Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Boat Is Not In the Water!!

And, we are not happy about it.  But, it's not our fault now.  OK, we had it out of the barn in Hebron since May 11th, but it sat out in the driveway until this month before we took it over to summerize and then it was two more days for deatiling.  Liz cleaned the inside Thursday so we were ready to put it in the Chain of Lakes yesterday, but then we got the news that the lower Fox River is closed completely and all the rest of the Chain is no wake.

All that rain we've been getting since last Friday (every day burt one) has really caused the water to rise and it is at the bottom of most piers.

Oh well, we'll just wait till next week.

We Hope.  --RoadDog

IF CATS PERFORMED "CATS':  Most of the final act would consist of the cast just straing at the audience.

Friday, June 28, 2013

JSS: No Parade for Us-- Boat in Water?-- Fish Fry at Popeye's

JSS--  Just Some Stuff

1.  NO PARADE FOR US--  As much as I'd like to go there, we are not going to the big parade and celebration in downtown Chicago for the Hawks' Stanley Cup.  Some of our Usual Suspects are going,  and I thought about it until they showed video of the one in 2010, the last time the Hawks won it.  Way, way TOO many people.

We'll watch it at home.

2.  BOAT IN WATER?--  Liz cleaned out the boat yesterday while I was out gallavanting on the Lincoln Highway.  It's ready to go so am thinking of launching it at the Legion in Fox Lake this afternoon and taking our first cruise on the Chain of Lakes,

3.  FISH FRY AT POPEYE'S--  And, later we plan to go to Popeye's in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, for my birthday fish fry, overlooking the lake and the Riviera Docks.  In my opinion, the best fish fry anywhere, and we have a lot of really good ones here in Illinois and Wisconsin.

For some reason, Popeye's is under the mistaken idea that my birthday is in June.  It isn't.

Starting That Extended Fourth of July Celebration.  --RoadDog

Lincoln Highway Centennial Rendezvous in Dekalb

Yesterday, I drove to Dekalb to do my little bit for the Lincoln Highway Centennial Celebration, meeting up with fellow Road Warrior, Denny.  This is the short version.  There will be a longer one in my RoadDog Roadlog Blog today.

I did my usual music thing (CDs and radio) to Dekalb and noticed gas prices getting cheaper as I got farther away from Chicago.  Lots of new ponds from all the rain of late and even a creek to ford across Queen Anne Road in Woodstock.

Bought a WWII book and CDs at Barnes & Nobles, had Sliders at the Castle and a search at Wal-Mart for Blackhawk Stanley Cup gear and flowers, of course.  More flowers at Lowe's.  Then drove around the campus, went to VCB, then a drive to Dekalb's east side on the LH and a cool-off and drink at McDonald's.

Only saw five LH caravan cars and got together with Denny.  Took him by Altgeld Hall, The Castle on the Hill) and gave up trying to navigate one-way roads and bus only streets to Cole Hall.  Then to Fatty's and met up with three of Denny's friends on the caravan and their first taste of deep-fried Cajun potato salad, but no beer nuggets.

They headed to the LH Headquarters at Franklin Grove and I went home.  Stopped at the Wal-Mart in Woodstock, Dick's Sporting Goods and the Wal-Mart in McHenry looking for Hawk gear.  Mission accomplished.

Home in time for "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" and "Night Gallery."

And, Made Big Oil So Happy, Driving 140 Miles.  --RoadDog

That Magical Game 6 in the Stanley Cup Finals: Tommy's Went Crazy-- Part 1

This game will have to go down in my all-time favorites list.  And, it gave the Chicago Blackhawks the Stanley Cup, #1 team in the NHL for the year.  And, after that tremendous start to the lockout-shortened season with all those regulation wins.  And then the playoffs.

At the moment, I can't even remember who we played first in the super long hockey playoffs, but definitely have some memories of the Detroit Redwings series, when the Hawks went down 3-1 in games at the start, then won the last three to advance to the Western Conference Finals.  And I thought they were a particularly dirty team in their play, well, at least until we played the Bruins.  In conference championship, it was the L.A. Kings, last year's Stanley Cup winners.  Then, the Boston Bruins (2011 Stanley Cup winners) for the Stanley Cup.  The Hawks won it in 2010.

We watched all the Stanley Cup games at Tommy's, especially the second and third games which were only broadcast on the NBC Sports Channel, a big mistake for NBC if you ask me.  We can't get the channel here in Spring Grove on our sorry Mediacom cable service.  Why, even my mom in North Carolina gets the NBC Sports channel, even though she'd never watch a hockey game, regular season or playoffs.

Great food and drink specials at Tommy's everyday, so that was covered, and even better and more importantly, lots of boisterous and committed fans who really get into the game.  It is always more fun to watch a game with a bumch of fans than by yourself at home (unless you have a house party).  And, very important, Tommy's is less than a mile from the house.

The Game, Next.  --RoadDog

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Heading Over for the Lincoln Highway Centennial Celebration

In a few hours I'll be driving out to Dekalb, Illinois, to see the eastern caravan of classic cars pass through on its way to Kearney, Nebraska, for the big to-do this weekend and the Lincoln Highway Association annual conference next week.

I plan on meeting my buddy Denny in his '63 Comet convertible who has been with the caravan ever since it left New York City Sunday.  I'll show him around Northern Illinois University's lagoon, Altgeld Hall, "The Castle on the Hill" and oldest building and Cole Hall, where the Valentine's Day killings took place five years ago.

Then, on to Fatty's on Lincoln Highway to introduce him to deep-fried Cajun potato salad and beer nuggets, two Dekalb traditions.

I'll then follow along to Rochelle and Franklin Grove before returning home.

Should Be a Real Lincoln Highway Thing Today.  --RoadDog

Get "Yer" Blackhawk Autographs, But Expect to Pay

From the June 27, 2013, Northwest Herald (McHenry County, Illinois).

Signings take place at Martin Chevrolet at 5220 Northwest Highway (US-14) and the shows are put on by Sideline Marketing.

Today:  Duncan Keith 7-9 PM.  Autographs: one for $89 or two for $169.


Noon to 2 PM:  Marcus Krugerd and Victor Stalberg--  one for $35 or two for $60.

2-4:  Andrew Shaw (see his famous cut)--  one for $45 or two for $80.

5-7:  Marian Hossa--  one for $79 ot two for $149.

A Real Keepsake.  --RoadDog

Blackhawk Fever Around Here: Stanley Cup Sightings-- Parade and Party-- Hawk Gear

STANLEY CUP SIGHTINGS--  PARADE AND PARTY--    People still hopped up around here because of the Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup. 

All sorts of Stanley Cup sightings around town and they finally have the particulars about the parade from the United Center to Grant Park for the party tomorrow.  Two million expected and we won't be among them.  Way too many people for us so we'll watch on TV.  I'm sure we'll be seeing lots of red.

HAWK GEAR--  And, Blackhawk gear, especially anything Stanley Cup, is flying off the shelves at local stores.  Why, I even bought a Hawk car flag at out local corner Walgreen's for the '85 Firebird which has remained quite wet since Tuesday because of all of the mostly-morning rain we've been getting.

I'm sure I'll be buying some in the forthcoming days, even though I definitely don't need it.

But, Da Hawks!!  What Da Hey!!!  --RoadDog

IF CATS PERFORMED "CATS":  The show would need to be stopped several times to allow cast members to "bathe" themselves.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Absolutely "No Superstition" In Hawks Stanley Cup Win

As Stevie Wonder would say, "Very Superstitious."  But there was none of that at Tommy's  in Spring Grove, Illinois, this past Monday night for Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

The two guys wearing full Blackhawk uniforms with pads and sticks sure weren't being superstitious.  All the folks there wearing the same jerseys and shirts they'd worn all series.  Everyone played with the little Blackhawk doll that always comes up standing when you toss it.  Kenny didn't have his Blackhawk car flag and Jenny didn't wear her Hawks teeshirt.

And, we had storms rolling through like we did in the very first triple overtime game of the series with the Bruins.

