Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Back to That Amazing April 4, 1964, Billboard Beatles Chart-- Part 1

From Billboard.

The number 1 song, "Can't Buy Me Love" had jumped from #26 to #1.    That was the record jump by an artist until Kelly Clarkson's "A Moment Like This" jumped from #52 to #1 in 2002.  Then, her "My Life Would Suck Without You" jumped from #97 to #1 in 2009.

Besides the Top Five 5 songs, all by the Beatles (check the Beatles or Beatlemania labels to find out the Top Five), the rest of the Top Ten was:

#6, "SUSPICION"  by Terry Stafford,
#7.  "HELLO DOLLY" by Louis Armstrong,
#8.  "SHOOP SHOOP SONG" by Betty Everett,  
#9.  "MY HEART BELONGS ONLY TO YOU" by Bobby Vinton
#10.  GLAD ALL OVER"  by the Dave Clark Five.


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Deaths: "Little" Joe Cook, Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, Deon Jackson

"LITTLE" JOE COOK, 91:  Died April 15, 2014.  Wrote and sang falsetto on the Thrillers' #22 song "Peanuts" in 1959.  I was familiar with the Four Season version of it.

RUBUN "HURRICANE" CARTER, 76.  Died April 20, 2014.  Boxer and subject of Bob Dylan's 1976 song "Hurricane" which went to #23.  Also, a movie of the same name.

DEON JACKSON, 68.  Died April 19, 2013.  Had a #11 hit in 1966 with "Love Makes the World Go Round."

Five Careers in Crisis// Five Booming Careers

From Yahoo! Education by Tony Moton.  He tells why, but you'll have to go to the site.  I'm just listing 'em.

Five Careers on the skids:  12.  Farmer, rancher and other agricultural managers,  2.  Postal service worker,  3.  News analyst, reporter, correspondent.  4.  Travel agents.  5.  File clerk.

Five Booming Careers:

1.  Registered nurse.   2.  Software developer.  3.  Market research analyst.  4.  Elementary School teacher.  (And, I really thought all teachers were doomed.)  5.  Accountant.


Monday, April 28, 2014

WLS Survey: April 24, 1964: The British Invasion Is ON!!

Just looking back at a HALF A CENTURY AGO. That long? Really??? Where does the time go? And, I was about to turn 13.

#1. SUSPICION-- Terry Stafford
#2. CROOKED LITTLE MAN-- Serendipity Singers

#4. WHITE ON WHITE-- Danny Williams
#5. HELLO DOLLY-- Louis Armstrong
#6. BITS AND PIECES-- Dave Clark Five

#8. FOREVER-- Peter Drake
#9. GLAD ALL OVER-- Dave Clark Five

#12. TWIST AND SHOUT-- Beatles
#26. NOT FADE AWAY-- Rolling Stones

#27. YESTERDAY'S GONE-- Chad & Jeremy
#30. LOVE ME DO-- Beatles
STAY AWHILE-- Dusty Springfield.

The Dave Clark Five running neck-and-neck with the Beatles? First Stones song on the chart?

Fifty Years Ago?? --RoadDog

About Last Weekend-- Part 2 The Yard, Captain's. Bars, Bulls and Hawks


 Did a whole lot of burning of yard waste, clearing out flower beds and raking on a pretty nice day at first. Took the lawn tractor out to cut the grass for the first time, but after 30 minutes it started making a strange noise and I found that the belt had pulled out and was broken.

Temps really started dropping around 3 in the afternioon.

Went to Captain's Quarters on Fox Lake to watch the Chicago Rev Up band play, but left after the first set as it was too crowded with a Fox Lake Fireworks fundraiser and a 70th birthday party.

Then checked out the new Angry Beaver on Grasslake (where the old Dirty Rooster was). They had a deejay, but not much going on. Ended up at Antonio's in Spring Grove and tried their new watermelon/cucumber margarita. Quite the tasty treat.


 Drove to Twisted Moose in McHenry to watch the Bulls playoff game (unfortunately they were blown out by the Wizards).

The big reason was to see the sixth game of the Black Hawks-Blues playoff game. Huge crowd and most everyone in Black Hawk attire. We were joined by several of the Usual Suspects, our Bear-viewing crew. Great time, especially in the 3rd period when the Hawks really came alive and went on to win 5-1. Lots of air horns, flashing red lights and "Chelsea Dagger." And the Hawks go on to Round Two!!!

Stopped at Sunnyside Tap on the way home. And, both the Cubs and Sox won!!

Go Hawks!!! --RoadDog

About Last Weekend-- Part 1: Shopping, Hockey & baseball


Tried the new McDonald's chicken club sandwich to get a Black Hawks pennant. That is a good sandwich. Drove the '85 Firebird to McHenry and looked at the nurseries at Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Meijer's but didn't buy anything. It is still too cold to do any planting.

Also went to Target, Goodwill, Hobby Lobby, Five Below, Dick's Sporting Goods and Party Station. Lots of shopping, but didn't buy much.

Watched the NHL hockey playoff game between the Black Hawks and Blues at Tommy's with a whole bunch of other crazy Hawks fans. And, Chicago won in overtime. That was the fourth overtime in five games. The Hawks started off 0-2, losing twice in overtime by 4-3 scores. Now, 3-2.

And, the Sox won with a walk-off home run in the bottom of the ninth!!

Pretty Good Chicago Sports Night. --RoadDog

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Every Blooming THing: Late April 2014

One thing about the early days of yardwork after a long winter layoff, man, am I ever sore. I have been busy with my burn pile last Sunday and today. Lots of dead perennials, leaves and annuals from last year to get rid of. (We can only burn on weekends in April and May.)

