Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Movie Scratches: Lincoln-- Skyfall-- Twilight-- Hobbit

A Dog's Eye View of Today's Movies.

I have now seen my last movie of the year, and made my 52 for the year.  I try to average one movie a week, which I did.

49.  LINCOLN--  12-5--   ROUND LAKE BEACH $7--  Lincoln plays politician and gets the 13th Amendment passed, abolishing slavery.  Lots of Wilmington, Fort Fisher and even Gen. Whiting!!

50.  SKYFALL--  12-12--  FOX LAKE $4--  From that chase across roofs in Turkey to blowing up his ancestral home, Bond, even an older James Bond, proves up to the task.

51.  TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN 2-- 12-14--   FOX LAKE $6--   This wasn't the Shootout at the OK Coral.  It was the Heads-Off in the Snowy Glen.  The good vampires and their buddy werewolves beat the bad vampires.

52.  THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY--  12-18--  FOX LAKE $6-- So, that's how the Rings began.  Bilbo gets accepted by the dwarf king and the mean old dragon will be a problem.

For the year, I spent $225 for the movies.

End of Another Movie-Watching Year.  --RoadDog

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