Not hardly.

I was wearing my 2013 division championship shirt and my Hawks cap with the American Legion poppy in it that I had bought for the playoff game at the Indy 500 and worn every game since.  Liz had both of her lucky Blackhawks shirts.

No one touched that Blackhawk wobbly doll behind the bar.  We had touched it in one of the losses.  Kenny's flag was back on his car after he didn't have it on for another one of the losses.

And with three minutes remaining in the third period and the Hawks down 2-1 and everyone expecting a game seven tonight, we notcied that Jenny did not have her lucky shirt on.  We pointed it out to her and she went into the office and put it on.  And, of course, you know what happened a couple minutes later: two goals in 17 seconds and a Hawks victory and the second Stanley in four years.

It's Good to Wash Some of Those Lucky Shirts and Jerseys.  --RoadDog


JSS: Desk Lamp Woes-- No Photo-Enforced Ticket?-- No "Monster U"

JSS--  Just Some Stuff

1.  DESK LAMP WOES--  Without a doubt, my desk lamps are trying my patience big-time right now.  First, a week ago, the lamp on the computer desk in the basement where I write these blogs, went out.  After all sorts of fun getting the bulb out (not your standard bulb) I found out that no place around here sells it.  I took out my old deejay lamp and now the knob at the top of it almost requires pliers to turn.

Then, the lamp on the table in the sunroom went out.  It is a halogen lamp and again, all sorts of fun getting the bulb out.  I did find replacement bulbs at Menard's and it was a good thing I got two bulbs as one didn't work.  The whole process of getting the bulb in was even more fun as it was another one of those how-in-the-world do you get it in ones.

2.  NO PHOTO-ENFORCED TICKET?--  Last Wednesday, that lousy photo-enforced stoplight going southbound on US-12 and Il-134, almost, well, I hope almost, got me.  It is a bad one as you come up over a hill when you get near it and have no idea how long the green light has been on.  Well, today, it caught me in never-never land when it turned yellow.  I could come to a stop with screeching tires and perhaps a rear-ender from the guy behind me, or proceed through.

I proceeded through, knowing that my fate might be $100.  No ticket in the mail as of yesterday.

3.  NO "MONSTER U"--  Monday, with all the rain falling and threatening, I decided the time was perfect to see the new animated movie "Monster U."  I admit it, I really love these new animated kids movies and some say that at 62 I'm too old.  Well, so be it. 

Anyway, drove to McHenry, battling a myriad of stop lights (none photo-enforced) to the McHenry theater and got there in time for the 12:30 showing as did what must have been every 4-10  year-old kid in town.  I'll see it another day.

So went to the Vinyl Frontier nearby and bought some used CDs.  Another passion for me, mom-and-pop record stores and flipping through CDs and albums.

Just Some Stuff.  --RoadDog

IF CATS PERFORMED "CATS":  Performers would find the sand in the lobby ashtrays and, well, you know.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Chicago Prank in Beantown

Yesterday, Chicago's WGN TV pulled a bit of a prank in Boston.  Two reporters dressed in suits with official looking id tags were carrying a large case around the city with camera guys following them.  The case had NHL insignia and tags on it.  Everyone encountered had to believe there was a certain trophy in it since the Hawks were in town to play the Bruins for that trophy.

They managed to gather quite the entourage as they walked the street and occassionally dropped or almost dropped the case, drawing gasps from the folks.  When people asked if they could see what was in the case, they's say sure and then pop it open to reveal a Blackhawks jersey with big grins on their faces.

Most people started laughing and said that they'd been had, but one girl hauled off and popped one reporter in the back and said something that had to be bleeped out.

Search WGN TV Fake Stanley Cup and select "Pat dupes Bostonians into thinking case holds Stanley Cup.  Well worth a watch.

I Would Have Fallen for It.  --RoadDog

IF CATS PERFORMED "CAT":  The stage would be stained from coughed up hairballs.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Bringing the Stanley Cup Home!!!



With two minutes to go I figured we were in for game 7 on Wednesday in Chicago.

Oh Well, Just Something I'll Have to Live With!  --RoadDog

Songs For Summer 2012-- Part 1

Yesterday, Bob Stroud devoted his Rock and Roll Roots Show on Chicago's WDRV to Summer Songs from the 60s and 70s.  And, three hours of nothing but classics.

"Seems like a long haul through this spring (one of the worst ever around here).  We have suffered through some awful weather.  On of the most forgettable springs in recent memory, but, there's no doubt about it, it's summer right now.  (Yep, and along with lots and lots of rain and lightning, we have temps in the upper 80s and 90s forecast all week.)

"As we go surfing into the Sumer of 2013:"

SURFIN' SAFARI--  BEACH BOYS--  Their first national hit back in the fall of1963.  Written by Brian Wilson.  (Isn't summer spelled Beach Boys?")
SURF CITY--  JAN AND DEAN--  Oh how I played this one to death in the summer of '63 along with its flipside "She's My Summer Girl."  One of the ultimate summer songs written by Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys.  (Gosh, it could have been a Beach Boys hit, but Brian gave it to his buddies."

SATURDAY IN THE PARK--  CHICAGO--  I'll meet you at Oak Street Beach.  From the summer of '72.

UNDER THE BOARDWALK--  DRIFTERS--  1964  (one of the last places I would ever want to be at the beach.  Nothing short of nasty under there.  Wet sand that hasn't been inthe sunlight for many years.  Not for me.)
SUNNY AFTERNOON--  KINKS--  Late summer 1966.

Well, It's Summer Again.  --RoadDog

JSS: Bobby "Blue"-- A "Thunderin" Summer-- Tech Help Needed-- Goodbye Bill

JSS--  Just Some Stuff

1.  BOBBY "BLUE"--  Listening to Bobby "Blue" Bland's album (well, CD) Blues At Midnight on Malaco Records from 2003.  Like the lead-off tune "Where Do i Go From here."  A perfect example of his sound.  Sorry to find out he died. 

2.  A "THUNDERIN' SUMMER--  Bob Stroud played "Hot Fun in the Summertime" yesterday and Friday in his salutes to the Summer Season now upon us.  Well, so far, it has been thunder and rain for us around here in northeast Illinois.  Starting with the major storm that hit Friday morning, and then rain all Friday night into Saturday morning.

Yesterday, we had a fast storm run through the Cahin of Lakes, scattering boats all over the place trying to get away from the lightning.  Then, a storm just hit and is still raining right now at 9:35 AM.  No yardwork or boat cleaning today.

3.  TECH HELP NEEDED--  Mom got me an IPad, a very handy thing, but one that, for some reason does not like our Wifi spot here at the house.  I can get online pretty much anywhere, but home.  Sometimes it will go on, but mostly not.

And then, there is that 7:34 AM alarm that goes off everyday on the watch that I can't get to stop.  I can change it to a different time, but can't get the alarm to go off.

Technology Does Not Like Me.  --RoadDog

IF CATS PERFORMED "CATS":  Part of the performance would include cast members climbing and shredding the theater curtains (and then acting like they were proud of it).

Deaths: "Blue" Boy

From Yahoo!  AP


Died yesterday, June 23rd.  Noted for his mix of blues and soul on such hits as "Turn On Your Love Light" and "Further On Up the Road" and had one striking and memorable voice.  I especially liked when he'd add that little "rumble" to his voice.

Lawrence Mitchell siad, "He brought a certain level of class to the blues genre."  I have several LPs, CDs and cassettes by him and will pop some into the old players and give a listen today.

A contemporary of better known B.B. King, Bobby Bland was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1992.  Born is a amall Tennessee town, he moved to Memphis and was a founding father of the Beale Streeters with B.B. King and Johnny Ace.

In 1957, he had his first #1 R&B song with "Further On Up the Road."  The nickname "Blue" came from his song "Little Boy Blue."  Beginning in 1960, with "I'll Yake Care of You," he had a string of a dozen R&B hits in a row, including "Turn On Your Lovelight" in 1961.  Lin Braehmer was playing that very song on Chicago's WXRT as I was reading the name of it in the obituary.  Braehmer also gave some information about him.  Greateful Dead covered the song.

