Thursday, February 28, 2019

Will This Winter Ever Get Over?-- Part 2: Books, CDs, Sliders, Band and Da Hawks


After the meeting, I drove over to the nearby Illinois emission testing station and the Malibu passed.  Then drove south to Randall Road, one of the busiest and most congested roads in the Northwest Suburbs. Always hate driving it, but have to to get to my favorite store still remaining, Half-Price Books.

I mean, they have vinyl records, CDs and books, three of my most favorite things.  And, they are all fairly cheap, even better.  Bought a Civil War book and two CDs, one the Beatles "Hard Day's Night" and the other a compilation of Cajun music.

Then, a stop at White Castle for sliders and they now have those great crab cake sliders.

Later, we went to the Fox Lake American Legion and enjoyed listening to Mitch Edwards playing his great selection of songs.


There was a real hard wind blowing today.  We wanted to watch the Chicago Blackhawks game since they were playing a rare afternoon game at 2 pm.  But, the first three places we went to were too crowded (and most were watching the NASCAR race).  We ended up back at Half-Times for the game, which, unfortunately, we lost.


COME SAIL AWAY:  In the Bible, who hoped to flee from the presence of the Lord by sailing to Tarshish?


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