorial Day (a rare good day) was more like early March).

Finally got the boat in the water Monday and did some boating. However, yesterday, it rained off and on all day. Today, we had a heavy fog and cool temps (53 degrees this morning with the furnace turning on and off).

Come on guys. It's the first week in June. Time for a little of that warmth of the summer.

Global Warming, What Global Warming. --RoadDog

DUMB QUESTION OF THE DAY: How important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Boat's in the Water-- Finally!!

Yesterday was one of those rare days we've had around here lately, IT WAS WARM!!! I had been hoping to get it in early in May, but that was not to be.

The boat was at Midwest Marine in Antioch where it was being summerized. My buddy Rick went with me so he could drive it back to his place where we dock it. I was happy to get a free launch by the Sandbar. Most places on the Chain these days the charge is $15-$20 unless you go over to the Chain of Lakes State Park where it is free, but that's a good little drive.

I dropped the trailer off at Kora's, where we keep it for the summer, then met Rick at his place.


I was sure happy to find the radio was working again. The cassette player conked out last season and then the radio followed. I have Rick's son Matt looking for a new one, but finding something that will play cassettes is no easy task these days.

Boated across the lake to Electric Harbor and sat out by the gazebo and enjoyed their Monday special-- $1 domestic bottles, a great deal anymore. Just a perfect day.

Then checked out Baja Benny's (the old Costello's) and they have a bucket of five domestic bottles for $10 for a Mon-Thurs special all summer. Even $2 a bottle is a good deal.

My goal is to boating at least 40 times this season, which will most-likely end around mid-October.

To Boat, or Not to Boat. Dumb Question. --RoadDog

And speaking of questions, Here's the Dumb Question of the Day: Can you cry under water?

New Airline Charges-- "Onion-style"

After American announced they were going to start charging $15 for their first checked bag because of soaring fuel prices thanks to Big Oil's Greed, The Onion, one of the funniest papers around, had their own little column about new charges we can expect from other airlines.

UNITED-- $25 seatbelt rental fees for passengers who don't bring their own.
MIDWEST-- $35 to sit in the passenger compartment
JETBLUE-- New fee structure for wait times on the runway: $150 for under two hours, $75 for under 4 hours
FRONTIER AIRLINES-- $20 penalty if passenger is not wearing coonskin cap
CONTINENTAL-- $100 reduced-fare tickets for standing-room-only passengers
SOUTHWEST-- $10 to touch the captain
VIRGIN-- $30 fee for booking a flight with another carrier

How about $2 for that REALLY, REALLY little bitty pack of nuts or chips.
$5 an hour chair rental while waiting for your delayed or canceled flight.
Five bucks for a warm, in-flight beer. Wait, they already do that. Never mind.

The really sad thing is that it is about really getting this bad.

Those Funny Folks at THE Onion and Airlines. --RoadDog

Monday, June 2, 2008

Every Bloomin' Thing-- Early June

As usual, the yard is in all its glory this time of the year.

Right now, it is a sea of white from the hundreds of daisies and purple from all the wild phlox. In addition, the moss phlox are still in bloom, but starting to fade. In addition, my two iris varieties, a yellow and purple are doing their thing at various places around the yard. One clematis has a bloom and several others are budding.

Plus, I have planted Russian sage, hopewell, and three Asiatic red lillies that are in bloom. The candytufts have lost their white, but pink and red plants similar to them are in bloom. I sure wish I could remember the names.

The Japanese lilac trees are ready to burst into white bloom, plus the three Miss Kim lilacs are just starting to bloom with that great smell. The two starburst honeylocusts in the front are a magnificent gold.

Been transplanting lots of mums, moss phlox, phlox, peonies, purple coneflowers, and black-eyed susans. Doing a serious trimming of the bushes in Frances' Back 40 and the yews scattered around the yard. Wouldn't it be nice if you could decree that a bush or tree remain a same-size once it gets to it?

I continue to bring in laundry baskets of mulch from Rick's. Can't beat the price...FREE!!!

The mama mallard is still on the nest by the air conditioner and I try not to bother her. Brer Rabbit acts like he "owns" the yard.

Green Thumb and Achin' Back. --RoadDog

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Some Recent Movies-- Chronicles-- Vegas-- Indy Jones

Been to the Movies Recently.

I'm up to 33 for the year.

CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: PRINCE CASPIAN-- Lots of action and special effects. This time the Narnians are fighting together against a common enemy-- humans. And their particularly nasty leaders. The Badger replaced the beavers.

CAPSULE SUMMARY-- "The Mouse That Roared."

WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS-- One of the funnier movies I've seen. Couple marry in a Vegas stupor, but forced to stay together after winning $3 million. How to be really nasty to your spouse. Who took the toilet seat?

CAPSULE SUMMARY-- "Ultimate Battle of the Sexes."

INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL-- One of the longest titles ever but more than matched by the several minute long list of credits at the end. This time its the Godless Commies instead of Heartless Nazis. And the setting is the Cold War instead of pre-WWII. Indy still hates snakes.

CAPSULE SUMMARY-- "Man and his whip rises to the occasion...again!"

Lovin' Those Movies. --RoadDog

JSS: Has Summer Arrived?-- Cassette Players, Anyone?-- Boating-- Yardwork

JSS-- Just Some Stuff

1. HAS SUMMER ARRIVED?-- Finally getting that 70 degrees weather we've been waiting for so long this spring. We only had about four days above 70 degrees this past May, and it was down right COLD Tuesday.

We've had 70+ days since Friday, but with a lot of wind, but I'll take it.

2. CASSETTE PLAYERS, ANYONE-- Took a ride into McHenry Friday and ate at a Chinese buffet. I sure don't know how they serve that great food for that small price. I had some time before the movie after I finished so walked over to the Salvation Army Thrift Store and looked around.

I was about to leave when I spied an aisle with lots of video recorders and cassette players. I had never considered this to be a place to look for those increasingly hard-to-find cassette decks and boomboxes. Just try to find these at Circuit City or Wal Mart anymore.

I was able to buy a dubbing cassette player.

3. BOATING-- The boat is at the marina and ready for the water. With this warmer weather, I'm rady to get on with my yachting (if I can afford the gas this year).

4. YARDWORK-- I have been getting quite a bit done out in the yard however. I'm definitely of the opinion that I planted too much. It wasn't bad ten years ago, but, for some reason, a ten year older body gets considerably more sore.

Just Some Stuff. --RoadDog