He'll be Missed.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

JSS: McDonald's-- Monsoon Season Arrives-- New Boat?-- Missed Gordon

JSS--  Just Some Stuff

1.  McDONALD'S--  I wrote about McDonald's Dollar Menu in my Cooter's History Thing Blog earlier today.  I am a big fan of their Dollar Menu and realkly love their breakfast Sausage McMuffin and their McDouble and Side Salad.

Anybody besides me have trouble reading their new menu boards behind the counter?

2.  MONSOON SEASON ARRIVES--  Yesterday, we had quite a thunderstorm come through the area while we were at KC's Cabin enjoying breakfast.  It was raining too hard to leave.  We had planned to pick up the boat, but cancelled that idea.  We ended up at Donovan's playing NTN (eight Top Twenties, including seven Top Tens).

Then we had one thinderstorm after another all night until this morning.

3.  NEW BOAT?--  In between storms this morning, I went to Midwest Marine and picked up the boat.  They had given it a badly needed detailing and buffed out the hull so it looks new again.  Great job.  Perhaps we'll be afloat next week.  "School's Out...Forver" will be riding the waves again...finally.

4.  MISSED GORDON--  Gordon Lightfoot that is.  I had seen that he was going to have a show at Waukegan's Genessee Theatre, a great old 1920s movie palace that has been refurbished to its former glory.  I've been wanting to go there anyway, but the date snuck up on me. 

I had been listening to some albums by him getting up for the show, but yesterday at Donovan's, Glen and Barb came in and were going to the show that night.  Oh well. 

Maybe Next Time.  --RoadDog

IF CATS PERFORMED "CATS':  Snack bar employees wouldn't constantly be reprimanding cast members for walking on the counter.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Ten at Ten Summer Songs

First day of summer and here's your first list of songs for the season.  These were played on Bob Stroud's Ten At Ten show on Chicago's WDRV this morning.  It will repeat tonight at 10 Central.

It took forever to get here this year.

SCHOOL'S OUT--  ALICE COOPER--  From 1972  (And the name of our boat, only with "Forever!" now that we're retired.)
SURFIN' USA--  BEACH BOYS--  Early in 1963  (Was there ever a better beach band?)

SUMMER OF '69--  BRYAN ADAMS--  From Reckless.  (Great summer for me as I graduated Palatine High School.)
NIGHT MOVES--  BOB SEGER--  and the Siilver Bullet  Band

IN THE SUMMERTIME--  MUNGO JERRY--   1970  (My favorite summer song.)
IT'S MAGIC--  CARS--  Off Heartbeat City, summer, summer, summer.

THE BOYS OF SUMMER-=-  DON HENLEY--  from his solo release Building the Perfect Beast.

SUMMER IN THE CITY--  LOVIN' SPOONFUL--  1966  ("Hot Town, Summer in the City.")
MARGARITAVILLE--  JIMMY BUFFETT--  Off his Changes in Latitudes album.  (And, the name of our basement bar.  We call the house and yard "Key North."

And, Sunday, Stroud does his annual Summer Show on WDRV, the Drive from 7 to 10 AM Central.  Three hours of summer songs from the 60s and 70s. .

And, We Had Our First Summer Thunderstorm to Boot.  --RoadDog

Welcome First Day of Summer

And, after a very rainy and cool spring, we have nothing but upper 90s forecast for the next several days.  Eighties don't bother me much, but nineties do.

Wasn't too happy to be awakened by the cell phone saying it needed recharging at 4:30 AM and then just couldn't get back to sleep.  That means a day of tired eyes unless I pick up a nap.

And, at 4:30, it was fairly light outside then and daylight just after 5; hey, the longest day of the year.

Enjoyed looking at the west end of the yard and the arboretum, then went to the kitchen to get my cup of coffee and sat out on the front porch and watched neighbor Dan across the street training his dogs to jump some short onstacles.  Well, one Prince Charles Spaniel, Colby, is jumping all five (for a treat at the end).  The other, Sully, just looks at him like "Are you crazy, man."

And, in a little bit, we're planning to drive north to K.C.'s Cabin at the corner of Wilmot Road and Il-173 for their great breakfasts and even better today (Friday) it is buy one get one free.

Then, Bob Stroud does his annual Summer Ten at Ten show on WDRV at 10 AM and 10 PM.  Ten songs guaranteed to get you in the mood for the solstice (or is it equinox, I can never remember).  Sunday morning he has his annual Summer Show from 7 to 10 AM (Central).  Three hours of summer songs from the 60s and 70s.  Streams at .

Later, I plan to pick up the boat from the marina where it has been detailed.  Hopefully we'll be boating for our 29th season on those great Chain of Lakes located a couple miles from the house by Monday.  We usually don't go out on the weekends as there are way too many boats.  Weekdays we essentially have the lakes to ourselves.

Then, either Donovan's Reef in Twin Lakes or sitting out on the deck at Dirty Rooster overlooking Grasslake, Stormy Monday overlooking Fox Lake or the $10 slab or ribs meals at Captain's Quarters.

Saturday it's Terry Spizzirri at Dock's overlooking Bangs Lake in Wauconda, classic cars at the local Dog 'N Suds in Ingleside and a band outside at Captain's at night (our hours, 7 to 11 PM).

Sunday, an afternoon band at Captain's.

Getting My Summer On As It Were.  --RoadDog

IF CATS PERFORMED "CATS":  A special audience member would find a headless bird or mouse under his/her seat after intermission.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bob's Intro Songs

Whenever Bob Stroud comes back from commercial break, which, unfortunately is very often, he plays a song that was also being played back then, but one that he isn't going to play in its entirety.  He usually tells you the song and artist and sometimes gives that extra little tidbit of info that makes his show so good.  Sadly, though, not all the time does he name the song and artist.

Here are the ones he did on his June 2nd show:

BARRY WHITE--  He was funky and chunky and probably could do the monkey. ( Loved that description.  Stroud didn't tell the name of the song, however.  I recognize Barry White songs but sure can't name them.)

THE NIGHT THE LIGHTS WENT OUT IN GEORGIA--  VICKI LAWRENCE--  She took time off from "The Carol Burnett Show" to record her one and only hit.

PILLOW TALK--  SYLVIA--  Of Mickey and Sylvia from the 1950s, her first time out solo.

MONSTER MASH--  BOBBY "BORIS' PICKETT--  This song was ten-and-a-half years old at this time.  Some record company exec got the bright idea to rerelease it and before the summer's out it is in the Top Ten again.  (I didn't remember it being out again in 1973.  What was I listening to?  And, it wasn't even Halloween.)

You Know That Big-Bellied Sheriff Who Said "Why'd You Do It?"  --RoadDog

Where Were You June 2, 1973-- Part 5

Again, that would be 40 years ago.  If you remember then, you're getting mighty old.

Finishing off with Bob Stroud's first installment of The Summer of 1973.  The next one will be July7th.

THE RIGHT THING TO DO--  CARLY SIMON--  From No Secret.  Played it right after the Rolling Stones because it was just over 40 years ago that Carly and Mick sang together on her first hit from No Secret, "You're So Vain."  (Was she singing about der Mick?)
NATURAL THING--  DOOBIE BROTHERS--  From the Captain and Me, lead-off selection.  (And one of those great deep tracks.)

WILDFLOWER--  SKYLARK--  Their one hit.  (So you know what that makes them.)
HOCUS POCUS--  FOCUS--  The full-blown version.  It was a hit in a shorter version.  (You've got to love who came up with the song and group names.)

MIDNIGHT CRUISER--  STEELY DAN--  From their debut album Can't Buy a Thrill with David Palmer on lead vocals.  They were actually on "Midnight Special" as a real live working touring bandbefore they packed it in and just became a studio band.  (A song we don't get to hear too often, unfortunately.)

