Thursday, May 17, 2012

Still Down

Day three with the Blogger problems. I realize that Blogger and Google are so huge that they can't really deal with just one person, but, I sure wish they would tell me why they are doing this to me. 

But, actually, it is a good thing because we now have the boat in the water which means I will be giving time to that, plus, there is always the yard, and I really do need to clean the garage, sunroom, study and utility room, so this will give me more time.

I will continue to do posts on my other three blogs on the unaffected dashboard as long as I can until they too are shut down are extremely limited as these four are.

This is the second time since Jan. 1st that Blogger has done this to me.

Sure Wish I Knew What Was Going On.  --RoadDog

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Drive's Z to A: Day One

Apparently the good folks at Google have decided to do their Tuesday thing they do every so often and mess up my blogging for this blog as well as the World War II, history and War of 1812 ones.

Sadly, they don't say what the problem is, just that they are no longer supporting my browser.  The only thing they offer is to try Google Chrome.

I'll be back or elsewhere as soon as I get it sorted out.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kiss These Once-Popular Home Features Goodbye

From Yahoo! Finance from Market Watch.

If you're planning on having these in your new house, probably better to forget them.

1.  Outdoor kitchen and outdoor fire place.

2.  Sunroom (Hey, I have one and really enjoy it.)

3.  2-story family room.  (Looks neat, but a real waste of space.)

4.  Media Room (Overkill)

5.  2-story foyer  (Another waste of space.)

6.  Luxury master bedroom  (Why would you want to get away from the kids?)

7.  Formal living room  (Probably the biggest waste of space these days.  We put Liz's 'puter in there, so it now gets use.). 

8.  Whirlpool tubs  (Hey, I work hard and deserve something soothing.)

9.  Master-planned development.  (I like these, myself.)

Personally, I Like #2 and #8.  --RoadDog

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Three Days, 5 Bars, Three Bands and a Chain Crawl

The boating season has arrived.  Each of the last three days, we saw more and more boats out on the Chain of Lakes here in northeast Illinois.


Met the Usual Suspects at Stormy Monday on Fox Lake.  Terry and Gregg Spizzirri dropped by after their Happy Hour gig at Lindy's Landing in Wauconda and played an hour set.  They will be back in June.


Chain Crawl Kick-Off Party.  Picked up passport, book and tee shirt at the American Legion.  Had a Red Solo Cup party at the Mineola and had a great time with Doug Autry entertaining at Stormy Monday.  Back to the Mineola for some really bad karaoke and more Red Solo cups.  This could be the last time there as the place most likely will be closing this week.


Worked in the yard all three days.  Gorged ourselves at the China Buffet in Fox Lake (crablegs, seven kinds of shrimp, all sorts of shell fish, salmon, roast beef and hand dipped ice cream.

Then to Route 12 Bar and a show by Just Jake.

Good Times in the Area and the Boating season is Just Getting Started.  --RoadDog

Where Were You May 6, 1974?-- Part 2

OH MY MY--  RINGO STARR--  ex-Beatles all over the radio.
I'VE BEEN SEARCHING SO LONG--  CHICAGO--  featuring a nice guitar solo by Jerry Kapp.

STAR BABY--  GUESS WHO--  Big hit in Chicago.  (Another Great White North band.)
THE SHOW MUST GO ON--  THREE DOG NIGHT--  They racked up a lot of numbers in sales from'69 to '76.  (I love the circus feel to this one.)

BENNY AND THE JETS--  ELTON JOHN--  From Goodbye Yellow brick Road.  (Old Elton sure ruled the waves back then.)
MIDNIGHT AT THE OASIS--  MARIA MULDAUR--  One of the great guitar solos of the decade by Amos Garrett.  (And, then, Maria kicked in with all those octaves.)

I'LL HAVE TO SAY I LOVE YOU IN A SONG--  JIM CROCE--  a posthumous release.  (What could he have done had he been around longer.  Jim, we hardly knew ye.)
TUBULAR BELLS--  MICHAEL OLDFIELD--  From the beautifully peaceful (Croce) to the frightful. From the movie "Exorcist." 

