Daisies. They're A' Bloomin' Now. I have several hundred of them.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Delta Sigs at NIU Played Four Albums at Parties in Early 70s

Listening to Lin Braehmer on Chicago's WXRT and he relates going to a fraternity party back in the 70s where they played all four sides of the Rolling Stones' new Exile on Main Street album.  He said it was one hell-of-a-party.

Well, the Delta Sigs (Delta Sigma Phi) at Northern Illinois University in Dekalb had four albums we played at every party.  They'd be stacked and as soon as the sides played, they would be flipped over and the other sides played.  And, these were some great party songs.

The albums:

Temptations Greatest Hits
Four Tops Greatest Hits
Sly and the Family Stone Greatest Hits
Green River by CCR

We loved our soul and Motown.  CCR was on especially because of the song "Lodi" which served as the base of our fraternity song.

Some Really  Fine Times to Those Tunes.  --RoadDog

FUNNY HEADLINES:  Stiff Opposition Expected to Casket-Less Funeral Plan.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's Them, Not Me: Gas Jumped Up 30 Cents!!!

Sure glad I went around Tuesday evening getting gas.  I was pretty sure that the GRBs , being as they are, were going to take full advantage of the natural disaster down along the Gulf Coast to make some more money...AND THEY DID!!!!

Tuesday night, at 9 PM, gas was still at $3.96 ($3.95.9) in Fox Lake, Illinois.  Yesterday, it was a cool $4.26 ($4.25.9).  That's thirty cents!!  Since the stations close at night, it must have been and instant 30 cent jump.

Sadly, the oil platforms in the Gulf weren't closed until Monday so there is no way the gas at the pumps could have not been refined at some point last week.  What a great way to make money, raising the price on something you've already paid for before it goes up in real time.  Nice profit.  Hurt folks to make money.

This is called making money in anticipation of events.  But notice, there is no way that they can drop prices in anticipation of things happening to cause it to.

Of course, this is JUST IN TIME for the Labor Day weekend.  Any bets as to whether prices will immediately drop 30 cents once Isaac is gone?  Even after a week?

Government should put a 99.9% tax on all profits made from exploiting a natural disaster.

Must Be Nice to Be Big Oil.  --RoadDog

Going Back to Labor Day 1972

Attention music fans, especially those of you old enough to remember what was playing 40 years ago this Sunday.  Bob Stroud is going back to the Summer of '72 for part 4 of his annual trek back to summers 40 years ago.

It will be on the Drive, WDRV, 97.1 FM in Chicago from 7 to 10 AM CDST and it streams at www.wdrv.com.

Today, on his Ten at Ten show, it is back to 1971.  That would be at 10 AM and a repeat at 10 PM.

I'm Going Back.  How 'bout You?  --RoadDog

FUNNY HEADLINES:  House Passes Gas Tax to Senate

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Movie Scratches: Vampire-- Ted-- Knight-- Spider

29.  7---ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER--  FOX LAKE $4--  As if the embattled Confederate flag is not enough, now, we side up with some blood-thirst and nasty vampires, but Abe takes care of us.  And, now we know why the owners had slaves, besides working them to death.

30.   7-25--  TED--  FOX LAKE FREE--  A best buddy story of a different sort.  Kinda FX's Wilfred, but with a teddy bear.

31.  7-25--  THE DARK KNIGHT--  FOX LAKE  $4--  One real good guy battles a real bad guy and gives his life.

Don't You hate When You've Just Got a Minute Before the Show, Well Previews, Starts and Someone Orders a Whole Bunch of Popcorn and Drinks?  --RoadDog

32.  7-28--  THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN--  FOX LAKE $6--  A brief history of "Spidey."  So, that's how it came to be.

Obsolete Technology

Yesterday, that $5 Wal-Mart CD Bargain Bin grabbed me again.  Bought four CDs.  Hey, buy 'em before they're gone.

BLACK SABBATH--  Their first album, before I even knew who Ozzie was.  Great album, though.  Somewhere back in the albums, I have the original vinyl album, but, since it was a college album, pretty-well scratched.  Listened to it already.  It was good then, still good now. I was a big fan.

THE BEST OF BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS--  I have another Bill Haley Greatest Hits CD, but this one has some different ones, including that great Big Joe Turner dirty song "Shake, Rattle and Roll."  But, you'd have to listen to Big's version.

FLASHBACK WITH THE ASSOCIATION--  I have a vinyl album from my high school days, but, also scratched badly.  I especially like their "Time for Livin'" and  "Six Man Band."  They could put a little rock into their schmaltz.

THE BEST OF BILLY SQUIER--  Hey, "In the Dark," "My Kinda Lover" and "The Stroke."

Got to Stay Away from Those Wal-Mart $5 Bargain Bins.  --RoadDog

FUNNY HEADLINE: Police Begin Campaign to Run Down Jaywalkers

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's Them, Not Me: That Was a Fast $80

I just got back from Fox Lake getting gas  before the GRBs raise the price.  Gas was at a lowest in several weeks, $3.96.  It took just a couple days to jump up 65 cents and three weeks to drop 20 cents.  It just doesn't compute that it can go up that fast and drop that slow.

Well, I guess that is not so surprising considering all these years our property taxes have gone up with the reason being that the value of our house went up.  Of course, in the last two years, the value of our house has plummeted drastically to where we could probably get what we paid for it in 1992.  One would then expect our property tax to go down,  Come on, that only makes sense.

BUT NO!!!!  Last year, our tax bill went up $500, a new record increase.  But, this year, it set another record, going up another $850!!

I guess things that used to make sense just don't anymore.

Anyway, to beat the Hurricane Isaac increase in gas price tomorrow, I got gas this evening.  I had to put a little over ten gallons in the '11 Malibu.  Then, got 5 gallons for the boat.  Then, after the movie and seeing gas was still at $3.96 (I kind of figured it would go up during the two hours of the Bourne Legacy), I got another five gallons for the lawn tractor.

How I spent $80.

Guess we'll never see gas under $3 again.

Things Ain't What They Used to Be.  --RoadDog

Monday, August 27, 2012

A Very Hairy Civil War

The September 2011 Smithsonian Magazine had a short blurb on voting they had going on at the time for the Best Facial Hair of the Civil War and a picture of George Crook who had an all-time great set of mutton chops, or, at least I think that's what you call them.  At the time, Ambrose Burnside had received the most votes with 18,385.  He is where we get the term "Sideburns" and had over double the votes of #2, J.E.B. Stuart.

They had a site to cast your vote and it was still up and they are still taking votes.  I had to vote for the Fort Fisher guy, Adelbert Ames.

They have about 30 Civil War people to vote for and most of them are mighty interesting as far as facial hair.  Give it a look and vote:


It's a Far, Far Hairier Thing We Do Than Ever Before.  --RoadDog

Way to Celebrate a 39th

As in our 39th wedding anniversary on August 25th.  It spread over three days already and will go one more today.

And, we stayed in the home area for it.  Hey, 39 years ago, we were in Illinois for the whole thing, ranging from Des Plaines to Dekalb to Galena, where we went for the honeymoon.


