Daisies. They're A' Bloomin' Now. I have several hundred of them.

Friday, August 27, 2010

So, Who Were They?: Cowsills-- Bay City Rollers

From the Ask American Profile page in the American Profile Magazine.


Fron Newport, RI. and played in the late 60s with hits like "Indian Lake," "Hair" and "The Rain, the Park and Other Things." They continue making music despite losing their mother Barbara Cowsill who died in 1985. Brothers Barry and Bill Cowsill died in 2005 and 2006 respectively.

Siblings Paul, Susan, John and Bob recently began touring as a family again. Bob also plays drums for the Beach Boys. Of course, they were the inspiration of TV's "Partridge Family. They have a film documentary and a book in the works.

"She asked me why?" Why what?


A Scottish pop band who took the Bay City part of their name from a Michigan town, split up in 1981 but have had brief revivals. Les McKeown was the lead singer back when they had their big hit "Saturday Night." He left the group in 1978. Now 54, he lives in London and tours up to 60 times a year with his Les McKeown's Legendary Bay City Rollers.

I remember our next door neighbor in Round Lake Beach was a huge fan of the group. She had to have worn out a couple albums and 45s.

How do you beat that spelling out "S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night."

OK!! Now Stop Spelling It Out. --RoadDog

MAXINE SAYS: My idea of a Super Bowl is a toilet that cleans itself.

Heading for North Carolina

I'll be leaving tomorrow for the Tarheel State where Bob, Julie and I are having a birthday party in honor of Mom's 80th.

I'll be driving Il-1 along the east part of Illinois and then pick up US-150/US-50 in Vincennes, Indiana and follow 150 to the eastern part of Kentucky where it ends. Besides new stuff, and probably those two neat resorts around French Lick, Indiana, I will be playing NTN at some new places. Right now, Liz and I stand at 900 different places offering NTN so we're working on #1000.

I will be listening to both local radio stations and I have five CDs I'll be rotating in the player.

Always great to be back on the road again.

On the Road Again. --RoadDog

MAXINE SAYS: Even doctors make mistakes. Mine asked me to undress.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our $540 Plus Anniversary Gift from the Car

It was a beautiful day yesterday on our 37th wedding anniversary until 2 pm. We went out to the Malibu to drive out to the boat, and...it wouldn't start. No matter what we tried, same result. No go.

We've had this problem before, the last time in September when we were in Missouri on our Route 66 trip and another time here in town. Both times, the problem was with the anti-theft system and we had the keys re-keyed and we were off on our way.

We called Ray Chevrolet in Fox Lake, Illinois, and they arranged a tow. We found out the problem was with the anti-theft system which had to be replaced and we were guaranteed that the problem wouldn't happen again.

While waiting, we took the opportunity to look at the new cars in the lot. The Malibu is a '93 with 94,000 miles on it and we have recently spent $900 on repairs on it, so it is about time. We both like the Chevy Malibu, plus I like the new Camaro and Ford Mustangs (middle age thing you know).

It cost a cool $540 plus another $80 for the tow. If that just doesn't make a person's day. But, at least we got a "FREE" car wash out of it.

No Boating For Us, But At Least We Got That Free Car Wash, Or Was It a $540 Car Wash? Hard to Say. --RoadDog

MAXINE SAYS: If you need a shoulder to cry on, pull off to the side of the road.

Good Times in the Area: Going Retro, Lake Geneva, Yardwork and the Chain of Lakes

Striving to make the most of my retirement.


Busy doing yardwork in the morning when Liz told me she had an eye appointment in McHenry that I had forgotten about. She is going to have cataract surgery and can't see with the tests.


While she was at the appointment, I went to the Salvation Army (at least I understand their electronics) and found a small cassette dubbing boombox which I bought for $6.

Then, I went to Vinyl Frontier, an old mom and pop-type record store on Water Street. They sell old 45s, albums and used CDs. I bought a special 5 CDs for $10. Listened to and talked about Frank Zappa and the new band Dead Confederate. Try doing that in a Best Buy.


Afterwards, we drove to Lake Geneva where they were getting ready for a venetian Night celebration weekend. Had one of the best pizzas ever at Gino's East at the Best Western overlooking beautiful Geneva Lake.

Then, went to Donovan's Reef for happy hour ($1.50 pints) and NTN.


Ended up staying home all day. Hey, you've got to take stay home sometimes. Enjoyed the Front Porch and did a lot of yardwork and watering. Also, fought off many, many real-determined skeeters.

Topped off the night with shrimp and left-over pizza from yesterday.


Went to Castaways on Pistakee Lake and had their buffet out on the deck overlooking the water. Then took the boat out on the busiest day we've ever seen on the Chain of Lakes. There were boats everywhere.

After we'd had our fill of rockin' and rollin', we put the boat up and drove over to Captain's Quarters on Fox Lake and spent the afternoon sitting outside and enjoying one of the best bands in the Chicagoland area, Soda, play from 3 to 7 in the afternoon.

A Great Way to Spend an Afternoon. --RoadDog

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our 37th Wedding Anniversary

Thirty-seven years ago, I was getting ready to leave the apartment in Des Plaines, Illinois, with my brother Bob and cousin Joe (the only one from my side other than immediate family to make it) and drive to Dekalb where we were to meet up with the rest of the wedding party at the Holiday Inn (now Best Western) on Lincoln Highway (Il-38).

We had had the rehearsal dinner (but no rehearsal) the night before at Algauer's in Northbrook.

It was an extremely hot day.

I had just signed a contract to teach in Round Lake two days earlier. I ended up teaching with the district all 33 years, and now it's 37 years with Liz not counting when we were going together in high school.

I guess you might say I get into things for the long haul.

As my Dear Old Daddy would sing, "Thirty-seven years with the wrong, wrong woman."

Not Really (In Case Liz Reads This). But She Knows the Song Well. I've sung It to Her Every Year for 37 Times Now. --RoadDog

DIDJA HEAR? Santa's helpers are subordinate clauses.

Good Times in the Area: Last Week August 16th-19th


A real fine way to kick off my fifth year of retirement. The other poor Round Lake teachers had to go back to school today, although no students. Observed it by going back to sleep, going boating later and playing NTN at Hello Folks.


Yardwork and Al's 59th birthday party at Donovan's Reef in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin. I ate one of Sal's Gutbuster Burritos. No fooling there.