I have to be careful of hundreds of what appear to be bees in certain areas of the yard.

Right now, the jonquils are in full bloom and some tulips and hyacinths as well. Also, some other flowers of which I know not the names.

I am planning on going out to cut the grass for the first time. Some of the yard needs it and other parts don't, but I can't let it get ahead of me in the spring as it can really take off, especially with the cool and rainy weather we've been having.

I have been reading quite a few articles about people with winter burn/kill on their plants, especially yews and boxwoods. Most experts say to fertilize and wait to see new growth. They don't want you cutting back or trimming until you know what is still alive.

We Sure Had A Rough Winter --RoadDog

Friday, April 25, 2014

Movie Scratches: Rise-- Sherman-- Nebraska-- Divergent

A dog's eye view of today's movies.

 #21. 300: RISE OF EMPIRE-- 3-12-- FOX lAKE, $4.50-- All the blood splatter and floaters you could ever want.

#22. MR. PEABODY & SHERMAN-- 3-12-- FOX LAKE, $4.50-- All that history and Sherman gets the girl.

#23. NEBRASKA-- 3-14-- FOX LAKE, $6-- Sort of Rainman, Part 2. One of the best movies I've ever seen. I sure wish my local theaters would show movies like these when they come out.

#24. DIVERGENT-- 4-8-- WOODSTOCK, $4.50-- Hunger Games, Part 2. "Faction Before Blood."

Hey, Love Those Varieties of Salt. --RoadDog

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Record Store Day Purchases-- Part 2

I also bought two other albums: Cry Like a Baby by the Box Tops and Just Like Us by Paul Rever & the Raiders. //// Cry Like a Baby featured the title song, but none others that I recognize and was boasting that "Cry Like a Baby" would go all the way to #1 like the group's first hit, "The Letter." Alex Chilton and the boys recorded it in Memphis at American Sound Studio. //// Just Like Us featured the hits "Steppin' Out" and "Just Like Me." Paul Revere and Mark Lindsay wrote "Steppin' Out." Loved the American Army Revolutionary War uniforms on the front cover. Definitely the anti British Invasion group now that I think about it. //// I also bought a four-CD set of Stax music. //// --Keep Step, Step Steppin' Up Against the Brits. --RoadDog

What's Up With Dolly & the Zombies?

From the April20-26, 2014, American Profile "Ask American Profile. //// DOLLY PARTON, 68, whose career has spanned five decades has her42nd studio album coming out in May. She'll be touring the U.S., Europe and Australia. Love her music, but hate her talking (like with Rebe McIntyre). //// Someone wanted to know if the 60s band ZOMBIES was still making music. The band had hits with "Tell Her No," "Time of the Season" and "She's Mot There" split in December 1967. Original members Rod Argent ("Hold Your Head Up" with Argent) and Colin Blunstone have been playing together since 1999 as the Zombies. Blunstone, 68, is lead vocalist. I'm a big fan of the Zombies and think they should have had more hits back in the 1960s. //// So, Now You Know. --RoadDog

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Record Store Day Purchases-- Part 1

This past Saturday, I went to The Vinyl Frontier in McHenry, Illinois, and bought four albums and I went way back for them, all from the 1960s. //// Two were by Chicago groups: TIME & CHANGES by the Buckinghams ($4) and SUGAR & SPICE by the Cryan Shames ($2). //// The Buckinghams album featured "Don't You Care," "I'll Be Back," "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy" and "Foreign Policy." Of course, part of the name Buckinghams came from the British Invasion. Buckingham sounded British, even though there is a fountain in Chicago by that name. "I'll Be Back" was written by Lennon-McCartney. //// The Cryan' Shames album featured "Sugar and Spice" and "I Wanna Meet You." Another song on it was written by George Harrison "If I Needed Someone." Of interest was the ages of the group with two at 18 and the other four at 21. Many of the songs were written by group member Jim Fairs, on of the 18-year-olds. //// One reason Chicago groups got so popular was that the Chicago radio stations (WLS and WCFL) really played a lot of their music. //// --RoadDog

Flashback to 1973-- Part 3

TIME-- Pink Floyd // DANCING WITH MR. D.-- Rolling Stones // SUFFICIENTLY BREATHLESS-- Captain Beyond // KNOCKIN' ON HEAVEN'S DOOR-- Bob Dylan // SOUTHSIDE SHUFFLE-- J. Geils Band // 5:15-- Who // GIVE ME THREE STEPS-- Lynyrd Skynyrd //// SPIRITS IN THE NIGHT-- Bruce Springsteen // I'M THE GREATEST-- Ringo Starr // ALL THE WAY FROM MEMPHIS-- Mott the Hoople // BROTHER LOUIE-- Stories // CHINA GROVE-- Doobie Brothers //// I THINK IT WAS THE WINE-- Siegall-Schwall Band // OVER THE HILLS AND FAR AWAY-- Led Zeppelon. //// --RoadDog

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Did My Part for Record Store Day on Saturday

I made it over to The Vinyl Fronteir in McHenry, Illinois, on Saturday and found a big crowd in the place. It is small and moving around the very narrow aisles was difficult. //// I'd say there were twenty people inside when I got there at 2 PM and the owner said that he already had a line of a hundred people stretching out around the corner when he arrived. He roughly estimated around 250 people before I got there. For some reason, he was all smiles. //// There were several teenagers buying albums and talking music, so maybe there is hope for record stores. //// Several parents were there with young kids. They said that they wanted their kids to experience a record store since all they do is download songs. //// There is nothing like flipping through albums with your fingers and searching for that special record. //// Well, Here's Hoping for the Mom and Pops. --RoadDog

