Friday, September 14, 2018

I'd Celebrate That!! September 10-16: Cream-Filled Donut Day Today

Opps.  Almost forgot.

SEPTEMBER 10, MONDAY--  TV Dinner Day**  (Some of those are amazingly good.)

SEPTEMBER 11, TUESDAY--  Make Your Bed Day   (Only of someone's coming over.)  Patriot Day**  9/11 not forgotten.

SEPTEMBER 12, WEDNESDAY--  Video Games Day   (For better or worse, we've come a long day since Pong.)   Chocolate Milkshake Day**   (Especially those from Steak 'N Shake.)

SEPTEMBER 13, THURSDAY--  Positive Thinking Day**   Peanut Day**  (In the shell, shelled.  I love them all except the boiled one.)

SEPTEMBER 14, FRIDAY--  Cream-Filled Donut Day**  Eat A Hoagie Day**

SEPTEMBER 15, SATURDAY--  Linguine Day**    Double Cheeseburger Day**

SEPTEMBER 16, SUNDAY--  Wife Appreciation Day**  Thank you Liz.   International Ocean Clean Up Day**


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