Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ten of the Worst Jobs for the Future

From April 4, 2013, Yahoo! Finance, Kiplinger.

Jobs they say are on the way out and current number working them.  Go to site for reasons.  I'm just listing.  These are doomed by technology.  Sometimes I hate technology.

1.  Post Office Clerk--  65,000
2.  Switchboard Operator/Call Receptionist--  142,500--  Guess we might as well get used to those pesky menus and waits.
3.  Semiconductor Processor--  21,100--  Hey, isn't that technology?

4.  Sewing Machine Operator--  163,200
5.  Printing Press technician--  50,800
6.  Desktop Publisher--  22,610--  Again, isn't this technology?
7.  Door-to-Door Salesmen-=-  153,800--  Are they still around?

8.  Floral Designer--  66,500--  Flower arranger?
9.  Journalism Reporter--  51,900--  Then who collects the news?
10. Jeweler--  39,000

How About Retired Folks?  --RoadDog

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