Flashback to 1973-- Part 2

ROSALITA-- Bruce Springsteen // LET'S GET IT ON-- Marvin Gaye // FAT MAN IN THE BATHTUB-- Little Feat (Another strange name for a song.) // SAIL ON SAILOR-- Beach Boys // RIGHT PLACE, WRONG TIME-- Dr. John //// DEAR ABBY (Or is that Abbey?)-- John Prine // D'YERMAKER-- Led Zeppelin // SITTING HERE IN LIMBO-- Jinmmy Cliff // LOVE REIGN O'ER ME-- Who // HIGHER GROUND-- Stevie Wonder // JEAN GENIE-- David Bowie //// BODHISATTVA-- Steely Dan /// BAND ON THE RUN-- Paul McCartney & Wings. //// --RoadDog

Monday, April 21, 2014

Flashback to 1973-- Part 1

From WXRT's Saturday Morning Flashback, April 19, 2014. //// Johnny Mars sat in for Wendy Rice and took us back 41 years to a mighty busy time for me, what with graduating from college, getting married and getting my first and only tecahing job. These are the songs he played: //// MIND GAMES-- John Lennon // YOU'VE BEEN IN LOVE TOO LONG-- Bonnie Raitt // JESSICA-- Allman Brothers Band // GOODBYE YELLOWBRICK ROAD-- Elton Jihn // I KNOW WHAT I LIKE IN YOUR WARDROPE-- Genesis (Probably one of the weirdest titles ever.) //// FRESH-- Sly & the Family Stone // EMERALD EYES-- Fleetwood Mac // TAKE IT EASY-- Jackson Browne (He wrote it, but the Eagles had the Route 66 hit with it.) //// I CAN'T STAND THE RAIN--Ann Peebles. //// --RoadDog

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Record Store Day Today!!

A favorite day of mine. A blast from the past in the days before downloading. Something that "they haven't taken away from me"...yet, anyway. We're not going out to DeKalb for the NIU spring football game, so I will be getting over to our local place in McHenry, The Vinyl Frontier, at noon and hang around and buy some stuff. That is, hang around until the Hawks game starts at 2, and then it is over to the Twisted Moose for all the fans, air horns and flashing lights. Hopefully, it won't be a repeat of the forever triple overtime game from Thursday. So, go to the website, and find out the record store closest to you. (Well, I suppose you already know where it is.) Support 'Em before They're Gone. --RoadDog

Friday, April 18, 2014

Follow Up On "Frank's Place"

As I finished typing the last entry, the name You Tube popped into my head. Might they have some episodes on it? Went there and they did. I'll have to catch up. //// Saw part of the pilot, where Frank inherits the place from his deceased father and encounters the interesting employees. Then, there were those great accents. //// Of interest, this was a multi-racial cast, who seemed to really get along. //// Poor Tim Reid had some "learning" to do. //// Not only was there that great music, but food as well. //// I foresee Some Hours On You Tube. --RoadDog

"Frank's Place": A Great TV Show

From Wikipedia. //// One of my all-time favorite TV shows, even though it only lasted for one season. It was sort of a "Frasier" before the idea. A show that was made for more of an adult viewing audience. On CBS and aired 22 episodes from 1987-1988. Cancelled after just one year. //// Created by Hugh Wilson with series star Tim Reid as Frank Parish operating a bar/restaurant in New Orleans. They certainly had a group of interesting characters hanging out there, sort of a "Cheers" crowd but with a 'Nawlins slant. //// As funny as the show was, I liked the songs they played on the jukebox just as well. That stuff really knocked me out. More great music from down there that I'd never heard. //// Should a DVD ever become available, I'd sure get it. But, I understand there are problems getting licensingfor the jukebox songs. //// Good Old Frank's Place. --RoadDog

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Chicago's WLS Radio Top Ten April 17, 1964

#1. CROOKED LITTLE MAN-- Serendipity Singers // #2. SUSPICION-- Terry Stafford // #3. CAN'T BUY ME LOVE/YOU CAN'T DO THAT-- Beatles // #4. WHITE ON WHITE-- Danny Williams // #5. GLAD ALL OVER-- Dave Clark Five //// #6. DEAD MAN'S CURVE/NEW GIRL IN SCHOOL-- Jan and Dean // #7. HELLO DOLLY-- Louis Armstrong // #8. THANK YOU GIRL/DO YOU WANT TO K NOW A SECRET-- Beatles // #9. MY HEART BELONGS TO ONLY YOU-- Bobby Vinton // #10. BITS AND PIECES-- Dave Clark Five. //// #12. TWIST AND SHOUT-- Beatles // #28. BEATLE TIME-- Livers and #33. NOT FADE AWAY-- Rolling Stones. //// The Beatles weren't quite as dominating as they had been the previous two months, but still represented. The Dave Clark Five was the "newest" news from England andf then there were the bad boys from London. //// Of interest to Oldies fans. Today, WDRV features 1967 on Ten at Ten and Saturday, WXRT's Flashback goes to 1973 for four hours 8 to noon. //// Great Songs All Over the Place. --RoadDog

TV Shows On the Bubble for Next Season

These are shows that USA Today says may or may not come back in the fall. These are just the ones I like. By far, the two I'd miss most are ABC's "Trophy Wife" and NBC's "Law and Order: SVU." When I first heard about "Trophy Wife, I didn't think much about it. It sounded like a dumb idea, but it has become a favorite with that really strong cast and great scripts and love the kids. //// ABC: Last Man Standing (grew on me), Mixology, Suburgatory and Trophy Wife. //// NBC-- Community (I like it but it has gotten way too crazy), Law and Order: SVU. //// CBS-- The Crazy Ones. //// --RoadDog

Deaths: Anna Gordy Gaye Motown

ANNA GORDY GAYE (1921-2014), 92. Died January 31, 2014. //// I have always been a huge fan of Motown Music. Those songs and choreography just knocked me out. In college, my fraternity, Delta Sigma Phi at NIU, played just four songs at our parties: Temptations Greatest Hits, Four Tops Greatest Hits were two of them. (The other two were CCR's Green River and Sly & Family Stone's Greatest Hits.) //// She was a crucial force in Motown's rise as well as wife of singer Marvin Gaye. She and her sister Gwen Gordy founded Anna Records in 1958 before becoming a part of brother Berry Gordy's Motown Records in 1961. In 1963, she married Marvin Gaye and was the inspiration for his first Top Ten hit, "Pride and Joy" in 1963.