Did yardwork, then went out boating.  Liz and I then split ways and she went to Stormy Monday and Tommy's.  I went to Richmond, Illinois, and had a fish fry at Doyle's (in an 1840s building originally used as a mill) and then saw our local high school football team, the Richmond Rockets, demolish a team from Chicago, the Roosevelt Rough Riders.  The score was 48-0 at half and final was 54-14.

AUGUST 25, SATURDAY (Our 39th)

Drove to the Northwest suburbs, buying a book and CD at Half Price Books in Palatine, visiting Liz's parents' graves at Memory Gardens in Arlington Heights, driving on Northwest Highway (a major stomping ground for us in high school) back to Palatine, then by my old home on Anderson Drive and Liz's two homes on Boynton and Patricia Lane.

Had lunch at Lamplighter's Lounge in downtown Palatine (in an 1890s building) and then drove past Photos, where the Burger King in Palatine on Northwest Highway used to stand.  I worked there during high school and college.

Then US-12, Rand Road, back to Wauconda through some VERY HEAVY TRAFFIC.  Terry and G. Thomas "The Piano Man" Spizziri were performing out on the deck/tiki bar at Docks, the old Mers.  Another great time and they dedicated a song they had written for us and also they played the New Seekers' "I Know I'll Never Find Another You."  Quite nice of them.

When they finished, we drove to Antioch and caught a set by 9D Rox (they play nineties music, get it) at Captain's and finished off with some great beer nuggets at Tommy's in Spring Grove.


Breakfast at the Kross Inn, NTN at Pug Mahone's and J's in Ingleside/Fox Lake with Pops (age 89) and his son Paintr (these are their NTN names.  Paintr was born one day after I was, May 25, 1951).  We even had a #1 ranking with RoadDog #7 in one game as well as several other Top Twenties.

Then to Captain's Quarters for the band Boys and Toys from Kenosha, Wisconsin.  They are a party trio and had a real good time with them.

Not a Bad 39th.  Wonder What We'll Do for the 40th?  --RoadDog

It's Them, Not Me: Better Top Off the Gas Tank Today

Before the GRBs start cashing in on Tropical Storm Ivan.  I can see the top Big Oil offices with all the excitement about impending profits.  It has to be a party.

And, that also means the Hedgers and Vesters who are looking to drive prices up for their own profit, and, in the meantime, hurting their fellow citizens who don't get to cash in on the frenzy.

And, just when price of gas "dipped" down to $4 here in northeast Illinois.  Even $3.98 in a couple places yesterday.

It's too bad the gov. doesn't step in and freeze gas prices during a frenzy event like this, coming as it is near the 7th anniversary of Katrina, the first time I saw gas over $3 a gallon.  Either freeze it, or 80-90% tax on all oil profits during an event like a hurricane.

Just What we Need, Another Gas Spike.  --RoadDPG

It's not funny.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Waiting to Get Married 39 Years Ago

Brother Bob, cousin Joe and I were at the apartment in Des Plaines, Illinois, getting ready to drive to Dekalb for Liz and my wedding about this time 39 years ago.

Once there, we checked in with everyone at the Holiday Inn on Lincoln Highway and then I took them for a tour of the campus.  Hey, the groom is just so  much clutter at a wedding.  Almost an afterthought.

We must have been a bit late getting back as Dad was REALLY ANGRY.

Liz and I were married at the Newman Center by the Northern Illinois campus by Father Dan

The wedding reception was at the Holiday Inn.  We left about 11 PM and drove our new car, the '73 Pinto, to Galena, Illinois, for the honeymoon.  Seemed like we drove forever and was I ever tired.  Neither of us had ever been to Galena before.  At one point, I saw cliffs beside the road and was wondering where in the world we were.  Illinois shouldn't be having cliffs.

I remember hearing "China Grove" by the Doobie Brothers and "Frankenstein" by the Edgar Winter Group on WLS-Am on the drive.  Those two songs always remind me of our Forever Drive that night and  wee hours of the morning.

Arrived at the Palace Motel way late.  The owners had gone to bed and left the room open for us.

Definitely shouldn't have driven all that way.

But We Were So Much Younger Way Back Then.  --RoadDog

Friday, August 24, 2012

A Pretty Good Vacation Thirty Years Ago-- Part 2

Went jogging in the morning.  Cousin Graham called to say the Civil War man could see us before 3 PM, so Dad drove me to Graham's Western Auto store in Warsaw, NC, and we followed him out to the man's place, which was fortunate because it was way out in the woods, so to speak.

I'll write about this meeting in my Saw the Elephant blog.  His name was Claude Moore.

After meeting with him, Dad drove back to his hometown, Mt. Olive, and we had barbecue "at a place on main street called Cannon's.  Their 'que was almost as good as Wilber's and Dad said the place, which was pretty much barren of any decor, had not changed since he was a boy.  Two of the waitresses came over and asked if he was Buster which is quite something considering he hasn't lived there for 30 years.

Next stop was Aunt Ada's.  We caught her by surprise.  Her place is picture perfect, nothing out of place.  She had pictures of her father and mother and her mother's mother and father which we had copied at the Mt. Olive copy place..  We went by Aunt Doll's place, but she wasn't home.

Ebie and NorNor's place (my father's parents) looks the best I've ever seen from the outside.  Uncle Delbert is recovering from the accident which claimed his mother-in-law's life.  They finally caught the guy who did it; he left the scene and he was a migrant worker, not speaking English or having insurance.  He needs to go to jail for a long time."

Now that my dad is no longer with us, I sure would like to go for a drive with him again.  But this brings back the memories of that day.

Sure Bringing Back the Memories.

Now, That's What I Call a Pretty Good Thursday-- Part 2

YARDWORK:  Pulling weeds and trimming at the gazebo flower bed, Frances' Back 40, and easy side of the arboretum.

BOATING:  Did a cruise around Fox Lake and boat float in the Mineola Bay.  Read about Captain Bligh's next trip (after the Bounty) to get breadfruit and bringing them back to Jamaica.  Captain Bligh was definitely a superb seaman.

EATING:  Drove to Antioch and sat out on the deck of Sequit Lodge(North Woods Theme) enjoying their great Thursday special, 35 cent wings.

BAND:  This was the last It's Thursday concert in Antioch at the band shell and a make up for the rained out show a couple weeks ago.  The band was Evolution and we'd never heard of them before, but, like at Captain's, when Antioch has an It's Thursday Band, they will be good.

And, they were.  You couldn't play much better 70s and 80s Rock and Roll: Styx, Journey, Bon Jovi, Boston, Lynyrd Skynyrd.  We'll definitely see them again.

DESSERT:  Chocolate sundae at McDonald's.

It Was a Pretty Good Day.  --RoadDog

Now, That's What I Call a Pretty Good Thursday-- Part 1

Doing stuff I really like, that is how to be happily retired.

RESEARCH:   I found all sorts of letter covers (envelopes) carried out by the blockade-runner Beauregard (sunk off my grandparents cottage at Carolina Beach, NC) during the Civil War.  They went to Nassau, then by Cunard steamer to New York City, then to Europe.  Kind of interesting that they would go from the Confederacy through New York City before their destination.

BLOGGING:  I enjoy this, but spend too much time doing it.