FRANKENSTEIN--  EDGAR WINTER GROUP--The #1 song in Chicagoland, and an unlikely one. (This one also reminds me of that summer as I distinctly remember hearing it as we drove from Dekalb, Illinois, to Galena after our wedding reception.  This was about 2 AM and I was beginning to wonder if we would ever get there.)

One Great Instrumental, That Frankenstein.  --RoadDog

IF CATS PERFORMED "CATS':  For no apparent reason, cast members would randomly run to the lobby, and then back to the stage at top speed.  They would then continue as if nothing had happened.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer's Here Friday And So Is the Music

Always a great time here in the Chain of Lakes Area here in northeastern Illinois.

And, we have the music for it.

This Friday, June 21st, Bob Stroud will play Summer Songs on his Ten at Ten at 10 AM CDST (and 10 PM).

Sunday he does three hours of Summer Songs on his Rock and Roll Roots program from 7-10 AM.  Get yourself in the mood for the season on Chicago's Drive radio station.

And, it streams, .

"It's Summertime, Summertime, Sum-Sum Summertime."  --RoadDog

Why It Takes Me So Long To Do Stuff Outside

Yesterday, I took the garbage out to the street for pick up and noticed that the west driveway culvert was getting overgrown with weeds, so there I was for the next hour.

Later, I was going to use the shears on a couple bushes out in the southwest berm.  Well, then I noticed the apple tree was in severe need of pruning and that spent another 40 minutes.  Then, I saw that several bushes in the arboretum were also in need of pruning, so another thirty minutes.

I also did some weed-pulling in the areas of was working.

And Liz wonders why I'm never ready to go somewhere when I say I'll be ready.

I'm Blaming It On the Yard.  Always Something to Do Out There.  --RoadDog

Where Were You June 2, 1973?-- Part 4

Like I said, this was a key year for me, especially the summer.  Bob Stroud sure brought back memories with the music he played.  Plus he will be doing the same for the first Sundays in July, August and September.  That would be July 7, August 4 and September 1.  Take a trip back with the Stroud Crowd, every Sunday from 7 to 10 AM, CDST at WDRV FM in Chicago, and it streams. .

BACK WHEN MY HAIR WAS SHORT--  DUNHILL ROAD--  One Hit Wonder produced by Kenny Rogers.  (One of those great little songs that slip through the cracks.  I hadn't heard this song for a long time.)
DANIEL--  ELTON JOHN--  From current album Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player.  (One of the longest album titles ever made.)

GIVE IT TO ME--  J. GEILS BAND--  (My first introduction to the group that I really got into in the early 80s.)
MONEY--  PINK FLOYD--  I would normally say from one of the big albums of the year, but this was from one of the big albums from forever, Dark Side of the Moon.  The "hit" from it.

DRIFT AWAY--  DOBIE GRAY--  In the Top ten from the late-great.
YOU CAN'T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT--  ROLLING STONES--  A re-release from 1969, three and a half years old from December of that year.

Listen to the Coins Drop.  --RoadDog

IF CATS PERFORMED "CATS':  In the middle of a performance, various cast members would curl up and go to sleep, even in the middle of a song.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Music to Fire Up Those Blackhawks

From WXRT's June 14, 2013,  Playlist "Stanley Cup Playlist Fit For a King (Or a Blackhawk!)"

These were accompanied by videos so if you can find this playlist on the mighty confusing WXRT website, well worth watching.

THE HOCKEY SONG--  Stompin' Tom Coonors.  Canada's pride and joy.  Neat videos of hockey back before they wore helmets.  "The good old hocket game is the best name you can name."
RE-EDUCATION (THROUGH LABOR)--  Rise Against--  Great warm-up song.  Great song, period.
LIFE IN THE FAST LANE--  Eagles (Not if the Hawks have a Power Play.)

TUBTHUMPING--  Chumbawumba--  I always like this one.

CHELSEA DAGGER--  Fratellis--  And what a great video.

Wake Up!  Hawks!!  --RoadDog

Where Were You June 2, 1973?-- Part 3

Music from that date, 40 years ago.  Wow, how time flies.

GIVE ME LOVE--  GEORGE HARRISON--  A couple of ex-Beatles on the chart.  This one brand new, three days old from Living In the Material World.  (Bob Stroud almost always plays two Beatle songs around 8 AM, when Terri Hemmert starts her Breakfast With the Beatles Show on WXRT.)
MY LOVE--  PAUL McCARTNEY--  From Red Rose Speedway.  Both these last two songs went to #1.  (As much as I hated it when the Beatles broke up, we still ended up getting even more Beatle music.)

YOU ARE THE SUNSHINE OF MY LIFE--  STEVIE WONDER--  From his new album Talking Book, the second single.
KODACHROME--  PAUL SIMON--  Current 45 off There Goes Rhymin' Simon.  (What did he say about what he learned in high school?)

DANCING DAYS--  LED ZEPPELIN--  Off Houses of the Holy.
I'VE SEEN ALL GOOD PEOPLE--  YES--  Track from the recently released Yes album, a triple vinyl set and there weren't many trip[le albums released.  Entitled Yes Songs and released in early May.

LET'S PRETEND--  RASPBERRIES--  From their second album, Fresh
WALK ON THE WILD SIDE--  LOU REED--  Some stations played it, some didn't.  WCFL was all over it where it was Top Ten 40 years ago.

When I Think Back On All the ____ I Learned in High School.  --RoadDog

Big Mistake Not to Provide Over-the-Air Games for Hockey Playoffs

I am angry at NBC concerning its lack of NHL Playoff coverage.  Sure, they show all the playoff games, but mostly on NBC Sports which a lot of us, even with cable, don't get. 

The very least the network could do would be to put local teams over the air if they are still playing.

And, the last two Stanley Cup Final games have not been offered on NBC here in Chicago, even though the Blackhawks have supposedly been playing.  They were just on NBC Sports.  Again, a station we don't get at home on our sorry Mediacom Cable system.  We had to go to a local bar to watch the games.

At least the last two Stanley Cup games will be on regular NBC.  I say two, even with as many as four left, because the Hawks don't seem to know how to play anymore.

Anyway, I plan to watch the next game at home in Margaritaville in my basement.

Come On NBC, Provide the Service!!  --RoadDog

Blackhawk Celebration Songs

Well, not so much celebrating the last two games.  Did the team even show up?  At least last night they were nice enough to lose in regulation time with no overtimes.  And the refs need to start calling the Bruins on some of their mean little hits that they get away with all the time.  They have elevated the sneaky hit that just barely avoids a penalty (but that shouldn't worry them either as the Hawk Power Play does not exist, no points in the last 20).

Anyway, that off my chest, Saturday I found that WXRT in Chicago (Chicago's Finest Rock) had listeners voting on favorite Blackhawk songs played at the United Center (almost said Stadium).  Of the five songs that are top vote-getters, I only recognized #1 and #2.

Of course, I usually don't go to Chicago and have never been to the UC either.  So, what they play other than #1 would not be known to me.  I did listen to every song, though.

5.  RE-EDUCATION (THROUGH LABOR)--  RISE AGAINST--  For best warm-up song (and they are a Chicago-based group.  This is a really good song.

4.  EULOGY--  TOOL--  Best penalty-kill song.  Didn't like it.

3.  HUMP DE BUMP--  RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS----  Best stoppage song.  How'd this one get by me?  Oh yes, never listened to Arcadium album before.

2.  BROWN SUGAR--  ROLLING STONES--  End of the game song as fans filing out.

1.  CHELSEA DAGGER--  FRATELLIS--  Best victory song.  Also score song.  I've written quite a bit on this song.  Click on Chelsea Dagger on labels.

Come On Hawks, get Your Act Together.  --RoadDog

IF CATS PERFORMED "CATS":  When certain audience audience members opened their playbills, a cast member would attempt to lie down on it.

Deaths: Rock Around the Night

Two members of famous groups have died recently.


