Saturday, October 31, 2015

Svengoolie's Night: An Undead Tradition

From the Oct. 25, 2015, Parade Magazine.

Years ago, almost every major city had a goofy costumed character who hosted old monster movies on TV.  Not so many anymore.

But, today, actor Rich Koz, 63, aka "Svengoolie" is keeping the tradition undead.  Koz has been climbing out of his colorfully-painted coffin, putting on his worst Transylvanian accent and dodging flying rubber chickens ever since 1978.  He is probably the "King of Corn" and pushes corny to knew limits.

"When I started, I was thrilled just to have a job.  I never imagined that 36 years later I'd still be putting on all this makeup," he says.  "I think the biggest compliment I get is when people say, "I used to watch you when I was a kid, and now I watch you with my kids."

Airing nationally on MeTV, Saturdays, 10 p.m. ET, 9 p.m. CT.

He has a site as well and visit for a full interview.

I looked up his site and tonight he features the 1931 horror classic "Frankenstein" starring Boris Karloff.  I'll be watching or recording depending when we get home from the American Legion Halloween party/karaoke tonight.

I'm thinking of singing "Monster Mash" in my best Transylvanian accent.

Svengoolie is making a personal appearance today several miles down US-12 at the Volo Auto Museum.

Like Corn Me to Death, Sveenie.  --RoadDog

Some More Creepy Songs, Just In Time For You-Know-What: "Time of the Season"

From my "Like Boo!!" cassette tape.

DANCING WITH MR. D.--  Rolling Stones
DEVIL WOMAN--  Cliff Richard

FRIEND OF THE DEVIL--  Grateful Dead
SCARED--  John Lennon

TIRED OF WAITING--  Kinks  (Tired of waiting for those Zombs.)
GAME OF LOVE--  Wayne Fontana & Mindbenders  (Zombs want to bend and eat your brain.  The original "Brain Food.")
TIME OF THE SEASON--  And, speaking of Zombies

RAINDANCE--  Guess Who  (The way to deal with the Wicked Witch of the West.)
STEPPIN' STONE--  Monkees  (Love can result in death if gone wrong.  Gimme Three Steps.)
LUCKY MAN--  ELP  (All his wealth couldn't keep him away from the "Grim Reaper.")

AS TEARS GO BY--  Rolling Stones  (For crying out loud!)

Name That Tune:  "Last Night Your Shadow Fell Upon My Lonely Room."  --RoadDog

"Too Much to Dream Last Night"

Halloween Haul: Spooky Spending

From the Oct. 25, 2015, Parade Magazine.

The 157 million Americans planning to celebrate Halloween will spend an estimated:

**  $1.9 billion on decorations

**  $2.1 billion on candy

**  $550 million on costumes for their pets.

**  I spent about $24 for candy for today.  Actually, it would have been less, but I forgot I had already bought a bag earlier.  Oh well, the more for me.

**  I spent $22 for three Halloween-themed things and a really, really big pumpkin.  I figure spending more tomorrow and next week when things are 50% off.


POINTS TO PONDER:  You feel stuck with your debt if you can't budge it.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Bloody Songs for Halloween: "Let It Bleed"

From the Oct. 30, 2015, Ten at Ten from WDRV 97.1 FM Chicago.

This replays at 10 p.m. (Central) tonight.

ONLY WOMEN BLEED--  Alice Cooper

LET IT BLEED--  Rolling Stones
GIVE BLOOD--  Pete Townsend
HOT BLOODED--  Foreigner

BAD BLOOD--  Neil Sedaka

Name That Tune:  "Well We All need Someone We Can Lean On."  RoadDog

"Let It Bleed"

Three Steps to a Monster Bash

Oct. 25, 2015, Parade Magazine.

1.  Deck your table with playful die-cut placemats.  set of 12 for $25.

2.  Crank up some monster hit tunes with "Now, That's What I Call Halloween," a collection of standards and hip-hop for $14 from Best Buy.  I saw one today for $12 at Meijer;s.

3.  Toast the ghosties with the spiced cider from McCormick:  Cook a gallon of apple cider, one cup orange juice, 4 cinnamon sticks, 1/2 teaspoon lemon extract, 2 teaspoons whole cloves and 1 teaspoon whole allspice on low heat until hot.  Remove whole spices before serving.  Visit for more drinks.


MORE TO PONDER:  The man who fell into the upholstery machine is fully recovered.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

WLS Top Ten Songs From October 29, 1965 "Liar Liar"

1.  GET OFF MY CLOUD--  Rolling Stones
2.  YOU'RE THE ONE--  Vogues
3.  KEEP ON DANCING--  Gentrys

5.  EVERYBODY LOVES A CLOWN--  Gary Lewis & Playboys
6.  YESTERDAY--  Beatles

8.  JUST A LITTLE BIT BETTER--  Herman's Hermits
9.  LIAR LIAR--  Castaways
10.  ROAD RUNNER--  Gants

Name That Tune:  "Come On, Show Me How You Work."  --RoadDog

"Keep On Dancing"

How to Make an Unforgettable Carved Pumpkin

From the Oct. 25, 2015 Parade Magazine.


If Martha Stewart can do this, so can you.  Cut a hole in the bottom of a pumpkin, scoop the innards out, and drill holes into it, using a 1/4 inch drill for smaller ones and 3/4-inch for larger ones.

Stuff with a string of lights or use a candle and you'll have the brightest pumpkin on the block.

Sock It Pumpkin.  --RoadDog

MORE TO PONDER:  Show me a piano falling down a mine shaft, and I'll show you A-flat minor.

Music Deaths: Diamonds and Aliota, Haynes & Jeremiah

DAVID SOMERVILLE, 81-- Died  July 19, 2015.  Born in Ontario and became lead singer of the Diamonds.  Used primarily on covers of R&B tunes.  "Whu Do Fools Fall in Love" (#12-1956), "Church Bells May Ring" (#14-1956), "The Stroll" (#4-1958) and "Little Darlin" (#2-1957).

Co-wrote the theme song for "The Fall Guy."

