Saturday, April 10, 2010

Where Were You March 28, 1967?-- Part 3

PENNY LANE-- BEATLES-- Who wants to bet this a two-sided hit?

UPS AND DOWNS-- PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS-- I sure have had them, most recently with the $5100 plus I owe Uncle Sam. I thought when you retired you no longer had to pay as much to taxes. WRONG!!!
FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH-- BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD-- Stills, Young and boys. "There's something happening here."

DEDICATED TO THE ONE I LOVE-- MAMAS AND PAPAS-- Coz's favorite all-time group.
HAPPY TOGETHER-- TURTLES-- How do you do pop better than this?

I THINK WE'RE ALONE NOW-- TOMMY JAMES 7 THE SHONDELLS-- The number one song in Chicago on this date.

Again, all comments mine as I didn't hear the show.

Bringing back Those Memories. --RoadDog

The difference between north and south.

The nawth has the rust belt, the south has the Bible Belt.

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