Original bass player for Bill Haley & His Comets died May 25, 2013.  Recorded the big hits "Rock Ariund the Clock," "See You Later Alligator" and "Shake, Rattle and Roll."  He was known for his style of slapping the strings as he played.  He would also sometimes play the huge instrument (not a bass guitar) over his head or ride it like a surf board.

Born in Old Fort, North Carolina in 1933 and joined Bill Haley in 1951 as a teenager.  He and two other Comets quit in 1955 over monetary issues.


Lead bass singer of the R&B group Dells who had a big hit back in 1956 with "Oh, What a Night."  They had other songs that I liked, including "Stay In My Corner."  The group formed at Thornton Township High School in Harvey, Illinois, and first recorded as the El-Roys for Chess Records.

Signed to Vee-Jay Records in 1955 and remained intact as a group into the 1980s.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Let It Grow: Not Just for Player Beards During NHL Playoffs-- Part 2

PLAYOFF BILLS:  "Go ahead, cut off my gas and electricity.  You'll never get your greedy hands on my Marian Hossa-autographed sweater."  Then, there come your friendly old bill collectors.  METER #1.

PLAYOFF LAUNDRY:  "My pants can walk by themselves."  Hey, I did that in college also.  METER:  #8.

PLAYOFF PAPERWORK:  "I don't care if you're my boss, it's the playoffs, dude!"  Next stop, the unemplyment office.  Maybe you could get a job playing for the Hawks.  METER: #5

PLAYOFF PARKING TICKETS:  And, we're not talking about those inflated parking rates by the United Center.  These are of the car variety.  "Your honor, I plead hockey insanity."  What's that yellow thing attached to my tire and why can't I drive anywhere anymore?  METER: #10.


PLAYOFF BLOGS:  Maybe I could get my life back.  METER: #10

PLAYOFF BOATING:  No more boating for me until the Hawks win the Cup.  Well, actually, the boat's sitting in the driveway right now so this one is happening anyway.  METER #1.  I should really get the bnat in the water.

Tomorrow I'll Have Hawk Music.  --RoadDog

Let It Grow: Not Just for Player Beards During Playoffs-- Part 1

From the June 13, 2013, Chicago Tribune "Main Event: Let it grow."

We all know that NHL players in the playoffs put away the old razor during this time and let their beards and 'staches grow.  But, in addition, fans have things they can do to help pull their favorite teams along.  The Tribune wrote about one Frank Miller of Park Ridge, Illinois (a Chicago suburb), who is refusing to mow his grass until the Blackhawks' postseason run is over.  He calls it his "Playoff Lawn" and even has a sign on it saying "PLAYOFF LAWN won't cut it until Hawks win cup!"

You can only wonder what his neighbors (especially non-hockey fans)  think,

Well, the Tribune came up with some other possibilities of things our fans can do to "insure" a Hawk Cup.  They even went so far as to measure it on the their "Playoffability Meter."  One is Really Bad Idea.  Ten is really GOOD idea.

PLAYOFF PLAQUE:  "I won't brush my teeth until the Hawks hoist the Cup."  Well, Dr. Bennett certainly wouldn't agree with that.  And, don't forget to floss.  METER: #3

PLAYOFF DISHES:  "It's like a beautiful mountain of glass, ceramics and steel."  Back at the old college trailer at Georgia I'd have that huge pile of unwashed dishes and wasn't even pulling for the Hawks, just didn't like washing 'em.  METER: #7

Four More.  --RoadDog

Hawk Fever Round Here

Even though Mom and brother Bob could care less in North Carolina, around here, the Blackhawks playing in the Stanley Cup Finals is big news.  Folks are getting ready for tonight's third game in Boston versus the Bruins.

Haven't determined where I'll see it: Tommy's, Antonio's or Route 12 Bar as we can't get the game on our cable system, that lousy old Mediacom.  Mom and Bob, however, do get NBC Sports and could watch it, but won't be watching.

We've seen the last several games at Tommy's here in Spring Grove, even the ones on regular old NBC.  It's more fun to see the games with a bunch of fans cheering and yelling (like we do with Bears games during football season).

And, then, there are all the superstitious things going on.  I have my lucky Blackhawks shirt and hat with the American Legion poppy I got before the playoff game we watched in Indianapolis the night before the Indy 500.  (We also watched playoff games in Dixon, Illinois, and I saw several in North Carolina.)

Liz has two lucky tee shirts.  Friend Kenny has a car flag (as well as about 15 Hawks jerseys) and a Blackhawk doll.  He didn't have the flag up on his car Saturday and touched the doll (bad luck if you touch it) so it is HIS FAULT we lost Saturday night, well that and the Hawks are pitiful when they get a power play.

We're hoping that we don't have to go to Missouri's Lake of the Ozarks and watch the very last game.  That's where we were back when the Hawks won the Cup in 2010.

Anyway, GO HAWKS!!--  RoadDog

Oops, That'd Be July, Not June for the Rib Fest

I'm blaming it on how close the month June is spelled to the month July.  Hey, they both start with the same two letters, and let's face it, there are not that many letters netween "n" and "l."

Anyway, the 8th Rockin' Ribfest in Lake In The Hills, or is that hyphenated?,  is July 11th to 14th, so we still have a chance to go.  And, it rained here Saturday morning and was forecast all day (although the morning's precipitation was it for te day.

Besides the music, there is, of course, the ribs and I am really into sampling those delights, plus a car show on the Saturday.

They could change the name of the festival to Tribute Fest because of all the Tribute Bands playing.


Chicago Tribute Anthology (either the band Chicago or even better, those old Chicago 60s bands like New Colony Six and Cryan' Shames)
Kasmir--  Led Zeppelin


Cover Gurl--  (perhaps Lady Gaga, Beyonce?)
Bruce in the USA--  The World's #1 Tribute to Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band (that's what they call it)


The Fortunate Sons--  Creedence Clearwater Revival
Heartache Tonight--  Eagles
Soul Asylum--  as themselves or whatever lineup they now have.  The "Real" Thing!!

Dave Rudolf's Beach Party (Jimmy Buffett?)
Hot Rocks--  Rolling Stones

And, it costs $5 a person.  Thinking seriously of going Saturday.

Ribs and Music, Something I Can Live With.  --RoadDog

IF CATS PERFORMED "CATS":  Performers would jump off the stage and run up the aisle at the recorded sound of a can opener in the lobby.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Good Times in the Area

Always something to do around here, especially in the summer.  Lst night we had the Door County Fish Boil here in Spring Grove to raise money for the Fish Hatchery.

Today, I was planning on going to the 8th Annual Rockin' Ribfest in Lake In the Hills, about 20 miles away, but we got a bit of rain and more is forecast.  Tonight's headliner is Soul Asylum.  But all four days they feature tribute bands.  Thursday was Kasmir, a Led Zeppelin band.  Last night was Bruce in the USA who call themselves the World's #1 Tribute to Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band.

Today features The Fortunate Sons, a CCR tribute band and Heartache Tonight, the Eagles.  Tomorrow is Dave Rudolf's Beach Party (not sure if they are a tribute or not) and then Hot Rocks, the Rolling Stones.

Love those tribute bands.  If you're going to be one, you'd better be good. We've seen Heartache Tonight at the Woodstock Opera House and it was like being at an Eagles concert in the 70s.

Oh well, no Rib Fest for us tonight as the Blackhawks play the Bruins in game two of the Stanley Cup Championship.  I trust everyone has rested up from Wednesday's marathon game.  We'll be joining the Usual Suspects at Tommy's here in Spring Grove for the game. 

Tomorrow, planning on Captain's for the afternnon band.

Good Times 'Round Here.  --RoadDog

IF CATS PERFORMED "CATS":  Sometimes the cast would perform, but sometimes not-- depending on their mood.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Cruising McHenry

Earlier today, I went to McHenry, hitting the various stores looking for flowers and perennials.  I figure that now that I will be here awhile, I can go ahead and start planting.

I bought dianthus, hostas, wave petunias, caladiums, an Asiatic lily, blanket flowers, sedum and two blue flower perennials (delphinums?) I can't remember the name of right now.

