Daisies. They're A' Bloomin' Now. I have several hundred of them.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

JSS: Can't Believe I Did It!!-- A Proper 50th Birthday Present-- Where's Bob?

JSS-- Just Some Stuff.

1. CAN'T BELIEVE I DID IT!!-- Besides falling into the channel Thursday, yesterday I did something I said I would not do. But, in my defense, the price was right.

While waiting for Liz to get out of the eye doctor's, I went over to Meijer's in McHenry to look around. At the check out counter, they had Blackhawks Stanley Cup hats marked down from $15 to $5.

Well, I broke down and bought it. Just what I need, something else to be interested in.

The price made me do it. The price made me do it.

2. A PROPER 50TH BIRTHDAY PRESENT-- The reason I was at Meijer's, besides to look at what plants they had on sale in the nursery, was to check out Lite Beer prices. Our friend Rick's wife, Chris, was having her 50th birthday party. At a get-together at Kevin and Kelly's, one of their friends had given Kelly two Miller Lite cans with a note that there were two more cases coming.

Who needs 50 candles when you can have 50 beers.

Meijer's had their cases of bottles on sale for $15.49 so bought three (the third for the last two bottles, then I'll be forced to drink the remaining 22).

I think this is a great birthday gift.

Could be expensive for us, though, as most of our friends are in their fifties and on up.

3. WHERE'S BOB?-- My favorite deejay, Bob Stroud was on vacation two weeks ago. he came back this past Monday and Tuesday, then was gone for the rest of the week.

I see that this Sunday's Rock and Roll Roots will be a repeat. It was supposed to be the third installment of his Summer of 1970 series.

Where Ye at, Bob?

REMEMBER WHEN "Race Issues" meant who ran the fastest?

Friday, July 30, 2010

Why I Took TWO Showers Yesterday

Yesterday, I had planned to go to Dog 'N Suds for that great root beer and the $1 Charcoburgers, go boating and then to It's Thursday in Antioch to listen to a country band and enjoy the festivities.

Well. one out of three will have to do.

After enjoying the front porch in the morning (coffee and Tribune), I went on the internet and posted to the blogs. Then, I planted seven perennials in the backyard as well as transplanted a bunch of plants.

I then took a shower and went out to the boat without going to Dog 'N Suds, figuring we'd go there after we came in from the water.

Picked up Kevin and Kelly and did a slow ride around Fox Lake since the whole Chain of Lakes is no wake because of all of last weekend's rain. Very pleasant without the super fast boats and kids being pulled on tubes.


When putting the boat up (tying up and putting on the mooring cover), I did something I wasn't hoping not to do. The last few snaps on the back of the boat require me to perch precariously on the fantail, pull the mooring cover down hard and try to maneuver the snaps together.

This always is a bit scary. Should my hand slip, the result is a quick plunge in the water.

It happened so fast I didn't have any time to react. The next thing I know, I'm head first in the water and wondering, "What the hell?" Then, I had the pleasure of feeling my feet sink into about a foot of mud.

Even better, I had my cell phone and wallet on me.

There goes the trip to Antioch. Nothing left to do but go home, change and take ANOTHER SHOWER.

A Slightly Wet Guy. --RoadDog

REMEMBER WHEN decisions were sometimes made by "eeny, meeny, mighty, moe?"

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Drinking and Eating On the Cheap So Far This Week

MONDAY-- Three Dollar hot dog, fries and drink combo at Bella Lukes in Fox Lake. Real great fries and dogs. Boating. $1 pints at Baja Benny's and 75 cent drafts at Squaw Bar (both by boat.)

TUESDAY-- Twenty-five cent tacos, $1.75 pints and half-price pizza at Rookies on Il-134. $1.25 pints and NTN at Pug Mahone's in Fox Lake.

WEDNESDAY-- $2 Deal at Taco Bell, $4 movie at Fox Lake Theatre (Adult matinee price on Wednesdays). 35 cent jumbo wings at Castaways on Pistakee Lake and $1 drafts. $1.50 pints at Oak Park, also on Pistakee. $1 bottles at Tommy's in Spring Grove.

TODAY-- Planning on the $1 Charcoburgers at Dog N' Suds in Ingleside, then boating, and then to Antioch for their "It's Thursday" entertainment out by the bandshell.

Enjoying Ourselves Here in Northeast Illinois. --RoadDog

REMEMBER WHEN boys at least got those great Fort Apache sets for Christmas. Or maybe the even better Blue and Gray ones?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Out Drinkin' Cheap-- $1 Beer

And cheap eating, too.

Few things in life that I like better than a deal when it comes to eating and drinking. This past week, Liz and I did our fair share of cheap eating and drinking.

**MONDAY-- Baja Benny's $1 pints; American Legion 50 cent 10-ouncers, 50 cents hot dogs

TUESDAY-- Donovan's-- $1.50 pint drafts during happy hour

**WEDNESDAY-- Castaways $1 10-ouncers, 35 cent huge wings; Blueberry Hill $1 10-ouncer drafts; Tommy's $1 bottles, $5.95 four-piece broasted chicken dinners.

THURSDAY-- Donovan's $1 pints (buy one, get one free)

**FRIDAY-- Gasoline Alley $1 bottles; Brown's Sip 'N Go $1.25 12-ouncers; Legion $1 10-ouncers and $1 hot dogs.

SATURDAY-- Got to take a day off now and then.

**SUNDAY-- Choppers $5 pitchers and 25 cent wings; Captain's Quarters $3.25 bottles (But, they had a great band).

** Boating days.

Sounds Like a Plan to Me. --RoadDog

REMEMBER WHEN you had that special smell off fresh-run mimeograph paper at school?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Out Boating

We've been trying to get as many days in out on the boat as we can between the weather and heat of this summer.

So far, we have been out on our boat sixteen times and are over half way to the minimum of thirty that I like to get to each season. If we get to forty, that is great.

We have also been out on two friends' boats.

Often, we just go for a boat float where we putter out to the middle of a lake, turn the engine off, float, read (crossword puzzles for Liz) and listen to WDRV, the Drive and all that classic rock.

Other times we do some serious bar hopping or only go to one. Twice we went to three places. Yesterday it was two by boat. We also like to cruise over to McDonald's and eat on the boat.

Got to Get Our Money's Worth, You Know. --RoadDog

REMEMBER WHEN you had Hi-Fis that played 45s?

Movie Scratches: Prince-- Kid-- Killers-- A

Going to the Movies with a Real Dog.

41. PRINCE OF PERSIA: SANDS OF TIME-- 6-14-- Fox Lake free-- It's the Pirates of the Caribbean taken back to ancient Persia. But no Johnny Depp!!!

42. KARATE KID-- 6-16-- Fox Lake $4-- I don't like karate films, but, this is ONE REALLY GREAT KARATE FILM!! Love that Jackie Chan.

43. KILLERS-- 6-21-- Fox Lake Free-- All I can say is, BE Very Careful of Friends and Family.

44. A TEAM-- 6-28-- Fox Lake Free-- Get 'Yer Action and Comedy all at once.

I've been seeing quite a few movies for free because the theater is dropping their see seven movies and get the eighth for free. I had quite a few saved up.


