Thursday, July 12, 2018

Past Movie Scratches: Yuma-- Dreamgirls-- Shutter-- Galaxy--- Monster-- Time

25.  3:10 TO YUMA--  4-22--  One of the most interesting "Bad Guys" ever.

26.  DREAMGIRLS--   4-24--  More great music than you can shake a stick at.

27.  SHUTTER ISLAND--  5-7--  Playing tricks with your mind.

28.  GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY--  5-8--  "I am Grood."  And, then all that great 70s-80s music on cassette tapes.

29.  MONSTER U--  5-13--  Frat monsters.  Move over Bluto, Sully's here.

30.  OUT OF TIME--  5-20--   Florida Keys small-time sheriff gets played.

I'm A Big Fan of Cassette Tapes.  Always Have Been, Always Will Be.  --RoadCass

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