Monday, May 7, 2018

I'd Celebrate That!!! May 7-May 13: Tuesday Is Teacher Appreciation Day

MAY 7, MONDAY--  Melanoma Day**  be aware.

MAY 8, TUESDAY--  Teacher Appreciation Day**   Being a former teacher myself.  World Red Cross Day**

MAY 9, WEDNESDAY--  Receptionists Day**  They keep the place going.  School Nurse Day**

MAY 10, THURSDAY--  Shrimp Day**  I love 'em.  Clean Up Your Room Day**  Well, it's too late for me.  Better luck to you.

MAY 11, FRIDAY--  Military Spouse Day**  A hard job.    Eat What You Want Day**  Should be every day, but now, it seems anything you eat, and especially if you really like it, will kill you.

MAY 12, SATURDAY--  Babysitters Day**  I used to get 50 cents an hour and all I could scrounge from the fridge.   Mini Golf Day**  It's been a while.

MAY 13, SUNDAY--  Mother's Day, but you knew that.**  I sure wish is till had mine here.  Enjoy your mom if you can.

ABOUT US SEENAGERS (Senior Teenagers)  I don't have to go to school or work.

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