Monday, October 10, 2011

Where Were You October 9, 1968?-- Part 1

Yesterday, Bob Stroud Time Warped us back to that date 43 years previous and played what we were listening to here in Chicago on WLS and WCFL.

I was a senior at Palatine High School and going steady with my wife Liz, also a senior. We had met the year before when she transferred from Madonna High School in Chicago. We had Mr. Denny for Social Studies Survey, his first year of teaching and one of our all-time favorite teachers. We both had a class with him back in the 1980s when we were getting our Masters +30 from IRI. he remembered us and said that he can always remember his first classes, better than what came later. Very true, we also find remembering our first classes easier. Just a few weeks ago, we were in a place and Liz met one of the girls who had been in her first class, 1st grade at Beach School in Round Lake Beach, Illinois.

We were enjoying Senior Lounge at Palatine, especially with that great juke box and woe be it for an underclassman to try to crash into it.

THOSE WERE THE DAYS-- MARY HOPKIN-- Brand new in your radio on the Apple label. Written and produced by Paul McCartney. First of two top 40 hits by her. Both written by Paul, the second being "Goodbye." (By the way, congratulations to McCartney on his marriage this past Saturday.)


More Good Stuff Coming Up. --RoadDog

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