MUSIC:  Of course, listened to WNCT AM (Beach Blues & Blues) from Greenville, WXRT (Rock) from Chicago, The Surf (Beach Music) from North Myrtle Beach, SC.  Then, of course, Ten at Ten on WDRV in Chicago where Bob Stroud went back to 1976.

Wait, There's Still More.  --RoadDog

FUNNY HEADLINE:  Deaf Mute Gets New Hearing in Killing

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Pretty Good Vacation Thirty Years Ago-- Part 1

I've been going through my journal from 1982, thirty years ago.  I was just beginning to start my deejay career and was getting experience on the equipment in various bars around Round Lake Beach, Illinois, where we lived.

That summer, I took an extended vacation to Georgia and North Carolina, including two whole weeks at Carolina Beach.

JULY 22, 1982, Thursday

Mom, Dad, Andy (my nephew) and I left Dunwoody, Georgia, and drove I-20 to I-95.  I took over driving in Florence, SC, and drove to Fayetteville, where Dad took over again.  "Arrived at Goldsboro and Mama Gert (my grandmother) had Wilber's BBQ waiting for us.

Aunt Dot and Gayle came over.  Gayle had gone to Greensboro College two years ago and then to Mt. Olive College last year.  She reports that it is very hard.  Next year she will be going to UNC at Wilmington and working on a psychology degree.  Aunt Dot is connected with the United Way campaign.

After they left, Graham, my cousin, and family Vicki, Chris and Angie dropped by.  He wants me to meet someone near Turkey (NC) who is considered to be quite the expert on the Civil War.

Before they arrived, I went to the park (Herman Park) with Andy as he wanted to see the (miniature) train.  He was disappointed to find it wasn't operating, but I soon got him and about twenty other kids involved in playing on the artillery piece in the park.  They also now have goldfish in the fountain."

I am also writing about my Fort Fisher experiences on my Civil War Navy blog.

Sure Bringing Back Some memories.  --RoadDog

It's Them, Not Me: Gas Drops a Whole Three Cents!!!

About two weeks ago, it took the GRBs at BO (Big Oil) just a matter of days to raise the price of gas here in northeast Illinois 60 cents. (There was a break in an oil pipeline in Wisconsin that had prices jump 20 cents in a minute.  And then, shortly afterwards, three Midwest refineries announced that they were cutting back production because of "already planned" work.  Yeah!!  Right!!!)

Now, as fast as it went up, you'd think it should drop just as fast.  But, NO!!  Prices in Fox Lake maintained at $4.08 over this past weekend and then went down a penny Monday and then 3 cents yesterday   Now, it is a deal at $4.04.

These wonderful folk are sure moving seas and mountains trying to give us po' folk a break.

Lousy GRBs.  --RoadDog

It's Them, Not Me: Middle Class Dying While the Rich Get Richer

A study just out has the Middle Class, the backbone of our country suffering through the worst decade since World War II in terms of finances.

Wages continue to stagnate while health care and college tuition are rising drastically and there is a general loss of mid-wage jobs.  Yes, jobs are being created, but at close to minimum wage and few, if any benefits.  A striking 85% of families classified as Middle Class say they are having difficulty maintaining their standard of living.

IN THE MEANTIME, the more affluent are faring very well, widening the inequality that already exists.

And then, those folks whom I term GRBs have their own candidate for president in Der Mitt and now Mitt, Jr..  They and their Tea Party minions have declared war on the public sector in an attempt to further destroy the Middle Class.

And, Obama is not the answer.

What We Need Is a Viable Alternative Candidate Who Is For the Middle Class.  --RoadDog

2012 Beach Music Hall of Fame Inductees

From Yahoo! Groups Carolina Beach Music by Willie C.

Sunday, September 9th at Wheelwright Auditorium on the campus of Coastal Carolina University the Beach Music Hall of Fame will induct seven artists:  Chuck Berry, Earl Bostic, Ray Charles, the Coasters, the Embers, the Inkspots, the Platters and Etta James.

In addition, ten songs will also go in:

FEVER--  Little Willie John
FLAMINGO--  Earl Bostic
GOOD ROCKIN' TONIGHT--  Wynonie Harris
HONKY TONK--  Bill Doggett

JUST A GIGGOLO--  Louis Prima
MONEY HONEY--  Drifters
ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK--  Bill Haley & the Comets
SEARCHIN'--  Coasters

Mighty Good Artists, Mighty Good Songs.  --RoadDog

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Top Ten Colorful Animals

From the September, 20, 2010, Listverse.

1.  Panther Chameleon
2.  Sockeye Salmon (also, perhaps Top Ten Ugly!!)
3.  Bird of Paradise
4.  Terminck's Tragopan  (?)
5.  Weedy Sea Dragon (Top Ten names)

6.  Bluefooted Booby (Obviously a possible choice for names.)
7.  Clownfish  (Yeah, that funny lil' Nemo.)
8.  Lesser Flaminggo  (You should see the Greater one or the In-Between.)
9.  Sailfish
10.  Monarch Butterfly  (I always stop in the yard and watch any butterfly, but especially these.)

I Also Think Cardinals Should be On the List.  --RoadDog

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I Feel For You, Professor

From the Aug. 17th Chicago Tribune "Shoe" comic strip.

Panel 1:  A table top phone, complete with cord, is ringing.

Panel 2:  The Professor (probably in his 40s) is standing by the phone, looking at his nephew Skyler (about 9 and says, "Why don't you answer it?"

Skyler says, "Me?"

Panel 3:  Skyler, looking at the Professor, "Nobody I know would ever call me on a land line."

I feel for you, 'Fessa.

Long Distance, What's That?  --RoadDog

That Was Some Storm Yesterday

Well, it was in Fox Lake, but here in Spring Grove, about four miles away, we sure didn't get anything much.  A couple drops was all at the house and, judging from puddles, some rain at the Jewel about a mile away.

I was out in the yard working on a flower bed and did have to come in with all the lightning and the smattering of drops that made me think we were in for a big old storm.

We had been planning a day out on the boat, but boats and storms don't go well together.  So had to cancel that as well as taking the '03 Malibu to the Fox Lake Chevy dealer to have the driver's side back window, which will not close, fixed.

Decided to have the half-price BLT pizza at J's, east of Fox Lake, and play some NTN.  It started raining when we got to State Park Road on US-12 and got harder quickly.  That had to be the hardest rain I've ever had hitting the window, practically hail.  Started noticing lots of water standing in the road.

At Grand Avenue in Fox Lake, the police had the road blocked off because of flooding.  We later heard from a village road department guy that they had three and a half inches of rain in the water gauge at the village works building and they got that in just over an hour.

We had to take a detour along with many other cars that caused a backup and a half at Rollins Road.  We drove back to Grand and had to navigate around lots of standing water on the pavement most of the way to J's.

Later, at the Legion, we talked with one group of folks caught out on a pontoon boat in the storm and they got drenched and were afraid for their lives because of the wind and lightning.  Even three hours later, there were piles of hail at the Legion.

I sure would have liked to have some rain, but not like that.

