Friday, July 19, 2019

Man on the Moon Tomorrow, Fifty Years Ago

Fifty years ago it was all everyone seemed to be talking about.  Something that I never figured would happen.  Man on the Moon.

I was on vacation in North Carolina and staying over at Ronnie Creel's house for the night.  We stayed up watching it on his black and white TV.  And we, being eighteen-year-olds, were not talking about girls that night, but the space program.  If I remember correctly, Keith Hood was also there.

The day before, Keith had gotten in big trouble with his dad when the three of us sank a boat  in a local swamp.  We were puling it over some logs and tree stumps and one  of them yelled, "Snake!!."

This caused all three of us to jump into the boat and send a branch through its bottom.  We had quite some time getting the boat out of that swamp, waterlogged as it was.

Anyway, that event had been forgotten as we watched that flickering reception from the moon.

That Was Quite A Day.  --RoadDog

Whose Baby Appeared On the Cover of the First Issue of TV Guide?   Answer below.

Lucille Ball's

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