Thursday, December 28, 2017

Past Movie Scratches: Shrek-- Scrooged-- Pirates-- Potter-- Lord

Past Movie Scratches--  Movies I saw on TV in 2016.

91.  SHREK EVER AFTER--  12-26--  Shrek has his George Bailey experience.

92.  SCROOGED--  12-25--  Eddie Murray gets "beat up" by a ghost

93.  PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN:  CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL--  12-29--  Something about the moonlight and the pirates.  "Very interesting."

94.  HARRY POTTER:  GOBLET OF FIRE--  The contest with the Russians and the girls.

95.  LORD OF THE RINGS:  RETURN OF THE KING--  Age of Man begins in Middle Earth.  The Giant Eye, Orks and Gollum get theirs.

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