Came home and watched Star Wars V and Star Wars VI which I had recorded on the VCR. "May the _____ Be With You." "Luke, I Am Your _____."


Buddy Frank came over and we boated over to Castaways for their great jumbo 35 cent wings and then went to the newly reopened Aquarium where we were too sober to try to swallow any minnows.

Later drove over to Tommy's for the buck bottles and met Langer and Kenny.


I did some shopping for plants and CDs in McHenry.

We went to Antioch and had 25 cent wings at the Sequoit Lodge and then went to the village's It's Thursday celebration by the band shell and saw the Blooze Brothers do their Blues Brothers Show, complete with the old police car with huge speaker attached to it. If you ever get a chance to see these guys, do so.

And the Weekend Still Looms. It's Good to Be Retired. --RoadDog

DIDJA HEAR? Bakers trade bread recipes on a knead-to-know basis.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Two Great TV Shows

Kudos to TNT for coming our with tw really fine dramas for this summer season: "Rizzoli & Isles" and "Memphis Beat." Although I think "Memphis Bloe" would have been a better name because of the heavy musical blues aspect of it and police color.

Both are heavy character-driven shows which is always a sure-fire way to success.

"Rizzoli & Isles" features actresses from "Law and Order" and "NCIS" along with favorite "Animal House" D-Day. Two more different people could not have been found,

"Memphis Beat" stars a favorite actor of mine, the guy from "My Name is Earl" and quite a range of characters both from the police department and others in the Memphis Community. This show reminds me a lot of the great "Frank's Place" from back in the 80s.

Also, TVLand appears to have a hit with "Hot in Cleveland," again with an excellent cast. "Hot" reminds me of a younger "Golden Girls" but needs to cut back on the smirky looks aspect the characters always give whenever a remark is made.

I Like 'Em All, --RoadDog

Monday, August 23, 2010

Good Times in the Area: Weekend of August 13th-15th

FRIDAY AUGUST 13TH-- Did some shopping then played NTN at Donovan's in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin. One of those days where we just couldn't do well and only had one #19 National Ranking.

We saw both Julio the Donkey and Larry the Llama on the way to Donovan's, something we look forward to seeing when we drive there. We hadn't seen either in about a month so were worried that they had sold them or died.

SATURDAY AUGUST 14TH-- American Legion Picnic, Fox Lake, Illinois. Always a great time, even better this year as I didn't have to deejay it. Free beer and food including brats. I went there first by car, but they weren't ready yet. Went back home and got Liz and then we boated over to the Legion.


Bob Stroud was doing his Rock and Roll Roots to Cream because of drummer Ginger Baker's birthday. He played quite a few songs from my favorite Cream album Fresh Cream.


I went out to get the paper and as usual stopped to pull up weeds and deadhead the plants. A lady walking by with her dog said you can't do anything in a yard without having to stop and pull weeds. I told he, "My wife always wonders why it takes me ten to twenty minutes to get the paper."


In the afternoon, we met Sue and Paul and Pete and Gayle at Captain's Quarters on Fox Lake and saw an excellent blues-rock band called Windy City Rev Up. All of us liked it but Liz who doesn't like blues, especially when they start jamming.

After two sets, Liz and I drove over to Harbour Club on Bluff Lake and sat out by the tiki bar and saw another band play a set.

Not a Bad Way to Spend a Sunday Afternoon. --RoadDog

DIDJA HEAR? When an actress saw the first strands of gray hair, she thought she'd dye.

Going Back to the Summer of 1970-- Part 6

Bob Stroud likes to play a song from that time when he comes back from commercial break. These are the songs:

10,000 HEAD MEN-- BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS-- their new one with a cover of an old Traffic tune.

JULIE DO YOU LOVE ME-- BOBBY SHERMAN-- The good, the bad, the ugly. (I guess Bob doesn't much like this song.)
SONG OF JOY-- (Miguel Rios?)



These commercials bring back memories as well.

Chicago Daily News
Ides of March for Pepsi
Sun-In Hair Lightener
Canada Dry
QT Tan
Double Mint Chewing Gum

Great show. The final instalment will be September 5th from 7 to 10 am CDST on www.wdrv.com.

Taking That Trip Back 40 Years. --RoadDog

DIDJA HEAR? Those who jump off a Paris bridge are in Seine.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's Them, Not Me: County Fairs Having Problems

Another victim of sorts of the economic recession is the county fair. I recently read a Tribune article which said that most fairs are seeing significant drops in attendance both this and last year.

They are blaming it on the economy.

I have another possible explanation and that would be the cost to get into it. We used to always go to the nearby Kenosha County (Wisconsin) County Fair in Wilmot, about eight miles north of us.

This year, they are charging $8 entrance. If it was $5, I consider it, but definitely not $8. Plus, they used to have big name bands like the Oak Ridge Boys or REO Speedwagon. Now, they just have local acts.

Not only that, but food prices have been jacked as well.

I'ma Justa Nota Goin'. RoadDog

DIDJA HEAR? Once you've seen one shopping center, you've seen a mall.

Going Back to the Summer of 1970-- Part 5

Bob Stroud's Rock and Roll Roots show on WDRV-FM, Chicago August8th featuring the songs on the radio and in our record collections from August 8, 1970.

Could that really be 40 years ago?

SUMMERTIME BLUES-- WHO-- Their version of an old Eddie Cochran classic. From the upcoming release "The Who Live at Leeds." ("Cause you haven't worked none.")
OVERTURE FROM TOMMY-- ASSEMBLED MULTITUDE-- A two-Who fer. Studio cats from Philadelphia. A Top 40 hit.

LONG AS I CAN SEE THE LIGHT-- CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL-- From the new album "Cosmo's Factory.: "B" Side of "Looking Out My Back Door." (Like I said, my favorite group.)

MORNING MUCH BETTER-- TEN WHEEL DRIVE-- New York horn band with chick singer Genya Ravan. (Little Steven has been playing a lot of her songs on his Underground Garage Show. Great, little-known song by a little-known band.)
MAKE IT WITH YOU-- BREAD-- Top Ten. (This song always brings back memories of Honey Hill Beach in Wauconda, Illinois.)

COTTAGE CHEESE-- CROW-- Big Midwest hit, Top Ten here in Chicago. Originally the "B" side of the single. The "A" side was the old Larry Williams classic "Slow Down."
WAR-- EDWIN STARR-- #1 song in Chicago, a Motown classic.