The number at front represents how many movies I've seen this year at the theater.

The second set of numbers is the date.

Then the name of the theater and the price I paid.

Way TOO EXPENSIVE Popcorn. --RoadDog

REMEMBER WHEN you got Green Stamps and S&H Stamps?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Forty Years Ago This Month-- Summer 1970-- Part 5

FOR YOU BLUE-- BEATLES-- the "B" side of "Long and Winding Road." (Who'd have figured a Beatles song being on the airwaves, but it was sad to think it was all coming to an end. However, I liked their earlier stuff better than the later, so it wasn't as bad.)
SPILL THE WINE-- ERIC BURDON & WAR-- brand new. (No more Animals, but these California lads were getting the publicity and did quite well themselves.)

PROPER STRANGER-- GUESS WHO-- From our record collection, the album "American Woman." A great deep track. (That Burton Cummings could do the blue-eyed soul with the best of them.)

(LAY DOWN) CANDLES IN THE RAIN-- MELANIE--Pretty inspired set with Melanie and the Edwin Hawkins singers. In the top ten and included on our Rock and Roll Roots Vol. 11.

(This is the longer version than what was usually played on the AM stations. If there was one song that reminds me of the Kent State riots at NIU, it is this one.

The campus radio station, WNIU, broadcast only to the dorms. I was in Lincoln Dorm and watching the stand-off at Lucinda and Anne Glidden roads with the police to the east and students to the west. A couple of trash cabns were set afire.

A short time later, the police attacked and the students ran behind Lincoln. I remember two cops had a long-haired student on the ground and were violently shaking the boy's head by grabbing his hair until yelling and shouting from the dorm caused them to let him go.

It was a frightening time and I thought I was seeing the end of the United States.)

And, the Number One Song in Chicago July 4, 1970, THE LOVE YOU SAVE-- JACKSON 5-- It was their third straight number one song in the country for this Gary, Indiana group. (On the Motown label. Berry Gordy and Diana Ross were so proud.)

And, We Still Have Two More Months to Go. --RoadDog

Friday, July 23, 2010

Forty Years Ago This Month-- Summer 1970-- Part 4

Back to July 4, 1970. Bob's comments first, mine in parentheses.

MAMA TOLD ME NOT TO COME-- THREE DOG NIGHT-- Written by Randy Newman. (I've had parties like this, but not as many anymore as it is getting too hard to recover.)
OO YOU-- PAUL McCARTNEY-- From side 2 of his first solo album entitled "McCartney." (Never heard of it.)

RIDE CAPTAIN RIDE-- BLUES IMAGE-- one-hit wonder out of Tampa Bay. On Rock and Roll Roots CD Vol. 7.
THE WITCH-- THE RATTLES-- Another one-hit wonder from Germany. (You don't get to hear this one very often.)

MAKE ME SMILE-- CHICAGO-- Their very first big hit. Off their second album. I first heard of this group back in 1969 while in North Carolina. You'd have figured I would have first heard it in Chicago, where I lived.)
MOONDANCE-- VAN MORRISON-- his latest, the title track from his latest album.

Not Only Was Stroud Playing the Songs, But Also He Was playing Some Classic Radio Commercials from Back Then. --RoadDog

REMEMBER WHEN telephones had rotary dials?

JSS: Finally Rain-- New Place in Town-- Boating-- The Dog's Back

JSS-- Just Some Stuff

1. FINALLY, RAIN-- After three weeks of lots of threatening, but very little rain, we got rain all last night until a few hours ago. At first it was heavy, then a much-needed soaking. Sure needed it as the Chain of Lakes was getting way down.

2. NEW PLACE IN TOWN-- Took advantage of a coupon and went to a new business here in Spring Grove, Illinois, the Dill Pickle, and had breakfast. Until several months ago it was MVP's (Most Valuable Pizza). They built a free-standing building, but in a very short stretch along US-12, we had four pizza places: Billy's, Tommy's, Bacchi's and MVPs.

However, there wasn't a place to go in town for breakfast. Now we have one and that food is delicious. I had a Mediterranean omelet and Liz a country-fried steak and egg.

3. BOATING-- Hoping to get out in an hour or so for our 15th time out this season. Hoping to get out 40 times, but between the trip last week and the always-threatening to rain weather, we're a bit behind. Plus, today Gasoline Alley on Grasslake has $1 Miller bottles.

4. THE DOG'S BACK-- A couple days ago on the JSIS entry, I reported that Media Hound at Northern Illinois University in Dekalb had been stolen. It was one of about 40 Huskie (our mascot) statues that had been placed around campus, town and Sycamore in the summer after the Valentine Day slayings back in 2008.

This statue, called "Snappy" was dressed as a 1940s reporter with fedora, press pass and old-fashioned camera and was located outside the NIU media building.

Good news, "Snappy" was found Wednesday in the bushes at an off-campus apartment complex. It will be returned to its former site, but security will be greater.

Great to Have the Dog Back. --RoadDog

REMEMBER WHEN we played 45s on HiFis?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Forty Years Ago This Month-- Summer of 1970-- Part 3

Stroud's comments first, mine in parentheses. How does Bob Stroud know this much stuff?

MISSISSIPPI-- JOHN PHILLIPS-- It had been a couple years that the Mamas and Papas had broken up. (I really like this song and hadn't heard it in longer than I can remember.)
BALL OF CONFUSION-- TEMPTATIONS-- (The world was messed up back then. Things haven't changed all that much since then, either.)

HI-DE-HO-- BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS-- The lead-off selection of one of the most anticipated alums of the year "Blood Sweat & Tears 3." Written by Carole King. (My fav. BS&T song.)
CARRY ON-- CROSBY, STILLS, NASH & YOUNG-- Leadoff track from their latest, "Deja-Vu."

DHARMA FOR ONE/WOODEN SHIPS-- IDES OF MARCH The "Vehicle" album had now been in our hand. Their version of the CSN song coupled with an instrumental off a Jethro Tull album. (And, a Chicago group to boot.)
RUN THROUGH THE JUNGLE-- CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL-- "B" side of "Up Around the Bend." (CSNY and CCR, my two favorite bands back then.)

CECILIA-- SIMON AND GARFUNKEL-- From "Bridge Over troubled Water" album. (Like I said before, my favorite S&G song. I'm REALLY enjoying this.)
YOU BETTER THINK TWICE-- POCO-- From their self-titles second album. Great song from Jimmy Messina. (CCR and CSNY and the Byrds got us into country rock. Poco WAS country Rock.)

Like McDonald's Says, "I'm Lovin' It." --RoadDog

REMEMBER WHEN there were party lines on telephones?

JSIS: That's One Big Fish-- Facebook 500 M-- The Pelicans are Coming

JSIS: Just Some Interesting Stuff.

1. THAT'S ONE BIG FISH-- A 130 pound catfish was caught in the Missouri River Tuesday which may be a new world record if it is certified. Greg Bernal and Janet Momphard caught it. The previous record was 124 pounds caught five years ago in Alton, Illinois.

