Wednesday, July 3, 2013

That Magical Game Six of Stanley Cup Finals-- Part 3: FINALLY!!!

Unfortunately, there was a whole minute left to play.  If the Bruins tied it, there would be another overtime and we sure had the overtimes in these finals.  Probably two of the best-matched teams ever to play in the Finals and, they were two of the Original Six NHL teams.

That time went by excruciatingly slow.  Kind of like when you're watching the clock on the wall at school back in your student days.  Tommy's actually quieted down a little.  People were even holding their breath.  Now, it's ten seconds and clock still running slow and the Bruins too often down deep in Hawk territory.

Last ten seconds were a bar countdown, everyone counting.

Then, big yelling, screaming, jumping up and down.  Beer flying in the air from shaken bottles (glad we weren't by it).  More high-fives, more hand shaking.  Lots of smiles and laughter.  A big weight lifted from the collective soul.  Big celebration starting on the ice in Boston also.

As happy as we were, the poor Bruins and their fans had to be heartbroken.  To go from a trip to Game 7 to the end of the run like that has to be rough.

I grabbed a dollar and ran over to the juke box and, with help, managed to put on "Chelse Dagger" by the Fratelli's which is the Hawk song for goals and wins.  It would seem to be the song to play right now.  The place went crazy all over again when the first guitar licks were played.

Finally.  And the Second Cup in Four Years.  --RoadDog

THE LAST IF CATS PERFORMED "CATS':  Cast memebers would never cash their paychecks, just play with them.

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