Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Outsmarted and Gouged All At the Same Time: Gas Up to $4.20!!

Drove over to Fox Lake for some boating this morning and received a shock.  Last night, I noticed gas prices "down" to $3.87 after jumping 46 cents last Thursday from $3.54 to $4 (and they did that price increase in the space of a minute).  Dropping 13 whole cents in three days is tantamount to something amazing. 

I thought about filling up the '03 Malibu as we're going over to Libertyville tonight to see Mr. Myers do their trop rock/steel drum thing, but decided to wait and fill up today.

That was a BIG MISTAKE.

Gas this morning was now up to $4.20, a 33 cents jump!!

As I turned onto Holly Street to get to the boat, I saw the Citgo station on Grand Avenue had evidently not noticed and still had gas at $3.87 so did a quick turn-around in Hello Folks' parking lot and filled up before they too went to $4.20.

Somewhere, that terrorist's smile just got bigger.

Got to Move Fast In These Gas Gouging Days.  --RoadDog

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