Some Mighty Good Stuff Back Then. --RoadDog

DIDJA HEAR? He had a photographic memory that was never developed.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

And, Speaking of the Music of 1974

OK, 36 years ago and I was 23 and turned 24. So much youthful energy. Still a year from my first house.

Bob Stroud played some mighty good tunes, so I'll write them down.


TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS-- Bachman Turner Overdrive
BAD COMPANY-- Bad Company

PICK UP THE PIECES-- Average White Band

By the way, Bob goes back to 1966 tomorrow. It starts at 10 am CDST and agin at 10 pm. It streams live on www.wdrv.com.

Bring Back Any Memories? --RoadDog

DIDJA HEAR? A boiled egg is hard to beat.

Going Back to the Summer of 1970-- Part 4

Yesterday, Bob Stroud did his Ten at Ten show on the Drive, WDRV 97.1 FM on 1971 and today on 1974. This is where he plays ten songs from the year as well as news, movies and interesting facts. Must be a 70s thing he's into. Tuesday was 1979.

AIN'T NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH-- DIANA ROSS-- Big time debut as a solo artist. The old Ashford and Simpson song done by Tammi Terrell and Marvin Gaye back in 1967.
ONLY YOU KNOW AND I KNOW-- DAVE MASON-- Done with Traffic and going solo for his upcoming album "Alone Together. An advance 45 release.

WHISKEY TRAIN-- PROCUL HARUM-- From their new album "Home" featuring guitarist Robin Trower. (I hadn't heard this song, but it is a good one. Thanks, Bob.)
TIGHTER AND TIGHTER-- ALIVE AND KICKING-- One hit wonder written and produced by Tommy James. (He of the Shondells. I didn't know that.)

BALL OF CONFUSION-- TEMPTATIONS-- Seems like the only good thing going on in the world back then is "The Beatles' new record's a gas." We always knew that somebody should fet up enough courage to do "Ball of Confusion" 40 years later, 2010. We might not be able to take it. (I'd have some choice comments for Der Blago, Der Bama, der investment bankies Da Big Oil and der Hedgie-Wedgies.)
MEAN MISTREATER-- GRAND FUNK RAILROAD-- "Close to Home" their new album. (I liked this band in both incarnations.)

Give Me That 40 Year Old Music. --RoadDog

DIDJA HEAR? Every calendar's days are numbered.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's Them, Not Me: How Much Blagin' Longer?

Unbelievable that the jury ONLY found the Blago guilty on one count. Something's fishy in Denmark, as they say, or was it Shakespeare?

What happened?

Then, there is the $400,000 the Blagos spent on clothing and the distinct possibility that Mrs. Blago got paid for doing nothing.

Then there's his defense team.

We were in Wisconsin at a bar and you should have heard the comments. And, they weren't nice.

How Much Blagin' Longer Must We Endure? --RoadDog

DIDJA HEAR? A lot of money is tainted. 'Taint yours and it 'taint mine.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

JSIS: Brooks & Dunn-- Steve Goodman

JSIS-- Just Some Interesting Stuff

1. BROOKS & DUNN-- Chicago Tribune August 5th "Dynamic duo" by Courtney Crowder.

Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn started in 1990 and are now, 20 years later, on their farewell tour.


23-- No. 1 hits
5-- Greatest Hits albums
14-- Number of Country Music Association awards for vocal duo of the year. Every year 1992-2006, except 2000.

2-- Grammy's for best country performance for duo or group.

Not a bad score. One of my favorite country bands. We'll miss 'em.

2. STEVE GOODMAN-- August 5th Chicago Tribune-- Post office in Chicago has been renamed to honor this most Chicago of Chicagoans, Steve Goodman. President Obama just signed the bill to make it official.

Steve Goodman died in 1984 at age of 36 after a long battle with leukemia and had written such songs as "City of New Orleans" and local favorites "Lincoln Park Pirates," "Go, Cubs, Go," and "A Dying Cub Fan's Last Lament." His ashes were spread on his beloved Wrigley Field.

Back in March, Illinois US Representative Mike Quigley introduced the bill.

An honor well-deserved. Thanks Rep. Quigley.

Now, You Know. --RoadDog

DIDJA HEAR? He often broke into song because he couldn't find the key.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Marking the Beginning of My Fifth Year

As of today, I am working hard on enjoying my fifth year of being "re-tarred" or do you say "Retired." The Round Lake teachers went back to school today. O don't ever count my retirement at the end of the 2005-2006 school year. The reason is I didn't have to go to school again for ten weeks.

When they go back and I don't, that's when my retirement begins.

In sympathy, I woke up at 5:45 am, the time I used to get up. To celebrate not going to school today, I went back to sleep.

Today, I have been wasting time on these dumb blogs, recording music and writing in my dumb journal. In a few minutes, I am going outside to work in the yard and then we will go boating.

Tough Work, But Somebody's Got to Do Ot. --RoadDog

DIDJA HEAR? You feel stuck with your debt if you can't budge it. (Get It)

Going Back to the Summer of 1970-- Part 3

MAYBE I'M AMAZED-- PAUL McCARTNEY-- McCartney's debut solo album; from side 2 (Well, at least we were going to get a whole lot of Beatle music now that there would be four competing to see who would do the best after the breakup.)
ONE AFTER 909-- BEATLES-- From side 2 of "Let It Be."

HAND ME DOWN WORLD-- GUESS WHO-- new 45. We were very excited to hear it because we knew that Randy Bachman was no longer with the band. He's been replaced by two guitarists, Greg Leskew and Kurt Winter, and it did not disappoint. From the new album "Share the Land" due out in September.
ARE YOU READY-- PACIFIC GAS AND ELECTRIC-- One-hit wonder from Rock and Roll Roots DC Vol. 8.

SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED, I'M YOURS-- STEVIE WONDER-- the latest from him. (One of my favorite songs by him.)
MAMA TOLD ME NOT TO COME-- THREE DOG NIGHT-- hanging on in the charts.

SPILL THE WINE-- ERIC BURDON AND WAR-- coming along just in time for our summer enjoyment from War, featuring a voice we knew from the sixties by the name of Eric Burdon. (Where were the animals? Imagine me a long-haired leaping gnome?)
IN THE SUMMERTIME-- MUNGO JERRY-- a one-hot wonder. (But what a one-hot. The perfect summer song.)

