Wednesday, December 19, 2012

JSIS: Doerened Again?-- Bowling Package-- Watching the Huskies-- Carpools Forming

JSIS--  Just Some Interesting Stuff

All of these deal with the upcoming Orange Bowl game between our NIU Huskies and those FSU Seminoles.

1.  DOERENED AGAIN?  I read in the Sun-Times yesterday that Dave Doerened, who "Doerened" for the dough to NC State, has approached several Illinois prospects about playing at his new school.  If these players were NIU prospects, he had sunk to a new low.  And, I think they are.  How many times is this guy going to "Screw" us?  So, the term "Doerened" will take on a whole new meaning.

2.  BOWLING PACKAGES-- NIU offered students $150 packages including transportation, accommodations and game tickets to the Orange Bowl and sold out the initial 500 in nine minutes.  Now they are asking alumni to donate $150 so that more can go.  It is fully tax-deductible.  Call 877-448-2648.

3.  WATCHING THE HUSKIES--  Northern had a poll asking Huskie fans where they were going to watch the game.

In Miami at the game:  33.33%
With NIU alums at regional watch parties:  3.63%
Local bar or home of a friend: 15.32%
At home on favorite couch:  45.05%
Listen to Bill Baker and Mark Lindo on the radio 2.7%

4.  CARPOOLS FORMING--  A carpool hot line has been set up for NIU students wanting to attend the game.

Getting Mighty Exciting.  --RoadDog

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