Rainy Days and Storms.  --RoadDog

FUNNY HEADLINE:  Grandmother of Eight Makes Hole in One

Monday, August 20, 2012

Some More Songs From August 1972

From The Book of Hit Singles by Dave McAleer.

These are some songs that Bob Stroud did not play, but which got up to the Top Twenty back 40 years ago.


WHERE IS THE LOVE-- Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway


Some British Top Twenties of interest.

SEASIDE SHUFFLE--  Terry Dactyl & the Dinosaurs--  (Gotta Love that group name.)
PUPPY LOVE--  Donny Osmond--  (Hey, I remember that one.)

POPCORN--  Hot Butter

ALL THE YOUNG DUDES--  Mott the Hoople
IT'S FOUR IN THE MORNING--  Faron Young--  (As in a country song.)

10538 OVERTURE--  Electric Light Orchestra
RUN TO ME--  Bee Gees

STARMAN--  David Bowie

Supremes.  With or Without?  --RoadDog

What Were You Doing August 5, 1972?-- Part 6

And, final part.  A trip back 40 years ago.  Really?  Forty years?  Ya Gotta Be Kiddin' Me!!!

SUMMER SUN--  JAMESTOWN MASSACRE--  A local hit by a local band, included in our second volume of Rock and Roll Roots.

ZIGGY STARDUST--  DAVID BOWIE--  The album now about six weeks old where he looked like an extra from "Star Trek."  Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.
YOU WEAR IT WELL--  ROD STEWART--  Brand new 45 from the upcoming  album Never a Dull Moment.  Highly anticipated after the success of Every Picture Tells a Story.

ALONE AGAIN (NATURALLY)--  GILBERT O'SULLIVAN--  The Number one song in town 40 years ago this date.  One of the biggest hits of the summer.  (Go ahead and not sing along with it when you hear it.  I dare you.  I sure was.)

These are songs that Stroud used to come back from commercials where he would play a little bit of it.


HOLD HER TIGHT--  OSMOND BROTHERS--  Copping a lick from Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song."

Part 4 of the Summer of '72 will be aired September 2nd from 7 to 10 AM, CDST.  www.wdrv.com.

Thanks for the Memories, Bob.  --RoadDog

FUNNY HEADLINE:  Death causes lonliness, feeling of isolation.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Old Ironsides Earns Its Name 200 Years Ago Tomorrow

I just got back from the Spring Grove post office where I bought two First-Day of Issue stamp books for the War of 1812, featuring the USS Constitution.  I even sent myself an envelope with a Constitution stamp on it.

Tomorrow is not only my brother Bob's birthday, but 200 years ago, the USS Constitution engaged the British ship HMS Guerriere in battle and defeated it.  The British cannonballs seemed to bounce off the hull of the Constitution, earning it the name "Old Ironsides."

I'll be writing about it and even doing an entry on my Not Forgotten: War of 1812 blog tomorrow on the event.

This past week was quite an eventful one 200 years ago during the War of 1812.  On Wednesday, there was the Fort Dearborn Massacre and Thursday, Detroit surrendered.

I've been writing about it in the 1812 blog.  You can check it out in Blogs I Follow.

"Aye, Tear Her Tattered Ensign Down."  --RoadDog

Ta-Dah!!...Boat's Back in the Water

Yesterday, we put the boat back in the Chain Of Lakes at the Legion where we have a season pass.  It has been in our driveway since July 9th, the day before I drove to North Carolina.

This is the first year we've ever felt that we had to take it out of the water because of lack of the wet stuff.  We are still in one of the worst droughts ever in the Midwest.  That, coupled with extremely high temperatures has caused out channel (which is fairly shallow anyhow) to really go down.  We only had an inch of water under the keel when we took it out and were worried about getting stuck in the mud.

We were on line easily to make the 40 times a season we like to have in the boat to make it worth it.  We took it out on the 22nd time and now have 23 and will be going out again in a couple hours before heading down to Wauconda to see Terry and Gregg Spizzirri playing out at the Docks Tiki Bar.

Getting in the mood listening to 94.9 The Surf out of North Myrtle Beach. SC on the internet and Saturday Morning Flashback on WXRT to 1984.

A Boating We Will Go.  --RoadDog

What Were You Doing August 5, 1972?-- Part 5

Taking you way back, back 40 years ago.  These were the songs playing on your radio here in the Chicagoland area, though, I was in Georgia and going to summer school at UGA back then.

TAKE IT EASY--  EAGLES--  A lot of this summer was about the greatnew artists we were discovering, not the least of which were the Eagles.  Their first single release.  (And Liz and my unofficial Route 66 song.  When You're "Standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona," you're standing by Route 66, the Mother Road."

COULDN'T I JUST TELL YOU--  TODD RUNDGREN--  From the brilliant double vinyl release Something, Anything.  The new follow-up single to "I Saw the Light."  The one-man band.
COCONUT--  NILSSON--  His third single release and going up the charts.  The album Nilsson Scmilsson was released in 1971 and still going strong.

BACKSTABBERS--  O'JAYS--  One of my favorite Philadelphia tunes.
HONKY CAT--  ELTON JOHN--  From his Honky Chateau release.  (Yeah, ya gotta get back.)

One More to Go.  --RoadDog

A FUNNY HEADLINE:  Something Went Wrong in Jet Crash, Experts Say.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Ten Words or Phrases Derived from Falconry

From the June 9th Listverse.  I'm just listing.  For pictures and more info, go to the site.

These words come from that sport where folks have falcons land on their leathered-up hands.

1.  Fed-up  (I sure am about these gas prices!!)
2.  Hoodwinked  (How I feel about these gas prices.)
3.  Cheperon
4.  Cullow (If it means to cut out, yep, that's what we need to do with these GRB gas folk.)
5.  Booze (The drinking kind?  What these gas prices are driving me to.)
6.  Codger (Hey, that's me!)
7.  Haggard (And, I thought he was a singer.)
8.  Gorge (Something we do at Golden Corral and Chinese buffets.)
9.  Under His Thumb (Didn't the Rolling Stones have a song about this?)
10.  Rouse
11.  With Bated Breath (What we're doing here in Illinois with our pensions.)

I'm Not Sure What Some of Them Are, But, Interesting List Nonetheless.  --RoadDog

FUNNY HEADLINE:  Man Is Fatally Slain.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

JSS: 1969-- Land of $4+ Gas-- Them Storms-- 512.1 Miles-- VJ Day Video

JSS--  Just Some Stuff

1.  1969--  Bob Stroud does 1969 on his Ten at Ten show at 10 AM today on WDRV.  www.wdrv.com. I'll sure be listening.  Maybe record it on my cassette tape.

2.  LAND OF $4+ GAS--  You can always tell when you're getting near Chicago by the price of gas.  Once we got north of Morris, gas went over the $4 mark and was mostly at $4.20.  One BP station was $4.27!!!!  The GRBs got us good right now.  Gas in Springfield dropped from $3.84 to $3.80 Tuesday and was at $3.78 yesterday.  Gas in Pontiac was $3.70.  Of course, I get gas downstate whenever I can.

