Monday, July 7, 2008

JSS: --Mama Robin-- They're Back-- Chain's Open, Finally-- Dadburn Gas

JSS-- Just Some Stuff

1. MAMA ROBIN-- While we were gone, a mama robin built a nest on the top of the backporch deck light by the main sliding door we use to go out and come in. That means, here comes all the squawking and fluttering every time we walk by. Looks like they'd figure out that if we know they're there and do nothing, we're not a threat, but not so with robins. Mama Duck would just remain very still if we were nearby.

2. THEY'RE BACK-- Always hate to see those rotten Japanese beetles emerge this time of the year. Well, yesterday, they made thir first appearance of the season and will be happily munching and procreating for the next two months. I really hate these varmints!!!!

3. CHAIN's OPEN-- It's completely open and full speed ahead as of this past Thursday, just in time for the Fourth of July weekend. Local businesses have really been hurting as its been closed essentially for the past three weeks.

4. DADBURN GAS-- I was sure gas prices would be down by now, but, I was wrong. They're climbing. Around here it is anywhere from $4.20 to $4.30. Even $3.70 would look good now. Come on Big Oil and Specs, Give Us a Break.

Just Some Stuff. --RoadDog

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