MITCH ALIOTA, 70--  Died July 21, 2015.  Bassist of Rotary Connection (group which launched Minnie Ripperton's career).  Had a big hit with the Alioto, Haynes & Jeremiah with "Lake Shore Drive."  It didn't chart nationally but was very popular here in the Chicago area.

John Jeremiah died in 2011.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Music Death: Ernie Maresca


Died July 8, 2015.  Sang baritone for the Regents before they recorded "Barbara Ann."  Wrote for Dion DiMucci: "No One Knows (#19-1958) "Runaround Sue" (#1-1961), "The Wanderer" (#2- 1961) though his original lyrics were "with my two fists of iron and my bottle of beer."

Also wrote "Lovers Who Wander" (#3-1962) and "Donna the Prima Donna" (#6-1963).

Wrote and sang "Shout! Shout! (Knock Yourself Out)" (#6-1962).

Wrote two great Girl group songs: "Party Girl" (47-1964 for Bernadette Carroll) and "Whenever a Teenager Cries" (#60-1965 for Reparata & the Delrons.

Music Deaths: Songwriter and a Hard-Luck Keyboardist


Died July 9, 2015.  Co-wrote Dina Ross' "Touch Me in the Morning" (#1-1973), "Theme from Mahogony" (#1-1976)  "Last Time I Saw Him"  (#14-1974) and "It's My Turn" (#4-1981).

He also wrote "The Greatest Love of All" (#24-1977 for George Benson and #1-1986 for Whitney Houston and "Tonight I Celebrate My Love for You" (#16-1983 for Roberta Flack and Peabo Bryson.


 Died July 13, 2015.  Hard-luck keyboardist for Them and Thin Lizzy.  Left both groups before they hit it big.  He came up with the name for Them from a sci-fi movie.

2016 Honorees on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Announced June 22, 2015.

"Mama" Cass Elliott
Cyndi Lauper
LL Cool J
Shirley Caesar (gospel)
Michael Keaton
Barbar Bain
Kurt Russell


MORE TO PONDER:  If you don't pay your exorcist, you get repossessed.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Homecoming Weekend at NIU

OCTOBER 24, SATURDAY--  Drove to DeKalb enjoying the fall color.  Parked at the Baymont Hotel and walked over to the alumni tent area and enjoyed a porkchop sandwich and the swag.  Heard the university president and athletic director speak and the Huskie Marching band.

Decided not to buy tickets for the game because of the crummy weather, but watched part of it from outside Huskie Stadium.

Went back to the hotel and drove Lincoln Highway downtown and went to Lord Stanley's where we saw the game and enjoyed the DeKalb Footstompers, a homecoming tradition since 1973.  Ended up at Pizza Pros.

OCTOBER 25, SUNDAY--  Drove around campus, Greek Row and did some shopping for NIU stuff.  Had lunch of sliders at White Castle and then intended to see the Pumpkin festival parade in Sycamore, but couldn't find a parking place so drove to Woodstock and walked around the Square.  Stopped at Benton Street Tap and Wayne's Lanes, which was the bowling alley in the movie "Groundhog Day."  This is also from where Bill Murray and friends took their race around town and on the railroad tracks.

Last stop was Sunnyside Tap in Johnsburg.

A Good Weekend.  --RoadDog

MORE TO PONDER:  In a democracy it's your vote that counts; in feudalism it's your county who votes.

Music Deaths: Joe Bennett and Roy Bennett


These obituaries come from Oldies News.

Died June 27, 2015.  Leader of the Spartanburg, S.C., rockabilly band Joe Bennett & the Sparkletones.  They formed in 1956.  Their first and biggest hit was "Black Slacks" (#17-1957.  Their followup "Penny Loafers and Booby Socks" only went to #42.


Died July 2, 2015.  Songwriter.  Wrote "The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane (#3-1954 for the Ames Brothers), "Kiss of Fire" (#1-1962 for Georgia Gibbs) and "Red Roses for a Blue Lady (#10-1965 for Vic Dana).  Usually worked with Sid Tepper who died in April 2015.

Wrote 45 songs for Elvis Presley including "G.I. Blues.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Music Deaths: AFO Records and Yes


Died June 26, 2015.  Owner of the New Orleans-based AFO (All for One) Records.  The label recorded hits for Barbara George and Lee Dorsey and arranged tunes for Sam Cooke.  He was musical director on the Sonny & Cher 1970s TV show and played sax on their #1 hit "I Got You Babe" in 1965.


  Died June 27, 2015.  Founding member and bassist of Yes.  The only member to appear on all the group's 21 studio albums.  The group formed in London in 1968.  In 1971 their Fragile album had their first hit with "Roundabout" which went to #13.

The group's lineup has changed often over the years, but he was the only one throughout.  In 1984, he co-wrote their "comeback hit "Owner of a Lonely Heart."

Music Deaths: James Last and Jack Carlson


Died June 9, 2015.  His "Seduction (Love Theme)" from te movie "American Giggolo" was #28 in 1980.  He also wrote "Happy Heart" (#22-1969) for Andy Williams and "Fool" (#17-1973) and "Games That Lovers Play" (#45 in 1966) for Elvis Presley.

In the United Kingdom he charted with 52 albums from 1967 to 1986, second to only to Elvis Presley.


Died June 12, 2015.  First tenor and falsetto singer with the Roomates.  His first hit was as backup singer on Cathy Jean Giiordano on "Please Love Me Forever" (#12-1961) and on his own with "Glory of Love" (#49-1961).

Music Deaths: Weavers and Browns


Died June 6, 2015.  Contralto singer with the influential Weavers folk music group.  One of the members was Pete Seeger.  Their big hits were "Goodnight Irene" (#1-1950) and "On Top of Old Smoky" (#2-1951). The Red Scare of the 1950s got them blacklisted and ended their success.  But they had a big influence on Peter, Paul & Mary, the Kingston Trio and Bob Dylan.

JIM ED BROWN, 81  Died June 11, 2015.

