Saturday, September 2, 2017

The Problem With Chipmunks

Good thing I love those furry lil' varmints or else they would be having some serious problems.  We're essentially overrun with them.  I've seen as many as four scampering about and climbing things in our back yard.

To me, they are close cousins of the wily squirrels.

You can challenge them, but you are not going to win.  Just try to keep them out of a bird feeder when they like the seed.  Ours are particularly fond of safflower and sunflower seed.  At first you could just yell at them and they'd jump off, but now I almost have to walk over to the feeder before they jump off.

Right now, though, I have one who has trained me well.  When I go out on the deck and eat peanuts in the shell, he (or she) comes up to me and impatiently waits to be fed.  They are so funny when they eat, especially when they stiff the peanut or shell in their mouth and it bulges out the sides.  I'm hoping to get him to take the peanut out of my hand one of these days.

The Little Rascals.  Yes, Boss.   --RoadDog

LIFE'S LITTLE TRUTHS:  Brain cells come and go, but fat cells are forever.

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