Now, that's one fish that MIGHT JUST EAT YOU!!

2. FACEBOOK 500 M-- Wednesday, Facebook announced that it hit the 500 million member mark. I would have to guess this number is worldwide as according to sources, 127 million Americans are social network users and that number is expected to rise to 164.9 million by 2014.

My wife is an avid member and has made contact with several former friends whom she lost contact with.

As far as me, I "ain't got no friends 'cuz I don't belong." Yet, anyway. But these darn blogs keep me plenty busy.

3. THE PELICANS ARE COMING-- Five "Oil-spill ambassadors" get a new home at Brookfield Zoo outside Chicago. They are getting a second chance on life after being saved from that mess down in the gulf.

They're doing fine now, but will be watched carefully to make sure no new problems arise with them.

Always love those pelicans. I'll never forget the "fight" between Carlene and the pelican over a fish she caught down in the Florida Keys. One of the funniest things I ever saw. I was laughing too hard to help her.

Birds, Fish and Friends. --RoadDog

REMEMBER WHEN there were telephone numbers with a word prefix like YUkon 2-601?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Forty Years Ago This Month-- Summer of 1970-- Part 2

Some more great songs from that great summer.

These were in the radio or in your record collections 40 years ago, July 4, 1970.

GASOLINE ALLEY-- ROD STEWART-- brand new solo album #2, the title selection
MAKE IT WITH YOU-- BREAD-- LA band debuting on the charts. Brand new single from upcoming album "On the Water." (This is another one of those Honey Hill Beach songs in Wauconda that remind me so much of that summer. I bought the "On the Water" album and played it to death and had to get another one. That was one really fine album."

UNCLE JOHN'S BAND-- GRATEFUL DEAD-- from their new album "Workingman's Dead," the lead-off track.
IN THE SUMMERTIME-- MUNGO JERRY-- It would go on to become a summer classic for 40 more summers. (If I ever had to pick THE ALL-TIME GREATEST SUMMER SONG EVER, this would be the one. Ok, let's all make that sound that played on the whole song.)

TAKE ME TO THE PILOT-- ELTON JOHN-- his debut album was released in April and it was pretty much flying under the radar of most everybody, but it wasn't going to be be very much longer before everybody knew who he was. From his debut, self-titled album. (That was one really good album as well.)
TIGHTER AND TIGHTER-- ALIVE AND KICKING-- written and produced by Tommy James. (I sure didn't know that. Liz gave me a copy of the 45.

TWO OF US-- BEATLES-- newly released album from May. This song began side 1.
I'VE GOT A FEELING-- BEATLES-- this began Side 2 (Good music, but I still like the pre-Rubber Soul Beatles better.)

Hard to Believe This WAS 40 Years Ago!! --RoadDog

REMEMBER WHEN there were newsreels before your movies instead of today's commercials.

JSIS: Blago Shuts Up-- Cub Reporter Stolen-- Bad Govs in Illinois?

Just Some Interesting Stuff.

1. BLAGO SHUTS UP-- Hard to believe but former guv BlagoMouth might not testify in his own defense after running the mouth all these months about how he really looked forward to getting on the stand and exonerating himself. I am totally shocked about this turn of events.

Today's Chicago Tribune editorial: "Rod? Speechless?" They never thought they type the phrase "Rod is speechless."

Well, let's hope that hurries the trial to its conclusion and the state's embarrassment will be over.

2. CUB REPORTER STOLEN-- Now, for a REAL tragedy. Someone stole the NIU Media Hound Statue. The 40 inch tall, fedora-wearing statue with a press pass and old camera around his neck was taken sometime this weekend from in front of the campus media center.

He was one of four dozen huskie (NIU spelling) statues that were placed around campus and town in the summer after the Feb. 14, 2008, killings.

Jay Orbik, NIU media services director used his own money to buy it and just hopes whoever took it returns it.

We've seen this particular statue on several occasions and it was probably one of the best of the 40 made and very appropriate. We hope it is returned as well.

3. BAD GOVS IN ILLINOIS?-- Today's Tribune editorial section also had a column by Eric Zorn "The worst Illinois governor?" And he wasn't talking about George Ryan, Dan Walker or Otto Kerner. Has BlagoMouth gone to the front of the list?

The editorial in the Tribune said the governor of Illinois "is so unscrupulous that his lack of principle gives him the appearance of audacity. he is not guided by courage, shrewdness or strength, but by his lack of principles. He is stupid, and his stupidity plus his indifference to public decency allows him to do the outrageous things for which any governor ought to be impeached."

This editorial was dated April 5, 1923 and was about Governor Lennington Small who served from 1921 to 1929 and supposedly had mob ties.

An interesting story.

Just Some Interesting Stuff in the News. --RoadDog

REMEMBER WHEN those milk bottles delievered to your home had cardboard stoppers?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Forty Years Ago This Month-- Summer of 1970-- Part 1

July 4th, Bob Stroud Time Warped back to that date back in 1970 on his Rock and Roll Roots radio show on WDRV in Chicago. This was part two of his annual summer salute and guaranteed to bring back some memories.

My family was getting ready to move to Dunwoody, Georgia, with all the packing that went along with it. I was still going to continue going to Northern Illinois in Dekalb for sophomore year, but was going to help with the move.

Bob's comments are first and mine in parentheses. Bob is a regulat fountainhead about 60s and 70s music information.

Songs in your radio and some of the music in your record collection.

ARE YOU READY-- PACIFIC GAS AND ELECTRIC-- Giving you two chances to get ready for the Summer of 1970. New band out of California. Pretty much a one-hot wonder that had just broken onto the charts. On Rock and Roll Roots Vol. 8.
GET READY-- RARE EARTH-- Just getting to know this band out of Detroit on the Rare Earth label, cover of the temps classic. (Blue-eyed soul from Motown!!)

HITCHIN' A RIDE-- VANITY FARE-- former #1 hit. (This is another song with significant NIU memories for me.)
QUESTION-- MODDY BLUES-- from their upcoming album release "Question of Balance."

Good Stuff Maynard!! --RoadDog

REMEMBER WHEN you had little side juke boxes at your tables in diners and coffee shops?

Weather's Gotta Go

This weather around here is really getting to me. Day after day we have forecasts of rain and thunderstorms. Day after day it is just a threat or maybe a spattering of drops, but that's it.

The bad part of it is that it really affects our boating. I'm not too worried about rain if we're in the car, but in a boat it'd a whole different situation. I like floating on the water, but don't like water falling ON ME. Plus, in a car, the land doesn't get to be a problem,. But, on the water, nothing is static, and, if it's a storm with high winds it is downright dangerous.

In addition to the constant threatening, we really do need the rain. Everything is drying out and I'm getting tired of all the watering. I been watering the plants and soaking the trees and bushes. I learned the hard way that I can't let the grass over the septic field get too dry. The last drought we had, it took about three years to get the grass going back over the system. The rest of the grass greened up in a couple days once the rains came again.

