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Thursday, September 19, 2019

At Least We Got Through That Horrid NFL Preseason, Now We Have That Horrid NCAA Preseason

I think most will agree with me that the NFL preseason is just a big waste of time.  Hardly any regulars play.  A big who cares.

However, now sadly, we are in the NCAA preseason when the Big Guys beat up on the Little Guys.  That is, the Power Five Conferences play the Mid-Level teams and generally blow them out (as seen with Nebraska beating my Northern Illinois 44-8 last Saturday.

Taking a quick look at the Lines for some college football games this weekend:

Iowa State by 19 over Louisiana-Monroe
Ohio State by 40 over Miami of Ohio
Clemson by 41 over UNC-Charlotte
Indiana by 27 over UConn
Miami by 30 over Central Michigan
Virginia by 31 over Old Dominion
NC State by 20 over Ball State

These are ridiculous games, even though on rare occasion one of the Little Guys beats a Big Guy.

College football needs to do something about these impending blow outs.

Granted, the Little Guys get a huge payday for playing these games, but even then, COME ON!!


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