Thursday, May 31, 2007

Kora's Retirement

I know of one mighty happy lady today, and that'd be Kora, who has retired after 33 years teaching mostly sixth grade.

I've known her for most of the time, and actually have known her since freshman year at Fremd HS in Palatine, where both of us were in Latin class, yes, they had that subject back in 1965-1966.

Liz got her a sweatshirt with a picture of a pair of flipflops and the caption "Retired with Happy Feet."

Met her at a local restaurant on the Chain of Lakes called Dockers. There were several teachers from her school there.

We had another mark as well. Teachers from my old school were there in force to say goodbye to the principal. You could hear them from aways out.

Just this past May 26th, I was the one celebrating the end of my 33 years of teaching. Could it possibly have been a whole year since I retired? I haven't really accomplished much, but have had a great time doing it. All I can say is that the time went by very fast, just as the last 15 years at school went by.

After Dockers, which was somewhat messed up by a rain squall, we went to the American Legion and celebrated. We had to play Johnny Paycheck's great ode to those of us no longer employed, "Take This Job and Shove It!!!"

Retirement- A Good Thing To Do. --RoadDog

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A-Boatin' I Will Go

Took the boat out on the Chain of Lakes for the fifth time since I put it in last week. A great day for it. As I often do, I boated over to McDonald's for breakfast and ate it on the boat. How about that, a McDonald's you can boat to!!! I doubt if there's another one in the US where you can do that.

Did a slow cruise back to the dock. Saves gas, and with these gas prices...and they're even worse on the water.

I did the three things and saw both Pirates of the Caribbean and Shrek at the McHenry Theater. How about $3 matinee prices!!!! It's $5 after six for adults. The same company also owns the McHenry Outdoor Theater, that's right, a real live drive-in movie place and with a real screen of concrete, not one of those billboard things.

Enjoyed both movies.


Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Hittin' the Road-- Part 2

Saturday, we plan to meet members from the Iowa and Illinois chapters of the Lincoln Highway Association at a joint meeting in Franklin Grove. This will be my first LHA meeting.

Saw a report on the Illinois Lincoln Highway National Scenic Byway site about a 1923 original LH shelter that has been restored in Aurora, Illinois. The Aurora Automobile Club built it as a place for tourists to stop in the days before motels. Back in the 1920s, municipalities across the US built 5000 of these to provide travellers with a place to stay as more and more people hit the roads.

It was last used by a band of gypsies in the early 40s and was enclosed during WWII and used as a Civil Defense Shelter. Since then, it was abandoned and seriously deteriorating until funds were found and it was restored.

Always good news to have something old preserved.

Keep on Down that Two Lane Highway. --RoadDog

Hittin' the Road-- Part 1: Lincoln Highway in Illinois

We're heading out for a cruise on the Illinois stretch of the Lincoln Highway. Plans call for a stop at the Franklin Grove, Il., LH visitors center and then we'd like to see the covered bridge I just found out about near Morrison. I'd also like to check out Dixon's 1930s swimming pool and Logan Park.

Planning on catching Clinton Lumber Barons game. That'd be Class A minor league baseball, where the players definitely aren't millionaires. You might say it's real baseball.

The Lincoln Highway is the nation's oldest transcontinental road and dates back to 1913, some 13 years before Route 66.