Monday, August 12, 2019

Every Blooming THing-- Mid August: What A Long Strange Summer It's Been

And, that is besides not going boating (which, of course we didn't do last year).  But, I have not yet gotten the front yard hose out of the garage and last Saturday was the first day I seriously watered the back yard flower beds.  I usually have both hoses out by May.  We've had that much rain.

Also, I've had to cut the grass every week and at 2 1/2 inches.  This past week I did not cut the grass, skipping a week for the first time.  And usually by now I am at my summer cutting height of 3 inches.  Again, that much rain and fairly cool temperatures through early July.

And, I've never had so much tree and bush trimming, especially my boxwoods and burning bushes which were severely burned back by the polar vortex we had this past winter.  They are all alive, but require big time cutting back of their upper branches.  Plus, we have now been at this house for 27 years, there are tree branches that have either gotten too big or are growing in places I don't want them.

But, flowers are still going strong.  Right now, my wild sunflowers, bee balm, mums, black-eyes Susans, purple coneflowers and daylillies are really in bloom, and I have hundreds of each one.

Oh Well.  --RoadDog

BABY TRIVIA TEASER:  Which famous band went on the Zoo TV tour in support of its 1991 album "Actung Baby"?


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