Monday, May 21, 2018

I'd Celebrate That!!-- May 20-27: Indy 500

**  I'd Celebrate That.

SUNDAY,  MAY 20--  Pick Strawberries Day**  Nothing better than fresh-picked strawberries.  Melt in your mouth.

MONDAY, MAY 21--  Waitstaff Day**  Tip 'em for good service.

TUESDAY, MAY 22--  Maritime Day**  Must be a water thing.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 23--  Lucky Penny Day**  Yep, I still bend over and pick them up.

THURSDAY, MAY 24--  Brothers Day**  Hi, Bob!!  Also, my 67th birthday.

FRIDAY, MAY 25--  Wine Day**  Well, I do like some wines, especially Pink Catawba.  Carb Day at Indy 500.  Last warm ups for the race.  Indy Lite 100 car race and concert by Blues Traveler and Train.  I'll be there.

SATURDAY, MAY 26--  Legends Day at Indy 500.  Walk the infield and Gasoline Alley.  Buy expensive souvenirs.

SUNDAY, MAY 27--  Grape Popsicle Day**  Beware Brain Freeze.  102nd Running of the Indy 500, I'll be there.

Racin'.  --RoadDog

ABOUT US SEENAGERS (Senior teenagers)  Why We Got It better:  And, I don't have acne.

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