3.  THEM STORMS--  Was planning on cutting the grass and putting the boat in the water, but we've already had a big storm come through and others forecast until evening.  But, we sure need the rain.  We need more water in the Chain of Lakes, always a good thing for boats.  Ours has been out of the water for over a month as our channel is too shallow.

4.  512.1 MILES--  On our three day trip to Springfield, we put 512.1 miles on the '11 Malibu with 32.5 mpg average.

5.  VJ DAY VIDEO--  Well worth watching to commemorate Japan's surrender, 67 years ago to end World War II.  http://vimeo.com/5645171.

Come On Rain!!  --RoadDog

A Day Spent Cruising Route 66

Yesterday, we returned home from our minivacation downstate.  Drove Route 66 all the way from Springfield, Illinois, to Dwight, with the exception, of course, of the two cities who ignore their Route 66 heritage, Bloomington and Normal.  We I-55ed it around those two.

Got a look at the newly restored Pig Hip sign in Broadwell and ate at the Bonanza restaurant in Lincoln.  Saw the great Palms Cafe in Atlanta, which also has that horrible water tower.  Saw the Patton Cabin in Lexington.  Visited the new Pontiac-Oakland Museum in Pontiac.

In Dwight, proceeded onto Il-47 to Elburn where we had a detour on Il-38 to Randall Road, eventually to Il-31 and home.

Gettin' Our Kicks.  --RoadDog

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Day to Hang Around Springfield

Springfield, Illinois, that is.  We had hoped to spend some time out by the pool at the TraveLodge, but, unfortunately, it was closed.

I had a delicious breakfast at the motel's restaurant, Abe's, and then drove west to Barnes and Nobles and Best Buy which has a great CD selection, rare anywhere any more.

Went to Norb Andy's and split a ponyshoe for lunch, then to George Rank's, the round bar on 66, and Capitol City for NTN and to meet J.J..

Dinner at the Cozy Dog for those great Cozy Dogs (like a corn dog on a stick).  Then to the Curve In  and ended up at the motel's South Side Pub where we taklked with a lot of folks in town to see the state fair.

A Great Day in a Great Town.  --RoadDog

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rain, a Fair and a Concert

Yesterday, we drove through intermittent rain to Springfield, Illinois, and went to the Illinois State Fair for the first time.  I've always wanted to go and figured we'd have done so way before now since we're both retired and have been these last six years.

Best of all, it was senior day and we got in for free and paid $7 to park.  The concerts were also free.

We found the fair really confusing with stuff all over the place and lots of walking.  Plenty of food though, including at least four places selling the famous Cozy Dogs, but these stands were not part of the Waldmire family.  Two were the Coleman's.

The rain fell a little, but then held off for the concerts.  We saw the band we'd seen yesterday in Johnsburg, New Odyssey who kicked off the show and the 3,000 or so folks there really had a good time.  I'd say they made a few converts.

The main act was the Million Dollar Quartet who are playing at a theater in Chicago.  This show recreates the session at Sun Studio in Memphis back in the 50s when Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis got together.  Great show as well.

Went to Capital City and the Curve Inn on the way back to the motel.

Great Time, But Man Are My Feet Sore!!!  --RoadDog

Monday, August 13, 2012

Real Fine Weekend

FRIDAY--  August 10th

Boating on a real rough day and got our last passport stamped at Blarney Island (A Mile from Reality).  The only way you can get to it is by boat, seaplane and there is a helicopter pad if you need it.

Then to Stormy Monday and the deck overlooking Fox Lake, 92 East on our channel (which does not now have our boat because of shallowness from this drought) and the Legion.


The annual picnic at the Legion.  Great weather and overlooked Nippersink Lake.  Deejay and karaoke and all the great picnic food you wanted.  Had to take up a collection for a second barrel.

Then, Tommy's.


Parishfest at St. John the Baptist Church in Johnsburg.  Always a great time with New Odyssey doing the enetertaining.  Rockford's new bishop was there and the priest rode the Harley up to the stage for its raffle.

Liz had worked hard to get a mini reunion of her school's Class of '65 (8th grade graduating class) in Chicago.  That would be Our Lady of Grace which recently celebrated its 100th anniversary.

The guitarist of New Odyssey, Michael Feddick graduated with her.  Five others were in attendance.  Great time and the band got a lot of new followers.  We also had quite a few of the Usual Suspects in attendance and I ran into good buddy Phil and wife.  Haven't seen him in at least six years.  He helped me (well, did the work) on the '67 Firebird convertible back in the 80s.

Good Times in the Area, As Usual.  --RoadDog

FUNNY HEADLINE:  Blind Woman Gets New Kidney From Dad She Hasn't Seen in Years.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Thinking About the Fair

Came across the Illinois State Fair running August 9-19th in Springfield.  I've always wanted to go to it.  Then saw that one of our favorite groups, New Odyssey (which we will be seeing at Parishfest at St. John's Church in Johnsburg, Illinois, tomorrow), will be playing there Monday. 

Even better, Monday is Senior Day; folks 60 and over get in FREE!!  Plus, Million Dollar Quartet will also be playing that day.  Priceline has rooms in Springfield as well.

Sounds like a plan to me.  And, we can do a Route 66 thing there and back.

Tis a Fair, Fair Better Thing I Do.  --RoadDog

What Were You Doing August 5, 1972?-- Part 4

TROLODYTE--  JUMMY CASTOR BUNCH--  Just as you thought you had gotten as final as you could with Gary Glitter, in steps this group.  (Yep, she was one of the Butt sisters. "Gotta find a woman!!")
BRANDY--  LOOKING GLASS--  Top Ten  (And one of my favorite all-time songs.  Go ahead and just try NOT to sing along with it.) 

JACKIE WILSON SANG--  VAN MORRISON--  Brand new album a few weeks old at this time called St. Dominique's Review.  The leadoff selection is the first single release.
LEAN ON ME--  BILL WITHERS--  (The song that would never end.)

MOTORCYCLE MAMA--  SAILCAT--  one-hit wonder

HAPPY--  ROLLING STONES--  A new 45 with Keith in the spotlight.
RIP IT UP--  ROLLING STONES--  For sure breaking the speed limit on this one.  The album was released in May '72, Exile on Main Street and it kept us rocking all summer long.  A good deep track from side 1.

Good Ol' Bertha.  --RoadDog

FUNNY HEADLINE:  Two Sisters Reunite After Eighteen Years At Checkout Counter

Friday, August 10, 2012

What Were You Doing August 5, 1972?-- Part 3

LAYLA--  DEREK & THE DOMINOES--  Technically from 1970 when it was originally released.  It was only a marginal hit two years earlier as an edited version.  In 1972, released in its full seven minutes and it went to the Top Ten.  (Great with either version.)
SCHOOL'S OUT--  ALICE COOPER--  The power of being out of school for the whole summer.  Back in the day when Alice Cooper and the Carpenters would be played in the same block of music.  (And, again, thanks for our boat name, Alice.  You Da Man!!)