More to Come. --RoadDog

DIDJA HEAR? The man who fell into the upholstery machine is fully recovered.

Am I Getting That Old? Nine of 152

Back at the beginning of the month, Chicago hosted the huge rock and pop festival Lollapalooza August 6-8th.

After reading the bands that were appearing, I have to say I am quite a ways out of the loop as there were only a few that I recognized. And those were mostly the older acts.

The list of who I recognized:


Mavis Staples, Drive-By Truckers, Jimmy Cliff and Lady Gaga (the second and last being new performers. Jimmy Cliff, of course a fantastic reggae performer whose music from the movie "The Harder They Fall" introduced most of us to that kind of music.


Blues Traveler, Social Distortion, Green Day.



That makes a total of nine artists out if 152 that I knew.

Must Be Gettin' Old. --RoadDog

DIDJA HEAR? When a clock is hungry, it goes back for seconds. That's so groan.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Going Back to the Summer of 1970-- Part 2

Bob Stroud's Rock and Roll Roots Time Warp Back to August 8, 1970. These were the songs we were listening to on the radio and had in our record collections that date.

SOLITARY MAN-- NEIL DIAMOND-- Neil Diamond's old record label, Bang Records, rereleased his first hit from 1966. Only they released an alternate vocal take on it, and sweetened it up by adding extra instruments and background vocals to make it more contemporary. (I though I was hearing things when Bob played this song. I was pretty sure it was from the mid-sixties. Plus, my favorite all-time Neil Diamond song didn't sound just right. Good version though.)
GLAD-- TRAFFIC-- a new Traffic album. The lead off track, an instrumental. From "John Barleycorn Must Die."

O-O-H CHILD-- FIVE STAIRSTEPS-- From the Midwest. (Great slow soul.)
25 OR 6 TO 4-- CHICAGO-- new single from their second album. their second hit.
SUPERMAN-- IDES OF MARCH-- Look out for the kryptonite. Their latest and follow up to "Vehicle." (Bob led into this song with a Pepsi Cola commercial by the band. These last three groups all had Chicago connections.)

(I KNOW) I'M LOSING YOU-- RARE EARTH-- From their second album, "Ecology." And much like their debut, they recorded an extended version of an old Motown classic like they did in their first album where they performed a 21-minute version of "Get Ready." This time around, it's an almost eleven-minute version of "(I Know) I'm Losing You." "Blue-Eyed Soul.)

Melinda Was Mine. --RoadDog

DIDJA HEAR? With her marriage, she got a new name and a dress.

Good Times in the Area: Regardless of the Heat and Skeeters

This past week would have been much better had it not been for the oppressive heat we've had since Monday. Going out is like stepping into an oven and I usually don't mind heat. Another big problem has been lack of breeze. I can definitely stand the heat if we have air movement, but there has been little of it.

MONDAY-- Went boating with Liz, Kevin and Kelly. Boat Float and Castaways for buck pints. American Legion 50 cent drafts.

TUESDAY-- Saw the movie "Inception." Sand Bar for $4 pitchers. Chopper's for $1.50 bottles and $1 burgers.

WEDNESDAY-- Saw the movie "The Other Guys" for $4. At least the theaters are air conditioned. Sue's birthday party at Castaways. Mineola for $1 drafts.

THURSDAY-- Breakfast at the Dill Pickle in Spring Grove, Illinois. Donavan's Reef in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin. Buy one drink, get one free, half price pizza and NTN.

FRIDAY-- Donavans for $1.50 happy hour pints. Mar's Trading Post Inn in Wilmot, Wisconsin, for fish fry and buck pints.

Only one day out on the boat, but it sure was too hot. That's my excuse, anyway.

I forgot to mention the skeeter problem, the worst i have ever seen. The tribune ran an article this week saying this was the worst they have been in twenty years.

Still, a Good Time Was Had By All. --RoadDog

DIDJA HEAR? At Chelsea Clinton's wedding July 31st, besides the lot of money spent, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton inquired of her daughter if she'd had sex with Marc yet. Chelsea replied, "Not according to dad." Hmmmnnnn.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Going Back to the Summer of 1970-- Part 1

This past weekend, Bob Stroud did his third installment of his summer series back to 1970, this time the songs on the radio and in our record collections August 8, 1970, exactly 40 years earlier.

I had moved with my family to Dunwoody, Georgia, a northeast suburb of Atlanta and was unpacking and looking around. I was going to go back to Northern Illinois University in Dekalb, however, for my sophomore year.

As usual, Bob's comments first and mine in parentheses.

MISSISSIPPI QUEEN-- MOUNTAIN-- From their "Climbing" album that was such a big hit in the summer of 1970. (I was a huge Mountain fan and had most of their albums.)
SOUL SHAKE-- DELANEY & BONNIE-- New single by basically the cats who made Eric Clapton see the light, so to speak, as they would open for Eric Clapton and Blind Faith during most of their tour of the states. Clapton was so enthralled with their sound that he tagged along with them for his upcoming debut solo album that all of these guys played on or produced.

I WANT TO TAKE YOU HIGHER-- IKE AND TINA TURNER-- Did their thing on a Sly & the Family Stone song.
LOOKING OUT MY BACK DOOR-- CCR-- Brand new from their "Cosmo's Factory" album. The "A" side of the single. (My all-time favorite group.)

More to Come. --RoadDog

DIDJA HEAR? If you don't pay your exorcist, you get repossessed.

Ten at Ten: 1967-- Part 1

Yesterday, Bob Sroud did his Ten at Ten on 1967. He played ten great songs from one great year, 1967. I was a sophomore and a junior at the end of the year at Palatine High School in Palatine, Illinois. Bob's comments following names. Mine in parentheses.

INCENSE & PEPPERMINTS-- STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK-- (A great bit of psychedelic pop.)
THE WIND CRIES MARY-- JIMI HENDRIX-- from his debut album "Are You Experienced?"

TO SIR WITH LOVE-- LULU-- #1 song from the film "To Sir with Love."
RUBY TUESDAY-- ROLLING STONES-- one side of a two-sided hit. The other was "Let's Spend the Night Together" which was banned by many radio stations because of the its adult content.

