Thursday, August 17, 2017

Glen Campbell's "William Tell Overture"-- Part 2: "Bobbing For Beer" and the Funnel Club at the Puppet Bar

Continued from August 10.

Now, being the deejay, I was the one who did all these things when i was there, which was very often.

Yep, we sure had a good old time at the Old Puppet Bar.  Not only did we have the "God Bless America" flag/sparkler thing and the puppets doing their thing, but also guys doing their best cheerleader routines to "YMCA."  Big ol' drunk guys showing what they got.  Oh well!!

There was also "Bobbing for Beer"  which we had Thursdays during the summer.  Import bottles of beer were placed in an old bathtub filled with ice and ice water and for a buck, you could see if you could bob for them.  It was a buck savings and worth it if you didn't chip a tooth.  They got me to do it once and putting my face in the water made me think that hell isn't all that hot because I sure was in  it.

Then there was the Funnel Club where you had to get a quarter placed on your forehead into a funnel which was placed spout down on the inside of your pants.  People who succeeded would get a red funnel with their name placed on the wall behind the bar.  Of course, as you tried to flip that quarter, someone would come up and pour water down the funnel.

One thing that didn't work out too well was Musical Chairs for adults.  Sounded like a good idea, but in reality, getting a bunch of drunk adults to do this is not a good idea.

Like I said, this was one really fun place.  And, I promise I will tell you about "The William Tell Overture" by Glen Campbell.

Some Folks Also Did Not Like Their Initiation Into the Funnel Club For Some Reason.  --RoadDog

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