Monday, August 11, 2008

More Good "Thumb" News and Some Really Good Eatin', But 'Spensive

This past Tuesday, I had an appointment in Crystal Lake with the lady doctor who operated on my thumb. She also was extremely pleased with the progress made, and scheduled me for one more check up in a month. Again, she scared me saying that she didn't have much hope for saving the thumb. I knew it was serious, but NOT THAT SERIOUS!!! Liz knew, but the poor old patient did not know. Probably a good thing I didn't know the seriousness of it.

Who's have thought that I could end up with problems of this magnitude from a thistle. I really hate those thistles now.


In celebration, we drove over to US-14, Virginia Street in Crystal Lake and Northwest Highway throughout most of Chicagoland, and stopped at a place I've been wanting to eat at for quite some time, 1776. They describe it as a "Revolutionary Experience." We had thought that it was more like a coffee shop place, but found it to be an upscale restaurant with upscale prices. We normally stay away from places like this, but were already inside when we found out.

Fortunately, we had the lunch menu, which was cheaper (I imagine). Oh well, we're in the mood to celebrate the good news from the doctor, so we went ahead and ordered. I had the best pizza I've ever had. It was a lobster pizza with big chunks of the creature along with caramelized onions and two types of peppers and loaded with cheese. It would be classified an individual pizza and cost $14. Man, was that ever a good pizza and even as small as it was, I couldn't finish it.

Liz had a $9 Angus burger with some of the best fries I've ever had. They were done perfectly. Okay, I snitched a few off her plate.

Recommending 1776 and Watch Those Gosh Darn Thistles. --RoadDog

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