ITCHYCOO PARK-- SMALL FACES-- Released in December from the album "There Are But Four Small Faces." (One of my all-time favorites along with "It's Good News Week" by Hedgehoppers Anonymous.)
COME ON DOWN TO MY BOAT-- EVERY MOTHERS' SON-- one hit wonder from the summer of '67. On Rock and Roll Roots CD Vol. 5. (Also a great one.)

ROCK AND ROLL WOMAN-- BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD-- From their second album "Buffalo Springfield Again." (Too bad they didn't have more albums.)
MARY MARY-- MONKEES-- From their second album "More of the Monkees." A Mike Nesmith tune that had been previously recorded by the Paul Butterfield Blues Band. (Some of those non-big hit songs were some of their best even if they couldn't spell monkeys.

REFLECTIONS-- DIANA ROSS & THE SUPREMES-- Psychedelic Motown. One of the last singles to feature original Supreme Florence Ballard before she was unceremoniously dumped.
SHE'S LEAVING HOME-- BEATLES-- All summer long the jukebox kept playing Sergeant pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. A Paul McCartney tune from side one.

A Great Year. --RoadDog

DIDJA HEAR? A chicken crossing the road is poultry in motion.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Movie Scratches: Airbender-- Grown-- Ramona-- Salt

A Real Dog's Eye View on the Movies. Or, Going to the Movies with a Regular Dog.

49. THE LAST AIRBENDER-- 7-19-- Fox Lake Free-- It's Airbenders, Earthbenders, Waterbenders and the realty mean and technologically advanced Firebenders coexisting somewhat. Talk about your great special effects.

50. GROWN UPS-- 7-20-- Fox Lake Free-- Anyone up for a game of Arrow Roulette. I fired an arrow into the air, where it came down I know not where. Funknee.

51. RAMONA & BEEZUS-- 7-28-- Fox Lake $4-- The trials and tribulations of a precocious nine-year-old girl.

52. SALT-- 8-4-- Fox Lake $4-- Who's on whose side? One of the greatest chase scenes ever.

Got to Use Up My Free Coupons Before They're No Longer Good. --RoadDog

DIDJA HEAR? What's the definition of a will? (Come on, it's a dead giveaway!)

Hot Enough For Ya?

We have a heat advisory in effect until Friday with highs of 92 degrees both days. In addition, it is very humid with heat indexes between 100 and 105 both days. It is SO HOT, I have curtailed my outside wanderings. It wouldn't be so bad if we had a breeze, but usually there is no air movement. It's the type of day where you sweat when you're outside even if you are sitting still.

If there were a breeze, I wouldn't mind going out, regardless of the heat.

We didn't go out on the boat yesterday or the day before, but I'm thinking of going out later this morning. I just have to get out on the boat some.

Maybe old Uncle Al was right. At least he got rich off all his dire predictions.


Of course, another reason I'm spending more time inside is the bumper crop of mosquitoes we have this summer because of all of that rain earlier on. Wherever you go, clouds of the blood-sucking varmints rise up to greet you.

Yesterday morning, I was chased off the front porch by them. It was no fun drinking my coffee and forget reading the paper. Read, read, swat, read, swat and repeat as needed.

Is there anything as worthless-to-exist as mosquitoes, oh yes, Japanese beetles, but at least they haven't been bad this year.

And, I Like to Be OUTSIDE During the Summer. --RoadDog

DIDJA HEAR? In a democracy, your vote counts. In feudalism, your count votes. Your history lesson for today.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So, You Think You Know Your Commercials?

For those of you who might watch a little too much TV, I have a couple quizzes for you on my history blog. This month marks the 75th anniversary of Chicago's Leo Burnett Advertising Agency.

Over the years they have come up with some of the best campaigns with lots of stuff that really sticks in your mind.

You can find the two quizzes from yesterday and today under Leo Burnett at http://cootershistorything.blogspot.com.

I remembered all of them.

Sorry ______. --RoadDog

DIDJA HEAR? A bicycle can't stand on its own because it is two-tired. Boy, are these dumb.

Poor Little Bird

Yesterday, while sitting out on the front porch having my coffee and reading the newspaper, I was startled by a lot of fluttering and out of the corner of my eye saw two birds, apparently chasing each other, flying full speed toward the bay window.

Then, there was a thud and a plop. One bird flew away immediately, but the other evidently took the full force of the impact and was just lying there on its back on the concrete looking surprised and breathing heavily.

It was a robin, but evidently young as it still had its mottled feathers on its breast. I'm pretty sure it wasn't one of "our" four babies as they have been out of the nest quite awhile now and should have lost those feathers like that. At least I hope so.

I walked over and used a section of the paper to gently turn it over on its front, but it kept tipping part way over again. I finally got it somewhat situated on its front, but could tell I was scaring it, so went inside.

Every so often I would peek out the window to see how it was doing and to make sure no neighborhood cats were lurking about.

The first time I looked, the robin was standing up, but when it moved, one of its legs seemed paralyzed. The second time, it was standing up fully and the foot seemed better. However, it couldn't fly as it attempted to do so.

The last time I looked, it was still there and looking better. It hopped off the front porch and under a bush. Later, I went out and looked around the bushes and flowers, but didn't see it so, here's hoping it recovered.

We have birds fly into our windows quite often, unfortunately. But what can you do?

Here's Hoping. --RoadDog

DIDJA HEAR? When two egotists meet, it's an I for an I.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Good Times in the Area: Retro Night and a Mom and Pop Record Store-- Part 2

The second CD I bought was a $12.99 3 disc set "The Rolling Stones Singles Collection: The London Years." What makes this set so great is that it has both the "A" and "B" sides of all these seminal Stone 45s.

It is easy to get the big Rolling Stones chart toppers, but this one has the "B" sides of all their singles. In some instances, the "B" side of the US and English 45s were different, in which case they had both.

"B" Sides of:

19th Nervous Breakdown-- Sad Day

Paint it Black-- Stupid Girl US, Long, Long While UK

Mother's Little Helper-- Lady Jane

The set has a total of 55 songs, well worth the $13.

The THIRD CD was "RamonesMania." This one is loaded with some of the best songs the group put out. I must admit that I wasn't a Ramones fan until I started listening to Little Steven's Underground Garage. But since then, I have become a big fan. Thanks, Steven.

Some songs:

I Want to Be Sedated
Teenage Lobotomy
I Wanna Live
Bop 'Til You Drop
The KKK Took My Baby Away
Rock 'n' Roll High School

Good Stuff, Maynard. --RoadDog

DIDJA HEAR? Dijonvu-- the same mustard as before. Sorry.