I NEED YOU--  AMERICA--  Follow-up hit to "Horse With No Name."
GOODBYE TO LOVE--  CARPENTERS--  This song blew my mind 40 years ago, a bitching fuzz guitar solo was the very last thing I would expect to hear at the end of a Carpenters record.  The guy who laid it down was a great guitarist by the name of Tony Paluso.  He tells  a fabulous story about how Richard Carpenter called him up and said, "I got somethig I want you to play on."  He came to the studio and played a little guitar solo and Richard Carpenter said, "No, no, that's way too subtle.  I want you to crank it up, fuzz it out, distort it out. Let's go!"  And he comes up with one of the all-time great guitar solos in the Summer of '72 or any summer for that matter.  Tony Paluso passed away a couple years ago.  The song was brand new and debuting this week back then.

TIGHT ROPE--  LEON RUSSELL--  Brand new album called Carny.  This song was just now getting some airplay.

I Wonder How Many Times This Song Has Been Played at Sporting Events?  --RoadDog

FUNNY HEADLINE:  Two Soviet Ships Collide-- One Dies

Thursday, August 9, 2012

What Were You Doing August 5, 1972?-- Part 2

Cpntinuing with our trip back 40 years ago, the Summer of 1972.

HOE DOWN--  EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER--  A decent deep track from Trilogy.  (OK, swing your partner....)
CONQUISTAFOR--  PROCUL HARUM--  Originally a part nof their debut album back in 1967 as a studio version and now, the live version is out and in the Top Ten here in Chicago.

LONG COOL WOMAN--  HOLLIES--  Who among us didn't think this was Creedence Clearwater the first time they heard it.  Just good old Allan Clarke the lone voice and the lead vocal.  (I thought CCR until Clarke started singing.  Definitely not JF.)
HOLD YOUR HEAD UP--  ARGENT--  Brand new record from Rod Argent and his namesake band from their upcoming album due in November, All Together.  AM radio played the three-minute edit.  This is the full six minute version.  (Bob must have had to use the bathroom.)

THICK AS A BRICK--  JETHRO TULL--  Earlier in the summer it had been the #1 album in Chicago.  Each sid eof the album was thirty minutes long..  Radio played an edit so it would get some airplay and there's your almost six minute version.  (Had a great time at the Tull concert at UGA.  Liz and Tom Smith drove down from NIU for it.)
YOU DON'T MESS AROUND WITH JIM--  JIM CROCE--  First taste of a cat named Jim, Jim Croce.  (Sure miss this guy.)

Bringing On the Mems.  --RoadDog

A FUNNY HEADLINE:  Miners Refuse to Work After Death.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

JSS: Gas Gouge-- Got the Crabs-- 1966-- Jimmy Jones Dies

JSS--  Just Some Stuff

1.  GAS GOUGE--  We're still reeling here along the Wisconsin-Illinois border with out most recent Gas Gouge where the price went up 61 cents in less than a week.  Well, we're finally getting a BREAK of sorts.  The GRBs dropped the price of gas a whole penny Sunday, to $4.16 in Fox Lake.  Monday, it went down another 6 cents to $4.10.  Ain't those guys wonderful?

2.  GOT THE CRABS--  Everything else in the yard is suffering from the drought, but not so the crabgrass which is doing very well.  I'll need to cut my crabgrass by tomorrow.

3.  1966--  Bob Stroud does 1966 on his Ten at Ten today at 10 AM, repeat at 10 PM on WDRV, the Drive.  Thursday its 1983 and Friday 1976.

4.  JIMMY JONES DIES--  Sad to find out that singer Jimmy Jones died August 2nd at age 82.  He had two million-seller hits back in the 60s with "Handy Man" and "Good Timin'."

Just Some Stuff.  --RoadDog

JSIS: Dempster's Parting-- Mayhem and Flo

JSIS--  Just Some Interesting Stuff

1.  DEMPSTER'S PARTING--  As we know, 2012 is to be yet another rebuilding year for the Cubs and they just traded pitcher Ryan Dempster to Texas (thanks a lot from us Sox fans), but Dempster was class as usual, and ran a full page ad in the August 3rd Chicago Tribune "Thank You Chicagoland."

His foundation will continue its work here in Chicago.  A real class act.

2.  MAYHEM AND FLO--  An article in the July 26th USA Today "The joke's in insurers" by Gary Strauss.  Even though insurance companies are spending more on advertising, it is not necessarily reflecting on profits.  I am a big fan of Flo for Progressive, the Geico gecko (expecially the new Road Runner one) and my favorite of all is Allstate's Mayhem.

I'd sure hate to see these companies take them off as I stop whatever I'm doing during commercials to watch.

Love That Mayhem.  --RoadDog

FUNNY HEADLINE:  Lawmen From Mexico Barbecue Guests.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What Were You Doing August 5, 1972?-- Part 1

As in, 40 YEARS AGO!!  This past Sunday, Bob Stroud did his Part 3 of his annual look back to summers 40 years ago, which he started with the Summer of Love, 1967.  I really look forward to these Time Warp Rock and Roll Rooys Shows every year and try to make sure I'm at home so I can record them (on cassette tapes for those of you who remember those).

Part 4 will be September 2nd and will be  streaming on the Drive.  www.wdrv.com.

Back then, I was still living at the trailer outside of Athens, Georgia, where I was going to 4th quarter (Summer School) at UGA so I could get the credits I needed to transfer back to good old NIU so I could graduate in June of '73.  I was driving the "Ramblin' Wreck," the puke green '63 Rambler station wagon which used a quart of oil every 50-100 miles.

These were songs playing on the radio and in your collections back then, so, let's take a trip back, "Way back!" as Jimmy Castor and His Bunch would say.  Remember "Troglodyte" and Bertha?

OUT OF SPACE--  BILLY PRESTON-- The last time we convened (July 1) it was the #1 song in town (Chicago).  We will find out the new #1 in a little less than three hours.
ROCKET MAN--  ELTON JOHN--  From the #1 album in town, Honky Chateau.

GUITAR MAN--  BREAD--  Another man in your radio; David Gates and the band.
SATURDAY IN THE PARK--  CHICAGO--  Those Chicago horns making its debut on local charts from the album Chicago 5.

STILL IN LOVE WITH YOU--  AL GREEN--  Those Memphis horns.  I so do love the way producer Willie Mitchell had that snare drum right up front in those great Al Green songs in the 70s.

And. Lots More to Come.  --RoadDog

A FUNNY HEADLINE:  Enraged Cow Injures Farmer With Ax

Monday, August 6, 2012

Some Thoughts On the Summer of 1972

A big thanks to Bob Stroud for taking me back yesterday to a great time I had 40 years ago, the Summer of '72.  It was a time before these sky-high property taxes and when you could actually afford to drive places, both with the price of cars and PRICE OF GASOLINE these days.

Two songs resonated greatly with me that were playing on the radio 40 years ago.

The first was "School's Out" by Alice Cooper.  I was just getting ready for my senior year which would be all education classes and student teaching.  After the following summer, I started teaching and did that for 33 years.  I have now been retired for six school years; getting ready to start my seventh in a few weeks.

And, I tell you, these last six years have sure flown by.

Now, "School's Out...Forever" is the name of our boat.  Kind of fitting since Liz and I were both teachers.  Liz came up with the name when we were trying to think of a name for out second boat.  When she said that, there was no further discussion.  That was perfect name, thanks to dear old Alice.  Of course, back in 1990, it was just "School's Out" as we had not yet retired.  If you saw us out on it, it was a good bet that school was out for the day or summer.