Deaths: Pete Seeger

PETE SEEGER, 94. Died January 27, 2014. //// Folksinger, songwriter and social activist who popularized songs like "This Land Is Your Land" and "We Shall Overcome." Wrote "If I Had a Hammer" (playing it on 94.9 FM, the Surf out of N. Myrtle Beach, SC, right now) and "Turn, Turn, Turn." //// Definitely a favorite of mine.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dave Clark Five Albums and National Record Store Day

This past Saturday, i stopped at my local mom and pop record store, Vinyl Frontier, in McHenry, Illinois, and was happy to find out that the big Record Store Day is this Saturday. Right now, it appears that the weather isn't going to be too good in DeKalb, where we were intending to go to the NIU spring football game, so we might be sticking around and if we do, I'm going for the records. //// Anyway, I walked into the Vinyl Frontier and, there, right at front of their album racks were three Dave Clark Five lps. I've had the desire to buy DC5 ever since seeing the PBS special on them this past week. //// I bought The Dave Clark Five's Greatest Hits for $3; The Dave Clark Five Return for $3 with "Can't You See That She's Mine" and Glad All Over-- Dave Clark Five for $6 with "Glad All Over" and "Bits and Pieces." //// Now, Tbat's Some Great Music. --RoadDog

Some Streaming Internet Sites for New Orleans/ Louisiana Music

Last month, I did a fast search on Yahoo! for some sites to listen to this music. I found several sites at Last FM like Zydeco Music, Louisiana Music, Cajun Music. //// Other sites: Mardi Gras Music Radio, NOLA Radio (Times-Picayune) WWOZ and Mardi Gras Radio ( //// Of course, I played plenty of my own CDs. My Ultimate Jukeboc is well-stocked with the stuff as well, with ten CDs of it. //// Great Music, Where Ya Been Before? --RoadDog

Back to Mardi Gras: "The Big Easy"

Like I said back in Novemberaround Mardi Gras, I never knew much about New Orleans/Louisiana music until the movie "Big Easy" came out and really floored me. How come I'd never heard of this music before? //// The movie came out in 1987 and was set and filmed on location in New Orleans and took 50 days to film. //// It featured Cajun, zydeco, R&B and gospel music in it as well as a healthy dose of Mardi Gras music. //// Dennis Quaid was the leading actor, about a sort of legit/illegal cop. //// A Great Movie, and Then there Was That MUSIC!!! --RoadDog

Palindrone Dates This Week: 4-16-14

Same forward and backwards as it were since last Friday. Last Friday 44-11-14, Saturday 4-12-14, Sunday 4-13-14, Monday 4-14-14, Tuesday 4-15-14 Tax, Today 4-16-15, Thursday 4-17-14, Friday 4-18-14 and Saturday 4-19-14. //// Enjoy it while you can, because, as Tom Petty said, "T Can't Stay Long." --RoadDog

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Welcome Back Winter (Crummy Old Winter)

It started snowing yesterday about noon and continued until about 9 PM. We ended up with about an inch on the ground and vehicles. Most of it has already melted, but it stayed cold all day with temps around freezing. //// The poor daffodils that were blooming took a beating and, because of the rain we received before the west snow, had frozen by this morning. //// Still Waiting for Tbat Global Warmin Stuff. --RoadDog

TV Shows Coming Back Next Season

From the April 3, 2014, USA Today "TV Fans, Rally the Troops" by Gary Lewis. //// USA Today is having its 17th annual Save Our Shows poll to ask which of the 15 shows that are on the bubble of cancellation or renewal. //// Myself, I'll be the first to admit that I watch way too much TV, especially the major networks (which come in big-size on my 55-inch HD TV). These are shows that I like that have been renewed or are almost so. //// ABC-- The Goldbergs, The Middle and Modern Family. //// NBC-- Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D. Grimm and Parks and Recreation. ///// CBS-- Big Bang Theory, Bluebloods, CSI, Elementary, Hawaii Five-0, Mike and Molly, The Millers, Mom, NCIS, NCIS: LA, Person of Interest, 2 Broke Girls and Two and a Half Men (I still watch it, but it is time to go.) //// FOX-- Bob's Burgers, Family Guy, The Simpsons. //// Again, these are just the ones I watch and like. //// --RoadDog

Monday, April 14, 2014

Good Times This Weekend: Can Summer Be Far Off?