Best known as lead singer of the Browns, a country group that had a hit in 1954 with "Looking Back to See" (#8-1954).  Charted hits on country charts 21 times from 1954 to 1968.    Their biggest hit was "The Three Bells" (#1 country and pop in 1959).

He began a solo career in 1965.  His biggest hit was "Pop a Top" (#3-1967).  He did a duo with Helen Cornelius "I Don't Want to Have to Marry You" (#1 country 1976) and "Lying in Love With You" (#2 country 1979).

Saturday, October 24, 2015

It's Homecoming Time Again at NIU

In just a short time, Liz and I will be preparing to drive out to DeKalb, Illinois, for yet another Northern Illinois Homecoming, this year celebrating the 50th anniversary of Huskie Stadium.  We play Eastern Michigan in a MAC matchup.

Of course, there is always the alumni tailgating/tent area near the Barcema Alumni Center as well as souvenirs to be bought.  Then, there is the game at 2:30.

Even better, we then go to Lord Stanley's to celebrate with the great DeKalb Footstompers who have played at every Northern Homecoming since 1973 and still has three of the original four members.  They are every bit as much of a NIU Homecoming tradition for us as is the game.  We saw them at Andy's back then and have seen them most homecomings since.

They really pack 'em into Lord Stanley's, the old Shamrock when we were students.  And everyone has a great time listening to oldies and great originals by them.  You haven't lived until you've heard "Purple Haze" played by a four piece band featuring a guitar, drums, tuba and accordion.

Fight On You Huskies!!  --RoadDog

Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats "S.O.B."

The other day, I was listening to WXRT in Chicago and heard this great song, but didn't catch the name of the group or the title, although I guessed it would be "S.O.B.."  I had to go to the playlist and got the title and group.  "S.O.B" by Nate Rateliff and the Night Sweats.  I would have checked them out just looking at the name of the group.

They are now on my list of albums to get.  Evidently their first one is self-titled.

This group reminds me a lot of St. Paul & the Broken Bones.

OK, sort of a swear word, but it fits.

Checking them out on YouTube right now.  Love the video for "S.O.B.."  Also enjoyed "Howling at Nothing" and their Front Row Boston video.

"S.O.B., Give Me a Drink."  --RoadDog

MORE TO PONDER (From the Orange Peel Gazette)  I backward poet writes inverse.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Who Was That Daniel Murphy Who So Ran Over Us This Week?

Everyone was wondering who this guy was and what he has against the hapless Cubs.  To say he is having an extraordinary playoff rub is quite the understatement.  This guy killed us and had no remorse whatsoever.

I had to look him up and find out more about him.  I knew nothing of him.  He has been playing baseball with the Mets since 2008 and is a good hitter with his lifetime .288 batting average.  What was surprising to me, though, is that in that time he has hit only 62 home runs.  That's an average of almost nine homers a season (he did not play in 2010).

He hit four home runs, one every game, against us.  And has seven total in the playoffs.

This season was his highest home run output with 14.  His regular season stats:  140 hits in 499 at bats, 14 homers, 73 RBI and a .281 batting average.

So far in the 2015 playoffs:  16 hits in 38 at bats, 7 homers, 11 RBI and .421 batting average.

Major League Career Stats:  422 hits in 3354 at bats, 62 homers and a .288 batting average.

Home Run Totals:

2008--  2
2009--  12
2011--  6
2012--  6
2013--  13
2014--  9
2015--  14

Wednesday night he went 4 for 5 with two singles, a double and his mandatory home run.

Where's His White Horse?  --RoadSadDog

Every Blooming THing: The Color Arriveth

It took much longer than usual, but we are finally reaching top fall color here in northern Illinois.  It really hit yesterday and today.  I have two trees that changed seemingly overnight.  The amur maple by the deck continues to be brilliant.  And my Miss Kim lilacs are looking great as well.

And, out subdivision is a regular jumble of colors.  Even though people planted as they pleased once buying their homes, they arrived at a very complementary choice of fall tree colors.  Every wooded stretch of road here in northeast McHenry County provides a magnificent backdrop.

I can just imagine what the older residential areas of DeKalb, Illinois, will look like this weekend as we go to NIU's Homecoming.

Color Me Smiling.  --RoadDog

THE FINAL COUNTER PROVERBS:  The more, the merrier.  --or--  Two's company; three's a crowd.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

"The Thrill Is Gone," Cubs Go Home

Listening to Lin Braehmer's show this morning on WXRT and the first song he played was B.B. King's "The Thrill Is Gone."  He couldn't have played a better song to sum up the NLCS for me.

Lin said that after the game (he and his wife have season tickets and he is a huge Cubs fan) decided to go into a Wrigleyville watering hole for a soothing drink when they saw a table full of Mets fans.  He was nice enough to order them a round, even though he hates the Mets.  A lot of us still remember 1969.  But worse of all, one of them was wearing a Mets jersey with the name Vetter on the back of it.  Everyone knows that Eddie Vetter of Pearl Jam is an ultimate Cubs fan.  That really hurt Lin.

Yesterday morning, he broadcast from Wrigley Field as the Cubs faced elimination and started with the part from "Animal House" after Dean Wormer had come into Delta House and told them they were all expelled.  That is when Bluto got up and uttered those remarkable words:  "Over?!  Over?!  Nothing is over until we say it is!  Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?  Hell, no!  And it ain't over now!"

Thanks for Putting It Into Perspective, Mr. Braehmer.  --RoadDog

WLS Top Ten for October 22, 1965: "Hang On Sloopy"

As in 50 years ago.

