Monday, August 5, 2019

How I Make the WLS Top 40s

Yesterday I completed the WLS Top 40 music survey for August 4, 1969.  Every week I do the WLS Top Ten along with debuts, but once a month I take on the whole 40 songs on the list.

When I do this, I do it  in groups of five songs for the numbers 40 to 11.  Then I do the last ten on the last, usually seventh post.

I get the WLS Surveys from the Oldies Loon web site. wlsyear-oldies loon.

This is a rather time consuming (but completely enjoyable) task for me as it requires me to listen to every single song on You Tube and often many more times than once, especially with songs I am not familiar with or have only rarely heard.  Then I make comments.

Then I use Joel Whitburn's Top Pop Singles 1955-1993 to find out how high the song charted on the national Billboard charts as well as some more information about the band.

Then, of course, comes the long, drawn-out two fingered typing on the keyboard.

For fun, you can try to guess the performer of the song in the title and then name that tune from a line in the song at the bottom of the list.

Well, That's How I Do It Once A Month.  --RoadDog

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