APRIL 11TH, FRIDAY-- Temps in 60s and did some yardwork. Went to Tommy's and had the 4-piece broasted chicken dinner for $5.99 and watched the sorry excuse for a Hawks game. Watched the last period at Antonio's and saw the Bulls rally to win and BOTH the Sox and Cubs win. Our baseball teams don't do very good of late. //// APRIL 12TH, SATURDAY-- Into McHenry for the McHenry Area Historical Society presentation on Grandma's Privy. Ate Chicago dogs at Tommy's in McHenry and did some shopping. Went to the local Mom and Pop record store, Vinyl Frontier and bought 3 lps and three CDs. Came home and enjoyed the yard with temps in the 70s. Went to Captain's Quarters for the summer band kickoff and saw Second Chapetr play two sets and then went to Tommy's to watch the last part of the Hawk game. (Another loss.) //// APRIL 13TH, SUNDAY-- Had the monthly brunch at the Polish Legion then signed up for the pub crawl to raise money for World War II veterans going to Washington, D.C., to visit the World War II Monument. Went to After the Fox, Corkscrew Pointe, Old Bridge Tavern, Polish Legion, and Town Club Tap before returning to After the Fox for food and a band. Last stop was Twisted Moose to watch the Cubs and Sox. //// Could Summer Almost Be Here. --RoadDog

Happy 4-1-4-1-4

So, it is April 14, 2014. Or do you say 4-14-14? //// 41414 --RoadDog

JSS: Snow-- Hail-- Climbing Chipmunks

JSS-- Just Some Stuff: 1. SNOW-- It has been SNOWING since about noon and we still have flurries out there. At LEAST it isn't sticking. For some reason folks 'round here really HATE SNOW nowadays. But, the grass is turning green big time, even it does receive a light covering of white stuff. //// 2. HAIL--Saturday, we had quite a hail storm which I missed because I was downstairs at a bank in the meeting room for a history meeting. Liz said our deck and driveway looked like it had snow. Some areas out here had quarter-size hail stones. //// 3. CLIMBING CHIPMUNKS-- Looked out the sunroom window this morning and saw a chipmunk running along a tree limb.. It then jumped to the limb of another tree. I'd never seen a chipmunk in a tree and had no idea they could climb. Liz looked it up and found out they can climb. //// Little Squirrels. --RoadDog

Saturday, April 12, 2014

"Take Me Home (Country Roads)" Official W. Virginia State Song

On March 7th, the West Virginia State Senate named John Denver's "Take Me Home. Country Roads" as one of the state's four official songs. Other state songs: "West Virginia Hills," "This Is My West Virginia" and "West Virginia, My Home Sweet Home." //// Of the four, I've only heard John Denver's song before. It was a favorite of mine while at Marine Corps training at Quantico in 1971. "Take Me Home," you know. //// Bluefield, W. Va. resident and DJ, Dreama Denver, widow of "Gilligan's Island star Bob Denver, led the effort to have the song included for two years. The resolution passed the House of Representatives last year.

Flashback to 1966-- Part 3: Magic Bus

Continuing With Wendy Rice's WXRT Saturday Morning Flashback from April 5th. //// I AIN'T SUPERSTITIOUS-- Jeff Beck // MAGIC BUS-- Who // REACH OUT IN THE DARKNESS-- Friend and Lover // SUZIE-Q-- CCR // LEGEND OF A MIND-- Moody Blues //// PIECE OF MY HEART-- Janis Joplin // HURDY GURDY MAN-- Donovan // SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL-- Rolling Stones // SPACE ODDITY-- David Bowie // BABY COME BACK-- Equals //// GOING UP THE COUNTRY-- Canned Heat // ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER--Jimi Hendrix // SHINE ON BRIGHTLY-- Procul Harum // DANCE TO THE MUSIC-- Sly & Family Stone // WHITE ROOM-- Cream //// TIGHTEN UP-- Archie Bell & Drells // FIRE-- Crazy World of Arthur Brown // I'LL BE YOUR BABY TONIGHT-- Bob Dylan // CRY LIKE A BABY--Box Tops // WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS-- Joe Cocker. //// Sure Took Me Back. --RoadDog

Friday, April 11, 2014

Every Bloomin' THing: Early April 2014

Well, it's getting to be about that time. Another year in the yard in the never-ending, nor won battle. //// It was kind of neat that this past week, we lost the last patch of snow inthe yard from this horrible winter and the next day, I found the year's first blooms by the furnace heat release pipe, always the first bloom of the year. The end and the beginning. I now have the first daffodil of the year. Ah! The smell of spring. I sure needed that. //// After that November wind storm that knocked down one of my Bradford pear trees and part of another, I had no more trees or major limbs down. About half of my yews have windburn damage. I've never had this much of that. //// Temps the last three days have been in the 60s and tomorrow it is supposed to get to 72!!! //// Lots of tulips and daffodills coming up now. //// It's Good to Be Back. --RoadDog

The Livers and Arlo

In the last post, I metioned that there was a song called "Beatle Time" by the Liver s on the WLS Top 40 for April 10, 1964. I'd never heard of it before, but went on You Tube and found it. I's have to say it was the Beatles meet the Ventures and Surf Guitar. //// The Feb. 9-15, 2014, American Profile Maazine had an answer about Arlo Guthrie in its "Ask American Profile." Frances Elliott, from West Union, S.C. asked: "When did Arlo Guthrie record 'City of New Orleans'" Is he still performing?" //// Answer: The folk singer, 66, had a Top 20 hit with "City of New Orleans" in 1972. (Of interest, the song was written by Chicago's Steve Goodman.) Still touring about ten months out of the year, he say, "Music is good for the soul, whether you're playing it or just listening." //// He was born in Coney Island, NY, the son of famed folk singer Woody Guthrie. Probably best-known for his great masterpiece, "Alice's Restaurant." //// You Can Get Anything You Want From .... --RoadDog

WLS Top Ten: April 10, 1964 (Fifty Years Ago)