OH VERY YOUNG--  CAT STEVENS--  From the Top Ten album Buddha and the Chocolate Factory.  (You always have to wonder how he came up with that album title.)
RAISED ON ROBBERY--  JONI MITCHELL--  These last two were a couple tracks from the two biggest albums in town, both in the Top Ten in sales.  This one from Court and Spark.  (One of my all-time favorite albums.)

LOCO-MOTION--  GRAND FUNK--  the #1 song here in Chicago.  (What happened to Railroad?)

What Was the Name of Benny's Band?  --RoadDog

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Where Were You May 6, 1974?-- Part 1

I remember I was finishing up my first year of teaching at John T, Magee Middle School in Round Lake, Illinois, and commuting from our apartment in Des Plaines in our trusty new Ford Pinto with the manual transmission.  Liz was still working at General Finance Corporation in Evanston next to Dyche Staidium.

Every Friday, I stopped at the Last Chance in Grayslake for a faculty get-together after school.  Sure glad the cops weren't so much into DUIs back then.

From Bob Stroud's Mat 6th Rock and Roll Roots Time Warp.

MOCKINGBIRD--  CARLY SIMON AND JAMES TAYLOR-- Very close, both humanely and musically.
LET IT RIDE--  BTO--  From the Great White North. (Canada, that is.)

FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY--  O'JAYS-- out of Philadelphia

BAND ON THE RUN--  PAUL McCARTNEY--  title track from his new album.
JET--  PAUL McCARTNEY--  falling down the charts

What People Will Do for the Love of .....  --RoadDog

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Friday, May 11, 2012

It's Them, Not Me: Now here's a Real Big Shocker

From the May 8th Northwest Herald "Exxon Mobil tops Fortune 500 list."

Hard to believe it, but someway, some how, this Big Oil Company has managed to make a LOT OF MONEY!!  They bumped Wal-Mart from first place among Fortune 500's top revenue-generating U.S. companies.  Two other Big Oil Companies ranked behind Wal-Mart for third and 4th: Chevron and ConocoPhillips. 

For 2011, Exxon Mobil reported revenue of $486 billion while Wal Mart came in at $444 billion.

I am anxiously awaiting to find out what their first quarter profits were.  They had to have been huge!!

How Can This Be?  --RoadDog

It's Them, Not Me: Obama Getting Tough on Oil Speculators?

From the April 18th Chicago Tribune "Obama: get tough on oil speculators" by Kathleen Hennessey and Morgan Little.

Finally, the president is facing heat for these ridiculous gas prices and he is trying to shift the blame to Congress, Republicans and traders.  He wants "more cops on the beat" to crack down on price manipulations.

Obama wants more money from Congress to add $52 million to the budget of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission  saying  "We can't afford a situation where some speculators can reap millions while millions of American families get the short end of the stick."

Analysts have said that speculators are a factor in the recent spike in oil prices, but are not the main reason.  They blame it on global demand.  I'm sure demand plays some role, but then there are those who stand to make big profit from high oil prices and that would be oil-producing countries and states as well as Big Oil.

Obama needs to be Doing a Lot More Than Just Lip Service.  Time to Start Working on Controls.  Like We Used to Say in Teaching, "If Someone Doesn't Play Well With Others..."  --RoadDog

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Where Were You May 6, 1969?-- Part 3

GET BACK--  BEATLES--  A new Beatles 45, and, as was so often the case, John had one side and Paul the other, and, as so often was the case toward the end, anyway, John had the "B" side.
DON'T LET ME DOWN--  BEATLES--  "B" side.  Billy Preston was featured on the keyboards on both sides.

I CAN HEAR MUSIC--  BEACH BOYS--  From the 20-20 album.  Old Ronettes song, produced and sung by the late-great Carl Wilson.
PINBALL WIZARD--  WHO--  The streamin', waxin', flaxin' sounds from the upcoming Tommy album.

HAIR--  COWSILLS--  From the Off-Broadway musical.  (led the way for "The Partridge Family" on TV.  Kind of sad what has happened to the boys in the family.)
HAWAII-FIVE-O--  VENTURES--  Book 'em Stroudo!  One of the big TV shows back then and today.

