Friday, December 21, 2012

Obama Is Time's Person of the Year...Again

From the Dec. 20, 2012, Chicago Tribune by Reuters and Tribune Staff.

He was Person of the Year in 2008 and repeated for 2012, mostly, I suppose, because of his presidential victory in November.  I'm a bit surprised though, because he has done little toward all that "CHANGE" he was promising, promising and promising back in 2008.

And, before that, has Illinois ever had a worse U.S. senator?  All he did was run for president.  No representation there.

Let's hope he actually does something to earn the honor this term.

Personally, my choice would have been the Middle Class for valiantly trying to hold on while the GRBs take steps to wipe them out and make themselves richer.  Either them, or the Unions who enabled so many to get into the middle class.  They are in a life and death battle with the GRBs (and their allies the Tea Party and that political party) to even survive.  They are on the ropes.

Over in my Cooter's History Thing Blog, I will post on Time's Man of the Year history in a little while.

Maybe Next Year Will Be Better.  --RoadDog

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