***  Don't parents with kids look before crossing streets by the stores any more?  I saw two different adults walk in front of me without ever looking.  That is very trusting of them, but mighty stupid.  One was even carrying a baby.  Thank goodness I was watching out for them.

***  Wandering around Meijer's, I found cassette tapes for sale!!!  I thought they had dropped them as have most every other store except Walgreen's.  And, their five-pack bricks are just $4.67 (Walgreen's charges $7.99).  Well, I just had to buy two packs.

***  Going through the Wal-Mart $5 CD bin (that's right, I still buy CDs), I found two Doors albums: The Soft Parade and Morrison Hotel and bought them.  The Soft Parade especially reminds me of Lincoln Hall at NIU back freshman year, 1969-70.

**   I was shocked at checkout at Meijer's in the nursery section when the clerk, a guy I'd guess to be in his mid-twenties, said he was glad to see someone still buying cassette tapes and that he prefers to record on them to downloading like all the young folk do (and a lot of old folk as well).  You might say that made my day as it gets mighty lonely being the only one I know of still using cassttes.

***  While looking at some plants at Meijer's, I felt something whoosh by my head and then a plop.  I looked down at the concrete floor to see a baby bird which must have fallen out of its nest about twenty feet above me.  It was barely breathing.  I told the cassette clerk about it and by the time I got back, that little bird had righted itself and was moving around.  It had just gotten some of its feathers so its life prognosis isn't very good, but I'm pulling for it.

A Day Out Shopping.  --RoadDog

JSS: Fish Boil Tonight-- Mr. Myers Here-- Bless Their Greedy Little Hearts

JSS--  Just Some Stuff.

1.  FISH BOIL TONIGHT--  In a few hours we're going out to Horse Fair Park in Spring Grove for the annual Wisconsin fish boil put on by Fitzgerald's in Genoa City, Wisconsin, to raise money for the Spring Grove Fish Hatchery.  At one time, most of all the fish stocked into northern Illinois' waters were raised here.

It closed down and the state sold it to the village for $1 and we're in the process of turning it into a park and it is sure looking good these days.  There is even a little museum in the former Fish House.

Another thing Spring Grove is noted for is the birthplace of the farm silo.

Good eating, good times and a band will be playing.  A nice way to spend a Friday evening.

2.  MR. MYERS HERE--  Tuesday, while at Never Sink Inn, we saw that Mr. Myers will be performing at Spring Grove's Fourth of July celebration (always held on the actual day).  We've been following this group ever since the early 1970s when they started playing at Andy's in Dekalb, right on the Lincoln Highway.  I'd best describe them as playing CaribbeanRock, with lots of Buffett and reggae as well as Cowboy Beach Music.

3.  BLESS THEIR GREEDY LITTLE HEARTS--  Yesterday, I saw that gas at the station on US-12 had "dropped" all the way down to $4.23 from $4.27 (if you pay cash, otherwise add 4 cents).    Today I was in McHenry and see they were at $4.20, so perhaps Spring Grove is "down" to that as well.  Yesterday, I filled up with gas in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, for $4.20 a gallon, the most I've ever paid for regular.  We just have to do something with the GRBs at Big Oil.

Just Some Stuff.  --RoadDog

Something New, Something Old Here in Spring Grove

And, it's not getting married, either.

Yesterday,the new McDonald's opened on US-12.  I've been there both days enjoying the $1 specials: Egg McMuffin, Sausage McMuffin with Egg and Daily Double.  Business is good and both times there was little delay in getting the order as sometimes happens at new places as crews are learning their jobs.  I did hear one supervisor telling the kids at the cash registers that they can get coffees if that is all that is ordered.

It's nice having a McDonald's here in Spring Grove.  I like their dollar menu and actually like their sausage McMuffins on it just as well as the other two breakfast items I mentioned.  However, there might be some problems when they get around to having McRibs again.  Way too close, you know and I am really oon them.

The something old that we have here in Spring Grove, Illinois, is the reopening of the downtown (if you can call what we have a downtown) bar on the corner of Main Street.  It is in a building that was built around 1895 and had been closed for about a year.  It is now called Never Sink Inn, a play on words for the Nippersink Creek that runs nearby.  They have a canoe as part of their logo.

The new owners have put in a lot of work remodeling the place and updating things.  It took them three months of hard work.  It was called Town Tap when we moved here in 1992 and was that for most of the time.  There have been two other places in it, the last being O'Shaney's.

Good to Have Them.  --RoadDog

IF CATS PERFORMED "CATS":  The antagonist in the show would be a giant vacuum cleaner.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

JSS: New McDonald's-- Trimming Those Bushes--

JSS--  Just Some Stuff

1.  NEW McDONALD'S--  In a little while, I'm going over to the Spring Grove (Illinois) McDonald's which is having its grand opening today on US-12, by Spring Grove Road.  It's nice to have one here.  Before, we had to go to Fox Lake (you can also go there by boat), Richmond or McHenry.  I guess the Grove has arrived.

2.  TRIMMING THOSE BUSHES--  The last two days I have spent a considerable amount of time outside trimming the many, many, too many bushes I foolishly planted back before I realized that one day I would get old and it would no longer be as easy to do.

Consider it "Lesson Learned."

At least I only have to do it once a year for most of them.  I still have half the arboretum and all of Frances' Back 40 to do.

Ouch, My Aching Back.  --RoadDog

The Game That Wouldn't End

Last night's Blackhawks-Bruins game went on for what semmed like forever.  It was part way into the third overtime when the Hawks finally scored to win 4-3 in Game One of the Stanley Cup Championship Series.  That was essentially two games worth of play and it didn't end until just short of midnight here in the Chicago area, CSDT.  I feel very sorry for the Boston fans in that lousy ESDT.

We watched the regulation game and first overtime at Tommy's here in Spring Grove.  This place really gets hopping for Hawks (and Bears)  games with yelling, chanting and plenty of folks wearing Hawk gear.  What they need to get is one of those airhorns, the flashing lights and the "Chelsea Dagger" song for all Blackhawk scores and victories (like they have at the Twisted Moose in McHenry).

We lost reception twice because of the storms coming through last night.  At one time the flags at the banks across the road (US-12) were flying straight out and did the rain come down.  No having to take the vehicle to the old car wash today.

Listening to Lin Braehmer on WXRT this morning, he said that the game ought to count as a double victory since the Hawks won and had almost played two complete games.

This game reminds me of the of the Hawk win Saturday to clinch the West Division Championship over the L.A. Clippers. which wasn't won until the second overtime period.  What made it worse was that I was in Goldsboro, NC, so that was midnight as well because of the ESDT.

Looking forward to some great hockey these next 3-6 games.  We have two great and evenly-matched teams.  Even better, the Bruins and Blackhawks are two of the "Original" six NHL teams.

It Would be Nice If the Hawks Could Just Win in Regulaion Time, But If That Is What It Takes, So Be It.

Where Were You June 2, 1973?-- Part 2

Note that really pretty Ford Pinto at the top of the page.  My first new car and was I ever proud of it.  Biggest problem was that it essentially fell apart after a four years and we got a 1977 Malibu.  I think, anyway, as I didn't start my journal until August 1978.

This was the vehicle that was decorated by friends when we got married and I drove it back and forth to Round Lake the first two years (we lived in Des Plaines and then Vernon Hills).

We DID NOT have that gas tank problem, fortunately.

Continuing with Stroud's Summer of 1973 Time Warp.

WILL IT GO ROUND IN CIRCLES--  BILLY PRESTON--  Fresh off his stint with the Beatles and had a solo career going on.
NO MORE MR. NICE GUY--  ALICE COOPER--  From Billion Dollar Babies.  (The "first" Marilyn Manson and a lot prettier?)

THINKING OF YOU--  LOGGINS AND MESSINA--  From their second, self-titled album.
STUCK IN THE MIDDLE WITH YOU--  STEALER'S WHEEL--  (Was that Gerry Rafferty singing on the song?)