If You're Gonna Rain, DO IT!!! Otherwise, Knock Off All the Threatening!!! --RoadDog

REMEMBER WHEN you had your milk delivered to your house in glass bottles?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Midsummer Mississippi River Trip 2010-- Part 3

July 17th, we drove out to Blanding's Landing by the Mississippi River looking for the street rods, but they never showed up. We then drove to Hanover, Illinois, where we met up with some of them in town and followed them out to one of the most impressive wineries I've ever seen, Rocky Waters Vineyard.

We then drove to Elizabeth and saw a parade and then got lost going to another winery called Massbach Ridge but got some really good Elizabeth Wine. We went back to Elizabeth and went to its community fair.


Went to the Grape Escape on Main Street in Galena and watched Johnny Rocker perform for several hours during the afternoon. He put on a really great show.

Then back to Grant Hills Motel and sat outside the room and talked all evening with three couples. This is something that just doesn't happen at today's motels, just at the old Mom and Pops.

All day we drove on a variety of roads ranging from gravel, seal coated gravel and so-called secondary roads. We got to see some mighty impressive scenery driving around Jo Davies County.

Nothing Like Getting Off the Roads More Traveled. --RoadDog

REMEMBER WHEN you got your soda pop in glass bottles from machines?

It's Them, Not Me: Trying Not to Watch the Fool

It is hard to ignore the trial of former Illinois Rod Blagojevich (?) here in Illinois, but I do the best I can. The guy (and his wife) is in a class by himself. No clue. No idea.

I wonder how much of the $400,000 he spent on fancy clothes came from the public?

At least I can say I never voted for him. His first term, I disliked both the Blago and his opponent because of their unbelievably dirty campaigns and voted for the Libertarian. The second time I voted for Topinka (?).

Here's hoping for a correct verdict.

And We All Know What That Has to Be. --RoadDog

REMEMBER WHEN laundry detergent had free glasses, dishes or towels?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Midsummer Mississippi River trip 2010-- Part 2

This are the short version of what we did each day. The longer version will be at http://roaddogsroadlog.blogspot.com.

July 16th-- Friday

The Best Western Frontier Inn in Clinton, Iowa, has one of the best included breakfasts of any place we've ever been. Even Liz will get up for this one. And that very rarely happens. We also enjoyed the inside pool and hot tub.

We were delayed leaving when Liz couldn't find Sally, our GPR. Looked all over and even went to all the places we went to in Clinton yesterday, but didn't find it.

Crossed the Mississippi into Fulton, Illinois, and drove Il-84 to Savanna (No "H" here in Illinois) and then took US-52 back into Iowa and up to Dubuque. This is one beautiful drive. Played NTN at Courtside in Dubuque then drove to Galena, got our room at the Grant Hills Motel, a Mom and Pop Motel dating from the late 40s.


We then drove back to Galena and played NTN at another new-to-us place called the Flying Horse. I saw some folks had ordered something that looked like a different sort of pizza and asked what it was. The bartender told me it was called a flat bread, so ordered a steak Alfredo one and I strongly recommend it.

Had two beers there, two more at the VFW and talked to some folks from Crystal Lake (near where we live) who have moved out to Galena. Then, one more beer at Benjamin's and back to the motel where we sat out by the pool and talked with some people.

By the way, Liz found Sally in one of her suitcases within seconds after we got to Grant Hills

Another Really Good Day on the Road. --RoadDog

REMEMBER WHEN you drank colored sugar water from Coke-shaped wax bottles?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Midsummer Mississippi River Trip 2010-- Part 1

Left home yesterday and drove to Clinton, Iowa, where we spent the night.

From Byron, Illinois, to Dixon, we drove along the beautiful Rock River on Illinois Highway 2. We stopped at Lowden State Park and saw the impressive 100-year-old 50-foot Blackhawk Statue. That is the first time I ever saw it on land (I did see it several weeks ago on a boat in the river.

Looked around the neat old town of Oregon then drove to Dixon where we picked up the Lincoln Highway and took it the rest of the way to Iowa.

Once across the Mississippi in Clinton, we stopped for a couple-three beers at Bonnie's Scenic Tap and when we told the bartender we were there to see the Class A Midwest League Clinton Lumber Kings play, she gave us two tickets.

Checked into the Best Western, then drove back to Clinton and ate at a favorite place of ours, J&D Steakhouse where we met the chairman of the Lumber Kings and talked with him a bit.

At the game, we had general admission seats, but the chairman saw us and invited us to sit in his box seats. Had a great conversation with him, but, unfortunately, the Lumber Kings lost.

Came back to the Best Western and had a couple night caps in the hotel bar.

Pretty Good Day. --RoadDog

REMEMBER WHEN you ate candy cigarettes?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Little Late, But What's All This Soccer Stuff?

I admit that I watched some of the World Cup games this last month and did see the championship game at Captain's Quarters while the Beach Bums were playing.

The July 11th Chicago Tribune ran "The late-breaking viewers guide to the World Cup final" by Steve Cavendish.

This would be for first-time viewers. It was set up question and answer style:

Q-- Why do the announcers keep calling it football?
A-- That's what the rest of the world calls it.

Q-- Where is the US team?
A-- Little Ghana knocked us off in the second round. That's ok as we're not a soccer, er, football powerhouse. Ghana, by the way, is in Africa (I think).

Q-- So, who is playing in the championship?
A-- Spain vs. the Netherlands. A great match up between two powerhouses.

Q-- What is that horrible noise I keep hearing?
A-- They are called vuvuzelas and are plastic horns fans use to make a racket. Highly-annoying'zelas if you ask me.

Q-- Are there any rules?
A-- Rule 1, You can't use your hands unless you're the goalie. Rule 2, see Rule #1. If game tied at end, they have penalty shots. "We'd try to explain the offsides rule, but the refs don't understand it so why should we?

The Spanish team sure didn't take long to change their jerseys after winning. Must have been some sort of an orange thing since that is also the Netherland's color.

The Beach Bums Sure Helped Me Enjoy the Game Much More. --RoadDog

REMEMBER WHEN you drank Kool-Aid with sugar and even ate Kool-Aid with sugar?

Listening to the Yardbirds Now-- Part 2

I guess I will never have to buy another Yardbirds album as I should have most of their songs. I already had two CDs and even an album of their music.

The album is The Yardbirds Greatest Hits on the Epic label and featured songs from their first three albums: For Your Love, Having a Rave Up and Over Under Sideways Down.

Side 1

Shapes of Things
Still I'm Sad
New York City Blues
For Your Love
Over Under Sideways Down

Side 2

I'm a Man
Happenings Ten Years Time Ago
Heart Full of Soul
Smokestack Lightning
I'm Not Talking

As far as CDs, I also have Yardbirds Greatest Hits with 18 tunes, and Smokestack Lightning, a double CD effort.

In other words, I have a lot of duplicate songs.

As I was putting the album back, I found another Yardbird one I had forgotten about filed next to it called 20 Greatest Hits.

Guess I'm Now Covered When it Comes to this group.