THESE EYES--  GUESS WHO--  debuting on RCA Records with their first hit.  (Oh, those Canadians.)
THE BOXER--  SIMON AND GARFUNKEL--  One of two #1 songs in Chicago.  This one #1 at WLS.  The #1 at WCFL was "Guitarzan" by the always-out-to-tickle-your-funny-bone, Ray Stevens.

"Though My Stoey's Seldom Told."  --RoadDog

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Where Were You May 6, 1969?-- Part 2

YOU'VE MADE ME SO VERY HAPPY--  BS&T--  From their second album.  Originally a Motown 1967 hit for Brenda Holloway.
I COULD NEVER LIE TO YOU--  NEW COLONY SIX--  Chicago band that placed more hits on the local charts than any other in the 1960s.

ATLANTIS--  DONOVAN--  his last US Top Ten single.
SWEET CHERRY WINE--  TOMMY JAMES & THE SHONDELLS--  Tommy James has some big things going on for him these days.

IT'S YOUR THING--  ISLEY BROTHERS--  #1 here in Chicago for awhile.  Great Groove.
NOTHING BUT A HEARTACHE--  FLIRTATIONS--  One of my favorite one-hit wonders from back then from a girl group  .Kind of a rip-off of an old Small Faces tune called "Tin Soldier."  I love the chord progression.

AGE OF AQUARIUS/LET THE SUNSHINE IN--  From the Off-Broadway, soon to be Broadway musical "Hair."
GOODBYE--  MARY HOPKIN--  Written by Paul McCartney.

More to Come.  --RoadDog

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Where Were You May 6, 1969?-- Part 1

This past Sunday WDRV's Bob Stroud went back to May 6, 1969 on his Rock and Roll Roots show and since we didn't go on the Route 66 Red Carpet Corridor celebration, I got to listen to it.

May 6th, 1969, I was a senior at Palatine High School in Palatine, Illinois, getting ready to graduate in about a month.  I had already been accepted at Northern Illinois University.  I'm not sure if we had had prom yet, but Liz and I were going (I'll have to ask her).  Liz was going to Harper College in Palatine, so we weren't sure how that would affect our relationship (going steady).

I was working at Burger King in Palatine on Northwest Highway (US-14) and earning a whopping $1.55 making those Whoppers.  Liz would be  working with her dad at general Finance Corporation in Evanston that summer (earning considerably more, but not having as much fun). The Burger King is now Photos.

These were the songs playing on Chicago radio 43 years ago (man, that's getting near HALF a CENTURY!!!

MORE THAN YESTERDAY--  SPIRAL STAIRCASE--  These first two songs were brand new this week back then.
SORRY SUZANNE--  HOLLIES--  A band we had been familiar with for the past 4-5 years.  (And those great vocal harmonies.)

TOO BUSY THINKING ABOUT MY BABY--  MARVIN GAYE--  Brand new from the Motown legend.
MR. SUN, MR. MOON--  PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS--  from the West Coast.  (Not one of their bigger hits.)

More to Come.  --RoadDog

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Three Days, Six Bars, Three Bands

Good Times in the Area even with all this weather we're getting.

Between the overcast and big storms, we still got in some good-timin' here in the northeastern part of Illinois, home of the $4+ gasoline.


Dentist appointments in Round Lake Beach.  Rancho Nuevo restaurant in Roound Lake for lunch.  One thing about having all the people from Mexico living in the Round Lake area is that you can take a trip to Mexico withour leaving the state.  Just go to downtown Round Lake.  One of my favorite Mexican restaurants with huge portions.

Did some yardwork and later, met the Usual Suspects at Stormy Monday and then stopped at the Legionon the way home.


Enjoyed WXRT's Saturday Morning Flashback to 1969, a primo year for us.  Then to the Squaw Bar in Ingleside to watch the Kentucky Derby and celebrate Cinco de Mayo with $1,50 Coronas.  Kicked off the boating season at Captain's Quarters with the high energy trio Paper Airplanes of Fire playing classic and newer rock.


Bob Stroud went to May 6th 1969 and 1974 on his Rock and Roll Roots Time Warp in the morning.  Got some yard work in and burn piling before the storm hit.

Then it was Terry and Gregg Spizzirri playing at AJ's Horsin' Around in Round Lake Park and a solo guy playing a twelve-string guitar at the Route 12 Bar.