The Beatles Were Knocked Out of #1 by Terry Stafford!!! #1. SUSPICION-- Terry Stafford // #2. GLAD ALL OVER-- Dave Clark Five // #3. CAN'T BUY ME LOVE-- Beatles // #4. CROOKED LITTLE MAN-- Serendipity Singers // #5. TWIST AND SHOUT-- Beatles //// #6. WHITE ON WHITE-- Danny Williams (jumped from #11) // #7. THANK YOU GIRL-- Beatles // #8. FUN FUN FUN-- Beach Boys // #9. MY HEART BELONGS TO ONLY YOU-- Bobby Vinton // #10. HELLO DOLLY-- Louis Armstrong //// The Beatles still had three songs in the Top Ten, though. Not too bad. Also, #31. Beatle Time-- Livers. The Beatles Second Albums was featured. //// Wonder How Bad a Song By the Livers Could Be? --RoadDog

Roothog Radio: Americana and Bluegrass-- Part 2

Like Roothog Radio says: "We play Honky Tonk, Bluegrass and Real Country Music. In that order." //// Continuing with the music listening to this morning. //// THE MOUNTAIN'S GONNA SING-- Steep Canyon Rangers // DOESN'T MEAN NOTHIN'-- Infamous Stringdusters // O DEATH-- Ralph Stanley (From movie "O, Brother Where Art Thou"-- // STEP IN THE CLUB-- Gangstagrass (A very unique combination of gangsta rap, with all its bad language and bluegrass. Who'd have EVER figured?) // TWO BOYS ON A DIRT ROAD-- Grascalls //// CONTINENTAL DRIFTER-- Old Tire Swingers // THE WEIGHT-- Dala and the Good Lovelis and Oh Susanna // COUNTRY GIRLS-- Kentucky Parlor Pickers // RIDE-- Dehlia Low // MESSED UP JUST RIGHT-- Keller Williams & the Travelin' McCourys //// NAPOLEON COMPLEX-- Jonas Friddle & the Majority // HARD WAKIN' UP-- Hillbenders // RAGMAN'S ROLL-- Moot Davis // TRYING TO HAVE A GOOD TIME-- The O's // RAVISHING RUBY-- Tom T. Hall //// LONE STAR-- Floyd Tolston // ALABAM-- Cowboy Copas // YOU CAN HAVE THE CROWN-- Sturgill Simpson // THE DEVIL AIN'T LAZY-- Foley Lafarge //// Ya Gotta Love a Station With a Name Like Roothog. Good Stuff, Maynard --RoadDog

Roothog Radio: Americana and Bluegrass-- Part 1

From the Roothog Radio site. //// Here is another internet radio site I have been listening to of recent. This one is out of Dallas, Texas, but evidently there is no live deejay. But they sure do play a lot of music that I am unfamiliar with. //// Here is a list of what I have been listening to this morning: BALES OF COCAINE-- Reverend Horton Heat // PROUD MARY-- CCR // CRY CRY CRY-- Johnny Cash // HONEY (OPEN THE DOOR)-- Ricky Skaggs // ALBERTA SAYS HELLO-- Corb Lund Band //// PILLS I TOOK-- Hank Williams III // SAN ANTONIO ROSE-- Pine Valley Cosmonauts // WRECKED-- Turnpike Troubadours // I FEEL ALRIGHT-- Steve Earl // CRAZY-- Patsy Cline // CLAY PIGEONS-- Blaze Foley //// FISHING IN THE DARK-- Nitty Gritty Dirt Band // LIL' LIZA JANE-- Bob Wills // ANY DAY OF THE WEEK-- Mountain Sprout // SHOULD HAVE SEEN IT COMING-- Split Lip Rayfield //// Some I've Heard, But A Whole Lot of Music I've Never Heard Before. I Like That. --RoadDog

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Movie Scratches: Kill-- Pompeii-- Endless-- Non-Stop

Just a Dog's Eye View of some of today's movies. //// #17. 3 DAYS TO KILL-- 2-26-- FOX LAKE-- $4.50-- Not the trunk again!! Kevin had unique ways of dealing with situations. //// #18. POMPEII-- 2-26-- FOX LAKE-- $6-- Volcanoes and gladiators compete around a romance. //// #19. ENDLESS LOVE-- 3-5-- FOX LAKE-- $4.50-- A reak "Down in the Boondocks" love story. //// #20. NON-STOP-- 3-5-- FOX LAKE-- $4.50-- Thank you for flying British Aqua Atlantic. If I told you once, I've told you many times. Don't ever mess with Liam. //// No Wednesday Senior Discount on SONY movies. --RoadDog

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Missed the Dave Clark Five Last Night

But my excuse is that I didn't know about it. PBS TV showed it last night. They had the #3 song in Chicago this week back in 1964 (50 years ago) with "Glad All Over." Back in '64 and '65, I liked the DC5 just as well, and maybe even a little better than Da Beatles. //// As a matter of fact, the Dave Clark Five's "Anyway You Want It" was either the very first or second 45 I ever bought. The other would be the Hollies' "Look Through Any Window." //// I see it will be on WTTW Prime at 2 PM today. //// Those Guys Rocked. Big Fan. Hope This Is Not One of Those Pesky Pledge Things. --RoadDog

Flashback to 1968-- Part 2

WATERLOO SUNSET-- Kinks // DO IT AGAIN-- Beach Boys // HELLO, I LOVE YOU-- Doors // SEE-SAW-- Aretha Franklin // GOING BACK-- Byrds (one I didn't remember) // MONTERREY-- Eric Burdon & the Anumals //// I GOT THE FEELING-- James Brown// LIVING IN THE USA-- Steve Miller Band // I THANK YOU-- Sam and Dave //// HUSH-- Deep Purple // BLACK MAGIC WOMAN-- Fleetwood Mac // FEELING ALRIGHT--Traffic // WHILE MY GUITAR GENTLY WEEPS-- Beatles. //// "Somebody Give Me a Cheeseburger!!" --RoadDog

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Shall We Have a Service for the Last Vestige of the Winter of 2013-2014?

