Friday, February 15, 2019

Two Funerals In Four Days: Jim Terryberry and Ken Reid

This has been a rough week for Liz and myself.

On Monday, we went to the funeral of a good friend, Jim Terryberry, 72,  in Antioch, Illinois,  at Strang Funeral Home.  He is a friend from back in Round Lake and he and his wife would come out to see me deejay at Tom's Cafe in Johnsburg, Illinois, pretty much every St. Patrick's Day.

Plus, we would run into them at various festivals in the area during the summer.

Thursday, we went to the funeral of Kenny Reid, 68,  at Justin Funeral Home in McHenry, Illinois.  Wherever you would find Kenny, you'd find fun.  That was just the way he was.  A graduate of McHenry High School, Class of '68, he was  instrumental in their yearly reunions which were real blowouts.

He also played NTN with us a  lot at Donovan's Reef in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin.

Hard To Take.

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