Don't Let Me Forget and Buy Another One. --RoadDog

REMEMBER WHEN being sent to the principal's office was nothing compared to the fate that awaited the student at home?

Listening to the Yardbirds Now-- Part 1

The last week, I have been listening a lot to a double CD I bought at Half Price Books in Palatine, Illinois back on July 2nd. Well, actually Disc 1 which has 18 songs and covers their big hits, great lesser-known ones, and, of course, their blues roots.

We'll be listening to Disc 2 as we head out for Clinton later today.

This was a really great group from the 1960s, and, then there is that impressive list of alumni like Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page who went on to do great stuff on their own and in other groups.

Their HITS, Disc 1




Oh, did I forget that "other" alum with the initials E.C.?

Back in the Good Old Days of Two to 2 and a Half Minute Songs. --RoadDog

REMEMBER WHEN you played baseball with no adults to help kids with the rules of the game?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Decision Made

Since Liz has booked motels in Clinton and Galena, I reckon it's out west we go.

Sure would have been cheaper staying around here though. The motel in Clinton, Iowa, is $80 and Galena, Illinois is $89. Then both have tax beyond that.

All I can say is that the Lumber Kings had better win at that price (usually they lose when we see them). At least we'll get to eat at that great J & D Steakhouse on Lincoln Highway.

Those street rods in Galena and Indians in Oregon had better be worth it as well.

Well, Anyway, It's Something Different. --RoadDog

REMEMBER WHEN they threatened to keep a kid back if they failed in school...and they did?

Movie Scratches: Hood-- Shrek-- Juliet-- MacGruber

A Dog's-eye View on Today's Movies.

37. ROBIN HOOD-- 5-19-- FL $4-- Robin before hiding out in the forest from that nasty old King John.

38. SHREK FOREVER AFTER-- 5-28-- Fox Lake Free-- Be careful what you wish for. Right, big guy?

39. LETTER TO JULIET-- 6-1-- Fox Lake Free-- A different kind of love story in really beautiful Italy.

40. MacGRUBER-- 6-2-- Fox Lake $4-- James Bond he ain't. Too Crude, Too Crude, Don't waste your money.

Love Those Sticky Floors. --RoadDog

REMEMBER WHEN it was considered a great privilege for your parents to take you out to eat dinner?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What to Do, What to Do? Galena or Stay Home?

I had been leaning toward hitting the road this weekend starting Thursday when we'd go to Clinton, Iowa, to see the Midwest League Clinton Lumber Kings play. Then Friday drive to Galena, Ill and stay at the old mom and pop Grant Hills Motel and eat at the Log Cabin downtown, where we had our first meal back in 1973 on our honeymoon and enjoy the great town.

Saturday, I wanted to hook up with the Street Rod group in Galena and follow them on a drive through the surrounding area. Sunday it was to be on to Oregon, Illinois, for their first-ever Oregon Trail Days festival.


Now, I see that we are having two of my favorite festivals around here this weekend. Antioch has their Taste of Antioch with great food and entertainment starting Thursday.

Then, McHenry has the best part of their Fiesta Days with the Art in the Park (we call it Drunk In the Park) and street parties with bands and fairly cheap beer.

Should we go or stay?

Decisions, Decisions. I'll Let You Know. --RoadDog

REMEMBER WHEN you got trading stamps and glassware as well when you got your gas.

JSS: Da Sox-- Da Spain-- Da Dumb and Dumber Dog-- Another Stupid Weather Day

JSS-- Just Some Stuff

1. DA SOX-- Who'd have "figgered" after playing as awful baseball as you could, that the White Sox would be in FIRST PLACE!! in the AL Central here at All-Star Break!!

Go Sox!! I knew the team was better than how they were playing. This reminds me of my second all-time favorite Sox team of 1983 who played pitifully in May and June, acquired Bannister and Cruz and went on to win the Western Division by about twenty games.

Maybe this will be a repeat.

2. DA SPAIN-- Congratulations to Spain for their first-ever World Cup victory Sunday. I was actually pulling for the Netherlands as we were in Amsterdam during the championship game of the Euro 2000 Series when Netherlands played Italy. Unfortunately, the Dutch lost, but I was shown some real fan support. Americans football fans may think they are THE BIGGEST FANS, but they are nothing compared to the Ditch.

3. DA DUMB AND DUMBER DOG-- I've never done this before, but when we came out of Donovan's Reef a few hours ago, I couldn't find my keys. It soon became apparent that it was in the car. AND, not only that, but the car was STILL RUNNING. And, I hadn't even had a drink when we got there.

Like I said, I've never done that before. Fortunately, Liz was with me and had her key.

4. ANOTHER STUPID WEATHER DAY-- We had wanted to go boating instead of Donovan's, but again, the weather was too threatening. And again, nothing ever came of it. This is getting ridiculous. I'm just not going to take a chance going out on the boat when it is threatening.

Come on Weather, Give Me a Break. --RoadDog

REMEMBER WHEN a quarter was a decent allowance.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Some More Summer 1970 Songs

After commercial break, Stroud often plays bits of other songs that were popular back then. More bang for your ear, you know.

Here they are:

COME SATURDAY MORNING-- SANDPIPERS-- or as Barney Pip, the dj on WCFL with that awful horn might call them Sandpippers.

EVERYTHING IS BEAUTIFUL-- RAY STEVENS-- Had this top ten hit and a new variety show on TV.

DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS-- TOM JONES-- current top ten hit.

That's It for June. Any Memories? --RoadDog

REMEMBER WHEN you got your windshield cleaned, oil checked, tire pressure checked and gas pumped without asking and all for free. Well, you had to pay for the gas and oil if you needed it.

Now, That's What I Call Another Good Weekend

Come summer, some of my favorite things to do are boating, working in the yard, enjoying the yard, listening to the radio, drinking coffee, reading the newspaper (yes, the paper version), drinking, drinking cheap and enjoying a band outdoors and in the afternoon.

I got to do all of this the last three days.

FRIDAY, July 9th-- Went out boating with Kevin and Kelly. Went to Gasoline Alley, on a hillside overlooking Grasslake. Sat out on the deck with them, John and Julie (two really big Sox fans), and enjoying $1 domestic Miller and Coors products.

SATURDAY-- Sat out on the front porch (rocking chair) enjoying coffee and the Chicago Tribune. Did some yardwork. Then Liz and I boated over to McDonald's for breakfast and sat out on the boat while eating. The ducks were too late arriving for food and it was gone. Oh, well, quack it. Did a boat float on Pistakee Lake and Mineola Bay.

We then had another one of our standard all mouth, no rain storms which chased us off the lake (fortunately before it hit).

Enjoyed the deck and gazebo and then did some more yardwork.

SUNDAY-- Sat out in the gazebo and listened to Bob Stroud's Rock and Roll Roots saluting the music of the Byrds in honor of Roger McGuinn's birthday. Worked on the north part of Frances' Back 40 flower bed.