Good Times in the Area: A Pretty Good Weekend

Why go somewhere else when you can have this much fun close to home?

Thursday was retro night with Dog 'N Suds, the Fairlanes 50s-60s band and the classic car show in Antioch.

FRIDAY-- August 6th-- After boating again, we drove over to Gasoline Alley on Grasslake for the $1 bottles of beer and that great view as well as Sue and Paul, Glenn and Barb, Kelly and Kevin and Pete and Gayle.

We had hoped to go to Tammy's for pizza, but there was too long of a wait, so Liz and I left and went to the American Legion for the $1 drafts and even got up and sang the Band's "The Weight" with Larry. Definitely not as easy of a song to sing as we thought.

SATURDAY-- August 7th-- I went to Fox Lake's Venetian Night over by Docker's. Grand Avenue was blocked off and a deejay was playing. Definitely expensive with 16-oz. bottles going for $5 and $3.50 tacos, so I checked out a new place called King Burrito with authentic Mexican tacos for $1.50.

The Freddie's Party Barge led six lighted boats to the Docker's piers. They were all nice, but the last one, done up as a pirate ship was by far the best. About thirty minutes later, we had a really fine fireworks display.

SUNDAY-- August 8th-- After Bob Stroud did his Time Warp back to August 8, 1970, on his Rock and Roll Roots show, we drove south to Johnsburg where we went to the St. John's Parishfest party. Great food (and reasonably priced) along with $1.50 drafts and the band New Odyssey. Michael, the guitar player, is one of Liz's friends all the way back to first grade in Chicago. Not only is this group (which has been together 30 years and just drove in from playing at a county fair just outside Detroit) really good musically, but they also put on a fantastic show.

Not a Bad Weekend. --RoadDog

DIDJA HEAR? A man's home is his castle, in a manor of speaking.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Senior Moments-- Parts 1 and 2

Today there were definite indications that I am approaching that time in life when I have those wonderful senior moments, or CRS as some call it.

FIRST, I couldn't find my coffee mug. I looked all over the place, but no mug. Either I left it where I had it last or Liz put it in the dishwasher. I couldn't remember where I had it last and it wasn't in the dishwasher.

I make a full 12-cup brew in the coffee-maker and that lasts me for three days. I reheat in these special mugs Liz bought me, but the one was gone.

I opened the door to the microwave and the problem was solved. There it sat. I had evidently heated it up and forgot about it.

And, speaking of forgetting, here's the Second instance of a Senior Moment.

SECOND, I went out to the truck this morning and found the window open on the driver's side. The door was securely locked, but the window was open. Not a good thing to see, especially after the rain we had had Sunday morning and the major deluge this morning.

Fortunately, the window was on the east side of the truck and the rain came either straight down or from the west. The sear was a little wet, but not too much.

Am I losing it?

I Must Be Getting Senioritis. --RoadDog

DIDJA HEAR? Reading while sunbathing makes you well-red.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Good Times in the Area: Retro Night and a Mom and Pop Record Store

THURSDAY was boating and a real retro night afterwards, starting with dinner at Dog N' Suds complete with charcoburgers, root beer in frosted mugs and later a 50s-60s band in Antioch along with a classic car show capped off with a sundae at McDonald's.

Hard to get more retro than that unless we went over to the local drive-in theater.

You can read about it at RoadDog's Roadlog: http://roaddogsroadlog.blogspot.com.

FRIDAY was pal Pete coming over to do some much-needed electrical work. Then, a trip to Culver's for lunch, and a visit to the Vinyl Frontier in McHenry, one of the last local mom and pop record stores.

Spent a lot of time looking for CDs and talking with the owner. I didn't know the Ramones got their name from the fake name Paul McCartney used in his early days, Paul Ramone. Plus, the owner showed my why analog is better than digital.

That is something I like about going to record stores that there is no way you're going to get it downloading. I feel sort of sorry for kids who will never get this opportunity.

I bought three CDs: Rock is Dead but It Won't Lie Down; RamonesMania and The Rolling Stones Singles Collection* the London Years.

"Rock is Dead" has 24 tracks including some that are somewhat rare like"I Hear You Knocking" by Smiley Lewis, "Buddy's Song" by Bobby Vee, "Bad to Me" by Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas, "Tell 'Em I'm Surfing" by the Fantastic Baggys, "Time is On My Side" by Irma Thomas (before the Rolling Stones had it), "I'm a Happy Man" by the Jive Five and "Cast Off All My Fears" by Hour Glass (an early Duane Allman group). Definitely some good stuff.

The Other Two CDs Next Along with the Rest of Friday. --RoadDog

DIDJA HEAR? When you dream in color, it's a pigment of your imagination.

Forty Years Ago Last Month-- The Summer of 1970-- Part 7

I think Bob Stroud is going to do the month of August 1970 tomorrow so now would be a good time to wrap up his trip back to July 4, 1970.

When he comes back from break, he plays a part of another song that was popular back then as well.

These are those "break" songs:

LOVE ON A TWO-WAY STREET-- MOMENTS-- a traffic violation.
WHICH WAY YOU GOING BILLY-- POPPY FAMILY-- hanging on the charts (Personally, I think Bob just couldn't bear to bring himself to play the full versions of these songs.)

GIMME DAT THING-- PIPKINS-- from summer to summer there are sometimes things that are just unexplainable. This is one of those unexplainable things. By a studio group that called themselves the Pipkins, not the Barney Pipkins. (Hey, I really liked this song. "That's right, that's right, I'm sad and blue because I can't do the ___________.")
CLOSE TO YOU-- CARPENTERS-- debuting 40 years ago today. They had previously had a minor hit with the Beatles' "Ticket to Ride." The first of countless million-sellers.

SAVE THE COUNTRY-- LAURA NYRO-- an appropriate song written by the late-great Laura Nyro. (You mean we had problems back in 1970?)
And a song from Todd Rundgren's first solo album called "Runt."

Some Great Music Back 40 Years Ago. --RoadDog

DIDJA HEAR? Without geometry, life is pointless.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Giant Spider Puts Boat's Crew in Peril

Last Thursday, before I fell into Rick's channel, Kevin, Kelly, Liz and I were put in peril as we discovered the biggest darn spider any of us had ever seen hitching a ride below the boar platform by the engine.

