Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Closing Out July-- Part 4: A '67 Firebird Convertible, An Oasis and a Legion


I went to the Spring Grove Charity Car Show at the old Intermatic Timer factory on US-12.  I was hoping tp see some '67 cars.  I saw a '67 Camaro, and then, I saw that holy grail of mine, a '67 Firebird convertible and in perfect shape.  I once had a '67 Firebird so these are VERY special cars to me.  I talked with the owners and found out they live in Spring Grove as well.  That sure made my day.  Hope to see them driving around some day.

Went to Subway and got one of their sweet onion chicken sandwiches and ate it on the deck (OD).

We went to a new bar/restaurant that opened on the Chain of Lakes,  the Oasis.  It is in the old Harbor Lounge and Nauti-Knots on Bluff Lake.  We always enjoyed going there before and weren't happy when it was closed for a year.  But now it is open again and the new owners are big fans of Terry and Gregg Spizziri who were on the deck playing their songs.  We sat at the tiki bar and sure enjoyed ourselves.  Let's see, music, cold beer and sitting outside to enjoy them. Life is good.  Strange though not to see any boats out other than an occasional police boat as the Chain is still closed.

We later went to the American Legion in Fox Lake where they were having a party for the patrons of the Drop Zone Bar, one of our main bars that we enjoy.  The band was just finishing when we came in but we did enjoy the free pig roast.

I'd Say We Closed the Flooding Month In Proper Fashion.  --RoadDog

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