Saturday, October 29, 2011

Every Blooming THing: Late October

It's been a bit of a strange fall color thing around here this year. A lot of trees had color and are now completely bare, others are just becoming colorful and still many more haven't started changing at all. Instead of one mass of fall color at once, we're getting it in increments.

Our subdivision in Spring Grove, Illinois, is particularly striking right now. The neighbors have sure planted a nice variety of fall color trees. My sugar maple is getting a nice yellow now and the twenty burning bushes quite a red. Plus, there are the several hundred mum plants bursting forth in all sorts of colors, but mostly yellow.

I am especially proud of the mums out by the driveway culvert.

The tall grasses are getting tasseled nicely.

Enjoy it Now, Because Soon It Will Be Gone. --RoadDog

PARAPROSDOKIAN SENTENCE: Always borrow money from a pessimist. he won't expect it back.

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