1.  YESTERDAY--  Beatles
2.  JUST A LITTLE BIT BETTER--  Herman's Hermits
3.  GET OFF MY CLOUD--  Rolling Stones

4.  YOU'RE THE ONE--  Vogues
7.  LIAR LIAR--  Castaways

8.  HANG ON SLOOPY--  McCoys
10.  ROSES AND RAINBOWS--  Randy Hutton  (Future Three Dog Night singer)

Numbers 34-40 were all new songs on the survey:

34.  1-2-3--  Len Barry
35.  SEA CRUISE--  Hondells
36.  MAKE IT EASY ON YOURSELF--  Walker Brothers

38.  BOYS--  Beatles
39.  CHILD OF OUR TIMES--  Barry McGuire
40.  LET'S HANG ON--  Four Seasons

Name That Tune:  "May An Elephant Caress You With His Toes."  --RoadDog

"May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose"

I Can Now Talk About the Cubs

I didn't much mention the Chicago Cubs before now as whenever I mention a favorite team during the season,they lose.  It's kind of like the curse of the Sports Illustrated cover.  Well, I didn't mention them and they still lost, so now I can say something.

Although I'm a White Sox fan, I back the Cubs unless they play my team.  Over my life, I have probably been to Wrigley Field more than I have been to Comiskey Park.  And, this year we had a very special team.  We watched all the games during the playoff run and had a great time until the Mets and that pitching and that Murphy guy came to town.

The Cubs were 6-0 against them during the regular season, but you sure wouldn't know it by the way they played us these past four games.  Their pitching throttled us and good old Joe wouldn't listen to me when I told him to walk Murphy every time he came to the plate.

Oh, well.  We had a great time in the Wild Card game and the NLDS.  These last four games were sheer agony.

But, we sure have something to look forward to for next year.  And, I figure the Cubs losing means I saved some big bucks on souvenirs, well, Liz did, as I don't buy Cubs stuff.

A Learning Experience.  --RoadCub

COUNTER PROVERBS:  With age comes wisdom.  --or--  Out of the mouths of babes come all wise sayings.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Past Movie Scratches: 6-- Sheriff-- Cogburn-- Pirates-- Kong-- Wild

TV movies from 2014.

97.  HALLOWEEN 6--  Was Michael's hometown on Route 66?

98.  98.  SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SHERIFF--  James Garner tames a lawless town, his way.  While on his way to Australia.

99.  ROOSTER COGBURN--  It's John Wayne vs. Katherine Hepburn and a bunch of bad guys.

100. PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN:  DEAD MAN'S CHEST--  Capt. Jack vs. Davy Jones and his Kracken.  And that great water wheel fight.

101.  KING KONG--  The original movie.  Big guy falls for pretty gal.

102.  GOING WILD--  Con man Joe E. brown can't fly.


Past Movie Scratches: Halloween-- 2-- Super-- 3-- 4-- 5

These are movies I watched on TV back in 2014.  Obviously, I saw these around Halloween.

91.  HALLOWEEN--  Or, crazy old Michael Myers.  Killed his sister and made horny teenagers all over town worry.

92.  HALLOWEEN 2--  Michael runs amuck in a hospital.

93.  SUPER EIGHT--  The alien goes home.

94.  HALLOWEEN 3--  Don't wear the mask.

95.  HALLOWEEN 4--  After ten years, he's back.

96.  HALLOWEEN 5--  No use trying to get through to Uncle Mikie.  No sense of humor and again, teens should avoid sex.

Obviously I saw a movie marathon.


COUNTER PROVERBS:  What's good for the goose is good for the gander.  --or--  One man's meat is another man's poison.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Losing Football and Baseball Kind of Weekend

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 16TH--  Went shopping in McHenry.  usual Suspects at the Legion.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17TH--  Drove to Arlington Heights and had a great breakfast with Bob and Marilyn.  Then he drove to Evanston and had a nice walk to Ryan Field past some really pretty older homes with beautiful landscaping as the fall colors were starting.  Unfortunately, Northwestern lost to Iowa, but an absolutely great fall day for college football.

Afterwards we went to Sports Page in Arlington Heights to eat.  Stopped at Half-Price Books in Palatine on my way home.  This is my favorite store.

Liz and I went to several places that were too crowded before we found places to sit at the bar at the Legion to watch the Cubs game.  Unfortunately another loss to the Mets.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER  18TH--  Met the Usual Suspects at Squaw Bar for the Bears-Lions game.  Unfortunately another loss in a game Chicago could have won.  Then sat out by the lake at Kevin and Kelly's.  Came home and watched another Cubs loss.  Those pitchers and that Murphy guy are killing us.


COUNTER PROVERBS:  What will be, will be.  --or--  Life is what you make it.

Music Deaths: Chimes, "Lemon Tree" and "I Love How You Love Me"

LENNY COCCHO, Died May 8, 2015.

Lead singer with the Chimes, a Brooklyn quartet.  Had big hit with "Once in Awhile" (#11-1961).

WILL HOLT, 86, Died June 7, 2015.

Composed the folk standard "Lemon Tree."  (#35 for Peter, Paul & Mary in 1962 and Trini lopez (#20-1965).

LARRY KOLBER, 84, Died June 7, 2015.

Wrote "I Love How You Love Me" (#5-1961 for the Paris Sisters and #9-1969 for Bobby Vinton.

One of the original; Brill Building composers.  Wrote "Patches" (#6-1962 for Dickie Lee and also a hit for Clarence Carter.  Also "Forget Me Not" (#12-1958 for the Kalin Twins.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Music Deaths: Pattie Boyd and Louis Johnson


Died April 29, 2015, at age 71.

Ex-wife of George Harrison and Eric Clapton.  Was inspiration for Harrison's "Something" and Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight."


Died May 21, 2015, at 60.

Bass player and one half of Brothers Johnson (with brother George).  Had hits with "I'll be Good to You" (#3-1976), "Strawberry Letter #23" (#7-1977) and "Stomp" (#7-1980)  Played bass on Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and "Off the Wall" albums.

Also on Herb Alpert's "Rise" and George Benson's "Give Me the Night."

Four Song Covers You Probably Thought Were Original

From the April 20, 2015, Yahoo! Mail by Katherine Webs.

1.  JIMI HENDIX--  "All Along the Watchtower," originally by Bob Dylan.

2.  JOHNNY CASH-- "Hurt," originally by Nine Inch Nails.

3.  SID VICIOUS--  "My Way," originally by Frank Sinatra.   I never heard the Sid Vicious version.

4.  ARETHA FRANKLIN--  "Respect," originally by Otis Redding

ALSO, MARVIN GAYE--  "I Heard It Through the Grapevine," originally done by Martha & the Vandellas.