Back 40 years ago, I had no idea that I would ever get into boating, which we did in 1985, thanks to my deejaying at places on the Chain of Lakes.  We're now on out third boat and have been boating 28 years.

But, back then, I had no idea.

The Second Song Soon.  --RoadDog

A FUNNY HEADLINE:  Dealers Will Hear a Car Talk At Noon.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

It's Them, Not Me: The "Reason" For Our Most Recent Gas Gouge

Since last week, gas in Fox Lake, Illinois, went up sixty-one cents a gallon!!  It was $3.56 on July 27th.  Yesterday, it was $4.17!!  That is a remarkable rise in prices to say the least.  About 36 cents came in one minute's time.

Inquiring minds wanted to know, and I read in the August 3rd Chicago Tribune what "happened."  The article was "Spike At the Pump: Area's 'cluster of bad luck': Pipeline, production issues" by Gregory Karp and Cheryl V. Jackson.

It would seem that the Enbridge pipeline burst July27th near Grand Marsh, Wisconsin, and 1,000 barrels of crude oil spilled before the pipeline was shut down.  It is a major supplier of oil to the region.  Of course, we had a spike in gas pump prices immediately.

"The blame also lies with several Midwestern oil refineries that ratcheted back production because of temporary and unrelated problems at those plants, experts say."

This last part really makes me pause to wonder.  "Unrelated" my foot.  The BP refinery in Whiting, Indiana, reduced capacity July 27th as well.  The Citgo refinery in Lemont, Il.,  reduced capacity July 30th as did the ConocoPhillips Wood River refinery in Roxana, Il., near St. Louis.

Methinks way too much of a coincidence.  And, after all, we know Big Oil would never lie to us if there is a chance to make a big profit.

And, of course, to drop down 61 cents will take months.

Minutes Going Up, Months Coming Down.  --RoadDog

"Ain't" Goin' to Lollapalooza

Big news in Chicago this weekend is the annual Lollapalooza summer festival that started last night.  Of course, it being in Chicago means I won't be attending because of my price boycott, especially PARKING!!

Plus, I don't really know new music anymore.  At 61, I've been passed by and since I no longer deejay, I don't need to know.

However, yesterday, the Chicago Tribune printed an hour-by-hour breakdown of who is playing on what stage.  At first glance, I just recognized the name sof three groups and two of those could be classified as oldies, especially Black Sabbath.  The other two were Red Hot Chili Peppers and Black Keys.  I did see why Lin Braemer said you'd have to chose between the Black Keys and Black Sabbath as both closed their stages last night.

Another look this morning and I recognized the names of Alabama Shakes, Franz Ferdinand, Florence + the Machine and Jack White.

However, there would be some groups I'd check out just on the basis of their name.  Here they are:


O Rappa, First Aid Kit, Blind Pilot, Band of Skulls, Dry the River, The White Panda, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (How could you not check them out with a  name like this?), Yellow Ostrich, Tame Impala, The Growlers, Dr. Dog.


The Tallest Man on Earth, Kopecky Family Band, Walk Off the Earth, Star Slinger, Skream & Benga, B.o.B, Bear In Heaven, Neon Indian,


Oberhofer, WhiteRabbits, The Devil Makes Three, Hey Rosetta!, Dum Dum Girls, The Gaslight Anthem, Of Monsters & Men, Childish Gambino, Imaginary Cities, The Sheepdogs, The Jezabels, Big Gigantic, Zeds Dead, The Walkman, Bombay Bicycle Club, Trampled By Turtles (How could you not?)

Won't Be There.  --RoadDog

A FUNNY HEADLINE:  Squad Helps Dog Bite Victim

Friday, August 3, 2012

It's Them, Not Me: Help! The BO GRBs Are Running Amuck!!

I sure would like to know the laughable reasons for this latest gas gouge that the good GRBs at Big Oil have inflicted on us.  Gas prices around here were down to a ridiculously high $3.56 last week.  As far as I'm concerned, anything above $2.50 is a gouge.

Yesterday, cruising to Wisconsin and Antioch, we were appalled.  The station at Il-173 and Wilmot Road was at $4.  We did get gas about five miles away in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, for $3.80.  Then, later, in Antioch, gas was $4 and $4.07.  At Il-59 and Grasslake Road, the BP was $4.16!! as was the station at State Park Road and Grasslake.

What in the world gives??

Haven't those GRBs earned enough profit this year?  Does that CEO need a new car or mansion?  And, speaking of profits, whatever happened to the first and second quarter statements?  I never did see them, but the BO profits had to have been astronomical.  I though public companies had to publish statements.

I have to wonder if some of Der Mitt's GRB buddies are causing gas prices to go up to hurt Obama's chances?

Like the guy filling his tank during another gas gouge a few years back said to me after I was complaining, "I don't care how much gas goes up as I have a lot of oil stock and I make a lot of money."

  I Sure Don't Much Like These Guys.  --RoadDog

Jus' Listnin'

Sitting here at the old compute, an obsolete personal computer (but I like it), and a-typin' away with my two little fingers and listenin'.

Right now, I am streaming Greenville, North Carolina's WNCT with its great Beach Music.  Like they say, "Beach, Boogie and Blues."  When Allen Vick goes off at 10, 9 our time, I'll switch over to 94.9 the Surf out of North Myrtle Beach, SC and Ted Bell.

I also have Chicago's WXRT and Lin Braemer on the radio and was listnin' to the The Color and Shape CD by Foo Fighters earlier and the Don't Mess Around With Jim CD by Jim Croce right now.  That Croce was something and it was way too bad that we lost him so early.  "Hard Time Losin' Man" and "Walkin' Back to Georgia" are two GREAT songs!!  Plus, this album has my all-time favorite Croce song "Operator."

As you can see, I multi-listen.

Lovin' My Tunes.  --RoadDog

YOU CAN RETIRE TO CALIFORNIA WHERE the four seasons are: Fire, Flood, Mud and Drought.

Lovin' That Music.

And, Speaking of Obsolete Technology

Those $5 bargain bins at Wal Mart attacked me on my recent trip to North carolina on several occasions.  Must remember to stay away from electronics section.  I did buy a couple hugely expensive $7 ones as well.

Here's the list:

Great Women of Rock and Roll: The 50s
Icon: Thin Lizzy
Icon: SOS Band
Diamond Rio Greatest Hits
Ten Great Songs: The Hollies
You Don't Mess Around With Jim--  Jim Croce
I Got a Name--  Jim Croce
I Love Rock & Roll--  Vol. 16
Dixie Chicken--  Little Feat
The Best of Lobo
Beautiful Loser--  Bob Seger
Under the Influence--  Alan Jackson
Waiting for the Sun--  Doors

My biggest problem bin-surfing is whether or not I already have it.

Going into those bins is like going on a treasure hunt.  You never know what you'll find.  Buddy Frank thinks a person should just download.  It's just not the same.

Put It In My Hands Everytime.  An Obsolete Person Should Have Obsolete Stuff.  --RoadDog

Thursday, August 2, 2012

There I Go Again: Buying Obsolete Technology-- Part 2

This past July 31st, I was attacked by that Wal-Mart $5 bin.  I was just walking by and it grabbed me.