Kevin and Kelly were sitting in the back of the boat when I noticed her looking very intently at something at the stern (boat talk) of he boat.


I inquired and she said she though she saw the biggest spider she'd ever seen in her life. We all adjourned to the stern (back for you non-nautical types) and took a look. Between the open spots of the swimming platform, we could see three HUGE legs and part of a hairy body. Definitely the biggest spider any of us had ever seen.

I took the oar and pushed the edge of it into the slit and the spider quickly left, but we figured it must be somewhere under the platform which was above the water. We all gathered at the rear and submerged the platform completely for about five minutes.

When we left the back of the boat, we saw no evidence that the spider was still there, but no one volunteered to do a hand sweep under it for some reason. Kevin and Kelly, however, moved up to the middle of the boat and the whole rest of the cruise, everyone kept a wary eye to the stern.

SHAMU KILLS THE SPIDER (or perhaps scared it off)

We dropped them off at their home on the lake and went back to Rick's channel. Then came the unfortunate oops and I fell into the water near the swim platform. If we didn't drown it earlier, this definitely must have made spidee consider new abodes.
It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's Shamu the Whale.

That Sure Was ONE BIG Spider. --RoadDog

DIDJA HEAR: A gossip is someone with a great sense of rumor.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Movie Scratches: Twilight-- Knight-- Predators-- Apprentice

Going to the movies with a real dog.

45. TWILIGHT: ECLIPSE-- 7-6-- Fox Lake $5.50-- Still torn between two lovers. Who is a girl to choose? The werewolf or vampire. I'm pulling for old hairy. After all, he's a cousin of mine.

46. KNIGHT AND DAY-- 7-12-- Fox Lake Free-- Watch out for those drugged drinks!!

47. PREDATORS-- 7-14-- Fox Lake $4-- Who's hunting who? Now there are three of them!

48. THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE-- 7-14-- Fox Lake $4-- Merlin's somewhat nerdy replacement, but good old Nicholas Cage (my favorite actor) sees him through training.

I Sure Liked the Free Movies. Hope We Get Them Back. --RoadDog

DIDJA HEAR? A successful diet is the triumph of mind over platter.

Some Numbers: 42, 900, 53, 20 and 2

Some numbers of interest (at least to me).

42- the number of new NTN Buzztime sites we have visited so far this year.

900-- the total number of different NTN Buzztime sites we've been to since we started playing the stupid game back in the 1990s. I guess you could call us full-fledged NTN nerds. But, hey, we enjoy it and we're a mite too old to go clubbing any more.

Whenever we travel on the old roads and by-ways, we check for NTN sites we haven't been to so it gives us another objective.

53-- the number of movies I have seen at the theater so far this year. I always shoot for 40 as a minimum in a year. I like all sorts of movies, even chick flicks and animated ones (when they're not 3D).

I do a very short recap of the movies I've seen in this blog under "Movie Scratches."

The three most recent were "Ramona and Beezus," "Salt" and "Dinner with the Schmucks." Now, that is a wide array of movies.

20-- the number of times we've been out on our boat "School's Out...Forever" since we put it in the water back in June. I always shoot for a minimum of 30 and at least 40 excursions in a year, so we're half way there.

2-- the number of times we've been out on friends' boats.

I Gotta Get a Life. --RoadDog

DIDJA HEAR? Does the name Pavlov ring a bell?

JSS: Disgusting Parental Behavior-- Poor Crabapple Trees

JSS-- Just Some Stuff

1. DISGUSTING PARENTAL BEHAVIOR-- Yesterday, while leaving Tommy's Pizza Place in Spring Grove, we saw quite a family scene. There were three boys ranging in age from about nine to sixteen sitting at a table with their parents.

The boys were talking among themselves and closely watching one of those hunting video games along the window.

And their parents were hunched over their whatevers AND TEXTING!!! You'd have thought it would be the kids doing this!!

2. POOR CRABAPPLE TREES-- I am really worried about my five crabapple trees which are having a real hard time keeping their leaves this summer. They just keep falling off. I went to a nursery and was told the very wet spring and June we had has caused a fungus to attack them. Hopefully they will survive the winter, but I don't know.

Just about every crabapple tree all over the area is afflicted with the same thing. Three of mine are in particularly bad shape. And, all this rain we've had the last two weeks isn't helping matters either.

Hoping For the Best With Those Trees. --RoadDog

DIDJA HEAR? Sea captains don't like crew cuts.

Going Back 24 Years-- Flashback 1986-- Part 2

Continuing with some of the songs played by Wendy Rice on her Saturday Morning Flashback Show on Chicago's WXRT this past weekend.

THE FUTURE'S SO BRIGHT I GOT TO WEAR SHADES-- Timbuk3 (One of my all-time favorite songs.)
SUPERMAN-- REM-- (Pride and Joy of Athens, Georgia)

SPLIT DECISION-- Steve Winwood
BLOOD AND ROSES-- Smithereens


BIG TIME-- Peter Gabriel
JET SET-- Joe Jackson

GRACELAMD-- Paul Simon
WILD WILD LIFE-- Talking Heads


Have these songs really been around for nearly a quarter of a century? Gosh!!

Good Stuff!! --RoadDog

DIDJA NEAR? Is a book on voyeurism a peeping tome?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ten at Ten 1965

Every weekday, WDRV, the Drive, in Chicago does a countdown of songs from a specific year at 10 am CST (with a repeat at 10 pm). Of course, this can be heard worldwide on the web at www.wdrv.com.

Not only do they play the songs, but after every two, sound clips from the year are played along with information from it.

Today's Ten at Ten:



JUST A LITTLE-- Beau Brummels


GET OFF MY CLOUD-- Rolling Stones
JUST LIKE ME-- Paul Revere & the Raiders

Mighty Good Stuff. --RoadDog

DIDJA HEAR? Corduroy pillows are making headlines.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

JSIS: Big League Chew

JSIS-- Just Some Interesting Stuff. Stuff I come across in the papers or internet that I find interesting.

1. BIG LEAGUE CHEW-- July 10th Chicago Tribune "For young ballplayers, it's the flavor of summer" by Dan Simmons. This was about kids using Big League Chew gum while playing baseball. The brand is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.

It has made money for Wrigley Gum and the two minor leaguers who invented it, but has also drawn a lot of controversy because of its association with chewing tobacco.