Name That Tune:  "There Must Be Some Kind of Way Out of Here."  --RoadDog

COUNTER PROVERBS:  Absence makes the heart grow fonder.  --or--  Out of sight, out of mind.

"All Along the Watchtower"

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Heading Out for the Northwestern-Iowa Game

In just a few minutes I will be leaving for Arlington Heights, where I will meet up with my buddy Bob and after a gourmet breakfast, will head for Evanston and the Wildcat-Hawkeye game at Ryan Field.

It is a very chilly day.  We have a freeze warning in effect right now, our first of the year.

Afterwards, it will be a post-game chowdown somewhere and home for a baseball game.


COUNTER PROVERBS:  The bigger, the better.  --or--  The best things come in small packages.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Every Blooming THing-- Mid-October 2015: The Color Has Arrived

Well, it is still blooming.  My asters and mums are carrying the color right now, as well as the wild mini daisies.  And, more color is being provided by the trees.  They were a bit late changing color this year, but are well on their way.  Our subdivision is one of the prettiest for color anywhere around.

My honey locusts are a brilliant yellow/gold and the amur maples are into their color blast.

I'm going out shortly to rake pine straw back into the pine islands.  Always love the free mulch, but not so keen on all that raking.

Planning on cutting the grass today as well.  Perhaps for the last time?

I have moved all of the plants I'll be overwintering into the house because of an expected freeze tonight.  Well, it is that time of the year.  Temps in the 50s yesterday, today and tomorrow and Sunday.  But, it is supposed to get into the 70s next week.  Indian Summer, you know.

Color from April to October.  --RoadDog

Music Deaths: Death of Another King This Year

BEN E. KING, 76, died April 30, 2015.

B.B. King died about two weeks late on May 14, 2015.Former member of the Drifters and a very successful solo artist.

Cowrote and sang "There Goes My baby (#2-1959.  Sang lead on "Save the Last Dance for Me" (#1-1960), "I Count the Tears" (#17-1960) "This Magic Moment" (#16-1961).

King only cut three songs with the Drifters before going solo in 1960.  Two were big hits: "Spanish Harlem" (#10-1961) and ""Stand By Me" (#4-1961).

"Not Too Long Ago" by the Uniques-- Part 4: Country Star Joe Stampley

Continued from October 3rd.

From Wikipedia.

Born in 1943 in Springhill, Louisiana.  Main singer of the Uniques (not the Jamaican and doo wop group of the same name). "Not Too Long Ago was the first national hit for Louisiana's Paula Records.

in 1971, Joe signed with ABC-Dot Records and released seven albums.  His "All These Things went to #1 on the country charts.  In 1975, he went to Epic records and released eleven albums  Overall, Stampley has over 60 charted records.

Joel Whitburn's Billboard Top Country Songs 1944 to 1992 ranks him 52nd among country artists.


COUNTER PROVERBS:  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  -or- Better safe than sorry.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

WLS Top Ten for October 15, 1965

1.  YESTERDAY--  Beatles
2.  HANG ON SLOOPY--  McCoys
3.  JUST A LITTLE BIT BETTER--  Herman's Hermits

4.  YOU'RE THE ONE--  Vogues
6.  YOU WERE ON MY MIND--  We Five

8.  LIAR LIAR--  Castaways
9.  GET OFF MY CLOUD--  Rolling Stones
10.  SUMMER NIGHTS--  Marianne Faithful

Name That Tune: "You Know It Gives Me Chills."  --RoadDog

"Hang On Sloopy"

WLS Top 40 Survey for October 8, 1965-- Part 4: "Lovers Concerto"

The Top Ten:

10.  ACTION--  Freddie Cannon
9.  THE IN CROWD--  Ramsey Lewis
8.  HELP!--  Beatles

7.  LOVERS CONCERTO--  Toys  (from #27)
6.  YOU'RE THE ONE--  Vogues  (from #21)
4.  YOU WERE ON MY MIND--  We Five

3.  JUST A LITTLE BIT BETTER--  Herman's Hermits
2.  YESTERDAY--  Beatles
1.  HANG ON SLOOPY--  McCoys

Name That Tune:  "Every Time We Meet, Everything Is Sweet."  --RoadDog

COUNTER PROVERBS:  Clothes make the man.  -or-  Don't judge a book by its cover.

"You're the One"


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Good Times This Past Weekend: Sports, Bars and GI Joe

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9TH--  A stay-at-home day because of the cold.  Lots and lots of TV.  Catching up on "The Walking Dead" marathon.  Sadly, the Cubs lose in first NLDS game to St. Louis, 4-0.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 10TH--  Still watching "The Walking Dead" marathon.  Went to Pug Mahone's in Fox Lake for the Joe Gliniewicz fundraiser.  (Won a pair of Bears tickets)  Watched part of the Cubs-Cards game there and then went to the American Legion and joined a whole bunch of fans watching the Cubs win to tie the series at one apiece.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 11TH--  Planning on watching part of the Bears game at 'Cuda's on Grasslake Road, but they were having a classic car show.  Drove over to the Lodge of Antioch and watched the first half of the game, then the third quarter at Limerick's and the last one at Lake View Place on Grasslake with Kevin and Kelly.  Bears won.  Enjoyed the panoramic view of the lake from the deck.  Ended up at Sunnyside Tap.


COUNTER PROVERBS:  Many hands make light work. -or-  Too many cooks spoil the broth.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Pat Dailey at Skeeter's-- Part 4: Belly Up in the Bay

As one critic says, the instrument that Pat Dailey plays the best is the crowd.  We've never been anywhere Pat was playing that he didn't get the crowd involved.  Many are yelling at him or singing along.  You can start singing along even if you're hearing him for the first time.

