Thursday, June 6, 2019

World Leaders Honor D-Day Veterans-- Part 1: "The Wartime Generation - My Generation - Is Resilient"

From the June 6, 2019, Chicago Tribune by Danica Kirka and Jill Lawless, AP.

Queen Elizabeth II and world leaders, including President Trump gathered Wednesday on the south coast of England to honor the troops who risked and sacrificed their lives 75 years ago on D-Day.  It was a triumphant turning point of World War II

Across the English Channel, Allied paratroopers dropped into northwestern France, scaled cliffs by Normandy beaches and charged ashore this day.

It is exceedingly sad that the number of veterans who were there and who fought in the war is dwindling so fast.  Several hundred men who took part in D-Day were there.  All are now in their nineties.  The Queen herself is now 93 years old and a member of that Greatest Generation.

She served as an army mechanic during the war and said that when she attended the 60th anniversary event many thought it might be the last time it was held  "But the wartime generation -- my generation -- is resilient,"  she said.

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