Tuesday, December 7, 2010

NIU Blows MAC Championship

I should have figured I shouldn't have written about Northern's season as that always puts a whammy on them (or for that matter, any team I support and write about).

I really thought we would win the game and the coach, Jerry Kill, obviously had other things on his mind (which I found out today) to such an extent that he did not get the team up for this game.

One thing for sure, Miami of Ohio came to play, but Northern still was the better team.

We watched it at Tommy's in Spring Grove, Illinois, and had a few other Huskie fans watching with us. Unfortunately, they wouldn't turn the sound up , which took away a lot of the enjoyment. Plus, they kept switching to other stations people requested, but always turned it back when we said, "HEY!!?"

This was a great game between two really good teams, especially considering that Miami was 1-11 last year, what a turn-around!!

With less than two minutes left in the game and NIU ahead 21-20, the RedHawks were on their own 38 with a fourth and 20. Unbelievably, they pulled off a 31-yard tipped pass play for a 1st down on the Huskie 31. Two plays later, they had a TD and won the game 26-21.

Well, at least this time, Northern will go to a bowl game, the Humanitarian in Boise, Idaho. One that we are not going to.

A Great Year, But It Could Have Been Better. --RoadDog

FUNNY SIGNS-- On a septic rank truck: "Yesterday's Meals on Wheels."

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