Travelin' Guitar Man

Sing Me Away--

A Doobie and a Brew and Some Poontang Too

Raw Bars--  Which he dedicated to Skeeters.  Pat's beloved dive bars.  And Skeeter's definitely fits the definition.

What the Hell You Got Against Fish?--  Where's the thrill of ramming your hook into a salmon?

Great Lakes Song--  Many teachers use this song to teach their students the Great Lakes.  I used it as part of my Great Lakes geography unit.

You're There--  a love song.

Here in the North--

Legend of the Lake

Belly Up in the Bay--  About a big ol' carp who died, but lived a long life because he never got hooked by fish, fowl or man.  This one can go several ways.

He probably would have played longer, but the cold drizzle was starting to increase and everyone was outside.


COUNTER PROVERBS:  Look before you leap.  -or-  He who hesitates is lost.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Pat Dailey at Skeeter's-- Part 3: Resident Rapper of a Summer Resort

Continued from October 7th.  These were the songs Pat Dailey played at Skeeter's Saloon in Carpentersville, Illinois, on October 3rd.

The Great Dog Convention--  (The real reason dogs always sniff each other's behinds.)

Rich Dumb Young Nymphomaniac  (Is there such a thing a the perfect woman?)

Slap My Ass  (And send me down the road.)

I Might Be Your Daddy  (Only you and your mom know for sure.)

Ugly Face  (You can jazzercize, exercise, but you can't do anything about that ugly face.)

How Big Is It?  (And the problems that accompany it.)

Resident Rapper  (Who says Pat can't rap?)

A Good Time Being Had By All.  More to Come.  --RoadDog

WLS Top 40 Survey for October 8, 1965-- Part 3: "You've Got Your Troubles"

19.  TROUBLE WITH A WOMAN--  Kep & Ken

17.  IT AIN'T ME BABE--  Turtles
16.  LIAR LIAR--  Castaways
15.  GET OFF MY CLOUD--  Rolling Stones

13.  SOME ENCHANTED EVENING--  Jay & the Americans
12.  I GOT YOU BABE--  Sonny & Cher
11.  SUMMER NIGHTS--  Marianne Faithful

NAME THAT TUNE:  "I Live In An Apartment On the Ninety-Ninth Floor of My Block." (Answer below)  --RoadDog


COUNTER PROVERBS:  Actions speak louder than words...or The pen is mightier than the sword.

"Get Off My Cloud"

Saturday, October 10, 2015

WLS Top 40 Survey for October 8, 1965-- Part 2: "Steppin' Out"

30.  I KNEW YOU WHEN--  Billy Joe Royal  Great song that most people don't know.  Went to #14 on Billboard.  Sadly Billy Joe Royal died almost 50 years later on October 6, 2015.  This was the follow up to "Down in the Boondocks."

29.  WHENEVER YOU'RE READY--  Zombies  Great Zombies song I'd never heard of before.  Went to #58 on Billboard.
28.  STEPPIN' OUT--  Paul Revere & the Raiders

27.  ROAD RUNNER--  Gants--  You know the song, but this time done surf/fuzz style.  Went to #46 on Billboard.
26.  HUNGRY FOR LOVE--  San Remo Golden Strings.  Instrumental.  Went to #27 on Billboard.
25.  ROSES AND RAINBOWS--  Danny Hutton.  You probably knew him better as one of the lead singers of Three Dog Night.  He had that 'stache back then, too.  Went to #73 on Billboard.  Check out the video.

24.  EVERYONE'S GONE TO THE MOON--  Johnathan King

22.  TREAT HER RIGHT--  Roy Head
21.  DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC--   Lovin' Spoonful

Name That Tune:  "In This Dirty Old Part of the City, Where the Sun Refused to Shine."  --RoadDog

FINAL YOGI-ISM:  It ain't over till its over.

"We Gotta Get Out Of This Place"

Friday, October 9, 2015

Music Deaths: Billy Joe Royal

I was especially saddened to read about his death yesterday in the Northwest (Ill.) Herald.

BILLY JOE ROYAL, 73.  Died October 6, 2015.

Roomed for awhile with Joe South, who got Billy to record a demo of his "Down in the Boondocks" which turned out to be a huge milestone in Royal's career as it was picked up by Columbia Records and went to #9 in 1965.  he had several big hits in the early part of his career with "I Knew You When" (#14-1965), "Hush" (#52-1967) and "Cherry Hill Park" (#15-1969).  Deep Purple had a bigger hit with "Hush."

In the 1980s, Billy Joe Royal invented himself as a country performer with several hits including "Burned Like a Rocket" and "Boardwalk Angel."  These songs also were quite popular with the Beach Music crowd.

It was 50 years ago that Billy Joe Royal was enjoying his greatest success.  "Down in the Boondocks" had just dropped off the charts and "I Knew You When" was just climbing them.  "Down in the Boondocks" is one of those remember songs for me.  It takes me right back to my parent's gift to me for my graduation from eighth grade when they sent me to Canada on a fishing trip.  This song and "I Got You babe" were played over and over.

He'll be Missed.

Songwriter Hall of Fame Nominees Announced

Announced October 6th:  George Harrison, Marvin Gaye, Roger Miller, Jeff Lynne, Isley Brothers, Sly Stone, Blondie, Steve Miller, John Mellancamp, Tom Petty, John D. Loudermilk, Dallas Frazier, Chip Taylor, Lionel Bart and Berry Gordy Jr.,   Winners will be inducted in June.

I was glad to see Dallas Frazier on this list.  I've written about him in this blog.

It will be hard to choose from this list.


WLS Top 40 Survey for October 8, 1965-- Part 1: "Spider Song"

Fifty years ago, these were the songs on the WLS Silver Dollar Survey in Chicago.  That was pre-FM on good old 890 AM.

Sings that I am not familiar with will have more information.

40.  TRY TO REMEMBER--  Bros. 4 (as in Brothers Four) Great vocals by four guys who sit around a lot when they're singing.  In the style of all those great 50s male singing groups  Went to #91 Billboard.
39.  SPIDER SONG--  Kids Next Door.  Folkie group with a little more rock to "Itsy-Bitsy Spider."  Went to #89 on Billboard.
38.  BUT YOU'RE MINE--  Sonny & Cher.  Debuted it on the "Ed Sullivan Show."  Went to #15 on Billboard.  One of their lesser-known songs.

