Wednesday, August 27, 2008

All Those Calories Pay Off

Big Congrats to Michael Phelps on the record-setting 8th swimming gold medal.

Back on August 14th, I wrote about his 12,000 calories a day intake.

Michael Esposito, in the August 24th Chicago Tribune, went to fast food company webs sites and did some math to figure out what 10,000 calories is equal to.

Here are his findings:

10,000 calories is equal to:

74 White Castle burgers
41 Vienna beef corn dogs
23 Wendy's quarter pound singles
47 Taco Bell tacos supreme
77 KFC Original Recipe drumsticks
45 Eli's plain cheesecake slices
15 Burger King Whoppers
1,667 8-inch sticks of celery

Wonder why you get so much celery.

Thanks, Michael. --RoadDog

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