Who Says You Gotta Use a Lot of Gas to Have Fun?  --RoadDog

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Give Me Some of That Old Time Music This Week: 1969

In less than an hour, Wendy Rice on WXRT 93.1 FM in Chicago begins her weekly Saturday Morning Flashback, this year to 1969, one of "my primo years (1964 to 1973, junior high through college).  I'll be tuned in.  She will be on from 8 to noon CSDT at And it streams.

Then Sunday, Bob Stroud takes his Rock and Roll Roots show on WDRV 97.1 FM in Chicago on a Time Warp back to May 6, 1969 and then jumped ahead five years to 1974.  He will play only those songs being played on the radio in Chicago (that would be two AM stations, WLS and WCFL) back then.  He will be on from 7 to 10 AM at

Both shows not only feature the music, but also news, movies and other items taking you back.

Then next week, Stroud does a Ten at Ten show at 10 AM and 10 PM where he features ten songs from a particular year and occasionally it is ten songs of a particular nature, like on Mondays show.

Mon.  Title Songs
Tues. 1972
Wed. 1976
Thurs.  1980
Fri.  1969

I'll Sure Be Getting My Fill of 1969 This Week.  --RoadDog

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Friday, May 4, 2012

We Lose "Moose" Skowron

From the April 29th Chiicago Tribune "Chicago favorite an 8-time All-Star" by Jim O'Donnell.

BILL "MOOSE" SKOWRON (1930-2012)

I will be writing more about his death in the Cooter's History Thing Blog, but since I am a real big White Sox fan, I am including mention of his death here.  "Moose" was one of my favorite Sox players when I became a fan back in the early 60s, even though he "DID" play for those New York Yankees!!  I'll never forget seeing him at Comiskey Park and hearing what I thought were boos from the fans when he was announced.  I soon found out they were yelling "Moose!"

He grew up in Chicago, played football and baseball for two years at Purdue and then with those "Yankees from 1954 to 1962 where he won four World Series.  In 1963, they traded him to the Dodgers and he helped them beat his old team to win another World Series.  He played for the Sox from 1964 to 1967 and was an eight-time All-Star first baseman. 

His final Major League stats were 211 home runs and .282 batting average.

I was greatly saddened to hear that he had lung cancer last year.

So Long, "M-O-O-o-O-o-O-E!!"  We'll Miss You.  --RoadDog

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Every Blooming THing: Early May

I'm losing the Battle of the Dandelions and Clover, but yesterday called in reinforcements from Spectracide, the first time its been warm enough to use it since March.  The spray bottle was from last season so hope its still good.

The sunburst honeylocusts in the front are getting ready o leaf out and that is always a blast of yellow.  I've actually been able to sit out on the front porch the last two mornings and enjoy the azaleas which are covered in red blooms.  There are still some tulips hanging in, but not for long.

The white, red and purple phlox are blooming big-time.  There are also some sort of yellow flower perennial on color right now and it is especially pretty over on the east side of the house where it is interspersed with the purple phlox.

The burning bushes definitely need their spring trimming and yews are almost to that point as well.  Yesterday, I bought 12 wave petunias, 3 geraniums, 24 annuals (dianthus and tall snaps) and ten other perennials at Menard's so have some planting to do the next two days.

Oh, My Aching Back.  --RoadDog

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Harnish Is "Mr. Irrelevant"

From the April 29th Chicago Tribune by Fred Mitchell.

Former Northern Illinois University quarterback Chandler Harnish expected to be drafted somewhere between the 5th and 7th rounds in this past week's NFL draft.  Little did he know that he would have the distinction of being the 253rd choice, meaning THE VERY LAST CHOICE TAKEN!!  Being drafted very last earns Harnish the dubious honor of being "Mr. Irrelevant."

He finished his collegiate career as the Mid-American Conferences MVP and set 30 NIU records for passing, total offense and rushing.  His 11,297 total yards ranks third all-time in the MAC behind Byron Leftwich of Marshall and Dan LeFevour of Central Michigan.  The Chicago Bears drafted LeFevour in the sixth round of the 2010 draft, but he never played a regular-season game for them.

