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Friday, August 16, 2019

No More Boating For Us-- Part 3: Our First Boat in 1985

Only one problem remaining with getting a boat.  In order to go boating one must know hoe to tie knots.  I have never been good at knots-- ever.  I never got past Tenderfoot in Boy Scouts because to be Second Class, you had to pass a knots test.  That just never happened.

The owner of the Puppet Bar, Joe Gates, with great difficulty, taught me how to tie one knot which would suffice to tie the boat up at docks.  After about a month of practice I "mastered" it.  Now, we can get a boat.  I STILL know how to tie that knot.  Thanks, Joe.

And, get a boat we did.  It was used.1979 Imperial and we bought it in 1985.  I forget how much we paid for it.  It was a 17-foot gold flake on top and white modified tri-hull and did we ever use it and have a good time on it that year.  We went out every day, even on the weekends when the Chain of Lakes is really crowded.  That is, we went out during the summer when I wasn't deejaying, and I did that a lot.

We paid for it with deejay money (as we did for the lot where we're at now and to have the basement finished with our Margaritaville bar.

Had I not started deejaying, I doubt that we would ever have had a boat.

Anyway, that was the first boat.


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