37.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY--  Dolly Parton.  The old Tune Weavers song.  Didn't chart on Billboard pop chart.  That didn't happen until 1974 with "Jolene."
36.  RANG DANG DOO--  Sam the Sam.  Actually "Ring Dang Doo."  Went to #33 on Billboard.  As good of a garage rock song as it gets.
35.  CARALIN--  Strangeloves.  Follow Up to "I Want Candy" and sounds a bit like it as well.  Went to  #39 on Billboard.
34.  MAKE ME YOUR BABY--  Barbara Lewis

33.  NOT THE LOVING KIND--  Dino, Desi & Billy  Looking a lot like a really young Beatles on the video in suits, ties and haircuts.  Big-time jangling guitar.  Went to #25 on Billboard.
32.  KEEP ON DANCING--  Gentrys
31.  LOOK THROUGH ANY WINDOW--  Hollies.  Very familiar with this one as it might have been the very first 45 I ever bought.  If it wasn't this one, it was "Any Way You Want It" by the Dave Clark Five.

Remember, you can check out these songs and videos at You Tube.

NAME THAT TUNE:  Well You Can Have Your Gold and Your Diamonds Too."  --RoadDog

YOGI-ISMS:  It gets late early out there.

"Ring Dang Doo"

Thursday, October 8, 2015

I've Seen It All Now

Watching TV today, I actually saw a commercial for pet Halloween costumes.  Guess I've seen about everything now.


YOGI-ISMS:  I don't know (if they were men or women running naked across the field).  They had bags over their heads.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Pat Dailey at Skeeter's October 3, 2015-- Part 2: The Songs

Pat Dailey was supposed to start at 4, but didn't take the stage until 4:51

As usual, he would say all sorts of preposterous things evoking choruses of "B-S, B-S, B-S."  And, he pretty much had a story to go with every song.  Pat performs alone. But his six-string covers the whole band sound.  Like one reviewer of a Pat Dailey show said that the instrument Pat plays best is the crowd.  It is constant interaction.

His set list:

It's Gonna Be Alright  (This is his usual first song.)

Out Drinking With Me  (Imagine going out drinking with Pat.  You could get in trouble.)

My Father's Last Words  (Never turn down a chance to get laid.)

I Got to be Drunk to Do That  (Written by Pat Dailey and Shel Silverstein)  (Some things he just won't do.)

You Don't Have to Be Drunk to be an A-Hole  (Written by Pat Dailey & Shel Silverstein)  (And, Pat sure proves it.)

Body Parts  (Beer bellies, broad butts and hearts.)

We'll All be Together  (One that I'd never heard.  He said that Waylon Jennings sang with him on it.)

More to Come.  --RoadDog

YOGI-ISMS:  90% of the game (baseball) is half mental.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Pat Dailey at Skeeter's in Carpentersville, Illinois, October 3, 2015-- Part 1

We drove the miles to Carpentersville, hitting most every one of the many, many stoplights along Illinois Highway 31 and 22 on red, so it took considerably longer to get there than we had planned.  But, fortunately, we had left in plenty of time, expecting a huge crowd there, especially since we knew parking would be very limited.

Plenty of parking when we arrived, an hour before Pat Dailey was to start at 4 p.m..  Tickets cost $10 each with part of the proceeds going to breast cancer research.  This was not a nice day to have an outside concert.  Overcast, threatening rain and a bit cool.  We waited in the adjacent Tiki Bar for the start of the concert.

Skeeter's Saloon used to be a house and a bar was built in the garage, so it is very small.  It is primarily a biker bar.

I was impressed with the juke box in the Tiki Bar as it was one that played CDs, something you don't much see anymore.  Even better was 2 plays for $1 or 5 for $2. The new ones you see these days have a much larger selection, but most songs are $1 for one except a small number of 2 for $1 ones.

Another guy in there was playing lots of John Denver and Beach Boys.  I had him put on the "Rodeo Song" and the "I-95 Song" which got a lot of others to singing.  And, of course, "You Never Even Call Me By My Name."


YOGI-ISMS:  Half the lies they tell you about me aren't true.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Thanks A Lot Pat Dailey: My Cold Came Back

As I sit here coughing my fool head off and typing away with my two lil' fingers, I remember that Pat Dailey, the singer, has a lot to do with it.  Had he not been playing outside in the cool temperature and light mist at Skeeter's Saloon in Carpentersville, Illinois, on Saturday afternoon, I probably would have been feeling much better right now.

So, thanks a lot, Pat.

Well, it is almost worth it because Liz and I sure had a good time after not seeing "The Coolest SOB in the World" for around ten years.  This was one of the few times he ventures this far west from home base out at Put-in-Bay, Ohio, or north from the Keys.

And, it was just like we hadn't had that long of a break from him.  We were singing right along and enjoying the expressions of those who'd never seen him before.

I'll be writing down the songs Pat played tomorrow.

If You Ever Get a Chance to See Him, Do So.  --RoadFanDog

A Better Way to Have the Major League Baseball Wild Card Playoff

How about having a best of three series.  The National League one-game playoff will be this Wednesday, something that folks around here (Chicagoland) are mighty excited about for some reason.

I'd say it would be better to start the games today and play home, away, home for the team with the better record.

Something to Think About for Next Year.  --RoadDog

YOGI-ISMS:  The towels were so thick I could hardly close my suitcase.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Movie Scratches: Transporter-- Escape-- Visit-- Woods

Movie Scratches--  a Dog's-Eye View of Today's Movies.

53.  TRANSPORTER: REFUELED-- 9-19--  Fox Lake, $6--  You know what they say about payback.  Those four ladies got him back, good.

54.  NO ESCAPE--  9-10--  Fox Lake, $6--  The not-so-friendly Southeast Asia  Never thought I'd be happy to see the Communist Vietnamese.

