Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Movie Scratches: Crazy-- Nun-- Predator-- Star

Movie Scratches:  A Dog's-Eye view of the movies at theaters.

33.  CRAZY, RICH ASIANS--  9-18--  Fox Lake, $5.  Will true love or family win?  A real tour de force of the beauty of Singapore.

34.  THE NUN--  9-20--  Fox Lake, $6--  Who let the demon out?  Who will put it back?

35.  THE PREDATOR--  10-2--  Fox Lake, $5--  Pet the nice doggie, but beware the really big dude. and don't say the "F" Bomb so much.  At least the aliens didn't swear.

36.  A STAR IS BORN--  10-19--  Fox Lake, $5--  The ups and downs, ups and downs of the music biz with the Nose and her Beau.  Plenty enough "F" Bombs.  Why are there so many "F" Bombs in today's movies?

Getting Really Weary of All These "F" Words in Today's Movie.  Most People Do Not talk That Way.  --RoadDog

IT'S ALL IN A NAME:  A hairstylist's son named Bob.

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