To make matters worse, the Indianapolis Colts, who drafted him had the very first draft choice and chose Stanford's quarterback Andrew Luck, heir-apparent of departed Peyton Manning.  It is highly unlikely that Harnish will get much of a chance to play unless there are injuries.

Well, at least the Bears didn't draft him as dear old Lovie has no intention of playing an ex-NIU player after seeing what he did with rusher Garrett Wolfe.

I Tell You, We Just Can't Get No Respect.  --RoadDog

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Number One Songs This Date: May 1st-- Part 2

** Also number one April 1st

1969 AQUARIUS/LET THE SUNSHINE IN--  Fifth Dimension  (Good Old "Hair" Music)
1968 HONEY--  Bobby Goldsboro--  (The world's greatest gag song.)
1967 SOMETHIN' STUPID--  Father Daughter song
1966 MONDAY, MONDAY--  Mamas and Papas

1964 CAN'T BUY ME LOVE--  Beatles (Who'd have figured a Beatle #1 song in '64?)
1963 I WILL FOLLOW HIM--  Little Peggy March
1962 SOLDIER BOY--  Shirelles
1961 RUNAWAY--  Del Shannon--  (ALRIGHT!! Stop singing the chorus!!)
1960 STUCK ON YOU--  Elvis

1969 COME SOFTLY TO ME--  Fleetwoods
1958 WITCH DOCTOR-- David Seville (and You-Know-Who)
1957 ALL SHOOK UP--  Elvis

1954 WANTED--  Perry Como
1953 THE DOGGIE IN THE WINDOW*--  Patti Page
1952 WHEEL OF FORTUNE*--  Kay Starr--  (Or was it Vanna White in a previous life?)
1951 HOW HIGH THE MOON-- Les Paul & Mary Ford 
1950 "THE THIRD MAN" THEME--  Anton Karas

1942 MOONLIGHT COCKTAIL*--  Glenn Miller
1932 PARADISE*--  Leo Reisman 
1922 ANGEL CHILD--  Al Jolson

1912 MOONLIGHT BAY*--  American Quintet
1902 ARKANSAW TRAVELER*-- Leo Spencer

Good Stuff Maynard.  --RoadDog

Number One Songs This Date: May 1st-- Part 1

It's the beginning of the month and once again, a trip back 110 years in history compliments of Josh Hosler's excellent site based on Billboard charts.

2012 Somebody That I Used to Know--  Gotye feat. Kimbra
2001 Foolish--  Ashanti
1992 Jump--  Kriss Kross  (Wonder if they ever figured out how to put their pants on?)

1989 Like a Prayer--  Madonna (Not to be confused with "Like a Virgin.")
1988  Wishing Well--  Terence Trent D'Arby--  (Wonder whatever happened to him.  Great song.)
1987 (I Just ) Died in Your Arms--  Cutting Crew
1986 Addicted to Love--  Robert Palmer (Loved his backup band.)
1985 WE ARE THE WORLD--  USA for Africa--  (Feeling good about ourselves.)

1983 BEAT IT--  Michael Jackson--  (About all you heard on the radio back then.)
1982 I LOVE ROCK AND ROLL--  Joan Jett & the Blackhearts--  (Also #1 April 1st.)
1981 MORNING TRAIN (9 TO 5)--  Sheena Easton
1980 CALL ME--  Blondie

1979 REUNITED--  Peaches and Herb
1978 NIGHT FEVER--  Bee Gees--  (Disco fever Rampant.  Also #1 April 1st.)
1976 LET YOUR LOVE FLOW--  Bellamy Brothers--  (A little country comes to town.)
1975 HE DON'T LOVE YOU (LIKE I LOVE YOU)--  Tony Orlando & Dawn

1974 THE LOCO-MOTION--  Grand Funk--  (What happened to RAILROAD?) 
1973 TIE A YELLOW RIBBON AROUND THE OLD OAK TREE--  Tony Orlando & Dawn--  Did Tony ever have a song with a short title?)
1971 JOY TO THE WORLD--  Three Dog Night  (happy 70th birthday this year to all three lead singers.)
1970 ABC-- Jackson 5  (Back when Michael wasn't so strange.)

Remember Anything?  --RoadDog

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