Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's Them, Not Me: That Was a Fast $80

I just got back from Fox Lake getting gas  before the GRBs raise the price.  Gas was at a lowest in several weeks, $3.96.  It took just a couple days to jump up 65 cents and three weeks to drop 20 cents.  It just doesn't compute that it can go up that fast and drop that slow.

Well, I guess that is not so surprising considering all these years our property taxes have gone up with the reason being that the value of our house went up.  Of course, in the last two years, the value of our house has plummeted drastically to where we could probably get what we paid for it in 1992.  One would then expect our property tax to go down,  Come on, that only makes sense.

BUT NO!!!!  Last year, our tax bill went up $500, a new record increase.  But, this year, it set another record, going up another $850!!

I guess things that used to make sense just don't anymore.

Anyway, to beat the Hurricane Isaac increase in gas price tomorrow, I got gas this evening.  I had to put a little over ten gallons in the '11 Malibu.  Then, got 5 gallons for the boat.  Then, after the movie and seeing gas was still at $3.96 (I kind of figured it would go up during the two hours of the Bourne Legacy), I got another five gallons for the lawn tractor.

How I spent $80.

Guess we'll never see gas under $3 again.

Things Ain't What They Used to Be.  --RoadDog

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