BAD, BAD LEROY BROWN--  JIM CROCE--  His first time at #1, eventually.   (One of the most fun songs ever to sing along with, well, that and "Sweet Caroline, "Da, Da, Da.")
REELING IN THE YEARS--  STEELY DAN--  From their debut album, Can't Buy a Thrill.  (This song and the "Stuck in the Middle With You" sure bring back memories of driving back and forth to Maine West High School in the ol' Ramblin' Wreck (my 1963 Rambler station wagon) during my student teaching in the spring.)

What Was His Name and What Would He Do? You Know, Leroy, Your Mama's Calling!!   --RoadDog

IF CATS PERFORMED THE MUSICAL "CATS"--  From the June Orange Peel Gazette:  Audience members would enter the auditorium only to find their seats had been clawed and covered with fur.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

JSS: Grass-- Birdies-- Enjoying the Yard

JSS--  Just Some Stuff.

1.  GRASS--  It rained yesterday morning, but had dried out enough to cut by the afternoon, but I got involved with the TVs and by the time I got ready to go out, it started to rain again.  Hope to get the grass today as it has now been 13 days since I cut it.  Getting mighty long!!!  Plus, I have to get around to some serious bush trimming.

2.  BIRDIES--  Sadly, the two little robins are no longer in the nest.  It seems a bit early for them to be out and we're hoping nothing bad happened.

3.  ENJOYING THE YARD--  Yesterday morning, I sat out on the front porch and had my cup of yogurt enjoying the wild phlox.  Last evening, I went out to the gazebo and enjoyed looking at the overgrown yard, flowers and eating peanuts in-the-shell. 

This morning I sat out at the "Flats" patio on the east side of the house and enjoyed the smell of the Miss Kim lilacs and flowers with my cereal.

Just Some Stuff.  --RoadDog

They Did It To Me Again: TVs

Spent some time yesterday doing something I had been dreading and putting off, and that is messing with the TVs.  And, not my choice!!  I was forced into it by my cable company.  All of our TVs are analog and when the BIG DIGITAL SWITCH took place several years back, we were ok as the cable hookup managed to take care of it.

Now, it's not that I don't like the new HD digital TVs and as a matter of fact was looking forward to getting them, BUT NOT UNTIL THE CURRENT TVS BREAK DOWN!!!!!

Before I left for the south last week, we had noticed that we had lost a few of the channels (Mediacom had warned us several months back that they were switching to all digital and that we would need special boxes to be hooked up).  We ordered them.

We have four main TVs:  The 25-inch console downstairs is 1983 and the bar 19-inch is 1992.  Upstairs, the 32-inch is about 1998 and the 19-inch in my study is about the same year.  The two TVs downstairs were too old to even use the box, requiring you to use the power button on the set.

We did get Liz's mom's 25-inch TV hooked up downstairs and Liz got the 32-inch hooked up while I was gone.

I did really enjoy the new channels we get now and watched a couple episodes of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents last night.  I like those old TV shows.

Looks like there is a 55-60-inch TV in the near future for me.  Guess I'll just have to learn how to live with it.  And, I'll need a new one for the bar but will have to do some measuring as it has only a limited space.

Go On, Twist my Arm and Make me Get Them!!  --RoadDog

Where Were You June 2, 1973?-- Part 1

This is the 40th anniversary of the Summer of '73.  Absolutely hard to think of it as being that long ago.  Bob Stroud started these summer Time Warps back in the Summer of '67, the Summer of Love.  This is a four part series, with one three-hour segment every first Sunday from June to September.

I really look forward to these little bits of my past as I sure was listening to the music and buying those albums and 45s, much to Dad's chagrin.

  My words in parentheses ( ).

LONG TRAIN RUNNING--  DOOBIE BROTHERS--Brand new from the album The Captain and Me.
RIGHT PLACE, WRONG TIME--  DR. JOHN--  (My first intro to non-Dixieland New Orleans music, but I didn't know it at the time.)

SHAMBALA--  THREE DOG NIGHT--  Debuting this week, 40 years ago and on its way to #1.  (Something about a GFC Christmas Party and a table with Freddie and myself standing on it and singing the song at the top of our lungs.  Who needs karaoke anyway?  Wait, we didn't have it back then.)
CISCO KID--  WAR--  (Just got to love that sound War had.)

ELDERBERRY WINE--  ELTON JOHN--  The last two songs were from your radio, Now, from your album collection.  Off side one of Don't Shoot Me, I'm Only the Piano Player.
AMERICAN TUNE--  PAUL SIMON--  His second solo album, There Goes Rhymin' Simon.  Lead off selection from side two.

Let the Memories Begin.  --RoadDog

Going Back to 1973-- Part 2: Signed A Contract and Got Married

I went in and signed my teaching contract on Friday, August 24th and then  hurried back home to the apartment in Des Plaines (first apartment and place that I "owned."  We had just signed the contract for it in July and moved in August 1st.  Well, I did, Liz still stayed at her parents' house in Palatine.

I should mention that in June, I traded the 1963 Rambler station wagon (that my parents had given me) in for a brand new Ford Pinto that I was quite proud of.  I believe it cost $2200, a whole lot of money for me back then.

I ended up teaching in the Round Lake School District for all 33 years of teaching (31 at the same building).  I guess you'd call that longevity.

The reason I hurried back from signing my teaching contract was that I had the rehearsal dinner that night at Algauers.  That's right, I was getting married the next day.  If there ever was a pivotal two days in my life, August 24-25 would be them.

We got married at the Newman Center in DeKalb (NIU) and had the reception at the Holiday Inn on Lincoln Highway (now Best Western).  The honeymoon was in Galena, but cut short as I had to start teaching on Tuesday.

Pretty Busy Time.  --RoadDog

THE LAST TOO PUNNY:  If you jumped off a bridge in Paris, you'd be in Seine.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Going Back to 1973-- Part 1: A Pivotal Year for Me

The weekend of June 1st to June 2nd featured seven hours worth of a major trip back music to what probably was the most pivotal year of my life, 1973.  And, there was even 50 minutes more of the music on May 30th.  And, I'll sure be listing those songs.

To start with, I graduated from college at Northern Illinois University in Dekalb...AND, didn't get drafted to go to Vietnam.  I thought that war would never ever end.  It had started when I entered junior high, continued all the way through high school and then, almost all the way through college.  Making things even better, my draft lottery number was 22, which meant I was going.

I had just recently done my student teaching at Maine West High School in Des Plaines, Illinois, and was looking for a teaching job.  While waiting for the job, I was driving a van back and forth from O'Hare Airport for the Sheraton Inn-Walden Hotel in Schaumburg.

I'd finally given up on the teaching job and had a career job working at Bonanza Sirloin Pit in Buffalo Grove as an assistant manager and was in line to get my own store. 

However, a teaching position opened up in Round Lake, Illinois, one week before class started, and I took it (thanks to some "pressure" from my soon-to-be mother-in-law, Frances.

Job and Married Next.  --RoadDog

It's Them, Not Me: Help Us!! Gas Gouge IS ON!!!!

On June 1st, gas in Fox Lake, Illinois, was "down" to $3.94 in the afternoon.  I say "down" because it was coming back down from a gas gouge up to $4.10.  We've had around five different gas gouges so far this year.  That evening, it had gone up to $4.10.

On the way to Milwaukee's airport the next day, gas was $3.86 in some stations and $4 in others.  Landing at Savannah's airport, the closest-in station was $3.60 and I thought, "Wow, gas is 'sure' cheap here."  Then, I saw gas for $3.24 at the next station.

Gas in Georgia (around Savannah ans Stateboro) was $3.20 to $3.26 (except for that one station).  Driving to North Carolina, I got gas on June 3rd for $3.17 in Florence, SC.  Gas in North Carolina (around Goldsboro and Raleigh) was between $3.30 to $3.40.

