Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Way to Go Huskies!! Winners of the 2010 Humanitarian Bowl

This past Saturday, Liz and I and some other friends watched the whole Humanitarian Bowl at the Fox Lake, Illinois, American Legion.

Our interim coach did what the Most Wonderful Kill couldn't do in two years and that was to win a bowl game. Kill lost both that he coached.

It didn't bode well when Fresno State scored right away. The Huskies marched right back down the field for a TD of their own, but the point after was missed. But, in the second quarter, the Huskies scored two TDs and a field goal to the Bulldogs' field goal to take a 23-10 lead. In the second half, Northern dominated and eventually had 1 40-10 lead before FSU scored.

Final score was NIU 40 Fresnao State 17.

This was the same FSU which had beaten Illinois two weeks earlier. The Illini defeated Northern 28-22 back in September.

We finish the season 11-3, the most-ever wins by our football team.

However, I believe that Kill did built a great nucleus for the future, so I will commend him for that, but definitely not the shaft in the back after the championship game.

Go, Huskies!!! --RoadDog

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