Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thumb's a Real Hassle

One of the things I like about being retired is the ability to get up each morning and say to myself, "Self, what am I going to do today?"

Now, that is a great luxury and something to look forward to. But, NOT No MORE.

Now, it is "What do we have to do with the thumb today."

For example, today, Liz had to take the antibiotics out of the refrigerator at 6:30 am, and right now, at 10:05 am, I have it tube hooked up to my left arm and receiving the meds. The meds are refrigerated and have to be taken out three hours before use.

At 11 am, I have an appointment to go to the hospital for hydrotherapy and then at 1:30, we go to Crystal Lake to see the hand doctor who operated on the thumb.

Any Way You Look at IT, This is a Pretty-Well Planned Out Day. And to Think, I Could Have Been at Topsail Beach Enjoying the Water, Sand, and Sun. --RoadDog

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