55.  THE VISIT--  9-11--  Fox Lake, Free--  What's wrong with grandpa and grandma.

56.  A WALK IN THE WOODS--  9-15--  Round Lake Beach, $5--  Two old farts try walking the famed Appalachian Trail.  Fun and games, bears and some interesting people.

Regal Theaters in Round Lake Beach Has $1 Nathan's Hot Dogs on Tuesdays.  --RoadDog

Music Deaths: Capris, Skyliner, Kingsmen and Sid

MIKE "MOOTSIE" MINCIEL, DIED MARCH 15, 2015--  Original first tenor with the Capris.  "There's a Moon Out Tonight" (#3-1960)

WALLY LESTER, 73  DIED APRIL 30, 2015--  Original tenor singer with the Skyliners.  "Since I Don't Have You" (#12-1959), "Pennies From Heaven" (#24-1960) and "This I Swear" (#26-1959).

JACK ELY, 71.  DIED APRIL 27, 2015--- Founder and guitarist for the Kingsmen.  "Louis, Louie" (#2-1963)

SID TEPPER, DIED APRIL 24, 2015--  Songwriter.  Wrote "The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane" (#3-1954) for the Ames Brothers, "Kiss of Fire" (#1-1952) for Georgia Gibbs and "Red Roses for a Blue Lady" (#10-1965) for Vic Damone.  Also wrote 45 tunes for Elvis Presley, including "G.I. Blues."

"Not Too Long Ago" By the Uniques-- Part 3: Paula Records

The Uniques released their songs on Paula Records out of Shreveport, Louisiana, which was a p[art of Jewel records.

The label was launched in 1965 and featured such notable artists as John Fred & His Playboy Band, the Ink Spots, Fontella Bass and Young-Holt Limited.  (And, the Uniques, whose members included country star Joe Stampley, of course.)

Jewel records was founded in 1963 and had two subsidiary labels, Paula and Ronn.  Paula Records were started by Jewel records owned Stanley Lewis who named it after his wife Paula.  He had started with a small record store in Shreveport and was called Stan "The Record Man" Lewis.


Going Back to 1967-- Part 4: "We Ain't Got Nothin' Yet"

SEE EMILY PLAY--  Pink Floyd  (Still my favorite Pink Floyd song and album, their first.)

WE AIN'T GOT NOTHIN' YET--  Blues Magoos
I'M WAITIN' FOR THE MAN--  Velvet Underground
SWEET SOUL MUSIC--  Arthur Conley

MORNING DEW--  Grateful Dead
FOXY LADY--  Jimi Hendrix

CREEQUE ALLEY--  Mamas and Papas
FRIDAY ON MY MIND--  Easybeats

Name That Tune:  "A Preachment Dear Friends, You Are About to Receive On John Barlercorn, Nicotine and the Temptations of Eve."  (Answer below)  --RoadDog

YOGI-ISMS:  As guest of honor at this awards banquet, Yogi said, "Thank you for making this day necessary."

"Let It All Hang Out"

Friday, October 2, 2015

Going Back to 1967-- Part 3: "She Has Funny Cars"

I'M A MAN--  Spencer Davis Group
A DAY IN THE LIFE--  Beatles

SHE HAS FUNNY CARS--  Jefferson Airplane
THE LETTER--  Box Tops

SOUL MAN--  Sam & Dave
THE BEAT GOES ON--  Sonny and Cher

COLD SWEAT--  James Brown
WILD HONEY--  Beach Boys

Name That Tune: "Good Lovin', I Got a Truckload." (Answer Below)  --RoadDog

"Soul Man"

Going Back to 1967-- Part 2: "Dock of the Bay"

FAKIN' IT--  Simon & Garfunkel
DOCK OF THE BAY--  Otis Redding

I THINK WE'RE ALONE NOW--  Tommy James & the Shondells
MERCY, MERCY, MERCY--  Cannonball Adderly

MR. SOUL--  Buffalo Springfield

BROWN EYED GIRL--  Van Morrison
ONE MORE HEARTACHE--  Paul Butterfield Blues Band
COME ON DOWN TO MY BOAT--  Every Mother's Son

SHE'S A RAINBOW--  Rolling Stones
LITTLE WING--  Jimi Hendrix

NAME THAT TUNE:  "Why In a Crowds a Trace of My Face Could Seem So Pleasin'." (Answer Below)    --RoadDog

YOGI-ISMS:  Never answer an anonymous letter.

"Mr. Soul"

Thursday, October 1, 2015

WLS Survey From October 1, 1965: "Just a Little Bit Better"

1.  HANG ON SLOOPY--  McCoys
2.  YESTERDAY--  Beatles
3.  YOU WERE ON MY MIND--  We Five

5.  ACTION--  Freddie Cannon
6.  JUST A LITTLE BIT BETTER--  Herman's Hermits
7.  THE IN CROWD--  Ramsey Lewis

8.  HELP!--  Beatles
9.  I GOT YOU BABE--  Sonny & Cher
10.  SOME ENCHANTED EVENING--  Jay & the Americans

Name That Tune:  "When I Was Younger, So Much Younger Than Today." (Answer Below)   --RoadDog


WLS Top Ten Survey for September 24, 1965: "Some Enchanted Evening"

Opps.  Forgot it last week.

1.  HANG ON SLOOPY--  McCoys
2.  YOU WERE ON MY MIND--  We Five
3.  SOME ENCHANTED EVENING--  Jay & the Americans

4.  ACTION--  Freddie Cannon
6.  HELP!--  Beatles
7.  THE IN CROWD--  Ramsey Lewis

8.  I GOT YOU BABE--  Sonny & Cher
10.  YESTERDAY--  Beatles

18.  ARE YOU A BOY OR GIRL--  Barbarians

Name That Tune:  "You're Either a Girl Or Come From Liverpool."  (Answer Below)  --RoadDog

YOGI-ISMS:  Always go to other people's funerals, otherwise they won't come to yours.

"Are You a Boy Or Girl"