I bought:

American Originals: Andy Griffith--  15 songs and bits including "The Fishing Hole" where he sings the TV show theme and, of course "What It Was, Was Football."
Welcome to My Nightmare--  Alice Cooper
S.O.U.L.: Billy Ocean
Book of Dreams--  Steve Miller Band

Then, I bought the new CD by the Zac Brown Band "Uncaged" at Meijer's for $10.

While on our boating expedition to McHenry, I walked over to the Vinyl Revolution, one of those great places we are losing rapidly.

I bought two used CDs:
Red Hot & Blue with Lee Atwater, Isaac Hayes, Chuck Jackson, Memphis Horns, Sam Moore and Billy Preston for $5.
Snake Bite Love--  Zachary Richard for $7.

Should be Some Good Listenin'.  --RoadDog

There I Go Again: Buying Obsolete Technology-- Part 1

I remember back in the 1980s when the latest technology in music was that little old thing called CDs.  Of course, I held out on my albums and vinyl as long as I could, until I couldn't buy them anymore.  That's always me, I have to be dragged kicking and screaming into new technology.  Hey, I like things I know how to operate and don't like to have to learn new operations.

Well, I am still buying CDs and will continue to do so until, like with the vinyl, I can no longer buy them and, at that time, will have to do my first-ever download.  Probably not too difficult, but its something new I'll have to learn to do.

Anyway, dear old Wal-Mart has been costing me some money with their infernal $5 CD bins.  It's like going on a treasure hunt in there.  I just wish they were in neat rows so I could just do a quick go-through.  Instead, they are haphazardly strewn about the bin requiring hand sorting and piling.  But, I have found some good stuff.

What I Bought July 31st.  --RoadDog

Sorry About That

If you write a comment on these four blogs: this one, Cooter's History Thing, Not Forgotten or Tatttooed On Your Soul, I can't print them as evidently these four blogs are still in the old Blogger/Blogspot doghouse and I'm not allowd to print them or even to see the comments.

My other three blogs: Roadlog, Running the Blockade and Saw the Elephant are not in the doghouse so I can see them.

So, Again, I apologize, but must have been a bad boy and am sitting in that proverbial corner.

I'm a B-A-D, B-A-D Boy.  --RoadBadDog

JSS: Keys or Sabbath?-- 66-- Cut the Grass?-- Drought

JSS--  Just Some Stuff.

1.  KEYS OR SABBATH--  Lyn Braemer and newscaster Mary Dixon have been talking a lot about this weekend's Lollapalooza show in Chicago on their morning show on WXRT and are planning to catch some of it.  Not me.  Evidently, fest-goers will have to choose between seeing Black Sabbath and the Black Keys.  Braemer says he would base the decision on whether or not you own a turntable.  That would be a good indicator.

I bought the very first Black Sabbath album back in the early 70s when you had to play it on a turntable.  I listened a lot to the El Camino CD by the Black Keys on my recent North Carolina trip.  I like both groups and I own about seven turntables and seven CD players.  What to do?  Well, I'm not going anyway so guess that's a moot question.

2.  66--  Always a good thing to hear that great old "Get Your Kicks on Route 66" song, which I did on Lyn Braemer's WXRT morning show yesterday at 7:57 AM. It was the Rolling Stones' version.

3.  CUT THE GRASS?--  Believe it or not, I believe the time has come for me to actually cut the yard, well, cut the weeds, which seem unaffected by the #4.  I did have to cut one small strip of the yard last weekend and that was the grass over one of our septic lines which was growing fine.

Well, at least I wasn't having to buy gas for the lawn tractor so the GRBs didn't get more of their beloved money.

4.  DROUGHT--  Just heard that over hald the counties in the whole country are under drought.  Here in Illinois, 98 of the 102 counties are classified as under drought conditions.  I can believe it.  We've greened up a little bit (see #3), but still having the stuff die.

Just Some Stuff.  --RoadDog

YOU CAN RETIRE TO CALIFORNIA WHERE when someone askes you for directions, you tell them how long it will take them to get there rather than how many miles it is.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The First Prince Reunion, 30 Years Ago Today

Again, looking at my journal from thirty years ago.

I remarked in it that it was the fifth year I'd been keeping the journal, so today marks the 35th year of it.  Sure brings back the memories.  I'm sure Vicki remembers me writing in it on that fast train in London.

Julie and Tommy gave me a ride from Carolina Beach to Goldsboro.

"Up early for the Prince Reunion in Goldsboro.  Got there at 11 AM after a two hour drive.  This is the first-ever reunion of the descendants of David Mabury Prince and was held at one of the picnic enclosures across the street from Mama Gert and Daddy Graham's house in Herman Park.

Unfortunately, this particular branch of the Prince family will die out because William, the only remaining son since D.M. Prince, Jr, died trying to save the small boy from a flood in 1919, does not have any children.  With the exception of David, all the other children: Anna Mae, Julia and Gertrude, are still living.

Wilber's catered the affair and we had more than enough to eat.  Afterwards, each of the Prince children got up an introduced their families.  We had between 60 and 70 people there; the kids being hard to count because they kept running around.

Group shots were taken of all by their respective grandparent.  They decided to have another one next year either at Carolina Beach or Sleepy Creek.

We left at 4 and drove back to Carolina Beach via Paul's Place even though no one was very hungry.  When we got back, Julie and I definitely felt we had to run and got in three miles before darkness.  Sat on the porch and enjoyed the sea breeze."

We were staying at Aunt Annie Mae's cottage across from the Sema cottage, where Mama Gert and Daddy Graham had their cottage before Hurricane Hazel.

Way Back When.  --RoadDog

It's Them, Not Me: Fox Lake Gas Bump Strikes Again

Gas around here jumped from $3.56 to a low of $3.70 and high of $3.85 Sunday.  And, for no reason that I know of.  That is a 14 cent to 29 cent jump in the matter of a few minutes.  To drop that amount takes at least a month.  Funny how gas can go up so fast, but drop so slow.  Must be a GRB thing.

This is the fourth Fox Lake gas bump we've had this summer.  The first times it was pretty much a standard 20 cent spike.

Like I Firmly believe, Upon Entering Illinois, the Welcome Signs Should Read, "Welcome to Illinois, Expect To PAY MORE."

It's Them, Not Me: Thanks to the GRBs

Received news from my bank that starting this month, the interest rate for my debit card account goes from two-and-a-half percent to one-and-a-half percent for the first $15,000.  I'm not happy at all about this.  This is the only place us regular folk can earn anything even approaching a decent interest rate any more.

The only reason I got a debit card was for the interest.  If it drops another one percent, I'm going to drop it altogether.

The government sticks it to us so that the GRBs can have plenty of money to invest so they can get 20-30% return on their investments.  After all, it was the GRBs that got us into this economic funk in the first place, now, we have to give them the chance to get the money back.  Supposedly, they will reinvest and make jobs for regular folk, but mostly, they just keep it.

Come On, At Some Time the Government Needs to Do Something for the Regular Folks.  --RoadDog