Jim Bouton (author of 1970s memoir "Ball Four" was one of the men and the other, Rob Nelson, never made it past Single-A ball. Nelson named it and was inspired by his hero, White Sox second baseman Nellie Fox who always had his cheeks filled with chewing tobacco.

The idea was to have shredded bubblegum for players to chew instead of tobacco.

However, some people believe chewing the gum will lead to the next logical step of chewing tobacco.

I'm not much of a bubble gum fan so have never tried it and probably wouldn't. But, I don't really think it necessarily leads to chewing tobacco.

Step Aside, I'm getting Ready to Spit. --Road Spittin' Dog

DIDJA HEAR? A hangover is the wrath of grapes.

Going Back 24 Years to 1986

Hard to believe, but that is almost a quarter century ago. Where does the time go?

This past Saturday, Wendy Rice went to this year on her Saturday Morning Flashback Show on WXRT, 93.1 FM, out of Chicago.

She does this every Saturday morning from 8 to noon. Not only does she play the music, but other XRT deejays have parts where they go to the movies, look at the news, list icons who died that year and, in addition, there are lots of facts from the particular year.

I was doing a lot of deejaying back in '86, so was doing a lot of listening to the radio to keep up with new new songs. And she played some great stuff:

SHIP OF FOOLS-- World Party


SLEDGEHAMMER-- Peter Gabriel
KISS-- Prince

WEST END GIRLS-- Pet Shop Boys

HARLEM SHUFFLE-- Rolling Stones

GUITAR TOWN-- Steve Earle

More to Come. --RoadDog

DIDJA HEAR? He used to work in a blanket factory, but it folded.

Forty Years Ago Last Month-- The Summer of 1970-- Part 6

Finishing up with Bob Stroud's Rock and Roll Roots show from July 4th where he took us back forty years.

He also played commercials from that era and some of them really brought back some memories:

Sunoco 260 gas

QT Tan

Kinney Shoes

Chicago Today newspaper

Dog 'N Suds (we're fortunate to have three of these withing about a ten mile radius)

Stroh's Beer

Most of these companies and products are no longer with us.

That just makes for a more interesting trip back in time. When you listen to the radio, you definitely get those commercials.

That QT Tan Was Really Nasty Stuff. --RoadDog

DIDJA HEAR? A Shotgun wedding is a case of wife or death.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Number One Songs This Date-- Part 2

1965 I'M HENRY VIII, I AM-- Herman's Hermits-- Some early Bubble Gum music. Actually, a really old song.
1964 A HARD DAY'S NIGHT-- Beatles-- Imagine THEM having a #1 song in the 60s?
1963 SO MUCH IN LOVE-- Tymes-- Great Beach Music

1962 ROSES ARE RED-- Bobby Vinton-- being really untrue to blue.
1961 TOSSIN' AND TURNIN'-- Bobby Lewis-- just can't get no sleep.
1960 ITSY BITSY YELLOW POLKADOT BIKINI-- Brian Hyland-- what passed for x-rated back in '60.

1950 MONA LISA-- Nat King Cole-- How do you get much better than this?
1940 I'LL NEVER SMILE AGAIN-- Tommy Dorsey-- One of the Dorsey Boys.

1920 HOLD ME-- Art Hickman
1910 CASEY JONES-- Billy Murray & American Quartet
1900 MA TIGER LILY-- Len Spencer

For Some Reason, I Can't Remember Back Past 1960. Must be a Bikini Thing. RoadDog

JSS: TP'd-- Soda-- No Wake Nirvana-- No Wake, the Joke

JSS-- Just Some Stuff

1. TP'D-- Woke up this morning to find that the sunburst honeylocust tree in front of the house had been TP'd. Not very well, either. Somebody somewhere must like us. Just one roll and only a few drapings. Kind of pretty blowing in the breeze. Reckon I'll have to get out and take it down, but I'm leaving it up for now.

2. SODA-- A band called Soda. If you're ever in the Chicagoland area and get a chance to see these guys, do it. We boated over to our Sunday fun spot, Captain's Quarters on Fox Lake yesterday to see them for the second time this season.

They play everything from the 50s to today and even have a great rap medley (Yes, there are some good rap songs, not many though). They had the place hopping.

3. NO WAKE NIRVANA-- The reason we boated over to Captain's yesterday is that the whole Chain of Lakes is No Wake, meaning boats can not drive fast and make waves. Usually, we don't go out on the weekends because of the idiots in their 80 mph boats, kiddie tubers and just too many boaters in general.

It was great. There were no waves at all and most everyone was definitely going no wake with a few pushing it a bit.

I'd like to have no wake more often. This no wake is because of the flooding, but I sure wouldn't mind having it once a month next summer.

4. NO WAKE, THE JOKE-- And, speaking of No Wake. We have often thought that it would be funny if someone were to take one of the No Wake buoys and put it up by Hamsher Funeral Home which is on Pistakee Lake in Fox Lake, Illinois.

Oh, Well. --RoadDog

DIDJA HEAR? A pessimist's blood type is always B-negative.

Number One Songs This Date-- Part 1

It's the beginning of another month, so again, I'll take a look back at the #1 songs this date back 110 years to 1900. With the exception of the sixties, it will be years ending with zero.

Taken from Josh Hosler www.joshhosler.boz/NumberOneinHistory/SelectMonth.htm. Well worth checking out. He used the Billboard charts to compile his list.

2010 LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE-- Eminem feat. Rihanna
2000 IT'S GONNA BE ME-- 'NSYNC-- One of those great Boy Bands. Great music regardless.
1990 VISION OF LOVE-- Mariah Carey

1980 MAGIC-- Olivia Newton-John-- Could she ever sing and PRETTY, Too.
1970 (THEY LONG TO BE) CLOSE TO YOU-- Carpenters-- Really too bad about Karen. A very sad disease.

1969 IN THE YEAR 2525 (EXORDIUM & TERMINUS)-- Zager & Evans-- The future's not so bright?
1968 HELLO, I LOVE YOU-- Doors-- My favorite Doors song. Always reminds me of that summer.
1967 LIGHT MY FIRE-- Doors-- Not too slouchy having the number one song this date two years running.

1966 WILD THING-- Troggs-- What a great opening riff!!

More to Come. --RoadDog

DIDJA HEAR? The Energizer Bunny was arrested for battery.