We went to Captain's Quarters on Fox Lake and saw one of the best summer boating bands imaginable, The Beach Bums, from 3 to 7 pm. They played calypso, reggae, Buffett and quite a few if their own songs. We were joined by Kevin and Kelly and Pete and Gayle (who had been out to Blarney Island and said we had a bigger crowd.

Not a Bad Way to Spend a Weekend. --RoadDog

REMEMBER WHEN your mom wore nylons that came in two pieces.

Friday, July 9, 2010

40th Anniversary of the Summer of 1970- Part 6

Finishing up those tunes on your radio the first weekend of that summer 40 years ago.

LIAR-- ARGENT-- the original version from their debut album. (And I thought Three Dog Night recorded it first. Ron Argent was originally with the Zombies.)
VIVA TIRADO-- EL CHICANO-- west coast group with one of several hits they had in the '70s. An instrumental.

PEACE FROG-- DOORS-- everyone was getting excited about the release of a brand new Doors album "Morrison Hotel."

RUN THROUGHT THE JUNGLE-- CCR-- "B" side of "Up Around the Bend." (My favorite band of all time.)

THEME FROM AN IMAGINARY WESTERN-- This one just hits the spot everytime I play it. Love it. From their brand new album "Climbing." Lead vocal by the late great Felix Papilardi.

#1 song in Chicago: HITCHIN' A RIDE-- VANITY FARE-- their second and final hit. Their first one was in 1969 "Early in the Morning." (And, I always thought they were spelled Vanity Fair.)

Thanks, Bob!! --RoadDog

REMEMBER WHEN you'd reach into a muddy gutter for a penny?

JSS: Crazy Weather-- Libertyville

JSS-- Just Some Stuff

1. CRAZY WEATHER-- This weather has really been something. Since Sunday, it has acted like all hell was going to break lose with storms. This was the case up until Wednesday. However, we've had a total of about 15 minutes of rain on five different occasions. We could use some rain as things are drying out.

Must be some sort of a global warming thing, right Al?

2. LIBERTYVILLE-- Today, I went to Libertyville, Illinois, to meet a guy I used to teach with at Magee Middle School in Round Lake. We were going to eat at a place he raves about, Five Guys, but they weren't open yet. The town had what we thought was a Farmer's Market going on in their park, so we decided to check it out.

It turns out, it was a Taste of Libertyville with about 17-20 booths set up selling different kinds of food. I think they might have called the thing "It's Lunch" and they have it every Friday until September.

This is a great way to entertain townsfolk and visitors and introduce various restaurants to the public. Eating outdoors under the trees was a pleasant way to spend the afternoon, and, they had a band.

We had sandwiches called Door County Wraps from a place called Egg Harbor Cafe. Delicious and like nothing I've ever eaten before.

Just Some Stuff. --RoadDog

REMEMBER WHEN nobody owned a purebred dog? And, what's with these "designer" dogs.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

40th Anniversary of Summer 1970-- Part 5-- June 6th

These songs were playing around Chicagoland on WLS and WCFL, both AM stations back 40 years ago.

RIDE CAPTAIN RIDE-- BLUES IMAGE-- one-hit wonder. (Takes me back to the beach at Honey Hill (where the Blues Brothers' Bluesmobile cruised on the beach in that great movie from ten years later.)
MY BABY LOVES LOVIN'-- WHITE PLAINS-- one-hit wonder as well. A studio group out of the UK. (Reminds me of the Tune Room at NIU.)

AMERICAN WOMAN-- GUESS WHO-- title track from their third album. (Leave this one to the Canadians.)
TO CRY YOU A SONG-- JETHRO TULL-- a wicked riff that will burrow itself right into your brain and you'll have a hard time getting it out of your head when you go to bed tonight (Stroud then hummed it.) From their new album, "Benefit," album number three. (And these guys went on to win the very first Grammy for Heavy metal Music. I'm so proud of them. They didn't even know or think they were that heavy.)

GET READY-- RARE EARTH-- out of Motown. Their version of a Temptations classic. (And, surprisingly, they were a White group.)
THE LETTER-- JOE COCKER-- a 45 release in the Top Ten. (Wow, Old Joe covering somebody else's song. Who'd a Thunk It.)

Carrying Me Back to Those Good Old Days. --RoadDog

Remember When: It took three minutes for a TV to warm up?

The Tip-A-Tap of Hammers Again

The last two months, we have awoken to, and listened to the sound of hammers beating away all over the subdivision. We hadn't heard that much construction noise since between 1993 and 1995, when the majority of the houses were built.

However, back in spring, we had a hail storm with some of them up to two inches across. No real damage was done, but evidently at that size you can qualify to have your roof replaced and suddenly, the neighborhood was deluged again, this time with companies offering to replace the roofs.

Even better for the neighbors is that the roofs were about ready to need to be replaced again anyway. Their insurance covers it and all they have to pay is the deductible. What a great deal for them. Not so for me as we had ours replaced three years ago.

However, I'm not sure that I would have taken advantage of the situation anyway. Like I said, there was no damage that I could see.

It will be nice when all the roofs are finished as it has been very NOISY!!

Who'll Be Next? --RoadDog

Remeber When: Nobody owned a pure-bred dog.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Every Blooming Thing-- Early July 2010

The yard is always colorful from Spring to Fall, but, if anything, it is at its height of color right now. It is one mass of blaze from one end to the other.

I took a walk around to write down what's blooming:

all three heights of daisies: tall, medium and low-- white
tickseed-- yellow
Asiatic daylillies-- various colors
daylillies-- various colors
some sort of white perennial
some sort of blue perennial
coneflowers-- purple
the last blooms of the clematis plants
geraniums-- pink, white and red
petunias-- various colors
mums-- various colors, but I've been cutting them back for fall bloom
yarrow-- yellow
marguerittes-- yellow
blanket flowers-- galidaria
tall phlox-- various colors
wild daisies-- white
balloon flowers-- purple
an orange perennials
chameleon plants
poppies-- red
a light purple perennial
some sort of red coleus-type plant

That's a REAL lot.

It's Really Quite a Sight. --RoadDog

Remember When: All the girls had really ugly gym uniforms.

Properly Celebrating the 4th of July-- Part 4-- Staying At Home

Decided to make our 4th of July observance on Monday, July 5th, an at home one.

Besides, I still have lots of work to do out in the yard and accomplished a lot of it. I worked on the front porch flower bed, front of the house, west side, arboretum and Frances' Back 40.

Not only did I work (and working in the yard is not exactly work to me as I ENJOY it) in the yard, but I also got to enjoy it.

I enjoyed tunes and a couple beers out at Heineman's in the arboretum while talking with the neighbors. Then, I had a couple more beers in the gazebo while enjoying peanuts (Liz gets mad at me when I eat peanuts in the shell in the house. For some reason she says I make a mess). Cool breezes there as well.

Then read the newspaper on the front porch and later had corn on the cob OD (On Deck).

Now, This Is Also a Great Way to Celebrate the 4th of July. --RoadDog

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Top Ten Greatest Food Combinations

From the May 20th List Universe.

Top Ten Greatest Food Combinations. If you gop to the site, you will have photos and more information on each.

