Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Good Party-- Bad Bears

Sunday we had our annual Bears party here at the house with about 25 people coming over for the festivities.  We had our usual Aldi spiral-slice, pre-cooked hams and a keg of beer.  We used to have two big parties every year: one on the last day of school before Christmas vacation and one on the last day of school for the year.  Now, just this one.

This is always the thing that gets me to cleaning up the basement, which, because of putting it off so long, takes quite awhile, the same with the sun room.  I guess we should have more than just one party a year.  I'm thinking perhaps Mardi Gras.

Next year, I will have a 50 inch flat screen as some of our guests had a problem with watching the game on a tube TV that wasn't HD.  But, I've been wanting a big screen for quite awhile.  Just waiting for the tube TVs to break.  The 25-inch console in the basement was purchased in 1982 and still runs great except for the sound that goes in and out.

As usual, everyone brought stuff over as well, so there was plenty to eat.

The Bears started off in a way that made us think the Vikings would win too easily, scoring on the first drive and then taking advantage of an interception to score again.  Then the "D" dug in.  Another offense turnover resulted in another Minnesota score.  Final score was 21-14 for the bad guys.

Afterwards, several people stuck around for Name That Tune until 6:30.

Better Luck Next Time.  --RoadDog

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