Wednesday, May 3, 2017

JSS: Frost Advisory-- Miserable Weather-- Round Lake Spring Carnival Curse

JSS--  Just Some Stuff

1.  FROST ADVISORY--  Hard to believe, but this morning we had a frost advisory.  The temperature on our front porch this morning was 34 degrees.

2.  MISERABLE WEATHER--  And, we have had really crummy weather the last week.  Most days it was overcast and threatening storms as well as unseasonably cold and a 10-20 mph wind that blew the cold right through you.

Temp forecast highs:  Today 55, Thursday 52, Fri. 55,  weekend--  mid-50s.

3.  ROUND LAKE SPRING CARNIVAL CURSE--  Yesterday, I went to Round Lake Beach, Illinois, to see a couple movies (since it was too crummy to work in the yard).  I didn't see it going to the theater, but on the way back, there IT WAS.  The various trucks of the infamous Round Lake Spring Carnival were parked out in the parking lot of the stores where they set up every year at the corner of Rollins and Cedar Lake roads.

Actually, with how bad the weather was last weekend, we were joking that the "Carnival must be in town."  It wasn't, but its weather sure was.

Everyone in the Round Lake Area (there are four Round Lake towns) knows about the carnival curse.  With the exception of a couple years, the weather has been crummy ever since I worked it for the Round Lake Area Jaycees back in 1977.

The CURSE of the CARNIVAL.  --RoadDog

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