I took the garbage out this morning and on the way back, stopped to take a look at the last remnants of snow in the yard, which are located by the front door (on our northward-facing house). It is now down to just a little over the size of a dollar, maybe two dollars side-by-side. //// Perhaps I should bring it inside to the sink and smile as it passes away? //// That lousy white stuff has been on the ground ever since December 8, 2013, when we got our first eight inches of snow. That is four months from the day. //// Winter 2013-2014, Gone, Not Forgotten and Definitely Not Missed. --RoadDog

Beatles Hits-Krieg, April 4, 1964-- Part 1

Continued from yesterday. //// The only artist to ever come close to the Beatles Top Five rankings was 50 Cent, who had three titles in the Top Five in March 2005 "Candy Shop" at #1, "How Do We Do (the Game) at #4 and "Disco inferno at #5. I wonder if "Disco Inferno" was a take on the old Trammps disco song? //// Is the Beatles Top Five something that could be broken in the future? In the past, Billboard's Hot 100 were based on singles sales in stores, but in this era of the internet and downloading, all those tracks show up on the Hot 100. //// In addition, the week the Beatles had the Top Five songs, they also had another seven songs spread across the Hot 100. They set the record with 12 songs, but broke that a week later when they had 14. (I'll have the other seven songs in a post tomorrow.) --RoadDog

Flashback to 1968-- Part 1

From the April 5, 2014, Saturday Morning Flashback on WXRT, 93.1 FM Chicago. //// Every Saturday morning from 8 to noon, Wendy Rice takes us back to a rock and roll year with all that music as well as all sorts of related stuff. Well worth giving a listen as it streams at //// Here are Saturday's 1968 songs: REVOLUTION-- Beatles // ITCHYCOO PARK-- Small Faces // ON THE WAY HOME-- Buffalo Springfield // I CAN'T QUIT HER-- BS&T // FRESH GARBAGE-- Spirit //// DOCK OF THE BAY-- Otis Redding // JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF YOUR MIND-- Amboy Dukes // CLOUD NINE-- Temptations // THE WEIGHT-- Band // STONE SOUL PICNIC-- Laura Nyro //// GREEN TAMBOURINE-- Lemon Pipers // MONY MONY--Tommy James & the Shondells. //// "I Pulled Into Nazareth, I Was Feeling About...." --RoadDog

WLS Top Ten Songs for April 3, 1964

Continuing looking back at the impact that group from Liverpool was having on American music fifty years ago. As you saw in yesterday's post, they had the Top Five songs on the national Billboard charts this week. //// They had the #1, #5, #7 and #10 songs in Chicago. //// #1. TWIST AND SHOUT-- Beatles // #2. SUSPICIOUS MINDS-- Terry Stafford // #3. GLAD ALL OVER-- Dave Clark Five // #4. MY HEART BELONGS TO ONLY YOU-- Bobby Vinton // #5. CAN'T BUY ME LOVE-- Beatles //// #6. CROOKED LITTLE MAN-- Serendipity Singers (I always liked this one.) // #7. SHE LOVES YOU-- Beatles // #8. IT'S ALL IN THE GAME-- Cliff Richards // #9. FUN FUN FUN-- Beach Boys // #10. THANK YOU GIRL-- Beatles //// In addition, the Beatles had #12. PLEASE PLEASE ME and #13. I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND/ I SAW HER STANDING THERE. //// Good Work If You Can Find It. --RoadDog

Boomer Radio: Vintage Rock-- Good Tunes If You Can Find 'Em-- Part 2

MAYBE-- Janis Joplin // GOOD TIMES BAD TIMES-- Led Zeppelin // STEVE'S SONG-- Blues Project // JOHN BARLEYCORN-- Traffic // ROCK AND SOUL (WOODSTOCK)-- Country Joe & the Fish // WHITE BIRD-- It's a Beautiful Day // SHE COMES IN COLORS-- Love // TALES OF BRAVE ULYSSES-- Cream // WHO COULD WANT MORE-- Lee Michaels // SEASON OF THE WITCH-- Julie Driscoll anmd Brian Auger & Trinity // ROADS TO MOSCOW-- Al Stewart // HEAR ME CALLING-- Ten Years After // CASEY JONES-- Grateful Dead // BALLAD OF EASY RIDER-- Byrds // TODAY-- Jefferson Airplane // MECHANICAL WORLD-- Spirit // RICHARD CAREY-- Simon & Garfunkel // HEY JOE-- Jimi Hendrix // AMORENA-- Elton John // and. WE COULD BE SO GOOD TOGETHER-- Doors. //// Check It Out. --RoadDog

Boomer Radio: Vintage Rock (Now That's Some Good Stuff)-- Part 1

Yesterday I listened to Boomer Radio's Vintage Rock streaming on the internet for quite awhile while blogging. I especially like this station because they don't just play the tried and true stuff that everyone hears all the time, but a lot of more obscure songs and some that I have never heard (even better). I always like to expand my musical horizons. //// They concentrate on 1964-1974 and I am glad they have a window with name of song and arttist, something I have to use a lot. //// Here are some of the lesser-known songs they played: LODI-- CCR // SIMPLE SIMON-- Procul Harum // DO I HAVE TO COME RIGHT OUT AND SAY IT-- Buffalo Springfield // TAKE IT AS IT COMES-- Doors // HARD TO CRY TODAY-- Blind Faith //// --Good Stuff, Maynard. --RoadDog

Monday, April 7, 2014

April 4, 1964: Beatles Had the Top Five Billboard Songs: A Real Hits-Krieg-- Part 1

From the April 3, 2014, USA Today "Hit Parade: How the Fab Four high-fived the Hot 100" by Edna Gunderson.