10. Eggs and bacon
9. Butter and popcorn (Liz likes popcorn with her butter>)
8. Pizza and beer (Personally, I like pop better)

7. Salt and Pepper
6. Burger and fries (How about hot dog and fries? And while on the subject, what about ketchup and fies? Mighty fine dipping.)

5. Spaghetti and meatballs
4. Cheese and Crackers
3. Tortilla chips and salsa

2. Mashed potatoes and gravy
1. Oreos and milk

I would like to add:

Corned beef and cabbage
Carolina-style bbq and slaw

And, I can think of other great combinations.

Gettin' Hungry Typin' This. --RoadDog

Retirement Q & A: Question: Why does a retiree often say he doesn't miss work, but misses the people he used to work with? Answer: Too polite totell the whole truth.

40th Anniversary of the Summer of 1970-- Part 4-- June 6th

Continuing with Bob Stroud's Time Warp back to the Summer of 1970. His comments first. Mine in parentheses.

EVERY NIGHT-- PAUL McCARTNEY-- The "Let It Be" album wasn't the only one to feature the music of a Beatle. Paul McCartney, at this point, had a solo album entitled "McCartney."
QUESTION-- MOODY BLUES-- lead off track from their new album, "A Question of Balance."

(LAY DOWN) CANDLES IN THE WIND-- MELANIE-- Talk about a cast of thousands. Melanie with the Edwin Hawkins singers. This version is included in our Rock and Roll Roots Vol. 11. (Bob has eleven albums of songs from the 60s and 70s chosen by his listeners. Many of these have never been on CD before. This song always reminds me of the riots at NIU after Kent State.)
DELTA LADY-- LEON RUSSELL-- Back when they would bring in a cast of thousands into the recording studio to make an album. It doesn't happen much any more. His new album was only about a month old now and self-titled.

MAKE ME SMILE-- CHICAGO-- Finally, a first big hit from their second album.
UP AROUND THE BEND-- CCR-- (That's Creedence Clearwater Revival for you young folk.)

STEAMROLLER-- JAMES TAYLOR-- Going to bring out the heavy equipment. From one of the big albums of the 1970s, "Sweet Baby James."
WOODSTOCK-- CSNY-- Included Joni Mitchell's song on their second album, "Deja Vu." (Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young for you young folk.)
BIG YELLOW TAXI-- JONI MITCHELL-- Joni's third album had just been released, "Ladies of the Canyon." It also included her version of "Woodstock."

Good Stuff, Maynard. --RoadDog

Retirement Q & A: Question: What's the biggest advantage of going back to school as a retiree? Answer: If you cut class, no one can call your parents.

Monday, July 5, 2010

40th Anniversary of the Summer of 1970-- Part 3

Some more songs from June 6, 1970. Remember any?

REFLECTIONS OF MY LIFE-- MARMALADE-- big ballad from the UK band.

CECILLIA-- SIMON & GARFUNKEL-- in the Top ten. A single from "Bridge Over Troubled Water" album released in January. (My favorite S&G song.)
BAND OF GOLD-- FREDA PAYNE-- debuted this week, 40 years ago. (This one always reminds me of the beach at Honey Hill in Wauconda, Illinois, where I spent a lot of time that summer. Mostly with the night crew from Burger King in Palatine. We'd go there during the afternoon and the owner Bob Galloy would always get mad at us for going there because we were a bit slow that night.)

CARAVAN-- VAN MORRISON-- the new Van Morrison album was out for four months now, having come out in February called "Moondance." From side one.
NO SUGAR TONIGHT/NEW MOTHER NATURE-- GUESS WHO-- Riding a big Canadian snowdrift at this time as they had a big two-sided hit in your radio. The "B" Side was "No Sugar Tonight" and "New Mother Nature" attached to it on the album. This is the album version. "American Woman" was the "A" side. (Now that was one mighty fine single.)

COWBOY-- THREE DOG NIGHT-- both written by Randy Newman and both from their new album "It Ain't easy, their 4th album. A deep track. (To say the least, it's deep.)
MAMA TOLD ME NOT TO COME-- THREE DOG NIGHT--the newest single release. Both these songs written by the great, bus as of late undiscovered by most of us, Randy Newman. (Want some whiskey in your water? What are all these crazy questions you're asking me?)

THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD-- BEATLES-- The final Beatles album, "Let It Be" about a month old now. The "A" side.
FOR YOU BLUE-- BEATLES-- The "B" Side (What would a summer in the 60s and first year of the 70s be without a two-sided Beatles hit?)

Really, That L-O-N-G Ago? It Couldn't Be. --RoadDog

Retirement Q & A: Question: What is the best way to describe retirement? Answer: the never-ending coffee break.

Properly Celebrating the 4th of July-- Part 3-- No Parade for Us, Day After Party, Fireworks

Good old Bob Stroud took the listeners to his Rock and Roll Roots show back 40 years, to July 4, 1970 from 7 to 10 am. Hard to believe it was that long ago.

We tried to go to the parade in Spring Grove, Illinois, and after that to enjoy the festival, but the village was locked down tighter than a drum. You could not approach the parade route no way, no how. It was a case of "You can't get there from here." I'll write more about this later.

More than just a little mad, we headed north into Wisconsin, stopping at the flea market at Wilmot mountain ski hill and lodge (where, I'm happy to report, I didn't buy anything). Then, it was on to Mar's Trading Post in Wilmot for a $1.75 Bloody Mary and $1 pints along with a $1 burger and chips.

Then, back to Kevin and Kelly's for the famed Day-After party to finish off the keg and look out at Fox Lake. We succeeded admirably.

Then home and we had a nice view of Spring Grove's fireworks from our driveway. We can still see it well, but in not too many years, the trees will be too tall.

A Great Third Day of the Country's Birthday. --RoadDog

retirement Q & A: Question: What do retirees call a long lunch. Answer: Normal.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Too Bad About the Fireworks-- Summer 1970 Tomorrow

Well, I guess after 16 years of growing, it should be of no surprise that the trees in our subdivision have really blocked out our view of the fireworks over Fox Lake.

I could see parts of then through one of my trees, but not good enough so, next year, looks like we'll be out on the boat for it.

In that case, there will be no drinking for me that day.


Tomorrow, Bob Stroud should be Time Warping us back to the songs playing on our radios and stereos for July 4, 1970. His Rock and Roll Roots Show is on WDRV, 97.1 and 96.9 FM from 7 to 10 am CSDT. It streams live at www.wdrv.com.

If you're o-l-d like me, this will bring back some memories.

Go, Bob and Boo Trees. --RoadDog

Retirement Q & A: Why are retirees so slow to clean out the basement, attic or garage? Answer: They know that as soon as they do, one of the adult kids will want to store stuff there OR LIVE THERE!!!

Properly Celebrating the 4th of July-- Part 2-- Cheesehead 'Brating, Chain Partyin'

Roday, I again worked in the yard awhile after putting up the flag by the mailbox and an Uncle Sam streamer and Liberty sign.

Enjoyed sitting out on the front porch, what finer way to enjoy the 4th?