Then, yesterday, real "sticker shock." when I saw gas from between $4.16 and $4.20 in Wisconsin.  That was bad, but not as bad as good-old rip-off Illinois, where it was $4.20 to $4.40.  I heard something about three refineries being closed, supposedly for repairs.  I was told gas in Fox Lake was up to $4.35, that's a 41 cents jump in eight days.

A mighty good way to make profits if you ask me.  Of course, they know they can get away with it as our government won't do anything about it.  Obama's administration clearly has the GRB's back even if it hurts the majority of people in the country.

If I'm running things, there'd be a 99% tax on all profits like this.  Hey, the government needs money, anyway.  Then, perhaps there would be less incentive to make obscene profits like this.

Burning Again.  --RoadDog

Back Home Again


Driving around Goldsboro with my brother Bob.  Went to Trade-It, a favorite store there now that The Record Rack is gone.  Also went to the antique store where he has a booth (didn't buy anything), but was tempted and to several other places.  Met my cousin Joe at Wilber's for for some 'o that great Carolina BBQ.


Raleigh-Durham Airport, connecting flight in Detroit and into Milwaukee.  TODAY'S GAS PRICES:  Gas in Goldsboro is $3.30 to $3.33.  Gas in Wisconsin is $4.16 to $4.20 and in Illinois $4.25 to $4.40.  Something mighty wrong here.  Stopped at Captain's Quarters and officially kicked off summer with the great R&B, soul band R Gang.

Always Good to Be Home.  --RoadDog

TOO PUNNY:  When cannibals ate the missinary, they got a taste of religion.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Still Hangin': Weed Choppin', Research and Andrea


Spent the morning working in Mom's garden, pulling up weeds and mounding around the tomato plants.  The afternoon, I spent time at the Wayne County Library right down the street.  Mostly looked at old census reports.  Kind of interesting how many slaves were held in New York in 1790.

Kenansville and Warsaw have a lot of signs up saying "Pray for Baby Layla."  She is a three-month-old baby who has advanced cancer.  She is getting a lot of support.


We had lots of rain and flooding today here in eastern North Carolina from Tropical Storm Andrea.


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hanging Around Goldsboro


Had my usual meal at Wilber's BBQ out on the US-70 Goldsboro bypass.  Love that Carolina 'cue and Wilber Shirley has been serving it up there for over fifty years.  A real family favorite.  And this was the first time for some friends from Idaho.

Returned the Dodge Avenger at the local Enterprise place.  They made out like bandits on this one, charging us $260 for what amounted to a little over one day's use.  When you don't return it to where you got it, be prepared to pay HUGE BUCKS.


Took a ride (not in an Enterprise car) to Kenansville, NC.  Quite a bit of history in this tiny town with a museum and Liberty Hall.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Got 'Dem Old "Statesboro Blues"


We picked up the Dodge Avenger at Enterprise Car Rental at the Savannah Airport.

Took Julie over to her high school to help her clear out her room.  Such a sad time when you retire and have to do that,  Congrats, Julie.

Then drove to Statesboro, Georgia, ate at the Steak 'N Shake and dropped Julie off.

Mom and I drove US-301 through Georgia and into South Carolina.  This road kind of reminded me of Route 66, with towns that have definitely seen better days and lots of older 40s-50s motels, many in advanced stage of deterioration.  .

We were surprised to find a Georgia welcome center at the SC line, but, it wasn't open on Mondays, unfortunately.  Usually welcome centers are on the interstates these days.  I understand that US-301 used to be a major route to Florida, until replaced by I-95.  US-301 was a very scenic drive.  Eventually got on another road and then over to I-95 and north to North Carolina. 

Filled up with gas at a station near Florence, SC, for $3.18 and gas around Savannah was generally $3.25 to $3.30.  Considering that Saturday, gas in Fox Lake, Illinois, hit $4.10 to $4.20 and gas in Wisconsin had jumped from $3.86 to $4 yesterday.  Something needs to be done about the GRBs at Big Oil.

Took I-95 to US-13 and drove to Goldsboro.  We had rain off and on from Florence to Goldsboro.

Pretty Long Day.  --RoadDog

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Spend a Week at Atlanta Airport One Afternoon/Early Evening

JUNE 2nd

Sunday morning, it was a trip back to June 2, 1973, on Bob Stroud's Rock and Roll Roots Show, a mighty big year for me to say the least.  Watered plants and packed and drove to Milwaukee, stopping in Kenosha for our slider fix.

I just got to the gate nine minutes before the door to the plane closed.  Uneventful trip to Atlanta other than some bumpy weather across Tennessee and northwest Georgia.

That bumpy weather was a severe storm as it turned out and then we ended up with a three and a half hour delay and three gates before we were able to get out to Savannah, my final destination.

There was more to the story, but I'll write about it in the future on my RoadDog's Roadlog Blog.

Hate Those Airport Delays.  --RoadDog

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Tornadoes Must Have Knocked Out a Refinery

On the way home, we noticed that gas in Fox lake, Illinois, had had a gas gouge.  Earlier in the day, it was $3.94.  Now, it is $4.10.

I'm guessing the tornadoes in Oklahoma must have knocked out some refinery.

Isn't it sad when some folk make big profits on a natural disaster.

You Know How the GRB BO's Are.  --RoadDog

JSS: 1973 Again Here In Chicago-- Saw a "Mouth"-- End-Of-the-Year Party

JSS--  Just Some Stuff.

1.  1973 HERE IN CHICAGO--  A banner weekend for 1973 music here in Chicago.  In a few minutes, Wendy Rice goes back 40 years on her 8-noon (CDST) on WXRT streaming at .  Then, tomorrow, Sunday, Bob Stroud has his first Summer of 1973 show (there will be four of them) on WDRV from 7 to 10 AM.  It also steams at .

The year 1973 was a particularly big one for me.  First, I did not have to go to Vietnam as I had anticipated as the war ended for the United States.  Then, I graduated from college, finishing 16 years of schooling.  Then I got a teaching job (and taught for 33 years) and then, I got married (now going on 40 years this August 25th).  The last two things took place in a 48-hour period of time.

2.  SAW A "MOUTH"--  Robins built a nest on the deck light and we've been watching for little birdie babies.  This morning, I clearly saw a "mouth" gaping from the nest.  That's pretty much all you see of young birds.  We're hoping for more "mouths."

3.  END-OF-THE-YEAR PARTY-- Later today, we'll be going over to Kevin and Kelly's place on Fox Lake for their annual end-of-the-year (as in school year) party.  Kevin got out of school yesterday.  Kelly teaches in another school district and got out last week.

Their party is a great replacement for our annual end-of-the-year one that we had from 1980 to 2006.

Just Some Stuff.  --RoadDog

Every Blooming THing: Early June

Just got back in from sitting out on the side patio and enjoying coffee and a honey dew melon.  All the purple creeping phlox and yellow allysum (?) are no longer in bloom.

However, the irises are blooming as are the Miss Kim lilacs and the daisies. 

Around the rest of the yard, the several hundred daisy plants are blooming white, plus the wild phlox are blooming their purple.  The last of the tulips are now spent.  And, I have two different pinkish prerennials blooming in a lot of places.

Color All the Time Around Here.  --RoadDog

Movie Scratches: Wedding-- Trek-- Iron-- Hangover

Movie Scratches: A Dog's Eye View of Today's Movies.

21.  BIG WEDDING--  5-21--  FOX LAKE--  $4.50--  One really funny movie.And you think your family is weird?  Looks like DeNiro would learn to duck whenever one of his women gets near.

22.  STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS--  5-22--  FOX LAKE--  $6--  Scotty saves the day.  All this and Tribbles and the Khan too.

23.  IRON MAN 3--  FOX LAKE--  $4.50--  "That's what I do.  I fix things."  Again, we see that the president is not safe...anywhere.

24.  HANGOVER 3--  5-28--  FOX LAKE--  $6--  Three regular guys and two lunatics get into all sorst of situations.  And we meet a new, somewhat more refined Alan.

Fox Lake Theatre Should Fix That Sticking Front Exit Door.  --RoadDog

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