Quite an accomplishment fifty years ago, but those four young lads from Liverpool, England, had the Top Five songs in America according to Billboard. That is a feat never again accomplished.

According to Beatles scholar Martin Lewis, two factors played into the Beatles' "hits-krieg" back then. One was the "Unquenchable thirst for Beatles records after the Ed Sullivan Show."

Also, it was due to "shambolic distribution pattern, with songs simultaneously released by various record labels." Not only was Capitol releasing Beatles music, but also Vee-Jay, Tollie and Swan records.

Anyway, Billboard's Top Five on their Hot 100 singles for April 4, 1964: #1. "Can't Buy Me Love," #2. "Twist and Shout," #3. "She Loves You," #4. "I Want to Hold Your Hand" and #5. "Please Please Me."

The Fab Five From the Fab Four. --RoadDog

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Big Oil's Pre-Summer Driving Gas Gouge Arrives in Full Force Here in Northern Illinois: $3.99.9!!! (In Other Words, $4!!!!)

As I have already noted, Big Oil has many, many pre-summer driving gas gouges every winter and spring to boost their profits. Amazingly, once the summer driving season actually arrives, gas prices start dropping, despite the increase in vacation driving.

But, these prices drop very, very slowly, the better to make the big profits. Prices go up fast, however. A 20-30 cent increase in a minute is not unusual. But, to drop 20-30 cents takes months.

Thursday, I saw a couple stations in Yorkville, Illinois, at $3.99.9, or, as most people would say, $3.99. But, some of us know that $3.99.9 is REALLY $4!!! Just think, at $3.99.9, if you buy ten gallons, you actually save a whopping whole penny.

Today, the price of gas at all stations in Fox Lake was $4, er... $3.99, no $3.99.9). However, I "dodged the $4 bullet temporarily, and filled up the truck in Johnsburg for $3.90 (such a deal, oops, $3.89.9).

Just to give an idea of Big Oil's various pre-gas gouges, these are prices I paid in Fox Lake, Illinois, this year:

January 14th: $3.27
Feb. 2nd: $3.50
March 5th: $3.74
April 5th: $4.

--Love Those Big Oil Guys!! --RoadDog

Friday, April 4, 2014

Final Four Tomorrow: Who You Pulling For? Your Choice, $1,250,000 to $5,511,381

You can pull for $1,250,000 vs. $3,905,000 or you can pull for $5,511,331 vs. $2,288,500. Those are the salaries earned by the head coaches of the respective schools.

Kevin Ollie of Connecticut earns $1,250,000 and he will be playing Billy Donovan of Florida who earns $3,905,000.

In the other bracket, it is John Calipari of Kentucky earning $5,511,381 up against Bo Ryan of Wisconsin with his $2,288,500 salary.

OK, they have good records: Florida is 36-2; UConn is 30-8; Wisconsin 30-7 and Kentucky 28-10.

And they say colleges are going broke? I know it sure costs a lot of money to go to one these days.

No One Seems to Know Why It Costs So Much Anymore. Hey, Good Work If You Can Get It. How Much Do These College Presidents Earn?  How About the Highest-Paid Professor? --RoadDog

Cub Season Opener Today, But, I Am A Sox Fan

In a little while, I will be adjouring to Margaritaville to watch the Cubs play their season opener at Wrigley Field, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. Sure glad I'm not there as the weather is horrible. Temps are in the low 40s, with lots of wind and a cold that goes to your bones.

Now, I am more of a White Sox fan, but always tell folks I root for the Cubs... unless they play the Sox. People say you can't be both a Cub and Sox fan, but I am.

I looked at the Cubs roster and am sad to say that I only recognize seven names.

I do have a Cubs hat, but won't wear it until they get to the World Series, well, now I'll settle for playoffs. I did wear it back a few years ago after my all-time favorite Cub player, Ron Santo, died. He once gave me a ride home from Fremd High School in Palatine and even came in for a cup of coffee with my parents. Was I ever in the ozone that day.

Like I Said, Both a Cub and a Sox Fan. --RoadDog

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Hasn't Sprung-- Part 3, March 25th

Last night I'd heard there was a chance of a light dusting of snow forecast for this morning.  Well, I had to clean about three inches of snow off the car before I left Mt. Airy, NC.  Welcome to the sunny South!!!  Fortunately, it didn't stick to the pavement.

I stopped at a place called Biscuitville for breakfast on my way out of town.  Delicious biscuits, of course, but I'd say no better than McDonald's or Hardee's, although a much bigger selection of items to order.  I had the huge ultimate sausage biscuit which left me quite full.

It snowed all the way to a few miles north of Winston-Salem, then rained most if the way to Durham.  Most of the rest of the way was sunny and completely dry until i got near to Goldsboro when it started snowing again.

Still Looking for the Warm.  --RoadDog

We've Got the Final Four

I know where I'm going to be this Saturday, in front of a TV watching the Final Four to determine who will be playing for the championship.  The Florida Gators, Connecticut Huskies, Kentucky Wildcats and Wisconsin Badgers are playing.  I definitely have a favorite, but won't say at this point for fear of putting a whammy on them.  Whenever I say I'm pulling for a team, it is the kiss of death.

I was not disappointed with the games over the last two weeks.  Plenty of upsets and I really liked Mercer and North Dakota State.  Go you underdogs.

And, of course this coming Monday,  Margaritaville here I come.

Go....  Somebody.  --RoadDog