Liz and I went to Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, for their annual parade and had drinks at Main Street Tap and then at Donovan's where we also played NTN with two top twenties in three games.


Drove back across the border to Fox Lake and went to the festival there before going over to Kevin and Kelly's for a party on the lake and then another party at Rick and Chris' place on the channel where we keep out boat.

We're back home now and in a few minutes I'll be going out on the deck to view the fireworks taking place on Fox Lake.

A Good Second Day of Celebrating a Great Country's Birthday. --RoadDog

Retirement Q & A: Question: What is the common term for someone who continues to work after they are able to retire? Answer: NUTS!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Properly Celebrating the 4th of July-- Part 1-- Boating, Palatine

We have reached the 234th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. Congratulations USA!!

We licked off our celebration today with boating over to McDonald's in Fox Lake for breakfast, the first time we've done it this year. Enjoyed the meal on the boat and fed the ducks and a large number of Canadian geese who came for the food as well. We had a group of peepers (baby mallards) who were very entertaining.

Did a boat float on Fox Lake until 1 pm, came home, worked in the yard and drove to Palatine, stopping at Half Price Books on US-12 where I bought three double Cds and a book on how celebrities and famous folks died and where they are buried.

Visited the grave of Liz's parents, Frances and Amby Klaus at Memory Garden in Arlington Heights. On the way in, somebody had places a Blackhawk Stanley Cup car flag on one grave. That person must have been a BIG HAWK fan and somewhere must be smiling. Finally.

Not Finished Yet. --RoadDog

Retired Q & A: Question: Why do retirees count pennies? Answer: They are the only ones who have the time.

Number One Songs This Date-- Part 2

We went back to 1970, a cool FORTY YEARS AGO!! Where did the time go?

Now, we're really going WAY BACK.

1960 EVERYBODY'S SOMEBODY'S FOOL-- Connie Francis-- Not me, I come by it naturally. They're going to put me in a movie, and all I got to do is act ______.

1950 THE THIRD MAN THEME-- Anton Karas

1940 THE WOODPECKER SONG-- Glenn Miller-- "Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh." Was this about Woody the Woodpecker?

1930 DANCING WITH TEARS IN MY EYES-- Nat Shilkret-- Now, this is a perfect title for a country song.

1920 WHEN MY BABY SMILES AT ME-- Ted Lewis and His Band

1910 CASEY JONES-- Billy Murray & American Quartet. He sure had a lot of hits back in his day. Was that the Grateful Dead backing him up?

1900 A BIRD IN A GILDED CAGE-- Steve Porter

I Don't Know Much About Most of These Guys. --RoadDog

Retired Q & A: Question: Among retirees, what is considered proper attire? Answer: Tied Shoes.

Growing Older But Not Up.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

40th Anniversary of the Summer of 1970-- Part 2

As usual, Bob Stroud's comments first.If I have any, they are in parentheses.

This is a three hour celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Summer of 1970.

VEHICLE-- IDES OF MARCH-- great local band. (Jim Peterik who later went on to start the group Survivor.)
MOVIN'ON-- CHICAGO-- a new Chicago album out called just "Chicago" Side one, track 1 of the four-sided album. (Strange, but I first heard of these guys in North Carolina, not where I lived in Chicagoland.

BALL OF CONFUSION-- TEMPTATIONS-- The world is not so thrilling, it's kind of screwed up and nobody could tell it better than the Temptations. (People everywhere shouting "End the War!" Some things don't change.)
LITTLE GREEN BAG-- GEORGE BAKER SELECTION-- from the Netherlands and Top ten here in Chicago.

TEACH YOUR CHILDREN-- CSNY-- new single release from the new album "Deja Vu." (That good old country twang.)
HOUSE ON POOH CORNER-- NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND-- the sound of country rock sneaking into our existence. They had released an excellent album "Uncle Charlie and His Dog Teddy in February of 1970. A couple years later, Loggins and Messina would do a great job with it, too. (Did this album have "Mr. Bojangles" on it?)

Back When I Was 19. --RoadDog

Retirement Q & A: Question: Why don't retirees mind being called seniors? Answer: Because it comes with a 10% discount.

My Kinda Comic-- Pickles

This is a fairly new one in the Chicago Tribune. This was in the June 27th comic section.

Pickles is about a grandpa and grandma dealing with family, the world and each other. Grandpa Earl reminds me a lot of myself.


WIFE: Oh good, you're back. Did you get the tomato sauce?
EARL: Oops! I knew I was forgetting something (as he holds a grocery bag).


WIFE: That's what I sent you to the store for...TOMATO SAUCE!!


EARL: Sorry about that, but look...I found my favorite brand of sardines! They're hard to find and they were on sale.


WIFE: Sardines? Why do you always think we need sardines? We already have a pantry full of them.


EARL: (Now here's the one that fits me.) I believe if you find something you like, you should buy a lifetime supply, because they're probably going to stop making it.


WIFE: Yeah, well, to me, one can of those things is a lifetime supply.

As I continue to stock up on VHS and cassette tapes before they take them away from me. Oh, yes, and CDs as well. Plus, things to play them on. This struck home. Although I'm not a fan of sardines, I'm sure Liz must often feel like the wife.

It Hits Home. --RoadDog

Retirement Q & A: Question: What is the biggest gripe of retirees? Answer: Not enough time to get things done. (It really is!!)

Number One Songs This Date-- Part 1

Well, it's the beginning of the month and as such, I take a look back at the number one songs in the nation back to 110 years ago.

These are compliments of Josh Hosler at www.joshhosler.biz/NumberOneinHistory/SelectMonth.htm.

Any date in history, any song, right here.

2010 California Girls-- Katy Perry-- Haven't heard it. Is this the old Beach Boys song?
2000 Be With You-- Enrique Iglesias
1990 Step By Step-- New Kids on the Block
1980 COMING UP (Live at Glasgow)-- PAUL McCARTNEY-- Sir Paul goes to Scotland looking for Nellie.

1979 RING MY BELL-- ANITA WARD-- a favorite of mine.
1978 SHADOW DANCING-- ANDY GIBB-- the first Gibb brother to die.

1977 GONNA FLY NOW (THEME FROM ROCKY)-- BILL CONTI-- Ok, let's do your best pose at the top of those steps!!
1976 SILLY LOVE SONGS --PAUL McCARTNEY & WINGS-- Sir Paul gets silly.

1975 LOVE WILL KEEP US TOGETHER-- CAPTAIN AND TENILLE-- Wonder if the captain was bald?
1974 ROCK THE BOAT-- HUES CORPORATION-- was this the first disco song?
1973 WILL IT GO ROUND IN CIRCLES-- BILLY PRESTON-- Beatles keyboardist in their last years as a band.

1971 IT'S TOO LATE/I FEEL THE EARTH MOVE-- CAROLE KING-- Does an album get finer than "Tapestry?"

Now, I Can't Get That Neil Diamond Song Out of My Head. --RoadDog

Retirement Q & A: How many retirees does it take to change a light bulb? Answer: Only one, but it might take all day.